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The NATO meeting the Extraterrestrial By Sergeant Major Robert o.

Veteran of the US especially decorated Army, who served on the front in Korea eteran and the Viet Nam. Dean is now retired. Dean was commander of an infantry unit in combat in Korea and the Viet Nam, and participated in the operations of intelligence in Laos, Cambodia and North Viet Nam. From 1963, he was posted to the SHOC, the military Chamber of SHAPE, such as intelligence a analysis with accreditation Cosmic Top Secret level. At that time the SHOC is led by the General Lyman Lemnitzer, Supreme Commander of Forces allies in Europe. Always being in this position, he participated in the relocation of the headquarters to the new site in s Belgium. He worked in the Operations Division and is a member of the team of command worked there with SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) that he sees at that time almost every day. Supreme Europe) After his testimony, it is when it is in the SHAPE that was born his interest in UFOs. One night, while he is born in service, Dean retrieves a report from the payload bay of the SHAPE named "Estimate" security "An Evaluation of threat military as Possible for the Allied Forces in Europe". This report has the highest security classification, COSMIC TOP SECRET. It still retains this classification today. urity The content of this report it opens the eyes of Dean on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence, as he recounts in his account, N.A.T.O. meets E.T E.T.: The SHAPE was one of these choice of assignment. You need to have a record these without tasks and pass safety tests. I fis a fad and I finally get it. In SHAPE, I had a high level of security whether cosmic Top Secret accreditation (Yes, it's a real term), the highest of NATO, and was assigned to the Centre of command Supreme was (Supreme Headquarters Operations Center, known under the name of SHOC), the Supreme Center, military House of NATO. Activity at this time could well warm up that to calm down, and it depended primarily the way in which the Soviets had to play the Soviets part. The more troubling thing to me was the problems we met regularly with of large circular metal objects which were regularly appeared in Central Europe. They had been reported by pilots and had also been detected by radar. Some flew in formation, and seemed to mostly come from the Soviet Union, passing over the Germany of the is, the Germany of the West of the France, for finally often turn somewhere over the channel and towards the North, disappearing screen radar to NATO over the Norway sea. These objects Norway were very large, moving very rapidly, at particularly high altitudes - higher than where we could go to the time - and seemed clearly to an intelligent control. It was learned that such events were taking place for a time already and that it had even a sacred fear in February 1961. Fifty of these objects were detected on radar, moving to Europe in training since the Soviet Union, at an altitude of 3000 m. the Soviets then closed their borders. Everyone went on red alert. We tressaillmes and then actually thought that "The war" had begun. It was the largest number of these llmes objects never observed. Fortunately - and only to the grace of God - we do lanmes not our missiles and Russians also. In nine minutes, they had disappeared. I knew that the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, Sir Thomas Pike, asked several times new information in London and Washington about these objects, without any response. We later learned that the network of espionage Columbine Columbine-Topaz Paris intercepted all and communicated it to the KGB, who won so regularly even before secret information that we receive. Pike decided, based on what I am told, to conduct an internal study to determine whether these objects represent a military threat.

At the same time, the UFO phenomenon literally caused the establishment of direct communications between East and West in 1962, that I trouvis still enough interesting and ironic. We had fully established then that these devices were not Russians devices, and the Russians had established that they were not ours nor. We manage then mutual understanding, and a direct line was opened between the SHOC and command of q. g. of the Warsaw Pact. This could of course always be a mounted blow, and this is why we assured us the sincerity of the Russians by various means. However, as each of our armed to the teeth part, and the threat of a third world war always above heads, it was logically a step in the right direction. This idea was developed at the establishment of a line between the President of the United States and the Russian Prime Minister at the time of the Cuban missile crisis. Therefore, at the time where I was able in 1963, everyone had heard of the reports, and I had the opportunity to hear rumours, see signals on the radar, found the bustle of each, and even to hear the evocation of certain possibilities in this regard. However, there is no me started to read what I read in the first hours of a night of January 1964. It should be within 2 hours of the morning, a relatively calm night, when the SHOC support controller entered the vault and falls in with this huge document. "Take therefore an oil on it," he said. The title was a simple estimate: "an Evaluation of a Possible military threat to the Allied Forces in Europe". The document was numbered 3 sales, stamped "Cosmic Top Secret", and included a 20 cm of thickness of annexes, 30 for the photographs, and had been signed in the vault by colonel German Heinz Berger, Chief of security of the SHOC. I learned quickly that the document in question was based on two and a half years of research had been funded by the Fund of NATO, and that only 15 copies in had been edited - in English, French and German. Each of them was numbered. Each was also subject to secrecy and should absolutely be kept under key. Whenever I was able to have the opportunity, and this until my departure, I read in a section or two. This was the document the most intriguing that I never had the opportunity to read. This document was put in place by the military representatives of each NATO member country, and also included contributions from the greatest scientific minds. These objects violated all laws of physics, and the research team had to go to Cambridge, Oxford, the Sorbonne, at the MIT, as well as in a number of major universities to collect information about the chemistry, physics, atmospheric physics, biology, history, psychology and even theology, each of these areas being treated in an annex. I read various theories about Einstein research following the unified field theory, the presence of high radiation on landing sites, and about reports on UFOs spanning the era Roman the observations and our own F - 105 pilot meetings, as well as others, and others still. I had always been skeptical until then, but this report, and correctly concluded that this was not science fiction. It also addressed meetings and contacts. A recent incident reached in 1963 involved a landing on a Danish farm. According the report, farmer climbed on board in the company of two small beings so that two other more common-looking men who told him about in Danish. The report included excerpts of the interrogation of the man by government authorities, and concluded that he was telling the truth. In another incident, always according to the reports, a device landed on an Italian airfield, proposing that a Sergeant of a ride. He was so terrified that he anchored his pants - this is what he said - and refused. Annex that marked me particularly was entitled "autopsy". I saw the photographs of a disk of 30 metres being crashed in Timmensdorfer, in Germany, near the Baltic Sea in 1961. The British army, according to the report, managed the first on the scene and set up a perimeter. The aircraft landed on a soil particularly soft and loose near the Russian border, so that it had not been destroyed, despite the fact that a good third is buried in the soil. We and the Russians, who had also responded quickly, had detected it. Inside were 12 small bodies, all dead. There were photographs of the body, having the appearance of human beings known as the "Grey", on the ground and then placed on stretchers and loaded in jeeps, and autopsy photographs. Some of the small grey appeared to be part of a species unable to reproduce.

