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Sani Deepam Worship & Procedure

1. I have been reading many remedies suggested by eminent astrologers of the Group to ward off the bad effects of Sani Peyarchi. 2. The remedy mentioned below is suggested in Tattvaloka magazine published from

3. It is very simple and would help the devotees to pray in their house itself and help them to focus their mind at a particular time with undivided attention. 4. What impresses me most is that the righteous actions and righteous deeds are important to protect ourselves from the bad effects. 5. According to me, the family members and well wishers of the affected persons should remain united and offer solace and prayers all the time and should remain in constant remembrance of the Lord. 6. Their prayers and help
would also

help the affected persons.

"The best way to please Sanisvara is through righteous thoughts and
righteous actions.
As a religious ritual,

Sani Deepa prayer is effective remedy against Sani's bad effects for those whose Sani is weak in the horoscope and for those who have 7 1/2 years Sani.”

pm to * Use a new lamp each Saturday. flame and look at it intensely. hands kumkum and face. Place the lamp on a plank. draw a rangoli * Clean a mud lamp with wet cloth. * Bathe or wash your feet. * Light lamp with another lamp source. (Pooja offerings) * Light agarbhathi and perform camphor arthi. for a and few minutes on your * Offer milk honey as Naivedyam. cotton wick the pour the oil mix. * Distribute prasada to family members.The Brahma Vaivarata Purana offers the remedy. Time 6. on it. .45 * Sit before * Meditate the 8. a mix of gingelly oil. coconut oil. use cotton wick. * Decorate * Put with sandal powder and and kumkum. * Wear sacred ash * Clean a plank and or or any other religious mark. Ishta Devata. * Buy mud lamps for use one every week during the period Saturn is in Simha Rasi. and ghee in equal proportions.00 pm.

so that those who missed this message can retrieve it in future. process will have to Regards V. Beyond that. Seshadri This important message from Mr. V Seshadri has been converted in to a PDF file and is posted in the group by member kiritvvora. The be Disposal possible on two Saturdays.lamp glow till all the oil burns up. Let the lamps: The lamps may be discarded in a flowing river or the sea when 27 lamps are lit. started all over again. If it is not Saturday. If it has to be put out for any reason. use milk and honey on the flame. three lamps must be lit the next the exemption is for two Saturdays. . next Saturday two lamps of must be lit. If one is unable to light the lamp on a Saturday.

Gayatri is the Metre. Saturn is the devata. Nam the Shakti. and Mam the Kilaka. Sham is the Bija. The application is towards Saturn's favour and power.Thus is great mantra of Lord Shani Urumitra is the Seer of this great mantra of Saturn. Hand Nyasa Hail to the Slow Mover on the thumbs Hail to the Plodder on the index fingers Hail to the Low One on the middle fingers Hail to the Son of the Sun on the ring fingers Hail to the Dispeller of Anxiety on the little fingers Hail to the One with Stuck-Up Hair on front/back of hands Limb Nyasa To the Slow Mover in the heart Namah To the Plodder on the head Svaha To the Low One on the crest Vashat To the Son of the Sun on the armour Hum To the Dispeller of Anxiety in the three eyes Vaushat To the One with Stuck-Up Hair in the missile Phat The binding of the Directions is BhurBhuvah-Svar .

