I)Use the verbs in brackets in the correct future tenses.

Use will-future, going to-future, Simple Present or Present Progressive. Example: The weather ______ nice on Sunday. (to be) Answer: The weather will be nice on Sunday. 1) The train 2) We 3) It at 11:45. (to leave) dinner at a nice restaurant on Saturday. (to have) in the mountains tomorrow evening. (to snow) my friend. (to meet)

4) On Sunday at 8 o'clock I 5) They 6) Wait! I 7) The English lesson 8) I

to London on Friday evening. (to fly) you to the station. (to drive) at 8:45. (to start)

my sister in April. (to see) in a few minutes. (to rain) the door for you. (to open)

9) Look at the clouds - it

10) Listen! There's someone at the door. I


II) Some of the sentences are correct, and some have a word which should not be there. If
the sentence is correct, put a tick (√). If it is incorrect, cross the unnecessary word out of the sentence and write it in the space. They’re probably going to knock the building down. __________√______________ We are be going to get a dog soon. _________________be____________________ The bus is leaves at eight twenty. _________________________________________ The doors of the theatre are about to open. __________________________________ The meeting will be start at half past seven. _________________________________ The festival is for to take place in June. _____________________________________ My friend will be calling here tomorrow morning. ____________________________

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


Complete the conversation. Use will, be going to or a present tense. Choose the best form.

Peter: Hello. Where are you going? Polly: To my evening class. I’m learning Swedish. And next week I ______________ (have) a

My lesson ________________ (start) at half past seven. is going to meet OR is meeting (meet) Kim tomorrow afternoon. As soon as she arrives in Manchester she Look at those clouds on the horizon! It is Who do you think w ill w in (give) you a call. for 7. will be. Come and see me when you __________________ (get) back from Sweden. it 'll (w ill) give begins OR w ill begin I think he When Class 'll (w ill) be are you going to visit doesn't begin OR w on't begin (begin) at 10.m. and it’s twenty-five past now. √ Thanks. III. (rain) soon. The flight leaves. w ill you marry Oh darling! I love you so much. 's (is) going to rain Look at those clouds! It Jack (rain) any minute. I He 's (is) going to study 'll make (w ill make) (make) you a sandwich. I ________________ (send) you a postcard. Polly: Well.chance to speak it for real. will send I'm hungry . I ________________ (go) to Sweden for three weeks. I’m going. Polly: KEY: II. I’m visiting / I’m going to visit. is 4. I _______________ (visit) some friends there. going to rain (win) the next national elections? . Peter: That _________________ (be) nice.Oh. w ill leave (you/marry) me? (leave) at 8 p. be 6. (visit) me next year? (begin) at 9. Peter: OK. √ 5. (study) Law at Sheffield University next year. 3. get. starts. (be) very successful. I will have. I’d rather hurry.

. going to fly OR are flying (fly) to Warsaw next week for a meeting with the I promise you: I w ill finish (finish) my homework on time next week. go I'll take this letter to the post office when I (go) into town this afternoon.We are advisory board.

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