DaWanda Lovebook Winter 2011/2012

Extraordinary Design and Unique Gifts


Dear friends of handmade,
We at DaWanda, the online marketplace for unique and handmade items, believe that for every individual there exists the perfect gift: something that strikes a chord with them, something specially made for them alone. With that in mind, we present the second edition of our ‘Lovebook’. We gave it this name because to us, giving a gift is a way of showing your love. At DaWanda over 110,000 designers put this same love and passion into their work producing unique items, often working in close contact their clients, tailoring products to meet the specific needs and wants of customers. A porcelain ring by jewellery label MaaP Studio; an 808 synth in cuddly cushion form by Softmachines; a solar powered wooden toy plane by Berty-Masha – these are just three examples from our collection of over 1.5 Million handmade products from across the globe. Press Contact: DaWanda GmbH Oranienburger Strasse 27 10117 Berlin Germany Ina Froehner + 49 (0)30 - 27 87 96 38 presse@dawanda.com

A whole lot of creativity, inventiveness and individuality goes into the handmade gifts available at DaWanda. The opportunity to meet the designer behind that item you love, and to meet others who love it too, is what makes our site even more special. We hope you enjoy discovering our ‘Products with Love’, and we wish you a very merry Christmas!

From Claudia Helming and the whole DaWanda Team

You can download all the images in the Lovebook from our Press Portal, at http://en.dawanda.com/press_releases.


Images & Press Resources
All images from the Lovebook can be downloaded from our Press Portal at http://en.dawanda.com/press_releases. All images can be used free of charge with the copyright mark “DaWanda + Designer Name”. Please note the designer’s name as well as DaWanda, so your readers can find the product on our website more easily. If you would like more information, images, product suggestions for your features or products for photo shoots, then please just get in touch by phone or email. Behind every extraordinary product is an extraordinary person. We’re happy to organise interviews with designers, and to provide extensive information on the inception and development of DaWanda. Just get in touch!

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If you’re interested in a product on the following pages, you can easily find it by entering its product number into the search box on our website.

Did you know … ?
The DaWanda marketplace was founded in December 2006 by Claudia Helming and Michael Pütz.


Table of Contents
Editorial Images & Press Resources Table of Contents Gift Ideas For Retro Ladies For Haute Hippies For Grown Up Kids For Trashionistas For Purists For Friends of the Animals For Crafty Types For Hopeless Romantics For Eco Friendly Friends For Colour Lovers For Nature Lovers For Gentlemen For Playboys For Little Girls For Little Boys For a Handmade Christmas Imprint Page 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38


For Retro Ladies

Embroidered Flower Beret by Lilyhandmade 21.98 Euros Product Number: 15378234 Retro Clutch Purse by KaaLee 49.90 Euros Product Number: 12968134

Bow Print Tights by Miirazukale 22 Euros Product Number: 4021590

Red Linen Tiffany Dress by Digforvictory 120 Euros Product Number: 18047413

Black Leather Moc Croc Clutch by TheLeatherStore 40 Euros Product Number: 7985014

Did you know … ?
DaWanda is an African woman’s name, meaning ‘unique’.

Watch Necklace by Flufftail 19.95 Euros Product Number: 18136477


‘Travlin’ Light’ Bow & Feather Hairband by Billies 18.95 Euros Product Number: 14623189

Dig For Victory
Vintage Polka Dot Scarf by -emma11.20 Euros Product Number: 16626930

“Dig For Victory is made for women and girls who still love to play dress-up!” British fashion designer Eleanor Callaghan breathes new life into vintage fabric sourced from the antique fairs and flea markets of her native Brighton. The resulting pieces offer a modern take on retro, as vivid colour and pattern is playfully paired with classically feminine silhouettes. Eleanor began designing dresses to wear on stage with her band, and has since gone on to dress other artists, such as Bat for Lashes and M.I.A.

