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FRENTE RECONSTRUCAO NACIONAL DE TIMOR LESTE ~MUDANCA ‘SEDE NACIONAL PARTIDU FRENTI-MUDANCA. Gideon Vila Verde, VERA CRUZ, DIL ~ TIMOR-LESTE Kontaktu : +670 7744444, 77083089, 77276617, 77380140, 74663749, 8048348 Email: frentimudanga@ My Dear Brother, The President of Frente POLISARIO and Honorable Speaker of Saharawi National Council and President ofthe preparatory Committee, Hamma Salema, My Dear Brother Secretary Geral of Frente POLISARIO and Excellency President of Ssharawi Republic. Dear Brothers and Sisters Leaders of Frente POLISARIO and Party members and supporters. Distinguish guests, delegates and participants ofthe 16 Congress of Frente POLISARIO. It is a great honor and privilege to be able to witness this important day- the 16" Congress of Frente POLISARIO. A very important day for Frente POLISARIO to be able to gather I's Leaders, party members and supporters to discuss all the issues related to the party's future and the fight of freedom and sel-determination of the people of Saharawi occidental On behalf of myself as a President of Party, all the Leaders, party members and supporters of Frenti- Madanga party, | would like to extend our most sincere thank you forthe invitation of My Brother Mr, President of Frente POLISARIO for this most important event. Due to the limited time to proceed the visa, that i have to missed this important event, My apology for not be able to attend the 16% Congress directly but I can assure you that our thoughts are always with ‘you My Brother and all the party members and supporter. My beloved Saharan Brothers and Sisters, ‘Others might think that we are very far by distance, but yet we are close and so reunite by the same cause for a Free and Fair Referendum on selfdetermination for the Saharawi People. My heart aches when leamed that 2 thousand and seven hundred kilometers (2.700 km) from Southem Morocco to the northern border of Mauritania stands 3mtrs high wall of sand and stone, with fences, bunkers, surveillance equipment and a huge number of landmines towards people This wall determines a crucial impact on Saharawi society, as it separates thousand of families for decades, with profound economic, socal, cultural and psychological implications. My beloved Saharan Brothers and Sisters, ‘Timor-Leste in particular and all partes are committed to corporate fully with the UN Seeretary~ General and his Special Envoy, honor your commitments to human rights, and fulfill your obligations under intemiational law to release, without further dela, all those politcal detained since the beginning of the conflict. The current status quo is unacceptable and threatens the values of humanity a We recognize the erucial and constructive role of the United Nations in promoting a peaceful solution inthe interests ofthe People of Morocco and the Saharawi people, we calling for: L 2 3 ‘An immediate ceasefire by all partes and subsequently, an exercise of maximum restrain to prevent the deepening of the conflict ‘The mediation ofthe dialogue process by the United Nations. ‘The strengthening of intemational consultation to promote and settle the conflict through the holding of Referendum on self-determination. ‘The importance of promoting direct and constructive dialogue between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic to safeguard a peaceful solution in the interest of the people, which will foster the stability necessary to hold the Referendum. ‘To begin the process of dismantling the wall and proceed with the repatriation of refugees, in voluntary, safe and dignified way, respecting human rights in Wester Sahara. My Beloved Saharan Brothers and Sister, Over the past decades we have called forthe eradication of Colonialism, therefore, we call for ‘the end ofthe last colony in Aftica: The Wester Sahar. (On behalf of Frenti- Mudanga party I would like to particularly congratulate My Dear Brother, ‘The President of Frente POLISARIO and Honorable Speaker of Saharawi National Couneil and President ofthe preparatory Committee, Hamma Salama on the organization of the Congress and encourage it to prove its metle asa party waiting to take up reins of this country towards the Referendum on self-determination. ‘My best wishes the Frente POLISARIO a successful Congress. Viva Sahara Libre..!! Dili, 09" of January 2023, President of Frenti- Mudanga Party (Ricardo Cardoso Nhu) Go Fue

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