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Houghton: Metalworking Fluids

Acculube and Houghton International help you streamline processes, boost productivity and reduce costs with high quality metalworking fluids, including cleaners, quenchants, coolants, forming compounds, conversion coatings, and rust preventatives. Hocut 795 eliminates coolant issues and costly change-outs, keeps sumps clean and free of unpleasant odors. It is inherently biostable and is engineered to provide a long service life without souring. Hocut 795 improves cooling performance, extends tool life and improves part finish. It’s one of the most widely used metalworking fluids, with more than 20 million sump gallons nationwide.

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Long-lasting chemistry for lower fluid replacement costs Eliminates sump-side additives Reduce overall waste volume and spent fluid disposal costs End downtime due to frequent change-outs and additive distribution Extend tool life with superior lubricity Reduce machine wear with no staining or clogging Reduce rejects and impart a superb finish without sticky residue, stains or rust Virtually non-misting

Hocut 795 is compatible with soft and hard water and is ideal for medium and heavy duty applications, including:

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high or low carbon steels alloy steels cast iron nodular iron gray iron 300 and 400 stainless steel auto grade cast aluminums

Hocut 795 metalworking fluids are available in several versions. Acculube will assist you in selecting the optimum products for your processes.

Metalworking Fluids
From casting to finishing, Acculube provides Houghton metalworking fluids for hot and cold rolling operations. Rolling products can be tailored to the unique needs of your mill.

Cindol® 2820 – non-chlorinated, soluble metalworking lubricant. Incorporates special emulsifiers, contains no sulfur or chlorine. Safe and non-staining on all metals. For roll forming of difficult aluminum alloys, or continuous casting of aluminum rod, in the Properzi process. Drip, spray, or recirculating flood.

titanium. light viscosity straight oil for high alloy steels in difficult machining operations. Emulsifier package functions even when magnesium fines build to high levels. Unique additive and premium petroleum oils give it the potency of a straight oil. reduces die pick up. Bland odor and clear appearance. Cindol 4611 – vanishing lubricant for the electronic industry. Can be applied by drip. permits faster drawing. Cindol 4047-FF –medium duty machining coolant addresses the problems of reduced emulsion stability and decreased sump life associated with machining magnesium and multi-metals with coolant from the same central system. Rust inhibited to protect machine tools. gear roughing and finishing. or fold wipe to the sheet or strip. dies run cooler. hone and lap aluminum and other metals. aluminum. and turning. sharp appearance. stainless steels and cobalt chrome. Tolerate water hardness up to 3. polish. inhibited for the prevention of copper corrosion. It can be used for light forming. also fine aluminum and copper wire. brass. leaves a minimum residue. Cindol 4601 – light viscosity lubricant. For copper. Odorless carrier solvent evaporates readily. blanking. milling.         . Its low viscosity gives it a cooling ability approaching that of soluble oil. Cindol 3101 – for general machining and grinding on ferrous and nonferrous alloys. ND additive improves finish. drawing. no cleaning is necessary after the stock leaves the press. improved surface finish. lubricates. Its light viscosity makes it ideal for use with through coolant fed tooling. brass. Cindol 3202 – soluble coolant for aluminum metalworking. Semi-synthetic soluble coolant with no added sulfur. ream. which lowers the coefficient of friction of steel to aluminum and aluminum to aluminum and is also used on stainless steel. other stamping operations. produces brighter wire. Cindol 4601 for stamping light gauge aluminum for radiation and cooling fins. cools. drilling. leaves minimum residue. Additive package allows increased tool life. other light-duty stamping. galvanized steel. mild steels.000 ppm. Cindol 3411 – is a vanishing type lubricant for air conditioner fin press lubrication. form. bronze. Odorless carrier solvent evaporates readily. grind. Cindol 3106 – heavy duty. Cindol 3401 – is a low viscosity metalworking lubricant to machine. reduced chip welding. roller coat. Cindol 3303 – for intermediate and fine aluminum wire drawing. such as: high nickel alloys. bronze. chlorine or alkali nitrites. alloy steels. Cindol 3101 contains a lubrication additive. Ultra filtered to give a clean.

Castrol has a vast offering of soluble. aluminum.. This allows faster press operation and promotes cooler dies and longer die life. brass. Odorless carrier solvent evaporates readily. bronze. has shown exceptional results on 5056 alloy rod breakdown and wire drawing. biostable. Cindol 4654 – high potency. faster settling of fines. Cindol 4683 – metal forming lubricant for drawing and forming aluminum. Cindol 4612 –environmentally friendly vanishing lubricant for light duty stamping. high viscosity additive for improved lubricity. Can be used for nonferrous stamping and forming as well as rod breakdown drawing of aluminum wire. i. straight oil & multi-metal compatible products. In addition. There is no problem with adhesion of insulation coatings. Cindol 4687 – lubricant for drawing and forming difficult aluminum alloys.e. bronze. also used on stainless steel. The protective film which remains on the wire keeps it bright and clean. excellent for copper. This fortified product. dies run cooler. Lubrication additive lowers the coefficient of friction of steel to aluminum and aluminum to aluminum. galvanized steel. . permits faster drawing speeds. build-up on dies is reduced. several unique Castrol products are available to suit very specific machining applications.     Castrol Syntilo In addition to synthetic lubricant products. 5052. titanium. increased viscosity. with “ND” additive. Inhibited for the prevention of copper corrosion. mild steels. Cindol 4699 – vanishing lubricant for metal forming reduces metal pickup and galling. residue is compatible with many paint bases. enhancing filtration and lubricant sump life. semi-synthetic. brass. Produces brighter wire. 5056. 6201 and magnesium alloyed rod. Solvent carrier vanishes rapidly.

high lubricity. Syntilo 2109 resists microbial attack and remains clean-running. turning. honing. cast iron. boring and drilling has a neutral pH. Low-foaming. low odor. Syntilo 9918 oil-rejecting synthetic lubricant for grinding. For moderate machining and grinding of ferrous and cast irons. broaching. Syntilo 9930 oil-rejecting synthetic lubricant for grinding and light-duty machining is low foaming. transfer lines. Won’t stain aluminum. cast iron. stainless alloys. Syntilo 9904 oil-rejecting synthetic lubricant for grinding and light-duty machining combines good corrosion protection with medium lubricity. Syntilo 2109 oil-absorbing synthetic lubricant offers enhanced rust protection for grinding. Stainless steel. Hard water stable. milling. low make-up. prevents clinkering of cast iron chips.        . Syntilo 9954 oil-rejecting synthetic lubricant for gun drilling. medium lubricity. broaching. low residue. tapping is GM and Ford approved. and tapping is low foaming. Syntilo 9926 oil-rejecting synthetic lubricant is low foaming. For steel alloys. Syntilo 9954 synthetic coolant is now available for immediate online ordering at the Acculube lubricants store! Syntilo 9974 oil-rejecting synthetic lubricant for gun drilling. with low lubricity.Castrol Synthetic Lubricant Fluids  Syntilo 9902 oil-rejecting synthetic lubricant for grinding and light-duty machining of ferrous metals has good paint and plastic compatibility.

high-temp alloys. Syntilo 9913 synthetic coolant is now available for immediate online ordering at the Acculube lubricants store! . Syntilo 9913 oil-rejecting synthetic lubricant for heavy-duty machining is boron-free. Neutral pH. For automotive and aerospace aluminum. steel. highly lubricious on aluminum.