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Of Skills and Drills

SiFu Dustan Carroll

No. 3 June 2011

There are no blocks in Wing Chun. We use Cover in Wing Chun. Cover is faster and harder for the attacker to deal with. Military and law enforcement understand the concept because they use it extensively in the field. Have you ever heard a soldier or police officer ask for someone to lay down blocking fire? NO, and you wont. They ask for cover fire. In military actions, one must always be seeking to gain victory as

There are no blocks in Wing Chun

well as forward movement towards the goal. Cover does this. Cover is the concept of knowing where and when they can hit you, so you are ready for them. Blocking is after you see them attack, you try to stop it. Cover is not blocking. Blocking is reaction. Cover is action. Remember CYA and what is stands for?

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