Those responsible for the autopsy concluded, according to the report, they seemed manufactured as it could cheaply cookies - clones without digestive system. They have ingested or dealt not with food as we know it, and had also apparently not disposal system. The aircraft itself was cut into six pieces, installed on carriers and towed. Scuttlebut was given to the Americans and ferried by aircraft to the base of the Air Force of Wright-Patterson Ohio. I was looking at these photographs and could not believe. I had goosebumps. I had never really thought that we were alone in the universe, but this was difficult to accept. The main conclusions of the report of the NATO souffl rent me literally. They were 5: 1. The planet and the human race had been the subject of a any careful consideration on the part of various and different extraterrestrial civilizations, whose four had visually identified. One of these races appeared at any point similar to ours. Another had a size, stature, and a structure similar to ours, but with a very grey and earthy skin tein. The third race is today commonly known as that of the grey, and the fourth was described as reptilienne, with vertical pupils and a lizard-like skin. These foreign visits take place since a very long period, at least 200 years - perhaps more. Aliens appeared to show no hostility, since if such had been their intention, they have already done demonstration of their malice. The appearances and rapid disappearance of UFOs as their flights were demonstrations to show us some of their capabilities. A process or program any appeared to emerge in backdrop, flights were gradually transforming landings and contacts.

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I absolutely wanted to make a copy of this. I took a photograph of the cover, which was not inside and obviously not classified. However, not wanting to find me at Fort Leavenworth, I went surreptitiously take notes in the bathroom, with great caution. I have lived many terrible things in my life, but never I could not forget this report. I am aware of the risks that I am violating my oaths. But this is the most important issue of our time - so much that I can't imagine something more important, while the public was wrong and plunged in total ignorance of all this since all these years. It is the largest scandal scientific and political of all time. And in any event, that I so have to lose? I am 64 years old today. Will remove me? I told the truth. The evidence are my integrity and my credibility. When our Government decides to tell the truth? Dean left the SHOC/SHAPE in 1967, then the army in 1976, after 27 years of service. After reading "Evaluation", he devoted himself to communicate to the general public "real facts" on the UFO phenomenon and contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. Regarding the story of Dean, the Lieutenant-Colonel Rainer Otte, of the Air Force German, and Director of Department at the Section media's Office of public affairs at SHAPE, said: Our list of secret documents generated by the SHAPE does not include any title similar to the one cited by Mr. Dean to date. Military personnel are in all circumstances kept under national control. Information on the level of security granted to Mr. Dean - if to have granted a - may be provided by the U.S. authorities. Indicates the CUFOS Jerome Clark, he: Here's a fascinating history, to the extent that it requires more than the testimony of one man to be credible. Unless independent checks can be made, this will only remain one troubling story, like many other circulating since the recent period UFO.

After the army, Dean began a new career of 14 years in the Department of emergency of the Sheriff of the County of Pima, Tucson (Arizona). In 1990, he made a Conference at the University of Arizona, in which he talks about UFOs. The Declaration supplies the local press. Later, he is denied a promotion in the Department of the Sherif, because according to him, he believed in UFOs. Dean then brought legal action and gets damages and interest in 1992. Dean efforts are moving many to obtain immunity for former military personnel members (which could bring some light on the question of UFOs), allowing them to testify before a hearing of the Congress without fear of losing their pensions or of persecution. Now retired, he became a member of many organizations related to UFOs and to began to perform a few occasional conferences. It is trying by all legal means to obtain a copy of the document of NATO and gather witnesses for a Congress on UFOs. He also stated that the Antaresmodule astronauts during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, observed a huge object whose window reflect a very bright light while flying over the craters Landsberg A and C. They pay off a series of images of this experience. Dean is the author of The UFO Anthology Vol-1, and continues to appear in various television programs, magazines, conferences and conventions in the world. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- English translation: NATO meets Aliens Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean. September 12, 2011 A text Sylv1. Article Source: UFOs, How not to believe? Published: Traduction anglaise de: L'OTAN rencontre les Extraterrestres Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean. 12 septembre, 2011 Un texte de Sylv1 Article de source : Les ovnis, Comment ne pas y croire ? Parution: