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Technology for The New Age


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Technology for The New Age

An Orgone Energy Accumulator is a component of The Force! Just as a resistor, capacitor or battery is a component of electricity, likewise an Orgone Accumulator (Orgone Blanket) is a component of the primordial energy called: Life Energy, Prana, Chi and Zero Point. What is Orgone Energy ? In people, the living force may be felt as the tension and attraction between male and female. Be careful not to confuse this primordial feeling with twisted secondary drives pandered to us by Hollywood movies, New York television. Examples of secondary drives include pornography, homosexuality, sadism, masochism, many forms of violence and aberrant sexual behavior. This Life Energy Charging device for experimental use by persons in good health who wish to study and experience its effects. There are no beneficial or healing properties claimed or even implied from using this "Component of the Force". There may be previous anecdotal reports of healing and benefits, but Orgone devices described have not been approved by the FDA! Experimental Subject lies beneath Orgone Blanket for periods up to twenty minutes daily to feel subjective sensations of charge of this living energy. The unit concentrates the living "Force" from the atmosphere into the body of the experimental subject. From the Star Wars movie: "May the Force be with you" This energy is living and was first discovered in What is Orgone Energy ? our Western Civilization by Wilhelm Reich, In people, the living force M.D. in the period: 1925-1957. A good s y nopsis of Wil he l m Reic hs caree r m a y be may be felt as the tension fou nd i n Selec ted Wr i t i n gs of Wi l h e l m Reic h and attraction between F a r r a r, St r a us & Gi ro ux, New Yor k; male and female! ISBN 0-374-50197-1

PART ONE: Background synopsis of the life and career of Wilhelm Reich, MD
by Jim Marsden Doctor Wilhelm Reich died in Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary, November, 1957. He was not a hardened criminal; he was a man of science. He was an investigator, an experimenter, an inventor; yes, all of these and more: he was a Physician... Wilhelm Reich's rise to fame, fortune and ignominious end was not the classic Horatio Alger story; nor was it a case of following in the footsteps of a rich, famous father. Young Wilhelm was just an Austrian farm boy from a successful cattle ranching family. Despite his mothers infidelities and suicide, he knew nothing of the motives for the Serbian student, Gavrilo Princip's assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. He was happily oblivious to the harbingers of war "the war to end all wars," that pervaded all of Europe. A war that would bring his world crashing down around him. When hostilities began, the farm he grew up on was overrun by Russians; having nowhere to go, he joined the Austrian Army. During the next four years, Wilhelm fought on the Italian front in three major battles. The sight of the wounded and the dying left a lasting impression on this farmer's son. On November 11, 1918, he found himself as a veteran in a defeated army in a war torn, defeated nation. Kaiser Wilhelm had abdicated and fled to the Netherlands; Germany was in a state of anarchy. Wilhelm was no longer a callow farm boy, he was advanced beyond his years and had no desire to return to the farm. To assist the nation's veterans, a Benefit Program was set up; and young Reich enrolled in the University of Vienna under this program. He could not have selected a better location. Post war Vienna was idyllic; here you could forget the war, here was a location for a man to live life to the fullest. The city, the Austrian capital, located at the center of Europe, near the Danube River in the foothills of the Alps. Its museums are second to none and boast some of the finest art collections in the world. In the center of the Inner Stadt (inner city) stands the Gothic styled St. Stephen's Cathedral or "Alter Steffel" ("Old Steve"); with its 406 foot high Southern spire. The music of: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Shubert, Brahms, and Strauss still echo in the concert halls. The Austrian National Library is housed there and contains nearly two million printed books, the largest collection in Europe. The city abounds with quaint shops, large stores, and fine restaurants.

The University of Vienna, one of Europe's most venerable institutions, is world renown for its School of Medicine. There are also faculties of law, political science, theology, natural science, and philosophy. The University is famous as a center for scientific research. Here, Wilhelm Reich found the spring board to fame and fortune. He studied law, but soon switched to medicine. He found his talents more suited to the research and exactness required of the medical profession. He found law to be more knowing than doing. Reich wanted to be doing; he wanted action.

Doctor Sigmund Freud

On the medical faculty was a man who would leave a profound impression on Reich, the father of psychoanalysis, Doctor Sigmund Freud. Reichs interests were many and varied; he soon gravitated to the circle of students gathered around Dr. Freud and this precious time planted the seeds that would grow into Reichs most famous discoveries. Dr. Reich received his Medical Degree from the University of Vienna in 1922. He was now a scientist by profession and training, and in the best of Western tradition (Certainly not a "quack," by any stretch of the imagination). As a student of Freud, Reich had ample opportunities to observe and work with patients from all European walks of life and social classes. During these studies with Freud, Dr Reich observed that a sexual dysfunction was present in every case of mental aberration. Reich realized that the Id, the Libido, the unconscious force that motivates our lives, was a potent form of energy, a living energy that manifested as human sexuality!

The Discovery

Reich's first and main lifelong discovery is that a universally present and mass free energy is of the specific nature as is the energy so eagerly sought after by todays free energy enthusiasts (Tom Bearden, John Bedini, Joseph Newman, Dennis Lee, Eric Dollard and others). Reich named his discovery "Orgone Energy," an acronym for Orgasm and Organism. In Function of the Orgasm (1927), Reich published his discovery that the sexual embrace, between male and female (but not between homosexuals) is an involuntary convulsion that regulates the living energy metabolism of the organism. The idea is that we humans routinely produce more Life Energy than is required to live and function. The Function of the Orgasm serves to discharge excess Life Energy in sex. Since most of us are armored, this energy regulatory function of the orgasm does not completely discharge the organism, thus resulting in an impaired life energy metabolism. Further implications of this discovery state that specific knowledge of the living energy, that is our life, is of an emotional nature and not cognitive. The way people do specifically relate ("know God"), is through the genital embrace, and the creation of Life. Or more simply: it is through the heart and not the head; it is felt rather than known...


The energetic metabolism of people beats in four rhythms: tension, charge, discharge and relaxation. Reich believed that nearly everyone has had this freely pulsating rhythm replaced by a rigid conditioning he called "armoring." This armoring starts within days of birth; beginning with circumcision (a clue or hint in our Biblical Mythology on the origin of Human Armoring), then compulsive toilet training, of learning shame for our bodily functions. Childhood conditioning produces a stasis of muscular tension that carries into adulthood. Armored people (nearly everyone in the West) are incapable of deeper feelings; unable to deal with subtle tingling sensations or nuances of pleasure The chronic condition of muscular tension blocks the majority of pleasurable sensations and often transduces them into anxiety. This unconscious muscular and facial tension succeeds in repressing natural sexual feelings but gives rise to secondary and twisted feelings that bind up as rigidity in the "armor."

