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MUSIC FROM THE ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE | raso-yocascuman Bf ht |e | LX e Qs s) Songs by BRYAN ADAMS + Music by HANS ZIMMER US. $16.95 Here I Am (END TITLE) T Witt Atways RETURN You Can’t Take ME Get Orr My BAck BROTHERS UNDER THE SUN Don’t Let Go Tus Is WHERE I BELONG Here I AM SOUND THE BUGLE RUN FREE HOMELAND (Main TITLE) Rain Tue Lone Roap BACK NoTHING PvE Ever KNOWN I Witt Aways RETURN (FINALE) CJourrey vane i iletae Ze oa SPint® SFEAELLEON OF FRE CEMAREGE Arranged by John Nicholas ISBN 1-575b0-592-5 Copyright ©2003 Chany Lane Music Company lrmrmatonal Copyran Seoied 4 Fights Reserved ‘ho musi, tet, dasign and graphs in hie publeation are prteced by coy "Ay dpicatin or ransmisson, by ny means, clecrane, mechanical, pholoorgy recording of eherwce, an iingement of py ee