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The NCCA Writers’ Prize is a biennial grant awarded to six (6) writers, one for
each of the following categories: novel, short stories (including children’s stories), poetry,
drama, essay (English) and literary biography (English/Filipino). The grant, in the amount
of TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS gross, will assist the grantee during the
writing stage of the project. The grant is good for one year, after which a manuscript of
the writing project will be submitted to the NCCA for possible publication or staging.
The NCCA, in line with its mission to “encourage the continuing development of a
pluralistic culture by the people themselves,” will be creating the opportunity to have a
direct hand in the development of Filipino literature. With the grant, the NCCA Writers’
Prize winners will be freed from the demands of their work and shall be able to focus on
the writing of the project for one year.
The grant is open to Filipino writers, of legal age, except the officers and
members of the NCCA Secretariat and the officers of the NCCA Committee on Literary
Arts and Committee on Dramatic Arts.
For the 2007 NCCA Writers’ Prize competition, the following shall be the requirements in
the submission of entries:
1. Applicants must submit an accomplished application form, available at the NCCA
Project Management Division, curriculum vitae, and a 3 – 5 page concept paper
discussing the rationale and significance of the project. Initial output of the project which
shall be submitted in four (4) printed copies along with the concept paper. For 2007, the
categories and the expected initial output are:
Category Initial Output
1. Novel – Cebuano language First 50 pages
2. Poetry – Bicol language 10 poems; 1 poem per page
3. Short Stories – English/Filipino 3 short stories
4. Drama – any of the Panay languages 1 act for a full length drama;
2 1-act plays
5. Essay (English) 3 chapters or no less than 50 pages
6. Literary Biography (English/Filipino) 3 chapters or no less than 50 pages
All the sample works shall be in typewritten form. Manuscript and concept paper
shall not bear the name of the applicant in any of the pages..
2. Applicants are allowed to apply in only one (1) category.
13. Applications will be evaluated by an Ad Hoc Screening Committee selected by
the Committee on Literary Arts and the Committee on Dramatic Arts. There will be
three members of the screening committee per category.

14. The grant will be released in four tranches, with the first tranche at the beginning
of the writing period and the succeeding tranches upon submission of the following:

2nd tranche - 50% of the writing project

3rd tranche - 75% of the writing project
4th tranche - 100% of the writing project

15. The writing grant is good only for one year. The NCCA will allow maximum
extension of six (6) months only with written justification by the grantee.
16. Completed manuscript must be submitted in two forms: one (1) printed copy and
one (1) electronic copy in MSWord format in a diskette. The project output shall be
as follows:

Category Project Output

1. Novel – Cebuano language Minimum of 200 typewritten
2. Poetry – Bicol language 30 poems
3. Short Stories – English/Filipino 12 short stories
4. Drama – any of the Panay languages 2 or more acts for a full-length
drama; 5 1-act plays
5. Essay (English) 12 chapters or no less than
200 pages
6. Literary Biography (English/Filipino) 12 chapters or no less than
200 pages
17. The grant is non-transferable. All privileges shall be enjoyed by the grantee
himself/herself based on the successful evaluation of the work in progress. A reader
from the screening committee of each category shall be assigned to evaluate the
succeeding materials to be submitted by the grantee. Upon submission of the
positive evaluation of the reader for the second and third tranches, the corresponding
amounts shall be released immediately to the grantee. However, for the fourth
tranche, the same will be released only upon completion of evaluation of the
completed manuscript by the Reader. Revisions, however, may be recommended by
the Reader. Only upon final approval of the completed manuscript shall the final
tranche be released to the grantee.

18. Deadline of submission of application together with the curriculum vitae of

applicant and other requirements shall be on December 31, 2007. All applications
shall be addressed to:

2007 NCCA WRITERS’ PRIZE Secretariat

Project Management Division-Special Projects
National Commission for Culture and the Arts
NCCA Building, 633 General Luna St.
Intramuros, Manila
19. Applicants shall include a self-addressed stamped kraft envelope in case the
materials shall be returned to the applicants who were not selected.


11. The Grantee hereby grants the NCCA the first option to publish the output of the
Grant. The NCCA will have the right to produce or authorized to be produced, for
staging, telecasting, broadcasting, or cinema or other forms of exhibition from time to
time any output of the writing grant. The NCCA will also be allowed to include the
output of the Grant in the NCCA Website. The first option to publish of NCCA expires
one year after completion of the Grant.

12. It is understood that the literary material submitted has not been submitted to any
other award body or has not received any prize and is not a completed manuscript
but a work in progress. Any violation of the guidelines shall mean withdrawal of the
grant and any amount paid to the grantee shall be returned to the NCCA. The award
then will be transferred to the person who garnered the second highest vote during
the Screening of the materials.


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May 9, 2007

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