New Kind of Therapy

Reich developed a new kind of therapy to address the armor resulting from the repression that society puts on the sexuality of people. His method differed from the Freudians in that he attacked the resistances directly: with breathing exercises, eye contact, with manipulation of the body, and by discharging the held in secondary drive energies of anger and rage.

Mass Psychology of Fascism

Reich observed that a loosening of socially dictated mores and conventions did not result in natural expressions of love. Quite the contrary in fact; when released from patriarchal dominion, quite often a person's secondary drives would be manifested by homosexuality, sadism, masochism, and other perversions we shall not describe herein. Dr. Reich observed and studied many cases of aberrant secondary drive behavior during travels in Russia and Germany. He described them in: The Mass Psychology of Fascism , 1933. A later edition includes an important essay called: The Biological Miscalculation in the Human Struggle for Freedom published in the International Journal of Sexeconomy and Orgone Research, New York 1943. Briefly stated and paraphrased: the biological miscalculation is that armored adults really do need a system of patriarchal morality to hold in check a lifetime of pent up secondary drives. What this means is that revolutions such as Communism or Fascism may well change everything; but the new regime will not know any better and/or forget to change the basic character structure of the people; resulting in an awful outpouring of secondary drives: murder, rage, violence, and war.

While Reichs therapy described in: Character Analysis (1933), was a success, but hopelessly inefficient to have every member of society undergo a lengthy and energetic therapy to restore, what should be, a naturally present condition. The armoring process, once past puberty, is difficult to reverse. Children, on the other hand, are born unarmored and have a good chance of growing up as Nature intended; if they are not traumatized or, worse yet, aborted first. (Abortion: the blood sacrament of Feminism). Reich realized that efforts to cure mankind of armoring would be futile; only the affluent would have the time and where with all to benefit from his therapy. Also, he was becoming bogged down with patients and was neglecting his laboratory work. Dr. Reich retuned to his first love, research. Reichs celebrated contributions to the field of psychoanalysis and its related sciences, can best be presented in three different periods of endeavor: The first period was in Europe, where as a medical doctor working with the new science of psychoanalysis led by Sigmund Freud, he made his first important discovery; the Life Energy, which he called "Orgone."

Scandinavian Period

The second period was Scandinavia where he selected the laboratories at the University of Oslo for renewing his research. Here he was not so well known and was likely to be left alone to work. Scandinavia also offered clear, blue skies; this kind of atmosphere was abundantly charged with the living energy he had discovered. He now sought out such locales at every opportunity. The Norwegian capital was a commodious site; straddling the Aker River at the head of the Oslo Fjord; surrounded by high pine shrouded hills. Reich conducted his research at the University of Oslo from 1934 through 1936. During this time, be discovered the electrical aspects of sexual energy while investigating the inverse reactions of pleasure and anxiety (with electrodes attached to lovers in early biofeedback observations!). He also experimented with sterile organic matter preparations in which he discovered the familiar four beat rhythm of: tension, charge, discharge, and relaxation. The same four beat pattern he first observed In the human orgasm. In these experiments, published as, The Bions (1936), he would take coal dust, fine sand, or rust, heat it to incandescence, then place it into a sterile nutritive solution. Reich also took other organic material such as dry moss and grass and soaked it in water after sterilization. In both experiments, the sterilized organic matter organized into vesicles then into groups which surrounded themselves with membranes and began to emulate protozoa. Dr. Reich named these laboratory born life forms, "bions", from the Greek bios which means life, or mode of life.

The Bions
Shortly, after this discovery, came another far more important one; a discovery made quite by accident. Reich casually laid a pair of rubber gloves next to some test tubes containing sand bions. Moving the gloves out of his way, he laid them on the stand of an electroscope whereupon the leaves parted as if detecting a strong electrostatic charge. The rubber gloves had been charged by the radiations emanating from the Sand Packet Bions. Furthermore, these bions fogged photographic plates and in large numbers they would produce a sun-tan effect on human skin! A century earlier another famous scientist, Louis Pasteur, had discovered that certain micro-organisms derive energy from reactions that do not require oxygen. From this he deduced that fermentation was the metabolic equivalent of respiration. This resulted in his being able to kill micro-organisms by sterilization; or as it is called when dealing with liquids, Pasteurization. Wilhelm Reichs discoveries were however, nearly the opposite; he took sterilized matter and caused microorganisms to come to life. These experiments finally elicited a negative reaction from the local Norwegian press, which Wilhelm Reich prudently ignored The critics in the newspapers did not really understand what he was doing and only ridiculed him for claiming to have created life in a test tube Reich watched Hitler's rise to power with a faint heart; he could see the hand writing on the wall and wanted no part of the killing and destruction. His memory of senseless dying he observed during the Great War still caused him pain. This time he was very aware of the harbingers of war and sought a haven from its ravages.

American Period
Dr. Reich emigrated to the United States of America in 1939; just ahead of the Nazi takeover of Europe. To finance himself he once again began his Orgone Therapy. He led his patients through childhood traumas to help them experience their present live more thoroughly. He helped endless processions of middle aged neurotics get in touch with their inner feelings in order to feel again pleasure, grief, sadness and joy. His clients re-learned how to breath with a chest/belly rhythm that restored the diaphragm to full function.

Medical Orgone Therapy

As his fame spread his fortune grew; but once more he was drawn to research and experimentation. Reich had developed a workable technique of restoring, on an individual basis, the free flow of Life Energy within the organism. He realized that to achieve an armored free society would take generations. Reich spells it out in his treatises " The Biological Miscalculation in Human Struggle for Freedom," published in: The International Journal, of Sex-Economy and Orgone Research, Orgone Institute Press, NY., 1943. Simply stated: Once children are brought up in the typical Judeo/Christian culture with emphasis on original sin and the shamefulness of natural bodily functions, then there is little chance of restoring that generation to a natural life positive existence. An exhaustive individual therapy may loosen the bond of armoring for those with financial means and the time to indulge in such New Age pursuits. But for the majority, who must daily deal with the real world, our lot seems to be to suffer the armoring, discovered by Dr. Reich.