‘Cherie’ Polka Dot Blouse by FrozenHibiscus 120 Euros Product Number: 19379821

Gingham Tassel Knickers by Doroteatime 22.70 Euros Product Number: 12540982


For Haute Hippies
Cognac Leather Belt by MuseLeather 34 Euros Product Number: 6405686 Feather Brooch by Mayken 10 Euros each Product Number: 10986042

Shell Earrings by Gofenshefer 30 Euros Product Number: 9903498

Grape Purple Suede Fringe Handbag by Rutadesign 115 Euros Product Number: 19749821

Did you know … ?
DaWanda is available in English, German and French. 8

Blanket Skirt by Asuyeta 74.90 Euros Product Number: 12000822

‘Cleo‘ Vintage Brass Necklace by ALittleDot 17 Euros Product Number: 16286162

Fringed Navy Military Collar by Lustboutique 21 Euros Product Number: 16450462

‘Two Leaves Left’ Week-to-View Diary by Kitaken 22 Euros Product Number: 13173770 ‘Eva’ Appliquéd Leather Clutch by LaBAITA 60 Euros Product Number: 18875409

Poncho de Feu by SubRosa 650 Euros Product Number: 3279126

Cross Net Cuff Bracelet by Sunstudio 17.70 Euros Product Number: 9735686


For Grown Up Kids
Nerdy Eyeglasses Necklace by Pequeniocraft 20 Euros Product Number: 13216854

‘Twiggy‘ Cape by TovitaToday 69 Euros Product Number: 17926073

Croissant Bobby Pins by PetitPlat 16 Euros for 2 Product Number: 11162346 ‘BAM!‘ Comic Headband by JanineBasil 18 Euros Product Number: 13023930

Sausage Dog Notebook by Smil 5 Euros Product Number: 123986

Meaty Cutlet Bookmark by Das-knallharte-Landleben 4.50 Euros Product Number: 17994253

Did you know … ?
The site currently has over 1.4 Million registered members. 10

Soapstone Porcupine Toothpick Holder by Kantishna 45 Euros Product Number: 8100958

Knitted Strawberry Hat by MountainEagleCrafter 15.92 Euros Product Number: 7002062

The Spotted Sparrow
“DaWanda has helped me realize that I can actually make a living doing something I love.” Julia Sydnor first discovered her passion for papercraft when she made her own wedding invitations. The American designer, now based in the UK, uses vintage illustrations and photographs on recycled and FSC-certified paper to create gifts which are as eco-friendly as they are design conscious. Images and characters from the past speak modern words of wit and wisdom in her irreverent greeting cards, prints and papeterie.

‘MI‘ Coat Hanger Drop Light by Miriam-Zink 159 Euros Product Number: 20046801

Toy Grabber Necklace by Mariska 16.50 Euros Product Number: 7628234

Pencil Scarf by Metztliltic 38 Euros Product Number: 4392298

Fabric Backgammon Set by Haendisch 58 Euros Product Number: 9929254


For Trashionistas

Sparrow Brooch with Bow by Pension 11 Euros Product Number: 19356325 Lace Bunny Ears Headband by Lesrondschapo 45 Euros Product Number: 15751494

Victorian Style Heeled Boots by Kioskofoli 150 Euros Product Number: 16255686

‘Epic‘ Necklace in Gold Mirror by Finestimaginary 8 Euros Product Number: 5799514

Did you know … ?
Sewing and tailoring are, at 57 percent, the most-loved crafts of DaWanda members.

Fairy Tale Diamond Ring by yyogurtunflavored 39 Euros Product Number: 6677738

Black & Silver Leather Shoulder Bag by Bicami 185 Euros Product Number: 13655038


Sterling Silver Hammered Ball Earrings by Myjewelrycloset 24.90 Euros Product Number: 14641301

Leather Obi Wrap Belt by FosuismBelts 25 Euros Product Number: 16065850

Grey Wool Chains by Beeshop 25 Euros for 3 Product Number: 15366686

Asymmetric Ruffle Halter Tunic by Chrystalshop 55 Euros Product Number: 19884813

‘Aurora‘ Leather Clutch by KaaLee 38.90 Euros Product Number: 7789258


For Purists

‘Flourish’ Sterling Silver and Pearl Earrings by Dkjewellery 85 Euros Product Number: 8407162

‘Essi’ Linen Tote by RARAMODO 41 Euros Product Number: 9642710

White Lace Ceramic Brooch by andOdesign 20 Euros Product Number: 15094506

Polka Dot Rain Hat by Moaningminnie 30 Euros Product Number: 18461329

Did you know … ?
An item of clothing is sold every minute at DaWanda, an accessory every 30 seconds, and something from the ‘Jewellery’ category every 20 seconds.

Floral Fabric Trinket Case by Betiluca 12 Euros Product Number: 8235926

Cream doughnut pouffes by detailF Pink: 45.99 Euros, Blue: 59.99 Euros Product Numbers: 15973398; 16939070


‘El Medano’ Porcelain Ring by MaaPstudio 34 Euros Product Number: 18047469 Hooded Lace Dress by ZoePhobic 50 Euros Product Number: 16736870

Birdland Creations
“A lot of my creations have their own character and story behind them.” UK native Ruth Baillie now lives on her own vineyard in California, USA. Many of her silver jewellery designs are inspired by the birds attracted to that sunny spot. The migration of birds is an apt metaphor for Ruth’s own journey over the ocean, and her transition from scientist to artist (she trained in Pharmacology). Her pieces are designed to evoke emotions like serenity and playfulness, reminding the wearer of the things to enjoy in life.

Braided Jersey Loop Scarf by StAnderswo 39 Euros Product Number: 16863170

Knitted Bead Necklace by Dollylolly 30 Euros Product Number: 18306989 White Roller Table by Zazine 30 Euros Product Number: 8391638


For Friends of the Animals

Ginger ‘Foks’ Scarf by Celapiu 59 Euros Product Number: 9049358

‘Divine Flamingo‘ Leather Necklace by Diamond-Designs 24.99 Euros Product Number: 10227122

Eco-Friendly Wedge Pouch by Betsywynn 22 Euros Product Number: 18224373

Did you know … ?
Over 110,000 sellers offer over 1.5 Million products for sale at DaWanda.

‘Snakerun’ Felt Play Tunnel for Cats by FuzzPlay 79 Euros Product Number: 7289674

Deer Print Hoody by Betterstaytogether 26 Euros Product Number: 12988250


‘Hoot the Owl’ Sling Purse by Littleoddforest 48 Euros Product Number: 5247502

Leather Dog Collar & Leash by TheCoolPuppy 29.99 Euros Product Number: 5903190

Felted Cat Cave by Dornroeschenfilzunikate 119 Euros Product Number: 997166 ‘Giddy Up Horsey’ Cushion by ZedHead 35 Euros Product Number: 2557182

Elephant Bookends by DESIGNausSTEIN 28.50 Euros each Product Number: 15963962

Wooden Deer Brooch by Enna 11 Euros Product Number: 3237570


For Crafty Types

DIY Guide & Materials for ‘Dagobert’ Purse by Blaupausenhof 12.90 Euros Product Number: 16851010

‘Sewing Lesson’ Screenprinted Notebook by Cutiepiecompany 7.50 Euros Product Number: 16205238

‘The Knitting Needles and the Midnight Sewing’ Digital Print by Mrseliotbooks 16 Euros Product Number: 3486606 Retro Reversible Apron, Sewing Kit by PS-Naehkultur 19.95 Euros Product Number: 12227474

Wrist Watch Pincushion by Littleclouds 16.50 Euros Product Number: 6795826

Did you know … ?
DaWanda receives 7 Million visits and over 120 Million page views per month.


‘Constructo’ Cardboard Bookshelf by Diefabrik 350 Euros for 7 pieces Product Number: 18220365

‘She‘s Crafty’ Sterling Silver Necklace by Chocolateandsteel 34 Euros Product Number: 141665

Solid Oak Bureau by Furniturebyhand 700 Euros Product Number: 19683629

Merry-Go-Round Crafting Kit by Golemobjekte 18 Euros Product Number: 20060725

To Do List Notepad by Etmamu 4.95 Euros Product Number: 14204161

Pencil Cup Cozy by Tettidesign 9 Euros Product Number: 16475262


For Hopeless Romantics

Loop Technique Ring in Pink by Mabotte 145 Euros Product Number: 15808530 Handprinted Silk Mini Purse by SabineCornic 16 Euros Product Number: 14775229 ‘Angel Wings’ Jar by BlueSkyPottery 69 Euros Product Number: 20593029

The Powder Room Cushion by Bridgetdavies 126 Euros Product Number: 476038

Linen Birds, Set of Two by Boo_bacci 33 Euros Product Number: 19280061

Did you know … ?
DaWanda currently employs 54 people from 8 different nationalities.

Louis XV Chair by Jeux-de-lin 595 Euros Product Number: 9657906

Ceramic Doorknob by Knaufine 3.75 Euros Product Number: 12991074


‘Wish You Were Here’ Necklace by Arete 20 Euros Product Number: 3329870 ‘Lilly’ Lampshade by RosaLilaBraun 134 Euros Product Number: 17677833

Rose Pattern Mannequin by LondonMannequins 95 Euros Product Number: 12281262

“When I was little, I always had a pencil in my hand.” Argentinian Paola Zakimi’s artworks have been prettifying DaWanda for the last three years. Over time, her range has expanded to include handmade dolls and unique jewellery featuring her beautiful, sad-eyed girls and creatures. Her inspiration is drawn directly from her own childhood and the natural environments she has lived in. The resulting works are like illustrations for a grown up fairy tale, with a hint of melancholy to temper the sweetness.

‘Mina’ Blouse by Mydearlove 56.90 Euros Product Number: 9017666 Paper Dolls Print by Pequeniocraft 15 Euros Product Number: 3400878


For Eco Friendly Friends

‘Hungry Little Panda’ Bib in Organic Cotton by Doppler 11.50 Euros Product Number: 5823034

Blouse Made from a Business Shirt by TrinkhallenSchickeria 59 Euros Product Number: 20943105

1970s Stacked Vases by Eva-jumble 14.50 Euros Product Number: 19610849

Yoga Cushion with Organic Spelt Filling by Elisabee 35 Euros Product Number: 5391466

Did you know … ?
DaWanda is committed to promoting eco-friendly design. Many of our sellers use sustainable natural materials and eco-friendly production methods.
‘Java’ Necklace Made from Coffee Bags by GRELLPASTELL 89 Euros Product Number: 1114278


Hanging Lamp Made from Filled Bottles by Les-lampes-de-charly 150 Euros Product Number: 12241598

Wall Mounted Deer Head Made from Folded Paper by Foldeer 55 Euros Product Number: 17883561

Hairband Made from Nylon Tights by LaJott 5 Euros Product Number: 20160989

Ring Made from Layers of Personal Papers by Christinerozina 275 Euros Product Number: 15848094

Snack Tray Made from Wine Bottles and Olive Wood by Alentejoazul 18.50 Euros Product Number: 10502390

Large Basket Made from Climbing Rope by Seilgeschichten 149 Euros Product Number: 19275337


For Colour Lovers
‘Kallia’ Bag in Apple Green Canvas by Milloo 46 Euros Product Number: 9668322 Neon Bat Necklace by Neonpolka 18 Euros Product Number: 404622

Set of 5 Bunting Magnets by Vickeh 3.50 Euros Product Number: 7175022

‘Large Wing’ Embroidery Hoop Wall Art by Onelittleredfox 29 Euros Product Number: 13625158

Carrots Keychain Tampon Case by Sannra 5.90 Euros Product Number: 328936 ‘LOLZ’ Geeky Keychain by Tizzalicious 9.25 Euros Product Number: 12720330

Knitted Bow Scarf by Homelab 48 Euros Product Number: 2520614

Did you know … ?
54 percent of buyers discover DaWanda through a personal recommendation.


Retro Dining Tray for Pets by Julica-Futterbar 99 Euros Product Number: 8733902 Pom Pom Earrings by Sous-La-Mansarde 20 Euros Product Number: 7633838 Swimming Float Fridge Magnets by Play-Bag 6.90 Euros Product Number: 18333025

“Even now, I am always trying to discover new materials and find new techniques” Konstantinos Apostolidis is the designer behind the Milloo handbag label. He lives in his native Greece with his wife, who also runs her own DaWanda shop, and children. Milloo bags have become bestsellers thanks to Konstantinos’ vivid use of colour and strong design sense. He came to handbags from a background in children’s fashion, and has taken the opportunity to experiment with technique and form as much as possible, with innovative results.

Bicycle Seat Cover by Kajole 10 Euros Product Number: 7518050 Falling Blocks Wall Decal by Vinyldesign 20 Euros Product Number: 1313646


For Nature Lovers

Giant Sequoia Pillow by Hitree 74 Euros Product Number: 230221

Toast Bird Feeder by Wudwerx 14 Euros Product Number: 17201413

Buffalo Plaid Headband/Necklace by Frankandgertrude 14.50 Euros Product Number: 14118409

Delphinium Bone China Dinner Plate by JoannaLondon 20 Euros Product Number: 1205310

Autumn Leaves Skirt by KatyYaksha 55 Euros Product Number: 16389722

Did you know … ?
DaWanda members hail from over 170 different countries. 26

‘Jasmine Jubilee’ Handmade Soap by Deshawnmarie 3.50 Euros Product Number: 1115534

Pocket Mirror in Olive Wood by Alentejoazul 12 Euros Product Number: 1532334

Cloud Wall Lamp by Stockhausendesign 149 Euros Product Number: 5350882

Frank & Gertrude
“I’m so inspired by traveling and seeing what people are wearing in different places” It was love that brought designer Megan Hoffmann to Europe from her native New York. She started out selling handmade goodies while on tour with her musician boyfriend, and turned it into a fulltime business when she settled with him in The Netherlands. Megan combines woodsy motifs, earthy colour tones, whimsical illustrations and a strong design sense to create bags and accessories which are as pretty as they are practical.

‘Owl Lane‘ Rubber Stamp by Margamarina 1.95 Euros Product Number: 19798821

Pinecone Girl Brooch by Tillybloom 12.75 Euros Product Number: 12298330

Mini Terrarium Ring by Buntysbaubles 42 Euros Product Number: 17549497

Oak Leaf Hairband by Lupin 14.50 Euros Product Number: 5188950


For Gentlemen
Handwoven Winter Shawl by RedThread 150 Euros Product Number: 5891442

Black Bamboo Geek Glasses by Woodlike 119 Euros Product Number: 17446629

Workers’ Trousers by Vecona-Vintage 169 Euros Product Number: 13480246 ‘Park Your Car’ Leather Belt Buckle by Flightpathdesigns 28 Euros Product Number: 9690230

Did you know … ?
So far over 3.6 Million ‘hearts’ have been given by members to their favourite products. The most hearted product is a knitted hot water bottle cover in the form of Lederhosen, made by a designer from Bavaria, Germany.
Black Tote Bag by Jiab 15 Euros Product Number: 18046845

Personalizable Mens’ Cuff by Joulberry 125 Euros Product Number: 18014821


‘Sing Like a Black Crow’ Pin by Freaksandgeeks 5 Euros Product Number: 12448238

Ali Bali Jewellery
Leather Smartphone Case by Office-of-minor-details 28 Euros Product Number: 11123414

“I am at a really exciting point in my journey as a jeweller.” Scottish designer Alison Reid enrolled in a silver-smithing course as a way to unwind after a busy day working in Human Resources. Just a few short years later, she was able to give up the day job and devote herself full time to jewellery making. Alison’s work immortalizes natural textures and patterns, from leaf veins to fingerprints, in stunning art clay silver. Thus each piece reveals the inspiration behind it in a subtle yet striking way.

‘2-Deuche’ Recycled Lamp by GARBAGE 470 Euros Product Number: 1990533 3D Wooden Chessboard by BlackGizmo 199 Euros Product Number: 16462878 Messenger Bag Made of Cork by CORKWOOD 100 Euros Product Number: 17290917


For Playboys
‘Don’ Cushion by KOPFKISSEN 18 Euros Product Number: 9812486

Checked Jacket by Skynke 149 Euros Product Number: 8279850

‘Fixed Gear’ Woolly Hat by Sistersconspiracy 35 Euros Product Number: 17264613

Did you know … ?
20,000 new products are listed in the DaWanda marketplace each day.

T-Shirt & Comb Silhouette Badges by Contour 10 Euros each Product Numbers: 17759737; 17759549

Letter Tile Cufflinks by Weggart 10 Euros Product Number: 17628633


Beatbox 808 Pillow by Softmachines 99 Euros Product Number: 2966638

Bike Valve Key Hook by KWD 26 Euros Product Number: 3245678

Leather Armband with Anchor Charm by LeChatVIVI 24.90 Euros Product Number: 12844406

Buttoned Slippers by Ploonk 30 Euros Product Number: 16835158

Felt Wolf Tablet PC Sleeve by BoutiqueID 55 Euros Product Number: 17837577


For Little Girls

‘Bella’ Organic Baby Rattle by Revoluzzza 24 Euros Product Number: 9297914 Felt Princess Crown by Lupin 14.50 Euros Product Number: 11629834

Baby Kimono Top by Tovitatoday 25 Euros Product Number: 16982270 MP3 Player Cushion by Dashoerkissen 114.90 Euros Product Number: 17319753

Ladybirds Vinyl Wall Decal by Plaksels 27.50 Euros for 14 Product Number: 5502334

Polka Dot Baby Shoes by Excusemyfrench 29 Euros Product Number: 8432814

Did you know … ?
42 percent of DaWanda members are mothers. 62 percent of these have children under the age of three.


