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Pumped storage power plant Kopswerk II, Austria

Rifa draft tube gate (photo: VIW)

Innovation and Competence

Vorarlberger Illwerke relies on well-established local partner for their steel structure work.

Kuenz succeeds with highly demanding project

Setting of Gates (photo: VIW)

Surge Chamber

Since its completion in September 2008, Vorarlberger Illwerkes largest hydropower plant has generated environmentally-friendly power to cover mainly consumption peaks. Kopswerk II is designed as a pumped storage power plant that utilizes the head from Lake Kops to the Partenen Rifa reservoir. With Kopswerk II, Illwerke AG increases the capacity of their pumped storage operations by approximately 85 % and turbine operations by 42 %. The water from Kops Lake flows through the pressure tunnel and pressure shaft to the cavern power station plant, which is situated near the Rifa reservoir. The turbines draft tube gate, the rake, surge chamber and the power house cranes, all by Kuenz, are integrated into the power house. The gate and rake are integrated into Rifas intake structure.

Kuenz fulfilled the highest demands The turbines draft tube gates are designed as air-tight revision-gates. The gates are designed to withstand pressure from both sides, and therefore protect the plant during revisions. Air tightness and high plant safety are very important. This requires the highest precision in manufacturing and assembling. An advanced design for the cover, which is under pressure and designed for dynamic load conditions, and a hydraulic oil supply for the draft tube gates cylinders complete Kuenzs innovative concept. The gates were functioning trouble-free from the beginning.
Technical data for Pumped Storage Power Plant Kops II.

Data for turbines draft tube gate: Number of sluice weirs: Inner width gate: Inner height gate: Lifting capacity: Water head: 2 3.00 m 6.70 m 550 kN 40 mWS

Data for rakes: Number of rakes: Angle of rake from horizontal: Inner width: Inner height: Inner width bar distance: Support rods: 3 90 7.3 m 6.65 m 225 mm 500 x 24 mm

Data for intake and outtake rake reservoir Rifa: Number of intakes: Angle of rake from horizontal: Inner width: Discharge in turbines direction of flow: Discharge in pumps direction of flow:
Power House Crane (photo: VIW)

1 90 12 m stationary max. 80 m/sm 160 m/s 60 m/s max. 160 m/s 100 mm

Inner width bar distance:

Data for intake and outtake gate reservoir Rifa: Number of sluice weir: 1 5.80 m 5.80 m 26.93 m 615 kN Inner width of gate: Inner height of gate: Max. Water level: Lifting capacity:

Because of the joint efforts between VIW and Kuenz for developing innovative technical solutions, equipment of the highest quality was applied in the environment of a surge chamber like never before.
Klaus Hirtenlehner Project Manager Hydro Steel Structures, Vorarlberger Illwerke AG

Data for power house crane: Number: Capacity: Tandem processing: Track width: Length of crane way: Lifting height: 2 130 t 250 t 24.90 m 81.00 m 48.00 m

Innovation and Competence

The best references are successful projects.

Further information:
Lake Kartell
E-Werk, St. Anton, Austria For the powerplant Kartell in St. Anton Kuenz designed two bottom outlet gates.

photo: EWA

Lake Hintermuhr
Salzburg AG, Austria Kuenz delivers the equipment for Hydraulic Steel Structures for the powerplant Hintermuhr in Salzburg, Austria. The product range includes gates and rakes for the intake and the outlet.

Lake Silvrettasee
Vorarlberger Illwerke AG, Austria Kuenz regenerates the bottom outlet at Silvretta Lake.

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Innovation and Competence