College of Ogonomy*

Having trained a competent staff of medical doctors, headed by Ellsworth Baker MD., Reich abandoned his lucrative New York therapy practice. He purchased a 320 acre farm near Rangeley, in Western Maine. Here he equipped a modern laboratory and began his research. In New York City, his College of Ogonomy had trained a large group of young doctors who were spreading the fame of Reich's discoveries and therapy far and wide. On the West Coast, in the state of California, a group of "Neo-Reichian" therapeutic clinics sprouted up (Chuck Kellys Radix, Alexander Lowen, Breath work, Bodywork, Anger Release techniques). His notoriety had become nationwide in just a few short years. *American College of Ogonomy; PO Box 490, Princeton NJ, 08542 (732) 821-1144

Meanwhile, Reich was unaware of his growing prominence; he was only interested in the revenue it produced, revenue used to finance the experiments in his Maine laboratory. In Maine, all his thoughts were concentrated on his struggle to find a method of eliminating the armoring, found present in most of humanity, by the use of a simple and economical device or system. He had been a witness to "Man's inhumanity to man," and wished to alter the state of this phenomena. He knew that when a bull is turned into a steer, the herd is easily led to the slaughter. He was also aware that when his ancestors in Northern Europe worshipped a vibrant and living nature and gloried in the strength of their bodies; then no force -- even the might of Rome -- was able to subdue them for long.

The Children of the Future

When the West succumbed to an Oriental, Semitic life negating religion from ancient Palestine ( a hotbed of religions, all born in the parched and dying DESERT: symptoms of Christianity closely mimic secondary drives ), a thousand years of ignorance spread over the land. These so called "Dark Ages," brought with it : fear, wars, superstition and pestilence including a new tradition of ascetic hair shirt uncleanness and revulsion against the natural sexual beauty of the human body. Mankind's progress was at an all time low during this dark period of World history. This unnatural and perverse system has held a large mass of humanity in its grip for two thousand years. To effect a change to these conditions, which produce the armoring, will take longer. A generation or more of people brought up with healthy, natural values will be but a start toward living in accord with nature's eternal religion. The older ones cannot change; the rigid ones will not change. It is the children who could be taught to realize that there is an essentially simple and living energy present in nature.

Combat Liberalism
As Reich had observed before: Liberalization of society is not the answer. In the last fifty years we have witnessed liberal politicians (particularly in San Francisco California) and groups of women activists elsewhere attempt to emasculate mankind. They have been successful to some degree; and where they have persevered, the loosened bonds of patriarchal authority and morality have resulted in the near ruination of the family unit. The loss of family cohesiveness has set the stage: in place of the family we now have an intolerable system reviled by the social mores of common sense: Welfare Mothers and Gay Marriages. In San Francisco indeed other cities are becoming infected -- there are "gay" bathhouses with their plague of public Sodomy and attendant and rampant social diseases, the most deadly being the recently discovered AIDS. Since the basic process of childhood armoring continues unabated, the attempts at liberalization of our conservative society only result in a worsening of social and moral conditions. Women's groups, preaching the takeover of the world by women, cast doom upon the traditional patriarchal family system. Where such family systems disappear, they are replaced with increased incidents of: murder, rape, abortion, homosexuality, pornography and other secondary drives so prevalent in revolutions gone bad the world over

The Orgone Accumulator

Dr. Reich was well aware of the mounting problems for American families, he had seen the same thing happen in Europe after the 1st World War. From both theory and experience, Reich knew that a stable conservative outlook was preferable to a premature and disastrous attempt at radical change. The same agitation and malaise was beginning now in post World War II America. Reich worked feverishly to find an apparatus or system to help eliminate the armoring affecting society. Toward this end Dr. Reich invented several of his most controversial devices: The "Orgone Accumulator " and the "Orgone Accumulator Blanket"; as well as the even more controversial Cloudbuster; and for human use, the DOR-Buster. Although these inventions didn't remove the organism's armor, as Reich would have hoped, they allowed large charges of living energy to penetrate the armoring and infuse the system. It is now to these Life Energy devices, invented by Wilhelm Reich MD, that we turn our attention Jim Marsden, Huber Heights, Ohio 1988.

end of part one


PART TWO: Technology for The New Age

(Reichian Therapy)

There is a cursory resemblance between the seven segments of the armor and the notion of CHAKRAS from ancient India. Essentially the chakras Maintain eye contact even while screaming or are a Hindu idea of hitting the pillow; for just as the Thoracic energy centers in the segment is armored, so is the Ocular segment. body - they are derived Chronic contraction of the muscles around from old Sanskrit the eye, the eyelids; immobilization of forehead, of tear glands; inability to open eyes literature predating the modem India of Gandhi wide as if in fear - these rigid conditions of and the begging masses. armoring are in the ocular segment which The culture (Hindu) includes the brain. Mobilize eyes by opening from which the idea of them wide during inhalation as if in fear. Grimacing and making faces during exhalation "chakras" is derived is quite old - perhaps loosens the forehead from its mask like appearance. Reich would have his subjects look indicative of an earlier time when energetic suspiciously from side to side from corners of phenomena were better their eyes; or roll their eyes while staying in understood by the focus and expressing emotion or even crying. Reaching out with the eyes to make contact and Brahmin class in India or by their Aryan to show emotion through the eyes was (along predecessors. with breathing) the first step in Reichs new method of therapy. 11

Dr Wilhelm Reich MD developed a technique where subject lays on her back, knees drawn up, arms at side, mouth open and jaw relaxed. The therapist or partner encourages subject to maintain eye contact while breathing in a rhythm that includes first chest and then belly in a deep pattern of full respiration... Breathing through open mouth , filling both belly and chest one after the other succeeds to complete exhalation sometimes with a sighing sound from chest. Not a forced exercise, but a slow rhythm of this breathing soon leads to a build up of "charge" tingling in the limbs. Anxiety, anger or even rage may be newly felt from the stimulation caused by this breathing. Yelling, screaming, hitting a large pillow with a tennis racket, pounding with the fists or kicking on a soft mattress: these techniques discharge the built up energy behind the secondary drives and yield to softer feelings from the core of the being - longing, sobbing, sadness, joy.

Reichian Therapy

A recent technique is to have subject follow with his eyes a randomly moving penlight held about 10 inches from face. For at least several minutes or more the eyes follow the erratically moving light. This technique, perhaps by fatigue or entrainment, often elicits a strong release of emotion being held in ocular segment. This release may involve unfinished business of an emotional nature.

The DOR-Buster Nice DOR-Buster built by Super Science in Dayton Ohio circa 1993. Notice Hexagonal Shape of DOR-Buster plywood gussets. A pair of these plywood Hex gussets and you can hang the metal tubes from them.
(Not Shown) Modular pop-on; pop-off connector for the Greenfield Cable assembly (hollow steel BX cable), connects to back of the DOR-Buster.

