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Hughesville Borough Council Minutes

August 8, 2011 - 7:00, PM

Council members and staff present Jeffery Berger, Andrew Mook, Curtis Michael, James Savage, Mayor Walter Reed, Ryan Tira, Dale Cahn, Dolores Moyer and Chief Gill The regular meeting of the Hughesville Borough Council was called to order by Council President Jeffery Berger followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Guests and Visitors: Alyssa Murphy (Sun-Gazette), Mary Burns, Deidra Duff lives on N. 2nd St.; she has concerns about the amount of traffic and the speeds people are driving; she would like to know if anything can be done to control it. Approve Agenda: August 8, 2011 Michael moved, seconded by Savage. Motion passed. Approve Minutes: July 25, 2011 Michael moved, seconded by Savage. Motion passed. Police Report: Gill said on July 27th a Child Safety Seat Inspection took place at the fire hall; 5 inspections were done. Mayors Report: Reed said that Preston Barto completed the flower box that he was working on in the Memorial Park on the corner of Water and Main Sts. The flower box was an Eagle Project with the Boy Scouts; he also raised the funds necessary to build the box and he gave the remaining balance of $151.83 for future upkeep of the box. The monies will be turned over to Our Towns Memorial Park Fund and recorded for the specific use. The mayor would like Council to send letters to homes in violation of the Tree Ordinance# 5 of 1986. The East Lycoming Shopper will also be contacted to alert homeowners of their responsibility. He would like to call a closed session at the end of the meeting to discuss personnel. Public Works Report: Cahn said it was difficult keeping people off the streets when they were seal coated. Someone dumped 2B on Walnut St between 3rd & 4th St. and it was seal coated although it was not putdown by the Borough. Booth Construction completed handicap access on Broadway & 4th St. and Railroad & Walnut St. Zoning Report: Code Inspections Inc. East Lycoming Recreation Authority: Request copy of minutes Hughesville-Wolf Authority: Request copy of minutes Treasurers Report: General Fund Check# 7126-7140 $ 83,015.24 Payroll - Direct Deposit $ 42,864.46 ACH Debits $ 24,901.62 Mook moved, seconded by Michael. Motion passed.

Borough Secretary: Moyer asked who should file charges with the magistrates office for codes violations that are being ignored. Council said that Code Inspections Inc. has been appointed to enforce the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code and therefore they will also file the charges. Additionally unpaid invoices will be included Business:

Approve amendment to Principal Financial Non-Uniform Pension Plan Contract# GA-4-45867 and Police Pension Plan Contract# GA-4-45866 Mook moved, seconded by Michael. Motion passed. Approval of 2011-12 Dental Insurance rates 4% increase from last year. Current rate of $20.55 will increase to $21.35. Mook moved, seconded by Savage. Motion passed. Insurance renewals. The Broker is Gannon Insurance. There is a substantial increase especially to workers compensation due to reserves of over $100,000. Insurance liability is Riverport Insurance and workers compensation is AmeriHealth Insurance. Mook moved, seconded by Michael. Motion passed. East Lycoming School District application to DEP. FYI. Recommendation for phone service provider - Tabled Approved employee benefits form

Electrical update on old contracts - Tabled Resignation of Jillian Perry. Michael moved, seconded by Savage. Motion passed. Mary Burns was appointed to take Perrys place. Burns is already on the November ballot running for Michaels position in Ward 2. Mook moved, seconded by Savage. Motion passed. County Elections will be contacted and they will make a request from both parties for a name on the November ballot.

Adjournment: 8:39 PM Michael moved, seconded by Mook. Motion passed.

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