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Write the correct verb under each picture: brushing/ cleaning/ driving/ eating/ fishing/ greeting/ jumping/ painting/

reading/ sleeping

Look at each picture. Complete with the verb. Don't forget to add "am", "is" or "are": Mom

Kate's hair.

The kids are very tired. They

. a yellow car. a nice picture. watermelon.

I'm Tim. I

Josh and Ashley These kids

Josh and Ashley Now they are in the park. They

the house.

We are at school. We

. them. the dishes.

We can see our friends. We Mom and Amanda Kate Josh

on a rope.

the ball.

Look at the pictures again. Answer with short answers: Yes he is/ No he isn't/ Yes she is/ Is Mom brushing Kate's hair? Yes she is. Are the kids playing?

Is Mom driving the car?


Are Josh and Ashley painting? Are the kids eating ice-cream ? Is Josh cleaning the house? Is Josh playing football?


The kids are at school. Are they playing? Are they greeting their friends? Is Amanda helping Mom?

. . . .

Is Kate playing basketball? Is Josh throwing the ball?