Hexagonal Shape of DOR-Buster Head mimics the Honeycomb shape found in the Bee Hive (From Viktor Schauberger: Comprehend First; Then Copy Nature)
Using the honeycomb shape makes for good carpentry: because all the scrap pieces from the saw cuts; the scrap pieces tend to come out in useful sizes to fill in the short places! It is like the honey comb shape is already being used in Nature (Natures Eternal Religion again); thus using the Hermetic Principal (As Above, So Below), we copy and mimic from the bees in using the honeycomb shape for the DOR-Buster Head assembly. The Honeycomb Shape also makes a nice drum for those Indian Drumming Circles so popular with todays New Age Seekers of Truth.

The last development in Reichian Therapy was The Medical DOR-Buster. For those readers with prior knowledge I will address this discussion of The Medical DOR-Buster (and no healing or beneficial effects are permitted or allowed because of Ethical and FDA considerations). This device came at the very end of the line for Wilhelm Reich, his ship was sinking and he was beginning to realize it!

The DOR-Buster
The idea of this sophisticated appliance (reminds me of the Wet Baquet of Franz Anton Mesmer in Vienna and later Paris in about 1790s); the idea is that the powers of Water, Living Running water, are infused with Orgone Energy or Life Energy. Similar to Gravity, Life Energy flows from the Weaker to the Stronger. This is opposite to Kinetic energy; Heat energy; Mechanical Energy----> Then the device is pointed at the subject to withdraw the bad energy (DOR) from the body of the experimental subject and essentially, flush it down the drain (energetically speaking) Simple eh? (call for pricing) The DOR-Buster could be an adjunct to your existing therapy program and client base At least having one on display in your office would give you many talking points with your colleagues on the subject of Wilhelm Reich, MD!

Wilhelm Reich envisioned a power tool for his Medical Orgone Therapy with the invention of the DORBuster

Since we all are Armored: The Ocular Segment is most important. The Thoracic (Chest) and Diaphragm are next most important (Controls Breathing) Use DOR-Buster to loosen these areas, before proceeding further...


THE CLOUDBUSTER! The Cloudbuster: Rules of Engagement by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

(1954) 1. Shed all ambition to impress anyone. 2. Never play around with rain making or cloudbusting. The OR envelope which you tackle while "drawing" energy from the atmosphere is an energetic continuum of high power. You may cause twisters. You may stir a forest fire into the wrong direction. You may do other damage without intending to do so. Never do anything unless you must. 3. If experimenting: it is important to observe and know why you are doing what, that you can achieve immediate results. Slowly growing comprehension will secure later results safely. 4. In cloud engineering you do not " create rain," - you do not " destroy clouds," briefly, you are not playing God. What you do is solely helping nature on its natural course. 5. Have your equipment, truck, etc. especially all metal parts well grounded into water, preferably flowing water. Lack of grounding imperils your organism. 6. Do not let workers draw OR energy any longer if they become blue or purple in their faces or feel dizzy. Exchange the workers; let them rest far enough way, and have their faces and arms always wetted down with fresh water. 7. Do not hold on to pipes or other metal parts while you draw OR. Always use a separate plastic or wooden handle to move equipment while drawing. Have your hands always well insulated with rubber or heavy cotton gloves. 8. Have signs put up in such a manner that no one is hurt by OR charges. Do not let people stand close by. Among them may be men or women who are ill and would run some danger to their health. 9. Never " drill a hole " into the sky right above you unless you aim for a long drawn rain. 10. When you feel a breeze or wind setting in due to your operation, stop drawing if the wind direction becomes too strong or even if it acquire the appearance of a twister. 11. If you wish to remove DOR clouds, draw in direction of run of OR envelope. 12. If you wish to DESTROY clouds or to stop rain, aim at center of heaviest clouds. 13. If you wish to make clouds grow heavier, draw from the vicinity of the smaller clouds, and have the large or heavy clouds undisturbed. 14. If there are no clouds in the sky and clouds should be created, disturb the stillness or evenness of the OR envelope all around you by brief, sweeping draws and draw mainly against the run of the OR envelope. To create clouds you must create differences of OR energy potentials.

Want to do some Cloudbusting? (On Chemtrails?) So, you want to build a Cloudbuster? Here you go then:

Before the DOR-Buster Came the Orgone Accumulator

Even William Burroughs, in Naked Lunch mentions his relic Orgone Energy Accumulator built by Reich up in Rangely Maine. Of solid construction, the first models Orgone Accumulators were stand up affairs . They were typically four layers of standard Orgone Energy Accumulator constructions: see diagram: CONSTRUCTION DETAILS:

Homemade style of powerful four layer

Orgone Accumulator: Build a telephone booth laying on its side! Four panels will weigh about 100 pounds each Notice original upright models were mounted on heavy duty caster wheels for ease of moving the ORAC device.

Notice how telephone booth style Orgone

Accumulator can have end panels to further enclose the body of our experimental subject. Anecdotal observations of two subjects (male and female) present in Orgone Accumulat or suggest simultaneous charging effects with proper breathing of course. For storage, device left assembled with end caps open to allow for flow through ventilation

Easy to build and strong effect!


Two Experiments
There are two experiments that can give an objective measurement of the Orgone Energy. The first is the temperature experiment, To - T. This involves a one cubic foot Orgone Accumulator in the shape of a box. The three layer accumulator is made from cellotex insulation board (organic material) and galvanized sheet iron (metallic material). The control box is similar to the Orgone box but the control has no metal layers. Placed in the top of each encased space is a thermometer. It is warmer Inside the top of the Orgone Accumulator by a temperature difference (To - T) varying from .3 degrees C. to 1.5 degrees C. The theory to explain this observation is that the energy inside the metal walls of the accumulator is repelled from every direction. The oscillating Orgone Energy is stopped by the inner metal walls of the accumulator. The kinetic energy of the Orgone Energy is changed to heat and measured on the thermometer. With the palm of the hand, one can feel the warmth inside an Orgone box - even though the metal walls of the accumulator will still feel cold to the touch! THE TEMPERATURE EXPERIMENT The print out of the running log of To-T experiment looks like a strip chart recorder and provides a real time look at charge levels and fluxes of local Orgone Energy. Correlating observations of To-T revealed much dataas was done by the author at Greer Sellers Orgone Energy Workshop meetings held monthly with pot luck dinners at Anna Dempsters home high in the Berkeley Hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay from 1978 through 1984. Fellow researcher and Reichian archivist Harold Treacy of Sausalito California also collaborated in replication of these experiments.

Above: Temperature Experiment first performed by Wilhelm Reich in late 1940s and early 1950s. It is warmer inside Orgone Accumulator than Control Box. Experiment provides a measurement tool to observe and record intensity levels The Force (levels dependant upon local weather conditions!)

