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Terminal Operating Systems


Software solutions for port terminals


IT SOLUTIONS FOR LOGISTICS LogSys is a Belgian IT company with a strong focus on the logistics sector. We offer a complete suite of software solutions for logistic companies, with applications for stevedoring, forwarding, warehouse management, maintenance management, payroll management, ... Next to these software solutions LogSys also provides a number of supporting services like custom development, infrastructure services and outsourcing, a true one stop shop for the logistics sector ! We have a very international orientation with offices in Belgium, Bulgaria and France, and customers that are present in major logistic hubs : ports of Antwerp, Gent, Zeebrugge, Marseille, Le Havre...; Brussels National Airport and airport Charles De Gaulle Paris, Johannesburg (South-Africa), Sao Paolo (Brazil) and Changshu (China). What we have to offer... Software Solutions The LogSys Global Solution (LGS) offers a complete suite of fast implementable solutions for the logistics sector. These webbased applications form a complete logistics management system. Custom Development If your company has specific problems or specific processes that need to be managed, LogSys can help you by developing custom made solutions, that perfectly fit your specific needs and questions. IT Infrastructure Services LogSys doesnt only offer software, but we can also deliver, install, maintain and support your complete infrastructure. From one single pc to a complete international network. IT Outsourcing Not every company needs a full time IT department and sometimes a company doesnt have the necessary knowledge to manage IT infrastructure. Let Logsys help you by partially or completely outsourcing your IT department. INNOVATION THROUGH STRONG PARTNERSHIPS
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LogSys continuously invests in its human capital to gather knowledge and experience, that can help us to offer you valuable solutions to your problems and to give answers to all of your questions. The partnerships that LogSys has, are the proof that LogSys is now, and will always be, a frontrunner in its sector.


User management

Partner management



Planning Product management Warehouse management Activity management

Container yard management



Stock management

Claims follow up

Payroll management Maintenance and repair

Customer access

Road Transport

Forwarding Sea / Air

LGS.Stevedore is a browserbased application designed and developed to manage port terminals. No matter what type of products, warehouses, activities or customers... LGS.Stevedore can adapt to your business processes through an innovative way of working. LGS.Stevedore is suited for dry bulk, breakbulk and multipurpose terminals. Maybe you only need the registration of product movements, or maybe you need a fully integrated information system that manages your complete terminal... we adapt to your business pocesses, we learn from you and your way of working.

LGS.Stevedore can follow the workflow of any dry cargo terminal : entering and planning orders, materials and workforce, reporting the work thats been done, invoicing that work; and changes in stock are automatically processed. All this in one system creates an extensive terminal management system. Ships, trains or trucks arrive at your terminal, goods are unloaded, stocked in your warehouse, silos or yard and later picked up by other trucks, trains or ships ... or you manage the transshipment of cargo from one ship to another. All these flows are easy to manage in LGS.Stevedore and can be altered and adapted too any circumstance. You even have control over truck traffic at your gate.

Order management
Manage your orders in a detailed way. What activities (loading, unloading, sieving, blending, lashing, cleaning, ...) do you have to perform, with which product, for which customer. Through extensive tarriff management the system automatically calculates your revenue.

LGS.Stevedore can handle any type of dry cargo (bulk, breakbulk and general cargo). You control how information about incoming and outgoing products is stored. You determine how the system treats inventory and how detailed information needs to be.

Stock management
LGS.Stevedore provides you with a tool to manage all your warehouses, silos, tanks,... no matter what type or how many locations you have, with stock changes through shift reporting or real time through an interface with your gate or other automation systems. The warehouse module gives you the freedom to manage an unlimited number of geographically spread complexes, centrally in 1 application.

Planning and reporting

Plan and report orders : what needs to be done when ? But not just the orders : the materials you use to complete the order, the workforce that was needed to perform the services, obstructions that delayed the execution of the order, additional services ... . Complete and extensive planning en reporting.

Every activity in LGS.Stevedore can be invoiced, even partially automated. Loading, unloading, value added services, ... and of course the warehouse rent.

and much more ...

LGS.E-Connect is the customer portal that takes away the pressure from your internal organization and empowers your endcustomers to fetch their data through an innovative web application in a pull concept. Out of the box, your customers will find real time, on-line answers to questions like: Is my product in stock? 9:02 AM I have not received my stock report. How many movements happened with my stock last week? Invoice? I have not received it, can you send a duplicate ? What orders are in the pipe line?

The answer to these questions is E-Connect. This web portal gives your customers an inside to the business you are doing for them. It consists of the following modules: E-Terminal E-Forward E-Invoice

E-Terminal This module is an extension of LGS.Stevedore and gives real time insight into the actual stock levels, but also into what happened in the past and will happen in the near future. This includes: Real time overview of the current stock. Overview of all movements on the terminal, current and past. Real time overview of truck movements via the gate. Access to LGS document management system is also available. All documentation (e.g. CMR, signed safety sheet) linked to the transport can be downloaded. Overview of orders in the pipeline.

E-Forward This module is an extension of LGS.Forward. It gives an overview of outstanding bookings and their status. It gives quick access to the bookings key information, including container statuses. E-Invoice Customer invoicing involves a lot of paperwork, is time consuming and a costly process. Legislation allows you to distribute invoices electronically to your customers. Our software generates invoices in signed .pdf files that cannot be changed afterwards, as required by law. E-Invoice provides an overview of invoices and offers functionality to download both original and duplicates of invoices.

