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Letter from the editors

What is Atti+?
The Atti+ is launched by Global Link Team from ISO. It is going to be published every month and this magazine will contain a variety of contents: current events and activities from ISO, articles about different issues written by ISO staff members or international students in HuFS, photos showing different points of view about Korea and reviews about interesting spots around Seoul.

Hello everyone! We are Faye and Lily from ISO Global Link Team. We truly welcome you to HuFS this semester. ISO is like a big family. We treat everyone as friend and are willing to help you out all the time. Autumn in Seoul is absolutely fun! You can go to picnic, fly a kite and ride bicycle along the Han river. You can search for delicious food in Insa-dong, visit fancy vintage shops in Sinsa-dong or have a warm cup of coffee in Hongdae. red leaves are gonna be so amazingly beautiful in Kyunghee university and Chonggae-river. And what else? How about climbing mountains under this nice weather? Jiri mountain could be a good choice. For girls, dont miss the Korean style autumn clothes! Check out the super cute sweaters, coats, boots, one-piece dresses in Dongdae-mun, Myongdong, Ewha Women University and Hongdae! You can find really cool outfits for really cheap prices! Personally, for us, the best activity to do in Autumn is to hang out with our dearest friends, having a walk around Seoul discovering interesting and unknown places, or simply just having some drinks under the starry night in front of the dorm. The important thing is not where you go to but who you spend time with. We always think that its a miracle that people meet and become friends in here, by this time, who come so far away from lots of different countries, with different cultures and speaking different languages. but we realized that it does not matter the language you speak because there is always a way to communicate and become friends. We believe that after 10 years, when we look back, we will remember this wonderful time we share together, and this is one of the reasons we decided to carry out this project named Atti+. We really hope to be part of your memories. Lets share love, link the world! editors-in-chief Faye Lam Lily Kim

What is the difference between Atti and Atti+?

The difference is simple: Atti is just a newsletter published weekly and with the purpose of reporting on last ISO events or news, whereas Atti+, as mentioned before, is going to be published monthly with the purpose of entertaining, of giving the chance to get to know new cultures, and also giving readers the chance to be part of this new project.

Where can I get Atti+?

You can get Atti+ in ISO office, dormitory and main building.

Atti+ is a magazine written for ISO staff but also for international students! Would you like to share your opinin about any social issue about Korea? Or maybe do you like taking pictures and want to share them with other students? Would you like to introduce yourself, your culture or your home country to other HuFS students? This is your opportunity! Send your attribution to! You may write in english or Korean.

baseball match


ven if there are many well-known baseball stadiums in Korea, Jamsil baseball stadium is one of the best stadiums. Since it is located in Seoul, the capital of Korea, it is easy to go. For convient, the Jamsil stadium is connected to subway line number 2. From August to September, especially in August, Baseball season reaches its peak. For this reason, people recently go to the stadium more often. The baseball ticket costs about 10,000 wons, but it depends on where you sit. Last but not least, watching a match is not everything. You can order fried chickens and a bottle of beer! Needless to say, if you want to have a fun or want to make memorable days, go to the Jamsil baseball stadium with your friends!

huseok is by far the biggest and most important holiday in Korea. It is a time when family members from near and far come together to share food and stories and to give thanks to their ancestors for the abundant harvest. This year (2011) Chuseok Day falls on monday, September 12, but the holiday is observed for a total of three days (Sept. 11 Sept. 13). For internationals, Chuseok is a prime opportunity to go sightseeing in the major cities since many Koreans return to their hometowns in the countryside, leaving the city attractions relatively crowd-free. Visitors need note, however, that many places (especially stores and restaurants) may be closed for Chuseok Day or the entire Chuseok holiday. before we get into Chuseok events, lets take a closer look at what Chuseok means to the average Korean. Chuseok (Hangawi) Chuseok is one of Koreas three major holidays, along with Seollal (new Years Day) and Dano (the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar year) and is also referred to as Hangawi, meaning the ides of August (August 15th according to the lunar calendar). Hangawi/Chuseok was the day on which Koreans, an agrarian people throughout most of his-

tory, thanked their ancestors for the years harvest and shared their abundance with family and friends. Although the exact origin of Chuseok is unclear, the tradition can be traced back

to ancient religious practices that centered around the significance of the moon. The suns presence was considered routine, but the full moon that came once a month, brightening the night sky, was considered a special and meaningful event. Therefore, harvest festivities took place on the day of the bright, full moon (Aug. 15 of the lunar year).