The greater the difference in temperature between the two boxes, the stronger is the local charge of the atmospheric energy. A correlation may be made to the weather conditions and results of To -T experiment While running experiment keep a log of weather, noting humidity, precipitation, temperature, pollution reports and cloud cover (and Chem Trails!). Correlate the fresh blue sunny days with a larger difference in temperature. Note carefully the relationship to barometric pressure and what results are observed prior to a storm.

Seed Sprout Experiment

Second simple experiment is the seed

germination experiment : two groups of mung beans or other seeds are set up to sprout in two mason jars. For an exact experiment, count an equal number of seeds into each group from the same batch, Place one group of seeds in their Mason jar inside the one cubic foot, three layer Orgone box. Place the other group in the control box without the metal layers. Sprout the seeds in a normal manner changing and rinsing the water daily. Observe and record the results as to number of seeds sprouted, rate of growth , size of sprouts sand even taste of the sprouts. (Organ sensation as a tool of natural research !)

ATMOSPHERIC ORGONE ENERGY In the atmosphere of our living planet, one can observe the wavy quivering of life energy above a ploughed field or over a body of water. This wavelike phenomena common called "heat waves" is not heat at all. Even in winter at high altitudes in mountains is this flickering of the sky seen to move from West to East - regardless of wind direction. The pulsating energy that is called "heat waves" cannot be air - for air is invisible; even strong wind cannot be seen. On the tops of pine trees against the blueness of the sky can the atmospheric life energy be seen as a distinct sparkling and flickering in the sky.

BLUE IS THE COLOR The deep blueness of the sky being the same blue seen in all observations of this energy: the blueness of the ocean or deep lakes; the blue of a dark thunder cloud; the blue of living protoplasm; the blue fog-like vapors seen in a completely darkened room when the eyes have accustomed to the darkness.

Orgone Energy Luminating in a 0.5 micron pressure vacuum tube BLUE

Static Electricity
"Static" electricity of the atmosphere and galvanic electricity from wires moving through a magnetic field may not be the same thing. The air is "full" of static electricity; yet the air is a good insulator of electricity. The living energy, according to Reich, is the source of l electrical and magnetic energy. Blue is the color of the living energy that was called the "Ether" of classical physics.


The materials to make the Orgone Blanket are 100% wool and galvanized steel screen. Wool has a high relative surface area and its position on the food chain make It an excellent organic material. Only fur is better than wool for making Orgone Accumulators (Hello PETA!). The metallic material In the Orgone Blanket may be any form of Iron. Galvanized steel screen is the material of choice, though steel wool will work but steel wool tends to be lumpy and the fibers can work their way through the organic layer and scratch the user. Steel wool is suitable if a rigid box model of an Orgone Accumulator is to be made with cellotex Insulation board as the organic material. Aluminum and copper are poor materials for the metallic layers and should not be used because they produce "DORish" effects. (More about DOR later).


How it works:
Organic layer (100 % New Zealand wool) attracts and holds the energy from atmosphere; the metallic layer (galvanized steel screen) attracts, then repels the energy In both directions at once. The energy that is passed back to the organic layer stays there to be re-attracted back to the metallic layer.

The inside metallic layer of the Orgone charging device continuously radiates this living energy. One layer of organic material and one layer of metallic material constitute one layer of Orgone Energy Accumulator. The Orgone Accumulator Blanket not only concentrates the living force from the atmosphere upon the subject, It reflects back the living energy radiated by the body (aura). Of the two energetic systems, the Orgone Accumulator and the human organism, the human organism is the stronger of the two. Life energy, like gravity, flows from the weaker to the stronger source. The strong takes from the weak. Thus the energy flows from the accumulator to the body of the subject. This orgonomic potential is opposite from that of heat or mechanical energy, which flows from the stronger to the weaker source.


Experimental Use
A clear fresh blue sunny day is ideal weather to use the Orgone Energy Blanket. Deep free breathing on a cold mountain skinny dipping morning invigorates the body and freshens the spirit. Feeling the streamings and the tingling of pleasure, warmth, relaxation, reddening in the face, a tension of building charge - these are some of the subjective impressions that are felt; these are the feelings (not thoughts !) that users of the Orgone Blanket have reported. There is a similarity in feeling and effect from the Orgone Blanket to a "Reichian" breathing session: a tingling in the limbs, a prickling sensation on the skin, an increase in bodily temperature, a feeling of deep relaxation and a reddening of the face. Length of time for an experimental session varies from five to 30 minutes or more daily - this means regular use.

Three layer Orgone Blanket wrapped around an athletic leg injury (Touch Football)

How Long?

A feeling of lumination will be felt with continued use. Bioenergetically stronger people need shorter exposure to the charging effect to feel the "glowing" sensations. Organisms with a weaker charge or more tightly armored will require a greater number of exposures to the irradiation of this life energy charging device before the subjective sensations are felt. There is a self regulation factor as to the length of time of Orgone irradiation. Symptoms of overcharge are: pressure in the head, feelings of anxiety and irritability, slight nausea, dizziness. When the person has reached the overcharge level from using the Orgone Blanket, there is a tendency to kick the blanket away. It 1s better to have several shorter experimental sessions with this powerful life energy charging device than to use it for an hour or more. Sleeping under the Orgone Energy Blanket is not recommended because overcharge is sure to result. The best way to experiment with this fascinating "component" of the force and Reich's most famous invention is to use it on a regular) daily basis. The device is dependent upon the level and quality of energy in the atmosphere; a clear fresh blue sunny day having the best quality of charge of the living energy.

Self Regulation

Oranur Experiment

There are conditions In our Industrialized environment that are not good for using the Orgone Blanket. Reich discovered and outlined these conditions In "The Oranur Experiment" (found in Selected Writings). Basically with the advent of nuclear pollution of the Earth, the living energy has suffered as well. The life energy charging devices, the Orgone Blankets, concentrate the nuclear pollution right along with the atmospheric energy. Reich called this radioactive dead life energy, "DOR", meaning Deadly Orgone. DOR may be considered a waste product of the reaction of Orgone Energy against nuclear energy - i.e. "Oranur". What the Oranur Experiment showed was an antithetical relationship between the living force of life and the destructive nuclear technology of death given to us by Einstein, Oppenheimer, Sakharov , Teller and Sammy Cohen, inventor of the Neutron Bomb. The Oranur experiment consisted in placing a milligram of radium within a 20 layer Orgone Accumulator; the catastrophic results illustrated an uncontrollable reaction of the universally present energy against the nuclear Irritant. For simplification. It may be said that the Life Energy is "allergic" to any form of nuclear energy. Turn and Face The Strange:

Wilhelm Reich, MD discovered the antithetical relationship between Life Energy and Nuclear Energy. Bad News: DOR is an unwanted by-product, waste product, barren spoil, stinking offal of Nuclear Activity. More Bad News: Parasitic UFO Flying Saucer occupants have arrived; functioning as buzzards circling a Planet in Trouble... And yes; there is a connection.

