Anexo 6- Informe y Valuación del Klimaforum10 Response to FOEI’s letter: About the Klimaforum 2010 in Mexico, parallel to the

COP 16 Dear Sebastian Valdomir, Isaac Rojas, Joseph Zacune and Martín Drago; We acknowledge your concerns regarding the preparatory process of the Mexican Klimaforum10initiative. As such we would like to engage with FoEI and other partners in a dialogue to resolve eventual misunderstandings and conflicts of interests where Klimaforum Denmark (Klimaforum09) has played a role. We would also like to emphasize that the Klimaforum10-initiative is a process fully in the hands of Mexican grassroots organisations and civil society groups, who are the rightful principal organizers of such a forum. The Klimaforum10-initiative has been Mexican right from the beginning. It is understandable that the federation stands by its local member groups. However, it seems less understandable how FoEI International Program Coordinators in such a prompt manner can use its power to disregard the efforts of hardworking people trying to arrange a parallel forum towards the COP16 It is our opinion that FoEI International Program Coordinators could have made an attempt to address Klimaforum09 regarding the concerns you had about the organization of the Klimaforum10-initiative in Mexico. As part of the international Advisory board of Klimaforum09 you also had the opportunity months ago to address the problems you are now raising and influence the initiation of the Klimaforum10-initiative. Had FoEI International Program Coordinators felt the process was forced consensus, you had the possibility to address the matter in December or early 2010. FoEI should know very well that Klimaforum09 was a space for the peoples and not for the hegemony of large NGOs, as you write in your letter. This being said Klimaforum09 did however create a deep gap due to different measures taken by Klimaforum09 and/or individual Danish member organisations, which created a situation that squeezed CJA out of the forum. This is deeply regrettable and should not be repeated. The steps taken that lead to squeezing out CJA was never a formal decision nor was it a unanimous decision taken by the Klimaforum09 board in agreement. Internal disagreements in Klimaforum09 resulted in addressing this situation in a very inappropriate / unfortunate way. Regardless, Klimaforum09 was never a place for large NGO’s. Quite the opposite Klimaforum09 was aimed at reaching out also to local grassroots nationally and worldwide - grassroots that are not part of global movements and networks and therefore they are often neglected in such processes. As far as we are informed the Klimaforum10initiative has the same approach. We urge FoEI and other networks not to let past gaps, disputes and misunderstandings primarily among Danish groups come in between a common global mobilisation for Cancun. Additionally, we would like to correct one misunderstanding: the Klimaforum10-initiatvie has no relationship with the Danish government. The meeting in Cochabamba was not the best circumstances in which to create a common understanding between FoE Mexico and Klimaforum10. It was merely a battlefield of opinions, as we have come to understand. Perhaps FoEI International Program Coordinators could have made an effort afterwards instead of merely disregarding the ‘other’ process. As Klimaforum09 we see our role as bridging the divide rather than seeking clashes. We hope that FoEI and other global movements are pursuing the same agenda. After all, we are all working to achieve the same goal.

We all build on a common foundation of climate justice and social justice, which should be a strong basis for fruitful collaboration and strong global mobilization. We believe that it is a shame that FOEI has decided in such an unilateral way that it would not be right to support Klimaforum10 in Cancun as FoEI. However, we also acknowledge that we, as Klimaforum09 should have consulted with you and FoE Mexico, as well as our other international allies at an earlier stage. We believe that the preparatory process of Klimaforum09 in Denmark and the subsequent mobilisation for Cancun have taught all of us including our international partners and allies that more open communication, consultation and dialogue is the way to proceed in order to achieve an open and democratic forum in Mexico 2010. Hopefully we can remain united in order to build a powerful movement in the run-up and beyond Cancun. Warm regards, On behalf of the Danish Board of Klimaforum Mathilde Kaalund-Jørgensen and John Holten-Andersen

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