Chuseok Customs On the morning of Chuseok Day, Songpyeon (a type of Korean rice cake) and food prepared with the years fresh harvest are set out to give thanks to ancestors through Charye (ancestor memorial service). After Charye, families visit their ancestors graves and engage in beolcho, a ritual of clearing the weeds that may have grown up over the burial mound. After dusk, families and friends take walks and gaze at the beauty of the full harvest moon or play folk games such as Ganggangsullae (Korean circle dance).

ISO events in September!!

Welcoming Party
We had a welcoming party for all the new, and old international students in HuFS at the beginning of September. more than hundred students from different countries, cheap beer and music lightened up the night! It was AmAZInG!!!

Pick-up review
By Yi-Eun Kim

Chuseok field trip

9.12 is the Thanks Giving Day (Chuseok) in Korea, so we were excited to do some celebration! While most of the Korean went to their hometown to be with their families for Chuseok, Global Link Team and about hundred exchange students went to namsan-gul Folk Village to experience traditional Korean culture! We had a lot of

Picnic at Han river

Last weekend of September staff members from ISO and exchange students team took with them a group of international students from HuFS to Han river. It was so nice weather that they were able to relax, play guitar and riding a bicycle through Han river while enjoying autumn weather. It was so nice that we are planning to do it again!

On the 24th and 27th of August, I went to Cheongnyangni Station to pick up very special guests from the united States and France. These were days that Ill never forget. Going to meet the friends was a very nervous moment, knowing that I would be their first friend at HuFS. I loved this opportunity to meet mike Gates and Constance Vsn and I would definitely do this again if I had the chance. First I made mike go all the way into the station with his huge bag and call me because I was not at the bus stop waiting for him. I ran there and finally found him, feeling sorry for him. He was a nice Korean-looking guy saying that it was okay, with a huge smile. even though it was the first time I saw him, I did not feel any awkwardness at all thanks to mikes outgoing characteristics and enthusiasm. We went to the dorm first and then went to buy bed sheets and a pillow. Since it was my first pick-up, I got lost a lot! As a freshman, living at my moms house, I did not know exactly what he was supposed to buy, so Im not sure I could help a lot. Still, we finished shopping and went to eat bo Ssam. I was glad that he loved the first good meal he had in Korea. I was the one who enjoyed the experience and who got help, but still, he gave me a bracelet from the u.S as a present. I felt so proud and impressed that he gave me a present with

gratitude. With Constance, I was late again. She borrowed a cell phone from a passer-by and called me. Luckily I was right across the street running after the Orientation for Foreign students. even though I was late, she was so worried that I might have waited for her so long. Having already done the first pick-up with mike, I was better at guiding this time. After doing all the shopping, we went to ma-ru-Gi to eat Japanese food. I was happy that she loved it since it was so hard for me to decide which restaurant I should take her to. Constance, who I was so glad to help, also gave me chocolate from France. The fact that she brought me something from France excited me. I would love to keep in touch with them and help them as much as possible while they are in Korea. I would also hope to visit the u.S. and France and be their guest, and be guided by the friends whom I guided. meeting these nice people was the luckiest experience ever. As the first one to see them in Korea, I hope that I get a chance to see their last moment in Korea as well. Thankfully, I see both of them getting along really well in HuFS. That makes me proud of them as their tour guide. Thank you so much for this special experience, mike and Constance!