For best results, follow the intuition that comes from a contact with the living energy in nature around us. Living near a nuclear power plant with its concentration of DOR may present problems with a powerful and sensitive device such as the Orgone Energy Blanket. It is best to pay attention to the subjective feelings while using this device; essentially it is a self-regulating process. There are no authorities to tell us how to use the Orgone accumulator; Wilhelm Reich is dead -it is up to us to carry on this important work into the New Age. (Hello NeoCons and Israel and unprovoked Nuclear attack on Iran...)

To sum it up on how to use the Orgone Energy Blanket for experimental purposes: use it in relatively unpolluted weather (this may often be mornings before the Rush Limbaugh hour traffic jam has had a chance to stink things up). Always air out the Orgone Blanket immediately prior to each use. This may be done by hanging it out on the clothes line or over a tree limb. Use it with plenty of ventilation - near an open window if practical. Keep the Orgone Blanket away from sources of radioactivity such as television sets, X-Ray equipment, computer monitors, fluorescent lights... Remember: the Orgone Blanket is always "on"; there is no switch to the device - once the organic and metallic layers are assembled, then the device begins to function. Use the Orgone Energy Blanket for periods averaging 20 minutes daily. Air out the blanket by shaking it vigorously prior to each use. Lie beneath the life energy charging device away from any televisions or fluorescent lights. The metal side faces the body. Have good ventilation with an open window or two; wear as little clothing as practical with perhaps a cotton sheet between the metal and your body (not required); be sure to breath freely while using this life energy charging device... It may be helpful to keep a written record of the experimental sessions with this powerful life energy invention. Notice the effects as they vary: with time of day, with the weather, whether one person or two uses the device, with the phases of the moon, with air quality levels.




Part Three: The Reaction.

Take Charge of your own Health... Build an Orgone Energy Blanket! by Bruce M. Forrester Jr

An Orgone Energy Accumulator is a component of The Force! Just as a resistor, capacitor or battery is a component of electricity, likewise an Orgone Accumulator (Orgone Blanket) is a component of the primordial energy called: Life Energy, Prana, Chi and Zero Point. What is this Orgone Energy ? In people, the living force may be felt as the tension and attraction between male and female. It was Dr Wilhelm Reich, M.D. who discovered this mass free energy while he was a protg of Sigmund Freud. This device, due to its unique layering construction, concentrates living energy into the body of the experimental subject resulting in exhilarating feelings of charge. Similar to feelings gained from a deep breathing bodywork session, the Orgone Blanket becomes a valuable tool to build and maintain vitality, energy and attractiveness

100% Wool Blanket for one Organic Layer. Galvanized steel screen (triple thickness for one metallic layer (aluminum no good) Sandwich both together for one Orgone Accumulator layer. Make Blanket Three Orgone Accumulator Layers... Sew together with heavy Sewing Awl.

What is Orgone Energy ? In people, the living force may be felt as the tension and attraction between male and female!

One Layer, Orgone Energy Accumulator Blanket:

Organic Layer: 100% Wool Heavy Blanket.

Metal Side faces the body. Organic Layer attracts from the atmosphere and tends to hold the Orgone Energy (Life Energy). Metal Layer attracts and then repels this living energy. The Metallic Layer repels Living Orgone Energy in both directions simultaneously. The outside Organic layer then repasses the energy back to the metal layer, creating one way flow of "The Force" from the outside to the inside. This Rectifier function resembles a Diode in electronic terms. The layering resembles a Capacitor in electronic terms. When the energy passes through Orgone Energy Accumulator, it remains trapped on inside, thus building "charge of Chi". Living human body radiates a field of Life Energy (Aura). The Orgone Accumulator reflects this radiated "love light" field right back to the experimental subject in a "feedback" fashion...

Metallic Layer Galvanized Steel Screen triple thick------------------->



Rejuvenation; Pain Relief from: Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and ...

Benefits from using

Orgone Energy Accumulator: These "Benefits" are not allowed by the USA Food and Drug Administration. This means that there is no healing or beneficial effect from this energy "that does not exist". The FDA Complaint for Injunction in March 1954 (27 pages) against Wilhelm Reich included the following numbered paragraphs: Don't skip this part... These excerpts from the FDA Complaint for Injunction are a thorough description of Wilhelm Reich's Orgone devices and an hilarious read...

COMPLAINT FOR INJUNCTION Feb 10, 1954 (part 1)



Plaintiff v. THE WILHELM REICH FOUNDATION, a Maine Corporation, WILHELM REICH and ILSE OLLENDORFF, Defendants . Civil Action File No. 1056 COMPLAINT FOR INJUNCTION

The United States of America, plaintiff herein, by and through Peter Mills,
United States Attorney for the District of Maine, files this Complaint for Injunction and respectfully represents unto this Honorable Court as follows: 1. This proceeding is brought under Section 302(a) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act... 2. The defendant, The Wilhelm Reich Foundation, is a Maine corporation... The defendant Wilhelm Reich is an individual who resides at Rangeley, Maine. The said defendants manufacture and have been and now are introducing and causing to be introduced, and delivering and causing to be delivered for the introduction into interstate commerce in violation of 21 U.S.C. 331(a) orgone energy accumulators, devices within the meaning of 21 U.S.C. 321(h), which are adulterated within the meaning of 21 U.S.C. 351(c) and misbranded within the meaning of 21 U.S.C. 352(a), and further, said defendants have been and now are causing said devices to be adulterated and misbranded within the meaning of 21 U.S.C. 351(c) and 352(a) while held for sale after shipment in interstate commerce in violation of 21 U.S.C. 331(k), all, as hereinafter appears... 26

