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Gordons Pattern of Functioning Before Hospitalization During Hospitalization Analysis

Health Perception and Health Management

-Our patient -Her perception on describes her health her health status is status as a healthy still the same one -Her management She does check up on her health status regularly. became more protective than before. -A day before Hospitalization she experienced difficulty of breathing. -She became more conscious about her health after the operation.

-She has a good perception on her health status -She understands her own situation and involved herself to improve her healthcare management

-She is wellnourished Nutritional and Metabolic Pattern -She eats 4times a day with snacks in between -Breakfast at 6am (usually half cup of rice and egg with pandesal) -Lunch at 12nn (usually eats 1 serving of cooked vegetables, 1 pc fried fish, cup of rice. -Dinner at 7pm (same as lunch)

-She was placed on Diet as tolerated -on General liquids after the operation and then Soft diet after 24 hours. -She consumes 1liter of water a day -She follows the required diet for her treatment.

-Her nutritional intake is sufficient in meeting her metabolic needs -She has a positive outlook regarding on her nutrition and dietary issues that benefits her healthy lifestyle habits

-She consumes 34liters water a day; 1 cup of coffee a day (sometimes); 12 cups of milk a day; 1- cup of soda/soft-drinks (sometimes) -She has no food allergies

BOWEL Elimination Pattern -She defecates 1-2 times a day (morning/ evening) -brown in color; solid; well-formed in consistency -She didnt experience constipation BLADDER -She voids 8-10 times a day -yellowish in color; aromatic -Every time she feels the urge to void she immediately go to comfort room -She defecates once a day during her confinement; but now she cant defecate because of the surgery. -Her bowel Movement and urinary function is sufficient in meeting her metabolic needs but during the stay in the hospital his elimination pattern was altered.

-She is catheterized after the surgery.

Activity and Exercise Pattern

-She considers her walk to the barangay as form of exercise. -She goes to work every day as a secretary of the Barangay.

-She was placed on a complete bed rest without bathroom privileges after the surgery. -She sleeps and rest most of the time.

-Walking exercise is important for the circulation of lower extremities. -Sleeping will boost her recovery stage from the surgery.

-She dont encountered difficulty in sleeping -She sleeps from 9pm to 1am then Sleep-Rest Pattern 7am to 10am and naps from 1pm to 3pm -She awakened when she feels the urge to urinate.

-She rest 10-12 hours per day including naps.

-Resting and sleeping helps her recovery faster.

-She dont have -She sleeps longer difficulty on sleeping after the surgery.

-Shes a High school graduate. CognitivePerceptual Pattern - She can expresses herself clearly -She can decides on her own -She can identify whether shes in pain or not

- Shes able to answer our questions directly to the point -Still able to identify and determine whether shes in pain or not

-Her perceptual and cognitive pattern is sufficient in meeting her personal growth concerning on her own actions and choices

-Shes an optimistic person Self-Perception and Self-Concept -Has a High Selfesteem -Confident on her abilities -She accepts her own strength and weaknesses

-Even she was hospitalized she still has a positive outlook regarding on her selfperception and concept

-She has a good perception and conceptual pattern that develops effective coping behavior and adaptation

Role-Relationship Pattern

-Shes a mother of kids and living with her husband -She has a good relationship to her family and in-laws -She has a good relationship with her husband.

-Her relationship to her family remains the same -She has a good relationship to her the nurses and Doctors.

-Her role relationship pattern functioning is sufficient to support well-being of family members and enhances their family interactions

SexualityReproductive Pattern

-Shes sexually active -She doesnt experience any pain during intercourse.

-Shes not sexually active

-Her sexuality and reproductive pattern altered due to condition.

Coping-Stress Pattern

-To solve the problem, she ussually asked the people around the house, she even asked if there are some miscommunications about the family. -She is an open minded person.

-She experienced anxiety wherein she doesnt know what uncertain outcome will happen to her -to handle her anxiety, she just followed what her doctor will advise. -Her problem is also the money for the payment of her hospital bills -Her husband still able to give her the financial assistance even if its urgent.

-She has an effective management on adapting problems encountered and able to face those unexpected trials

Values-Beliefs Pattern

-Our patient is a Roman Catholic -She attends mass once a month. -She imparts the values that she gain from her parents to her son such as being God fearing, respect and obey adults

-Our patient values- -Our patient beliefs pattern is still understood that the same focusing on her believes may protect her against sorrow or distress -Even shes in the hospital, she keeps praying

Social Pattern

-She usually has a good relationship with her comrades at work. -She attends gatherings occasionally.

-She misses her work and comrades at work. But they visit her in the hospital.

-The client has good relationship in her work. -Even social pattern was slightly altered her comrades supports her in her recovery.