A Letter from milan

By Philgwon Joe

must-go places!
Hoho myoll Caf
Hoho myoll is a lovely, adorable coffee shop. There is a mini truck stopped by a little tree. The driver is cute e.T. and the shop owner settle bills in the back, making customers feel relaxed like walking on the street. The barista is graduated from a famous Coffee Academy in Korea, whose mallow, sweet-smelling coffee enjoys high reputation. If you love coffee, come and enjoy a special, relax afternoon here! Add. Sangsu Station exit 1 or 2 walk toward Honik university youll see it on the way. Tel. 02-322-6473

Caf 115
Caf 115 is a coffee shop situated closed to HuFS, so you can easily find this place. Just from the very moment you go into this caf, it will take you back to your to your childhood: cuddly toys, dolls house, miniature figures You can have coffee, tea, even brunch! Add. 264-115 Tel. 02-969-8261

Deux Amis
Deux Cremes is a high-class, european style coffee shop with lots of delicate French dessert. It is decorated with european style crude wood and warm red light, with shimmering light gold wall paper. When you walk into the shop, you will definitely be attracted with the pies and cakes! Various fruits on the fresh cream reveal a seductive sheen, making it a real art more than just a food. The shop is famous of Cheery and Tiramisu Fruit Pie, which is sweet, fresh but not greasy. Tea imported from France is also recommended! Add. 533/11 Tel. 02-545-7931 Open 11:00 23:40

Dear ISOers and exchange students in HuFS!!! Ciau Guys! As you know, my name is Philgwon Joe( ), former buDDY Team leader in the 1st semester of 2011 and now Im in milan doing a KOTrA internship program for six months . Its only been about one month since I came to milan, but I have done a lot of things so far. I had to find my accommodation for the coming six months right after I arrived at the malpensa airport in milan. Fortunately I managed find a house that very day where there were already Koreans living, but one month later I moved to a new house. Thanks to my adorable Lily, I easily managed to find a new house. She gave me lots of information on accommodations in milan. So Im living in the new house, with Italian students. I didnt want to live with Koreans because I spent a long time with Koreans in Korea already, and this is Italy; I want to feel the way they live. Surprisingly, I saw my roommate from one year ago, the time that I was an exchange student in university of Sapienza in rome. Anyway I told him I saw you when I was in rome ~~ And he was also surprised.

His name is Walter and he was a president of eSn (erasmus Student network) in university of Sapienza. now hes working in a bank in milan. erasmus is an exchange student system in europe and eSn is like the ISO of HuFS. So he was like Steve Ko. And now one of my roommates is also a staff of the eSn of the university of Politecnico in milan. What a coincidence! So I told him I was part of erasmus (but I am Korean) last year, and that I did the same activity as the eSn in Korea for one year and that I want to participate in the erasmus events. They told me I can ! So now Im looking forward to participating in the events! At the end of this month I hope I will go to the Oktoberfest in munich with the eSn. And it costs only 55euro! When it comes to life in milan, all I can say is Fashionable from grandfather to baby. They can wear whichever clothes they want. I mean each person has their own personality in wearing clothes. The color, the way they wear it, those are totally different from Korea. So far I dont know very well about milan but milan is colorful! Im so impressed by people that I will go shopping

when the scholarship of HuFS comes to my bank account! my actual internship at KOTrA is a different story. At first I felt like I was in the military because everyone at the office told me what to do and I had to follow their orders. but now Ive gotten used to it, so sometimes I do facebook and find other ways to waste time. Ah! Three weeks ago my manager of KOTrA gave me a ticket for the opera Aida, so and my manager, his wife and I went to Verona to see the Opera in Verona Arena. Inside the arena, VIPs were dressed to kill like Hollywood celebrities! It was great for me to get to watch the show, even though I couldnt understand what they were singing. I have to study Italian more! I hope many fun things will keep happening in my life from now as well on and Im looking forward to experiencing many memorable things here in Italy! P.S) Therere 5 ISOers in europe; ,,,,. So Im planning to organize a re-union in Paris in October secretly on Facebook. Well show you what we do in Paris! So were going to awake ISOers envy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo Exposition

Zhen Ni Liu

Shin -Hye Sung

Jordi Sanchez

Ai Saito

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