3. The orgone energy accumulator device is available in several styles and models. The box style orgone energy accumulators are designed to stand upright and are large enough to permit an adult to sit inside. (See Exhibit A attached). The height, width, and depth are several inches less than those of the ordinary telephone booth. The top, bottom, sides, and door are similarly constructed. Each is made with alternating layers of organic and metallic material. The outer layer may be of celotex or plywood, then alternating layers of steel wool and rock or glass wool and the inside layer is galvanized sheet metal. In recent years plastic wire mesh has been used as a substitute for the sheet metal. A device with six layers is called a three-fold orgone energy accumulator. One with two additional layers is called four fold and progressively so as the layers increase. The door is hinged to one side, and usually either has an open window or has portions cut out at the top and bot tom for ventilation... 5. The blanket style orgone energy accumulator device is constructed of wire mesh with several alternating layers of organic and metallic material covered on the outside with plastic. It is made in three portions which may fold down flat. It is for use in bed or local application. One section may be placed under the mattress and the other two over the patient. Attached hereto and marked "Exhibit B" and "Exhibit D", respectively, are pages 32 and 38 of the booklet described in Exhibit A, which pages show how the said blanket style may be used in bed and for local application. 7. The orgone energy accumulator device is not connected with or plugged into any source of electrical or any other type of energy or power. 12. The defendant, Wilhelm Reich, in aforesaid written, printed, and graphic matter claims to have discovered a form of energy which is present in the atmosphere and for which he coined the term "orgone energy." He claims that this alleged energy is life energy, has therapeutic value, and is beneficial in the cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of disease. 13. The defendant Reich in said literature claims to have invented, in 1940, a device which collects from the atmosphere this alleged energy and accumulates it in the device, where it is usable for scientific, educational, and medical purposes. Approximately 10 of these devices were made in New York State from 1940 to 1942; from then until 1949 they were made by Herman Templeton, a Maine hunting and fishing guide, and after his death were made by his daughter, at Oquossoc, near Rangeley, Maine; for a short time thereafter they were made in New York again; and since 1950 they have been made by S. A. Collins & Son at Rangeley, Maine. 14. The defendants claim in said literature that this alleged energy is demonstrable, useful, and measurable. They attempt to prove the existence of such energy and its presence in the device by employing well-known scientific instruments and by resorting to the use of phenomena such as light, heat, radioactive measurements, and electromagnetism. 15. The said defendants state in said literature that organic material, which should constitute the outermost layer of the accumulator, attracts and absorbs the alleged orgone energy, that the metallic, though it attracts said energy, quickly reflects it; that by layering the accumulator as described in paragraph 3 hereof, always with the organic matter on the outside, a direction is given to the said energy from the outside to the inside, where the alleged energy is collected and concentrat ed. 27

16. The said defendants maintain that the medical use of their box style device is accomplished by sitting in it. The manner of use of the other styles is shown in Exhibits A through E attached hereto. 17. The defendants maintain, as stated in said literature, that the enclosure within the device constitutes an alleged orgone energy field and the person in the enclosure another such field; that the energy fields of the two systems make contact; that both the person and the energy field of the accumulator begin to "luminate"; they become excited and, making contact, drive each other to higher levels of excitation. The defendants maintain that the user of the device becomes aware of this alleged phenomenon through feelings of prickling, warmth, relaxation, reddening of the face; further that body temperature increases from one half to one and one half degrees, Fahrenheit. 18. The said defendants state in the literature that the box style device should fit the size of the person who uses it; that the body surface should be no more than about 2 to 4 inches away from the metal walls. 19. The said defendants state in the literature that the blanket style device may be used by bedridden individuals in place of the regular box type device. 20. The said defendants state in the literature there is no mechanical rule as to the length of time a person should sit in the accumulator. They suggest that on the average a person requires from 5 to 30 minutes daily; that with regular use the time may be shortened from 30 minute to 10 minute sessions; that the necessary time for sittings will be decreased in accordance with the greater number of layers the device has; that the patient may sit in the accumulator clothed or unclothed; that woolen or too heavy clothing is not recommended as it is alleged that such prevents quick contact and lumination; that it is better for a person to indulge in 2 or more short sittings than one protracted sitting as the latter could cause serious damage... 21. The said defendants, despite disclaimer of cure from their device, resort to detailed accounts of case histories in said literature describing "cure" alleged to have been affected by the use of the device. Outstanding results are alleged to have been accomplished in inordinately short periods of time. Some examples of such claims are as follows:


Vol. 1, No. 1 ___________January 1949
Page 13

Page 13, 14

A woman, aged 30, suffered a leg injury. The wound suppurated and did not heal for several weeks. After 3 sessions in the orgone accumulator, the wound closed * * * A woman, aged 46, with a carcinoma of the liver, came for orgone treatment in the last stage of her disease. Shortly before the appearance of the liver metastasis, she had been operated on for carcinoma of the left breast. The patient came for treatment twice daily for half an hour and after two days of treatment she felt much better... Her hemoglobin content rose from 75% to 85% within a week and her weight increased by 2 lbs. *** 28


Page 133

Vol. II, No. 3 ___________July 1950 Re: Breast Cancer * * * The patient was only able to use the accumulator one half hour a day, six times, over a period of three weeks and then she left the country. Very soon after that she noticed that the lump had disappeared. When I saw her on her return six weeks later, the tumor had entirely disappeared and the chronic cystic mastitis had almost gone. Both breasts were of normal consistency. In spite of the fact that I have seen many remarkable results from the orgone accumulator, and that I knew, malignant breast tumors disappear after 2 to 4 weeks of orgone irradiation, what I saw here was still unbelievable. Re: Cancer of the Breast. There was a mass in the outer upper quadrant of the right breast. The outer edge of the tumor was sharp and about 2 inches in width. Proceeding medially, the tumor could not be differentiated from the rest of the tissue. Both breasts showed signs of chronic cystic mastitis. * * * Two weeks later I saw the patient after she had been using the orgone accumulator twice a day. The color of her skin was better and she seemed generally improved. The sharp edge of the tumor was gone and there remained only some enlarged gland tissue which was not differentiated from the rest of the breast tissue. Both breasts were much softer. Three weeks later the tumor had completely disappeared.

Page 135

The Discovery of the Orgone

Volume Two _____________The Cancer Biopathy
Page 140-143

Our orgone therapy experiments with cancer patients consist in their sitting in the orgone accumulator. The orgone energy which is concentrated in the accumulator penetrates the naked body and is also taken up by way of respiration. * * * I began with sessions of 30 minutes. * * * During the first session the skin between the shoulder blades became red; * * * During the next session, the redness of the skin spread to the upper part of the back and chest. * * * During the third, she began to perspire, particularly under the arms; she related that during the past few years she had never perspired. All these reactions of the organism to the orgone radiation are typical in all cancer patients. * * * Our patient came with a hemoglobin of 35%. Two days later it was 40%; after 4 days, 51%; after a week, 55%; after 2 weeks, 75%; and after 3 weeks, 85%, that is, normal. 29

24. The defendants have devised a jargon stemming from their coined word "orgone" and utilize words having "orgone" as a base in the promotion of the pseudo science which they call "orgonomy." 25. That said defendants have been and now are representing and suggesting in the labeling of said devices... suggestions convey the impression and belief that the alleged orgone energy is a powerful form of energy, particularly when in contact with emanations from radio-active material and Roentgen rays, whereas, the

alleged orgone energy, as claimed to have been discovered and its existence proved by the said defendant Reich as stated in the labeling for said devices, is not a powerful form of energy, is non-existent, and is not "dangerous to life". (Emphasis added)
26a. The aforesaid orgone energy accumulator devices have been and now are further misbranded when introduced into, while in, and while held for sale after shipment in interstate commerce... and the bulletin entitled "Internationale Zeitschrift Fur Orgonomie April 1950", contains written, printed and graphic matter, namely, a photograph with caption, which is false and misleading in that such written, printed, and graphic matter conveys the impression that the photograph is an actual photograph depicting the alleged orgone energy, whereas,

the alleged orgone energy is not thereby depicted.

