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A WISE HEART IN A RISKY LIFE ECCLESIASTES 10 - 11:6 Life can be beautiful in the midst of a risky life.

The wise Solomon observed that life is risky. Uncertainties of unwanted events like sicknesses, accidents, etc. could happen and remain as possibilities in life. Christian life is risky because of the uncertainty of events in life. Yet, it can be beautiful because of the certainty of God in the midst of risk. Solomon is right in his observation that life is risky, yet, he did not stop in that alone, but proceeded to his conclusion that a wise heart is needed in a risky life. Wisdom is the universal practical principles that can guide and prepare us to deal with everyday lifes risks, especially to future uncertain risks. Wisdom teaches and prepares us today and tomorrows possible risky events. Life could be hard for Christians if wise heart is absent. Life can be adventurous in which there are risks in life yet, can be exciting and enjoyable, if a wise heart is present. Going through a risky life, we need wisdom which is precious and a wise heart that is valuable. Wise Solomon said that: Dead flies will cause even a bottle of perfume to stink! Yes, an ounce of foolishness can outweigh a pound of wisdom and honor (Eccl. 10:1). If foolishness reigns in a heart of a person in a risky life, it will make life miserable. If wisdom is present in a heart of a person in a risky life, it will make life beautiful. Solomons challenge is to value wisdom in our hearts in a risky life. What is then a wise heart that values wisdom in a risky life? A. THE VALUE OF WISDOM THAT LEADS RIGHTLY (1-9) Wisdom is by nature good and right. Wisdom clearly distinguished by Solomon as not foolishness. He wrote: The hearts of the wise lead them to do right, and the hearts of the foolish lead them to do evil (10:2). Wisdom leads rightly those who value wisdom or those who have a wise heart. Wisdom is very important to lead us rightly in life. 1. Wisdom leads us rightly to have a visible identity (3) Life is visible. Life can be observed and evaluated by people according to what they see. People judge a person according to the actions they see that the person commits. This is true in our society today, since the dignity of a person depends on what he visibly does. One of the functions of wisdom that lead rightly is to give us a visibly good identity among people. Any person likes to be seen by others as good. Yet, this is impossible without wisdom. Wisdom leads us to have a good identity or label to others. Foolishness gives bad identity. 2. Wisdom leads us to Overcome Great Mistakes (4)

One function of wisdom that leads rightly is to cause in us perseverance. Wisdom says to us, do not quite, after you fail, rise up to do something about your great mistakes. Wisdom leads us to accept our great mistakes, develops our perseverance, and motivates us to overcome our great mistakes by persevering to do well. There are always mistakes and failures in life, yet wisdom teaches us to persevere and not give up, but rise up and do good things afterwards. Life is full of opportunities to rise above failures, mistakes and even falls. Do not quite as wisdom says after great mistakes but rise up and do good things. 3. Wisdom leads us to do our functions righty (5-7) Everyone has functions whether in the society or in Gods perspective. Solomon said, a prince must function as a prince and not as a servant, and a servant must function as a servant and not as a prince. Like in the body of Christ, the hand must function as the hand to the body and not as eyes. Wisdom leads us to do our functions rightly as we need to. One value of wisdom is that it leads us to the right person that we need to be and to the right conduct that we need to do. The nature of wisdom is always right. Wisdom never leads us to the wrong direction if we follow its guidance. B. THE VALUE OF WISDOM THAT HELPS US SUCCEED (10-20) Success is everyones dream in a risky life of failure. To succeed in every dimension of life is the greatest success that a person can ever dream for. Solomon says that success is not just an instant event, but it is a lifestyle that needed to be pursued. To succeed, we need wisdom. 1. Wisdom sharpens Skills needed for successful work (10,16) Every Christian has God-given skills. No one is exempted, for everyone has blessed with skills necessary for success. If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed but skill will bring success. Skills are by nature needed to be discovered, developed and dispensed. This is done by a person as a lifestyle or else skills just fade away. Gods design for Christians is to succeed in life and work. He has given each Christians necessary skills to achieve His goal of success in life and in work. 2. Wisdom prepares us for future success (11-14) The future is uncertain, yet at present, wisdom has something to say about things needed to be done to prepare for tomorrows life. Words from a wise mans mouth are gracious. Wisdom to tomorrows success as long as at present, the Christian value and applies wisdom as guide for tomorrows uncertainties. Wisdom is certain that prepares us for tomorrows uncertainties. 3. Wisdom develops our character needed for success (6-20)

Success is not only needed to be work out in the outside at present for tomorrows success, character is also needed in the inside to succeed in life. Success as wisdom says requires outward success as well as inward success. Character is in the inside, it needed to be developed to become a good person. Character expresses itself in speech, attitude, and actions. A good person expresses goodness. Godly person and acts of goodness is success. Wisdom leads us to the successful person inwardly as well as outwardly. Outward and inward success is inseparable. Wisdom leads us to this kind of success that is good character that leads to good conducts. C. THE VALUE OF WISDOM THAT MANAGES ACTIONS USEFULLY (11:1-6) We are blessed with many resources and it may be the resources of possessions. The work of wisdom is to teach us manage our possessions wisely for good. Possessions are blessings and be used to be used as blessings to others. 1. Generous giving of the heart (1) Giving is good, but with the attitude of generosity. Wisdom will tell us that giving generously will be a way in which blessing will return back. The attitude of the heart that gives is very important because I can give without being generous. The gift is precious if coupled with a generous heart. 2. Gift giving to others (2) Giving to others is one way of helping others. It is always wise to act to help others. Possessions are given to bless others. It is never intended to be kept and not to use. Possessions are meant to be used, and it must be used to bless others. 3. Gods Ways in our Ways (5) Gods ways are hard to fathom, yet it is not impossible to know some of them. The wisdom that we can have is to act according to the known ways or will of God. Actions that are against the ways of God are not useful and even destructive. The value of wisdom is to manage our actions to be useful. Actions need then to be anchored in Gods ways. In a risky life, managing our actions are vital to survive uncertainties. The value of wisdom is to manage our actions to be useful and good for the benefit of many. CONCLUSION A person can survive the challenges of lifes uncertainties if the value of wisdom is in the heart. The heart that values wisdom lives rightly, lives successfully, and acts usefully according to the ways of God. Wisdom comes from God and wisdom should never be separated from God, instead, If you need wisdom if you want know what God wants you to do ask him, and he will gladly tell you. He will not resent your asking. God will give us

wisdom, as long as we put our faith in Him as the source of wisdom.