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SURAH BAQARAH THE COW VERSES 91-100 And when it is said to them, believe in what Allah has sent

down they say we believe in what was sent down to us and they disbelieve in that which came after it while it is the truth confirming what is with them. The Jews used to reject the Qur an although the Qur an really was an affirmation of the Torah. Say why then have you killed the Prophets of Allah aforetime if you have indeed been believers. Allah says ask the Jews if they were so interested in following the truth they didn t even accept their own prophet so how then can they claim to be pious ones and thats they are rejecting Prophet Muhammad pbuh. They killed their own Prophet, how then can they set themselves up as arbiters or authorities on religion Indeed Musa AS came to you with clear proofs yet you worshipped the calf after he left and you were wrongdoers. Allah swt reminds them of their past. And remember when we took your covenant and we raised above you the mount- this is when the mountain was literally suspended above their heads and they were told either you implement the book of Allah or it falls upon you. For a brief time they obeyed and then they fell into their old ways again. And we raised above you the mount and said hold firmly to what we have given you and listen. Again and again we are told this command Listen , listen to what is being told to you . And listen doesn t mean in one ear and out the other, listening means internalising And their hearts absorbed the calf because of their disbelief. Their hearts were embedded in love of the calf. Why does Allah keep mentioning this calf over here? The calf embodied that which they loved more than Allah. If we think about it, in our lives we too must be having something that takes us away from love of Allah. For some people it is their husbands; Oh my husband doesn t let me follow Allah, for some its our children Oh i m so busy with my children i don t have time to read salah. Whatever it is Allah warns us their hearts absorbed the calf because of their disbelief. We need to analyse the priorities in our lives because Allah has told us, those who believe they are most intense in their love for Allah. Nothing else Say worst indeed is that which your faith enjoins on you if you are believers. Tell them if the home of the hereafter with Allah is indeed for you especially and not for others of mankind then long for death if you are truthful. The Jews used to claim oh we are Allah s loved ones. Allah says they should long for death then, they should long to be with their beloved Allah But they will never long for it because of what their hands have sent before them. They know what they can expect with Allah so they are actually afraid of dying. And Allah is all aware of the wrongdoers. And indeed you will find the Jews the greediest of mankind for life and even greedier than those who ascribe partners to Allah. Now people are also obsessed with living longer, obsessed with cloning. Why? So we can be immortal finally

Allah says every one of them wishes he could be given a life of a thousand years but the grant of such a life will not save him even a little from punishment. This is the creed of today isn t it that become immortal, get yourself cloned so you live forever. Allah says even if you were to live for a thousand years that would not save you from the punishment. And Allah is all seer of what they do. Tell them whoever is an enemy to Jibraeel, let him know that indeed Jibraeel has brought this Qur an down to your hearts by Allah s permission, confirming what came before it. The Jews had come up with this false excuse that Oh we d love to believe in Islam but you know Jibraeel is the messenger who brings the Qur an to the Prophet pbuh and Jibraeel is an old enemy of ours and thats the reason we can t accept. Allah says whoever is an enemy to Allah, his angels, his messengers Jibraeel and Mikaeel then indeed Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers. Anyone who opposes any one of Allah s loved ones, anyone who is serving Allah s deen, he should know that Allah is an enemy for such a person. Indeed we have sent down to you manifest verses, signs, and none disbelieve in them except those who are disobedient. Only people who don t want to believe in Allah will reject these verses. Is it not the case that every time they make a covenant, some party amongst them throw it aside. Nay most of them believe not.