LGS.Payroll is a payroll management system specifically designed and developed for terminals in the port of Antwerp. Nevertheless this module can also provide added value for terminals in other ports. LGS.Payroll doesnt just let you manage the wages and cost of regular and casual dockers, for terminals in the Port of Antwerp it also offers the possibility to manage put away. LGS.Payroll can be used as a stand alone application, or be used as an integrated part of LGS.Stevedore, our Terminal Operating System for dry cargo terminals. In LGS.Stevedore you can make a planning per shift of workforce and materials, and report the amount of hours that have actually been performed. This information can than be processed and managed in LGS.Payroll. When using LGS.Payroll as a stand alone apllication, the registration of worked hours is done in LGS.Payroll. LGS.Payroll can be configured to match your own needs, with function types, wage levels, several different types of fees, that you manage and control yourself. And just as all other modules of the LGS, LGS.Payroll offers you an extensive management system with custom reporting and key performance indicators.

MANAGE YOUR CONTAINER YARD LGS.Container is a basic container yard management system that allows you to register incoming and outgoing containers, all essential data and of course their location on your terminal. This application is ideally suited for multipurpose terminals and small inland container terminals. Container Yard Have a real time view of the containers on your yard, the containers that you expect to come in and the containers that will be leaving the terminal. Register and prepare orders for easy administration. Transports LGS.Container can handle any type of transport taking away or bringing in containers, whether it be a ship, barge, truck or train... LGS.Container is an open and flexible solution. Container Freight Station LGS.Container can be used as an add-on to LGS.Stevedore to create a complete management system for container freight stations, loading, unloading, stuffing and stripping containers.

FORWARDING FOR SEA, AIR AND ROAD FREIGHT LGS.Forward is an Expedition File Management System that focusses on transport by sea, air and road. Through central expedition file management LGS.Forward helps your company to plan and manage all cargo transports. This application also helps you to communicate outside your company walls with a number of portals (Inttra, e-AWB, GTNexus...) and governmental departments. And through an out of the box customer webportal its possible for your customers to follow up on their own transports. Central File Management A large number of elements are kept centrally in files : general file data, transportdata (b/l, awb...), the goods that are transported and all contacts in the file. Search and find files in an efficient way, based on all possible data. Get an overview of all selected files or view the details of 1 particular file and manage information about contacts, goods, customs, costs and revenue... . Every file has task management, so you can perfectly follow up on the tasks and activities that need to be done. Based on the type of transports that you have to deal with, LGS.Forward automatically creates necessary tasks and activities. Manage cost and revenue Manage the estimated costs and revenue and compare them to the real costs and revenue. LGS.Forward makes sure you have a clear view on Key Performance Indicators for transport file managers. Communication Through webinterfaces you can communicate with a number of portals (Inttra, e-AWB, GTNexus, CargoSmart,... ), governmental departments. Your customers too can follow up on their transport files, anytime and anywhere, through a webportal. Documents Manage the creation of a large number of documents (invoices, BL, HBL, AWB, HAWB, CMR...). LGS.Forward operates fully integrated with Microsoft Office to automate the creation and layout of all your documents. And Much More ... Integration with financial applications Make and follow up on quotations Commercial follow up Management reporting Grouping ...

ROAD TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT LGS.Road lets you manage all road transports, whether they are executed by your own trucks or by a third party transport company. Register and plan single rides or group several rides in transport files. Based on the loading adresses and delivery adresses LGS.Road will calculate your revenue automatically, based on the tarriffs and invoicing terms that are registered in the system.

As all modules of the LGS, LGS.Road supplies you with a document creation wizard, making it easy for you to create an unlimited amount of documents. And the same goes for reports. It is possible to create as many custom reports as you need, always tailor made to suite your needs. LGS.Road is open to any kind of transport, using any kind of commodity.

LGS.Maintenance is a webbased application that enables you to manage a complete technical department centrally, even at several locations. LGS.Maintenance is very flexible, it doesnt matter what kind of work or maintenance needs to be done.

Work planning and reporting

Plan and manage all repairs, work and maintenance, pick the co-worker(s), the necessary material and plan all needed tasks in your schedule. If the work is partially finished or completely done, the system reports on the progress that was made.

Project Management
Often repairs and maintenance work consist of multiple stages, or require the involvement of more than one department. LGS. Maintenance makes it possible to group multiple tasks into a single project, making sure that you keep a clear view on the whole process. You can also schedule maintenance plans based on, for example, the number of working hours of a tool.

Warehouse Management
A complete ware house management system for your spare parts, tools, consumables, ....

Asset Management
What equipment do you have exactly ? What are the features of that equipment ? How many times or how long have they been used ? How often do they need maintenance ? Whats involved in the maintenance ? Manage and control every aspect of your equipment and material.

Purchase Management
Manage all requests, quotations, suppliers....and follow up on orders and deliveries. You can also register all maintenance contracts that you have with the suppliers of your equipment.

CONTACT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT LGS.CRM is a webbased solution for the management of your relationships with partners, customers, suppliers, organisations... LGS.CRM is an enourmously flexible application that offers you a solution to manage all your contacts as you wish. Companies and contacts Manage all companies, organisations and partners that you know. All these contacts can be made available in the other modules of the LogSys Global Solution. Every company can hold as many individual contacts as you wish. From within LGS.CRM you determine what role companies have in the other modules of the LGS. One and the same company can be a customer in one module and a supplier in another module. Events You can register and follow up on events. Events can be anything you want; from a short telephone call to a big international event, register every event and follow the history of your relationship. Relations Many of the companies and organisations that you know have a connection; they are in the same corporate group, they co-operate commercially, ... . Often it is very useful to know how two contacts are related. LGS.CRM gives you a tool that can manages those relations perfectly. Groups In many cases it is very useful to be able to group customers, suppliers, partners... into more manageable units. All customers from Belgium, suppliers outside Europe, contacts that should receive a christmas card... . LGS.CRM lets you create an unlimited number of groups, that can be managed to suite your specific needs.

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