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Rosary Group Invitation and Prayers Tending Our Gardens Stewardship In Everyday Life

September 28, 2008 ny 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time I would like to invite everyone to join the Rosary Group to
“What have you done with the garden entrusted to you?” — Machado
pray the rosary with us Thursday mornings after the 9:00
Readings for Mass Ministry Highlight Mass. If you want us to pray for someone, please call Helen Many are familiar with the phrase “time, talent, and treasure” as a de-
Martin 770.463.3697. scription of Christian stewardship, and these are indeed important as-
September 28, 2008 October 5, 2008 Church Cleaning pects of it. However, stewardship is much more. It entails accepting all
Every Tuesday of the year this faithful group of pa- SPORTS TICKER....Ruben Romero tossed in 14 points to led aspects of our lives as gift, and inviting God into each.
1st Reading Ez 18:25-28 Is 5:1-7
rishioners meets after 9:00 am Mass to clean the our attack but our parish men's basketball team dropped a thrill- I believe God cares deeply about how we take care of our bodies, emo-
2nd Reading Phil 2:1-11 Phil 4:6-9 church, narthex, chapel and confessionals. They vac- ing 30-26 contest last weekend to Our Lady of Mercy in CML tions, and relationships. God wants us to use everything we have to bring
uum, dust, clean glass, polish, straighten and maintain action in what fans testified was the best game of the day. Our about the kingdom in our lives and the world around us.
Gospel Mt 21:28-32 Mt 21:33-43
our beautiful facilities. Join this industrious group for squad kept the contest close from the tip-off but could not mus- In March of 2004, Bishop Robert Morneau gave a presentation on “The
1-2 hours each week and enjoy the fellowship and ter the baskets in the final minutes before falling to the unde- Spirituality of Stewardship” at the annual Regional Stewardship Confer-
World Wide Marriage Encounter ence in Atlanta.
community. This group is vital to the success of our feated Mercy squad. We are off this weekend and will re-coop
Making Good Marriages Great parish. For information about this ministry call Rose against Holy Trinity on Sunday, Oct. 5 at 2 p.m. Plan to come He presented this idea of stewardship as different gardens that we are
Add the refreshing feeling of Fall to your Marriage. Join us at Herold 770-306-1214 over to the Mercy gym to cheer on our determined men's team. called to tend in our lives. We will cover the difference gardens over the
a Marriage Encounter Weekend. The next one is November Admission is free and you might get to see Fr. Vic hit a 3- next few weeks, as a guide for discernment.
14-16 at the Holiday Inn Doraville at I-285 & Buford High- pointer! It is important to realize that this is simply a starting point: a tool to help
way. You can register or learn additional dates at www. We welcome the following you start asking your own questions. Only you can ultimately determine or call Bob & Joy Lambie at 770.587.1506. new parishioners to our Parish Family Greeting Card Drive Coming Soon!!!!! how God is calling you in your life.
We also offer Spanish speaking weekends. Call Esteban & Nell Schmitt It is important to note that this process should not necessarily be seen as
Gloria Nolasco at 770.425.1328 for the next dates. During weekends October 25/26 and November 1/2, a way of adding more tasks to your life, but as a call to balance and open-
the Saint Matthew Prison Ministry volunteers will be ness. Stewardship addresses what we do in our lives, but more impor-
Catholic Charities’ Pregnancy, Parenting & Adoption Program Adult Choir Rehearsals! collecting unused Thanksgiving and Christmas Cards tantly how we do them.
extends an invitation to attend the bi-annual Open Adoption Thursday, Oct. 9th AND Tuesday, Oct. 14th
for imprisoned persons. These cards are distributed As you read through the questions, check off areas in which you would
Conference entitled “Open and Hospitable Adoption: Creating to prisoners to send to their family members. Also, like to be more attentive or spend more energy. Feel free to star ques-
Relationships That Work”, featuring keynote speaker Jim Grit- Youth Choir Rehearsals! we are happy to take cards for other occasions, i.e. tions related to areas where you are doing well. When you are done, go
ter; on November 7th at the Mansour Center in Marietta for Sunday, Sept. 28th - Rehearsal Birthday, as they can be used by the prisoners too. If back and circle one to three areas you want to work on.