the following for all. 11. Salutations to Khadyota. Salutations to Varenya. 9. the 3. 1. 16. Salutations to Sarvabhıstapradayin. the 9. 6. 13. Salutations to Sarvesa. 7. Salutations to Saumya. Salutations to Saranya. the 17. the One who is fit to be One who 4. 14. Salutations to Sanaiscara. the Protector. 10. 3. . the One anointed with camphor. 13. 4. the Light of the sky. Salutations to Sukhasanopavista. Fulfiller of all desires. the mild One. with translation in English available on side for reference readily. 18. Salutations to Ghana. 8. the beautiful One. form. the slow moving One. Salutations to Mandacesta. the One who moves slowly. 17. 2. Salutations to Sundara. Salutations to Ghanabharanadharin. 14. the peaceful One. 6. 16. 2. 10. Salutations to Manda. 15. the One seated upon a comfortable seat. worshipped by Suras. 5. Salutations to Ghanarupa. 1. Salutations to Suravandya. Salutations to Ghanasaravilepa. is something I have found to be more effective. so I have provided. slow One. 11.Shani ashtottara shatanamavali (The 108 names of Shani) Chanting names in Sanskrit. Salutations to Shanta. wanders in the world of Suras. the solid One. the most excellent One. 18. 5. the wears an iron ornament. 8. 15. Salutations to Suralokaviharin. 7. 12. the One with a solid One who 12. the Lord of all.

37. 31. 24. the One whose nature is the place of separation. Salutations to Mahaniyagunatman. the Bestower of nonattachment. 33. Salutations to Virodhadharabhumi. Salutations to Vajradeha. One with glorious qualities. 34. Salutations to Vairagyada. Salutations to Martyapavanapada. 26. Salutations to Chhayaputra. the One (the worship at) whose feet purifies mortals. 22. the Ground that supports obstacles 35. Salutations to Nilavarna. 35. the steady One. Salutations to Acancala. 30. the 20. 21. 33. One who bears a quiver of a hundred arrows. the One with the appearance of blue ointment. 29. 22. Salutations to Bhedaspadasvabhava. the the steady One. 27. the eternal One. 23. the One whose nature is to move steadily. 28. 21. the 19. Salutations to Vedya. 30. the One who injures. 36. the great Lord. Salutations to Niscala. 26. 32.19. Salutations to Nilambaravibhusa. 31. Son of Chhaya. One who has the form of the sacred precepts. 36. Salutations to Satatuniradharin. the blue-colored One. Salutations to Nilanjananibha. 24. 25. 34. 29. 37. the One adorned with a blue garment. the One who is to be known. Salutations to Carasthirasvabhava. 28. 20. Salutations to Sarva. the . 32. Salutations to Vidhirupa. Salutations to Nitya. the One with a body like a thunderbolt. 27. 23. Salutations to Mahesa. 25.

Salutations to Vira. the One abounding in good qualities. 39. Salutations to Visvavandya. Salutations to Vishnubhakta. 50. the Remover of misfortune. the Hero. Salutations to Grdhravaha. Salutations to Kurmanga. the Destroyer of the root of ignorance. successive misfortune. 44. 40. 54. Salutations to Gunadhya. Salutations to Vitarogabhaya. Salutations to Gudha. 42. 38. 45. Salutations to Vidyavidyasvarupin. 49. Salutations to Gocara. the One whose mount is a vulture. 44. Salutations to Apaduddhartr. 42. 48. 52. 47. Salutations to Avidyamulanasa. 51. the appearance. 41. the One whose nature is both knowledge and ignorance. 55. the One who is fit to be worshipped by all. 40. 43. 47. 41. 51. 49. the self-controlled One. Salutations to Ayusyakarana. Salutations to Kutsita. 48. 50. 43. Salutations to Vipatparamparesa. Salutations to Vasin. the One associated with the range of the senses (the field of action). the hidden One. the One who is free the Lord of 39. . the One who is despised. Salutations to Kurupin. Salutations to Vividhagamavedin. 53. of disease and fear.38. 53. 54. the One with the body One with an unusual of a tortoise. the Devotee of Vishnu. 46. 46. 52. 45. manifold scriptures. the Cause of long life. the Knower of 55.

