Right Duty To promote Salary Job To rest Labour To gather Law Field Rule Collective Agreement Trade Unions Employer Employee Task Boss Wage To provide To allow To sign To remunerate Gross salary Net salary Income

derecho (individual); correcto; deber promover salario trabajo descansar laboral reunir Derecho; Ley campo regla convenio colectivo Sindicatos empleador empleado tarea jefe paga proporcionar permitir firmar remunerar salario bruto salario neto ingresos

cash (in) kind (in) payment check Base salary Payslip Complementary wages Rent Laptop Share Shift Travel pay Night work Hazard pay Food pay Accommodation pay To perform Workplace Average To require To obey To comply Complaint Judge Compensation To earn Expenses

en moneda en especie pagos cheque salario base nómina complementos salariales rentas (alquiler) portatil acciones turno complemento de distancia nocturnidad complement por peligrosidad dietas dietas (pernoctar) realizar lugar de trabajo media requerir obedecer cumplir queja juez indemnización ganar (dinero) gastos

Displacement Transfer Shift

desplazamiento traslado turno

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