Sunday, Oct. 5th - NO Rehearsal you have any questions, please contact Barbara at 770-
health-care and other professionals and on November 8th at St.
Peter Claver Regional School in Decatur for families living the
Sunday, Oct. 12th - Final Rehearsal 486-8745. Thank you for your kindness. Garden of the “Polis”
adoption experience. For information and registration pleases We take for granted that we live in a country in which we can speak our
minds and opinions. We have the opportunity to vote, and we have
visit: or call Calendar of Upcoming Events Religious Education News people who represent us in our government. We have a tremendous
(404)885-7275. amount of influence when we work together as a city, state, or country.
September 30 9:30AM Church Cleaning PSR and PRISM We also can have a surprising level of impact as individuals when we sim-
Feast of St. Francis of Assisi September YAM Calendar See Bulletin Board Classes/meetings resume this weekend. ply pick up a telephone. These are all gifts that we must use wisely.
Do you vote in all elections? Do you consider how your faith could influ-
Would you like to have your pets blessed? Join us at Women’s Faith Formation ence your political decisions? Have you ever contacted a company to in-
9:00 am on Saturday, October 4th, at the church to Women’s Faith Formation is will be meeting on the second and fluence their decisions for a better world?
have a blessing for your family pets. Prison Ministry fourth Mondays of September due to the Labor Day holiday. Do you inform yourself about political issues? Local, city, state, country,
A training weekend on Saturday/Sunday, October 11-12, 2008 We will meet Monday night, October 6, 2008 at 7:00 pm in The and worldwide?
Girl Scouts – grades 7-10 (ages 12-15) A class is forming for from 8:30-3:00 each day, to be held at Marist School to certify La Salette Day Chapel. We chose The Shack by William P. What political issues are most important to you? Have you ever con-
instruction and award of the Marian Medal. First class is sched- volunteer mentors for the “Thresholds” program. “Thresholds” tacted one of your representatives to influence them on any of these is-
Young as our first book for discussion. All women of the parish
uled for Saturday morning, October 25 at Holy Trinity in Peach- is a structured program to train prisoners prior to release in the sues?
are welcome. Have you considered what small steps you can take to create a more just
tree City, and will be held once-per-month through February. art of thoughtful decision making, through the use of mentors
working one-on-one with the mentees. For more information, RCIA world? Large steps?
Girls will receive their medals from Archbishop Gregory at the
annual Archbishop’s Mass on April 4, 2009. contact Jim Powers, Prison Ministry Coordinator, Catholic In celebrating this month of Our Lady’s final journey to God in
For more details and to register, contact Laura Weikle (678-817- Charities: 404-978-2781 or her glorious Assumption, let us ask her motherly intercession to
7864, or Mike Challman (678-817- draw souls to the Sacred Heart of her Son. The Rite of Christian Financial Giving in our Parish Family
0960, Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a journey too – of conversion to
Visit Fr. Vic’s blog at God and what he intends for us. RCIA is the process by which September 21, 2008 persons who was never baptized, or was baptized in other Chris-
Mass Intentions tian tradition, become members of the Church, a people on a
Offertory $10,466.00

Tuesday 9AM No Mass Intention pilgrimage to our Heavenly Father. Please contact King Cooper Given in checks & envelopes (198) $9,789.00
Altar Server Training at (770) 774-1182 for more information.
Parish Debt Reduction $146.00
Wednesday 6PM No Mass Intention
Training for altar servers will take place on: Bible Study
Thursday 9AM No Mass Intention Daytime Bible study will begin Tuesday, October 7th from 10:15 Second Collection $70.00
Sunday - September 28th @ 9:45am to 11:30 am in room 3. All are invited. No previous experience is
Saturday 5PM Catharine Gallagher Saturday - October 4th @ 9:00am Upcoming Second Collections
necessary. Please join us as we explore God's word together!
Sunday 8:30AM St. Matthew Parish Family Just as a reminder, you must attend one training session to re- For more information contact Doris Cooper at 770.632.0426 or September 28—No second collection
Sunday 11:00AM Jim Steinbach main active in this ministry. Linda Spencer at 770.632.8880. October 5—Semi-Annual Flower Fund