69. 76. One 75. 68. the most excellent One. One who 60. the One who is accessible through hymns of praise. speech. Salutations to Bhanuputra. who stays in the circle of the bow. Salutations to Bhanu. Salutations to Stotragamya. 61. 67. 64. Salutations to Bhavya. the One who is fit to be praised with sacred rites. Salutations to Kastaughanasakartr. the bright One. 72. 63. 63. Salutations to Bhaktivasya. Salutations to Stutya. Salutations to Pavana. 72. the Dwarf. Salutations to Pustida. Salutations to Vamana. Sun). 76. Salutations to Srestha. the 76. Salutations to Jyesthapatnisameta. 64. 68. Salutations to Vajramkusadhara. Salutations to Varistha.56. the One who is subdued by devotion. 65. 66. 74. 56. Salutations to Varadabhayahasta. 70. Salutations to Garistha. the One who is fit to be worshipped. the One with manifold eyes. the 65. the most excellent One. 71. 58. . One whose hands grant boons and remove fear. 57. praised. Salutations to Vidhistutya. elder sister of Laksmi). of an abundance of troubles. 62. 71. 75. the One who is fit to 69. the Bestower of prosperity. holds a thunderbolt-goad. the Purifier. 57. 70. Salutations to Mitabhasin. Salutations to Dhanurmandalasamstha. the One whose wife is Jyestha (the Devi of misfortune. the 66. the auspicious One. the Son of Bhanu (the 73. the most venerable One. One with measured the Destroyer 62. 73. 74. 60. 59. 59. Salutations to Vandya. 58. the 61. 67. Salutations to Virupaksa.

88. 83. the stern-minded One. 78. Salutations to Nitya. 77. 82. the Bestower of the fruit of discrimination. 91. 83. 80. 80. One who is fit to be 96. the One who moves the Lord of planets. 85. the One who wears a dense blue garment. 90. the resolute One. Salutations to Asesajanavandya. the 84. 93. Salutations to Niramaya. 81. through the sky. 94. 82. 78. the eternal One. Lord of 84.77. Salutations to Nilacchatra. 92. the One who is free from disease. 79. the Lord of living beings who have accomplished self-control. 79. 91. Salutations to Khecara. 89. 93. the One who is fit to praised by a multitude of Aryas. 86. 97. Salutations to Ghananilambara. 89. the One associated with tamoguna. Salutations to Tanuprakasadeha. the Archer. 93. Salutations to Vasikrtajanesa. Salutations to Aryaganastutya. Salutations to Khagesa. 88. the One without the One with attributes. the blamable One. 95. Salutations to Dhira. worshipped. the Bestower of wealth. 87. 90. the One who is fit to be worshipped by all living beings. 94. Salutations to Visesaphaladayin. 87. animals. 97. . Salutations to Vandaniya. the One with a blue umbrella. attributes. 86. Salutations to Nirguna. Salutations to Dhanada. Salutations to PasunamPati (Pasupati). 81. Salutations to Kathinyamanasa. Salutations to Gunatman. the One whose body has a thin appearance. Salutations to Tamasa. Salutations to Dhanusmat. 95. 85. the 96. Salutations to Nindya.

105. Salutations to Kruracesta. 108. Salutations to Krura. Salutations to Dainyanasakara. the Remover of the suffering of those in distress. the One whose devotees are supported. 101. the One with a celestial body. the Bestower of the fruits that are desired in the minds of a multitude of devotees. 102. the Cause of hostility of wife and son. the cruel One. 105. 103. 108. Salutations to Kamakrodhakara. 104. the Remover of the greatest fear.98. Salutations to Kalatraputrasatrutvakarana. 104. End of The 108 Names of Sani . Salutations to Divyadeha. 99. desire and anger. 102. Salutations to Bhaktasamghamanobhistaphalada. Salutations to Aryajanaganya. 106. 106. 100. 107. the One who acts the Maker of 103. 99. Salutations to Dinartiharana. the One who is a member of the Arya people. 98. the Destroyer of affliction. Salutations to Parabhıtihara. 101. 107. Salutations to Paripositabhakta. 100. cruelly.

