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WORKSHOP - Dreamhamar Stortorget Square LOGBOOK / Group 8

Skype lecture Group 8: Sanna Mikkel Anders Gril Choose a square in Vesterbro or Nrrebro: Engahve Plads in Vesterbro.
Enghave Plads Stortorget

We went to Mikkels place in Vestrbro and brainstormed ideas and what questions we could ask people at the sqaure. Questions: What is your relation to Enghave Plads? What do you think about the area in Enghave Plads now, compared to how it was before it was changed. How do you use this place compared to your backyard? Would you prefere the place to be more open or more closed? What functions could the place have, more than it has today? Do you some time hang around in this spesific area of Engahave Plads? Are there any thing you would have liked to add to the place, to make it more interesting place to stay in.

Two guys under the tree: What is your relation to Enghave Plads? What do you think about the area in Enghave Plads now, compared to how it was before it was changed. The location of Enghave Plads is the most importan reason to why I use it. More families with children stay here after it has been changed, and the alcoholics were moved to another part of the square. How do you use this place compared to your backyard? I never use my backyard, it is too closed with all the buildings around. Id rather go to the parks for reading, and just hanging around. In the public places there are always something or someone to look at. In the backyard nothing happens, and the neighbors can look at you from their windows, but you cant see them. Its nice to sit in the public places and watch the city life go by around you.

Skate kids: Do you like that this place is quite open, or would you prefer it to be more closed? We like it to be open, it could be even more open than today. What do you use this place for? To meet people and make new friends. Its nice to have all this city life going on around us. Are there anything you would add to this place, to make it even better? Some benches people could sit on and watch us skate, then we could have skate shows.

The guys drinking beer We had a meeting with the architect for the area, and talked about where in Enghave Plads we could hang out, since our place should be torn down because of the new metrostation. It was decided to be this area, here in the corner, and we were included in the preparation og the plans, and we can stay her until 2018, then the whole place will be renovated. Among other things we made this bench, which is the longest in Denmark. We also built this shelter, in cooperation with the architect. Since we made it ourself, it feels like ours, and everyone is welome here. Ofcource, sometimes, there are arguments here in the group, but then we solve it and become friends again. The brick path we also made ourselves, and we made some symbols in it. Also we will plant some more plants around this green area. We are not satisfied with the plans for the area around the metrostation, it looks boring. Before the renovating started we sat around spring water and enjoyed ourselves, it was very nice.

Lasse What is your relation to Enghave Plads? I used it a lot, at least before the renovation started. I like it because its many kinds of people here, it is a diverse neighborhood were a lot of different people hang out. How do you use this place compared to your backyard? My backyard I use for more practical purposes, it is a safe environment to be in. This public place is different, I can take a walk here, it is more free, I can just be here, not do anything specific. I can be passive, and be entertained by everything going on around me. How do you hope this area will be like when the metrostation and everything around in this square is done in 2018? Enghave Plads has always been a place for everyone, and I really hope it will stay that way also when the metrostation comes. And not turn into a transit place, were people just pass through Are there any thing you would have liked to add to the place, to make it more interesting place to stay in. I want it to be a place where people can play, not just kids, but everyone. A place to meet new people through games and playing. What do the weather condition has to say for the area? The weather has a big impact on how and when people use the area, ofcourse. In sunny days it will be a much more attractive space for people to meet and play and do activities, or just hang around.

Enghave Plads the way it looks today:

Quick ideas as a respons to the answers from the people we asked about Enghave Plads, and what tools we can use to express our ideas with.

Brainstorm: signs / rename mark areas / re do paths to slow down the movement bench/swing/ hammock hammock that can be dry.. pitstop / things to play with in simple ways signs with more text people should stop and read benches with different social relationships basketball net to throw empty cans in topic: behavior mini golf sticks in colors, neoncolors candles to light up paths play music

How can we try to define Enghave Plads to be something more than a square where the metrostation will come. It is today characterized as just a place to walk through for most of the citizens in Vesterbro. A few groups have on the other hand claimed their space and made it theirs. How to make people be more aware of the potential of the sqaure, and to make them want to go there. Vesterbro has become a melting pot of people from every part of the society, how can Enghave Plads become a meeting point for all these people?

People in Enghave Plads have devided in to groups where each group have ther own corner at the square. Can we make them more aware of the other places, and the other groups of people that uses the square. Or maybe could be using it more.

What if they all switched place? Where did they want to stay if they could choose?

What if each group had their own place, but also had to move around to see the other groups? One day all the kindergarden kids could play at the skaters place. ?

What if DREAMHAMAR had an app ? People could tell each other through the web that they are at the square. And maybe book an area for a day ?

If the different groups were some how forced to move around from time to time, could it maybe lead to the fact that members of the different groups acually wanted to hang around all togheter? Do the kids in Hamar want to have their own corner at Stortorget? But also have the older people comming by sometime? And maybe there are some events at Stortorget where all groups cooporate and make the whole square a place for everyone. ?