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VISA The Visa application needs to be done through the agency IVS.

You will not be able to apply directly to the embassy. IVS is well experienced in working with the Spanish embassy in Delhi and shall support you with your Visa application. Here are some basic information concerning your visa application and IVS: • You will be applying for short stay visa. Request for 90 days visa with multiple entry. • The Visa processing time is approximately 10-12 days, if all the documentation is perfect. • The documents can either be submitted in person or by courier to IVS. IVS accepts applications between 10 AM-2 PM. However, it is essential to verify and confirm from IVS that all the documentation is in perfect order. • IVS has a call centre which will assist you with any query regarding the document or visa. The call centre is open between 9.30AM to 5.00PM. The call centre numbers are : Call Center Tel: 0091- 11- 4167 2723 / 4167 2724 / 4167 2725. • IVS website is • Detailed description of documents required for short stay is provided here • All the forms are available online INSTRUCTION TO FILL THE SPANISH VISA APPLICATION FORM : • Question 20: CAE Aviation Training , Madrid. Polígono Industrial n.2 LA MUÑOZA, 28042 BARAJAS – MADRID, SPAIN • Question 29: Purpose of Travel : Other ( Please specify) :Training. • Question 34: For visa purpose, CAE will put a default address in the visa letter; use the same address for accommodation details on the application form. The accommodation booking can be done later once the visa is applied. • While booking your return tickets, please make sure you book your return tickets atleast 5 days after the training ending date. If for any reason you require extra/remedial training we will need time to schedule the training. • Along with the relevant documents mentioned in the IVS website, please be sure to submit copy of Letter of Intent, visa letter issued by CAE, proof of funds, travel insurance and AUTHORISATION LETTER for IVS (it is available on their website). • When collecting your visa, please check the visa for typo errors. The entry and exit dates should match with the no. of days of visa validity.

com ACCOMODATION CAE Madrid offers a wide selection of hotels and apartments.2 LA MUÑOZA. 28042 .Alcalá 16 .000.28014 – Madrid – Spain IBAN .2 Polígono Industrial “Las Mercedes” 28042 – Madrid (Spain) www. Prices: Apartments from 16 euros per day on shared hosting.BBVAESMM a/c .BARAJAS . close to the center.ES92 0182 3994 0402 0150 6348 BIC/Swiftcode .PAYMENT Total amount of the complete training course is: 31.apartamentossuitesflorida. where our clients have special rates. Apartaments SUITES FLORIDA C/Campezo.0182 3994 04 0201506348 Copy of payment receipt shall be sent by e-mail to .MADRID SPAIN VAT: B-84519677 Bank Name and Address: Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) Address .00 USD (no additional taxes applicable in Spain) Bank details for payments: Beneficairy Name and Address: SIV OPS TRAINING SL Polígono Industrial n.

Mercedes” 750€ 91 748 20 21 www.2 3 weeks stay. Apartamentos 490€ SUITES FLORIDA C/Campezo. 24 hours reception. Security (TAX included) 2 rooms apartment (3-4 pax) 1 week stay. 280€ 2 weeks stay.apartamentossuitesflorida. 630€ Polígono Industrial “Las 1 month stay. 602€ 3 weeks stay. 960€ (TAX included) Services RestaurantCafe. 798€ 1 month stay. to CAE . 371€ 2 weeks stay. Swimming pool Transport Taxi 15 min.1 room TOURIST APARTMENTS apartment (1-2 pax) 1 week stay. Parking space.

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