Garden Gnome Smock by Pinkdixie 24 Euros Product Number: 9089546

Little Emma K
“I believe that if you love what you are making others will too, and it will spread!”
Raincloud Mobile by THE-BUTTER-FLYING 20 Euros Product Number: 5601878 Jingle Bell Bracelet by All_for_Eve 8 Euros Product Number: 6830182 Felted Baby Shoes by SundayCreations 15 Euros Product Number: 5918386

The ‘Emma’ of Little Emma K is actually the niece of designer Lily Loreaux. When Emma was born, Lily’s sister couldn’t find anything quite pink enough, so Lily stepped in to knit a bright pink scarf – the first of her cute and colourful knitted wonders for kids and adults. Born in Belgium but now living in India with her husband, Lily has filled her shop with unique knitwear, from watermelon hats to sushi scarves and much more.

Red Riding Hood Softie Doll by PinkNounou 22 Euros Product Number: 12322510


For Little Boys
Personalised German Army Lunch Bag by Fingerfabrik 39.90 Euros Product Number: 11597542

‘Ready for NamNam’ Plate & Bib Set by Zackzack 26 Euros Product Number: 20175337

Magician Baby Body by Zialee 19.90 Euros Product Number: 19597761

Solar Powered Wooden Toy Plane by Berty-Masha 72 Euros Product Number: 16384946

Did you know … ?
The children’s label ‘Linas Traumwerkstatt’ has made over 46,000 sales since they joined, making them one of our most successful shops.
Dinosaur Blackboard Wall Decal by Jolyon_Yates 19.95 Euros Product Number: 6678454


Arthur the Raccoon Plush by Onelittleredfox 56 Euros Product Number: 18562893

‘Things I Like’ Digital Print by Mrseliotbooks 16 Euros Product Number: 5667606

Wooden Rocking Horse Chair by Jeux-de-lin 95 Euros Product Number: 7472794

Fox Hat by Shiricki 24.95 Euros Product Number: 102710

Alligator Handpuppet Scarf by Luisastock 30 Euros Product Number: 14728709


For a Handmade Christmas

Snowflake, Candle & Candy Cane Stamps by Millefeuillets 3 Euros for 3 Product Number: 14256409

Felt Xmas Cookies Pattern by GulfCoastCottagePDF 4 Euros Product Number: 6760950

Personalized Vintage Linen Xmas Stockings by Polkadotsandblooms 24 Euros each Product Number: 12694970

Reindeer Amigurumi Pattern by Simpleartsplanet 3.50 Euros Product Number: 73877

Reindeer Stud Earrings by Innerland 9.80 Euros Product Number: 5990010

Did you know … ?
There are more than 85,000 products over 20 years old in DaWanda’s Vintage category.

Felt Gingerbread Men Ornaments by BestickBar 16 Euros for set of 2 Product Number: 5558958


‘SansSERIF’ Advent Calender by Renna 27 Euros Product Number: 13214586

Felt Robin Brooch by Lupin 17 Euros Product Number: 5088142

Michael Miller ‘Yule Critters’ Fabric by Kawaii-planet 6.45 Euros for 0.5 m Product Number: 10495618

DIY Guide, No-Sew Felt Xmas Wreath by LillyBlossom 4.25 Euros Product Number: 14363685

‘Green Mittens’ Satin Ribbon by KinderKlipz 1 Euro per metre Product Number: 5716118


Press Contact: Ina Froehner DaWanda GmbH +49 (0)30 - 27 87 96 38 presse@dawanda.com Texts and Editorial: Azra Ahmed Design: In-A Lee, www.leesign.de Cover Image: Illustration by Frauke Schyroki aka FraukeeS Editorial Photo: David Sievers

DaWanda Lovebook Winter 2011/2012
Extraordinary Design and Unique Gifts

DaWanda Lovebook Winter 2011/2012

DaWanda GmbH Oranienburger Str. 27 10117 Berlin Germany Telefon +49 (0)30 - 27 87 96 38 Fax +49 (0)30 - 25 76 08 52 www.dawanda.com https://www.facebook.com/dawanda.en http://twitter.com/dawanda_en Managing Directors: Claudia Helming, Michael Pütz Amtsgericht Charlottenburg HRB 104695 B

Did you know … ?
Since DaWanda began, over 5.1 Million personal messages have been written, and our number of Facebook Fans is fast approaching 65,000.



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