* Prostrations to Sri Ravinandana. houses and cities. Yamuna and Saraswati. whose unfavourable position brings about suffering to countries. molasses. citadels. iron. * Prostrations to Sri Ravinandana. *Prostrations to Sri Ravinandana. common animals. * Prostrations to Sri Ravinandana. celestial beings.. war-camps. or in a cave. who when regularly remembered as (ten names listed in the first and second line of this verse) steals away the suffering (misfortune of the devotee). celestial musicians. celestial masters of various wisdomteachings and even celestial snakes succumb to sufferings. whose unfavorable position brings agony to laymen.Dasaratha Shani Stotra * Prostrations to Sri Ravinandana (Saturn). forests. . demons. who manifests in subtle form before the yogis who meditate on him at any holy bank of prayag (confluence) of two rivers. blue cloth etc. gods. black-gram. insects. emperors. and by chanting mantras on his own day (Saturday). who is appeased by giving in charity things like sesame. huge animals. paddy. by whose unfavorable position. flies and humming bees (irrespective of their status). * Prostrations to Sri Ravinandana. forest creatures. rice pudding.

and friends. such a devotee is dear to Lord Shani. the destroyer. bearer of the three pointed spear or pinaka). (though) when He leaves the house. pet/domestic animals. * Prostrations to Sri Ravinandana.* Prostrations to Sri Ravinandana. * One whoever recites this Ashtaka stotra in the company of his family. all in one. does not return for a long time. and delivers them moksha in the end. he blesses them with health. who is the creator of three worlds. * The End of Shri Dasaratha Shani Stotra . who is the selfmanifested being. Yajus and Saman. who bestows happiness to a person when He enters His own house (constellation). as well as the embodiment of the three-fold Vedas. wealth and prosperity. who is Hari the protector and Pinakin (Siva. * Recitation of above ten names relieves a devotee from sufferings of Seven and half years of saturnian influence (Sade Sati) and other evil influences. Rig.

* Om. * he carries a bow and causes one to tremble with fear. let the one dark in color protect my belly. with a blue body. Brahma said: * Listen of rishis to this great [hymn] which takes away all the misery caused by the planet Saturn. the shadow. * so being pleased he might grant me boons. let the younger brother of Yama protect my ears. let the one whose arms are great protect my arms. * Let Shani protect my shoulders. * Let the scion of the glorious sun protect my nose. so that he gives all good fortune. protect my eyes. Let revered Saturn who is the beloved of the Sun protect my forehead. who is a scion of the Sun is the best of all armors.Shani Vajra Panjara Kavacha stotram (The Thunderbolt -Shield Protection Song for Saturn) * Wearing blue clothes. * Let he who has a soft agreeable voice protect my voice. * This armor which is worn by Gods is called “the Thunderbolt Shield”. let the one who gives shining auspiciousness protect my hands. * Let the son of the Sun who has four arms always be pleased with me. * Let Yama’s brother protect my chest. * It makes Saturn happy. . seated on the Kiriti vulture. * Let he who was born from Chhaya. * This armour of King Saturn. let the one who belongs to the lineage of the brilliant illuminator protect my face.

let Pippala protect all my limbs. whoever recites this divine armor of the son of the Sun. * And when Saturn transits the 8th house. the 1st house. * Let the beloved of the Sun guard all my limbs and organs.* Let the lord of the planets protect my navel. * Whether Saturn is placed in the 12th house. no misery will arise for this person. * Let the one who causes things to end protect my thighs. Saturn is nevertheless always very pleased with the person who recites this. no misfortune arises for him or her. * The End of Shani Vajra Panjara Kavacha stotram . the 2nd house or the 8th house [in the natal chart]. the 12th house. let the one who moves slowly protect my hips. the 12th house and the 8th house in one’s chart. * Thus. the 1st house and 2nd house [of the moon]. * The one born from the Sun (Saturn) becomes pleased. * Thus this divine armor of the gods which was composed in ancient days always destroys all the faults which come from Saturn sitting in the 1st house. * or when Saturn is in the 7th Nakshatra. let the lord of death protect my two knees. * one should daily recite this. * The Lord destroys all the faults and troubles arising from having Saturn sitting in the moon’s sign or in the rising sign. * Let the one who moves very slowly protect my feet.