26b. The aforesaid orgone energy accumulator devices have been and now are further misbranded when introduced, while in, and while held for sale after shipment in interstate commerce... entitled THE ORANUR EXPERIMENT, contains written, printed, and graphic matter, namely, photos 1 and 3 captioned as showing an excited orgone energy field between the palms of the hands and from an alcohol flame, respectively, which is false and misleading in that such written, printed, and graphic matter conveys the impression that the photos show excited orgone energy fields, whereas, said photos do not show excited orgone energy fields. 27. The orgone energy accumulator, in all of its styles and models, is a device within the meaning of 21 U.S.C. 352(h), and is and was further misbranded... the printed matter mentioned in paragraph "23" hereof an the written, printed and graphic matter hereinafter identified, accompanying said device, represents and suggests that the device is an outstanding therapeutic agent, is a preventive of and beneficial for use in all diseases and disease conditions, is effective in particular in the cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of the diseases, conditions, and symptoms hereinafter mentioned, which representations and suggestions are

false and misleading since the device is not an outstanding therapeutic agent, is not a preventive of and beneficial for use in all diseases and disease conditions, is not effective in the cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of the diseases, conditions, and symptoms hereinafter enumerated. Examples of the diseases, conditions, and symptoms, and the items of written, printed, and graphic matter wherein they appear, which constitute the labeling referred to above, are as follows: (Emphasis added)

THE ORGONE ENERGY ACCUMULATOR Its Scientific and Medical Use. cancer According to the US anemia Food and Drug headaches Administration: This is cancer tumor of the breasts a partial list of what the Orgone Energy acute and chronic colds Accumulator does not hay fever cure or benefit! rheumatism arthritis varicose ulcers chronic illnesses bruises cuts lesions abrasions wounds burns sinusitis migraine vascular hypertension high blood pressure decompensated heart disease brain tumors arteriosclerosis apoplectic attacks skin inflammation conjunctivitis sterilization of wounds immobilization of vaginal bacteria chronic fatigue undernourishment diabetes
28. The orgone energy accumulator device, in all styles and models, is adulterated with in the meaning of 21 U.S.C. 351(c) in that its strength differs from and its qualit y falls below that which it purports and is represented to posses, since it is

not capable of collecting from the atmosphere and accumulating in said device the alleged orgone energy as claimed to have been discovered and its existence by the defendant Reich.



That the defendants, The Wilhelm Reich Foundation, a Maine corporation, Wilhelm Reich and Illse Ollendorff, individuals, and each and all of their officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, all corporations, associations, and organizations, and all persons in active concert or participation with any of them, be perpetually enjoined from directly or indirectly introducing or causing to be introduced or delivering or causing to be delivered for introduction into interstate commerce in violation of 21 U.S.C. 331(a), any orgone accumulator device, in any style and model, and any and all accessories, components or parts thereof, or any similar article, in any style and model, which is misbranded within the meaning of 21 U.S.C. 352(a) or adulterated with in the meaning of 21 U.S.C. 351(c);


That the aforesaid defendants, their officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, all corporations, associations, and organizations, and all persons in active concert or participation with any of them, be perpetually enjoined from directly or indirectly doing or causing to be done any act whether oral, writ ten, or otherwise in the manner aforesaid or in any other manner, with respect to any orgone accumulator device, in any style or model, or with respect to any similar article of device while held for sale after shipment in interstate commerce in violation of 21 U.S.C. 331(k), which results in said article being misbranded within the meaning of 21 U.S.C. 352(a) and adulterated with in the meaning of 21 U.S.C. 351(c);


That the plaintiff be given judgment for its costs herein and for such other and further relief as to the Court may seem just and proper.

/s/ Peter Mills United States Attorney

Address: Federal Court House, 156 Federal Street, Portland 6, Maine.

Instead of appearing in court to answer the Complaint with an attorney; Dr Wilhelm Reich choose to file his own "Response". While the Response remains an important scientific and historical document, it didn't go over too well the U.S. Judicial system. Thus, by default, Wilhelm Reich got hit by an injunction!



(MARCH 19, 1954)
In The United States District Court For The District Of Maine Southern Division

United States Of America,


Civil Action File No. 1056 Decree of Injunction


Plaintiff having filed a Complaint for Injunction herein to enjoin the defendants and others from further alleged violations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; and each defendant having been duly served, on February 10, 1954, with a summons and copy of the Complaint; and no defendant having appeared or answered in person or by representat ive, although the time therefore has expired; and each defendant having been duly served, on February 26, 1954, with a copy of Requests for Admissions; and no defendant having served any answer to said Requests, although the time therefore has expired; and the default of each defendant having been entered herein; and it appearing that the defendants, unless enjoined therefrom, will continue to introduce or cause to be introduced or delivered, or cause to be delivered into interstate commerce orgone energy accumulators, devices within the meaning of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21 U. S. C. 301 et seq. which are misbranded and adulterated, and in violation of 21 U. S. C. 331 (a) and (k); and the Court having been fully advised in the premises; IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that the defendants, THE WILHELM REICH FOUNDATION, WILHELM REICH, and ILSE OLLENDORFF and each and all of their officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, all corporations, associations, and organizations, and all persons in active concert or participation with them or any of them, be, and they hereby are, perpetually enjoined and restrained from doing any of the following acts, directly or indirectly, in violation of Sections 301(a) or 301(k) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U. S. C. C. 331(a) or (k) ) with respect to any orgone energy accumulator device, in any style or model, any and all accessories, components or parts thereof, or any similar device, in any style or model, and any device purported or represented to collect and accumulate the alleged orgone energy:

Defendants .


(1) Introducing or causing to be introduced or delivering or causing to be delivered

for introduction into interstate commerce any such article of device which is: (a) Misbranded within the meaning of Section 502(a) of the Act 21 U. S. C. 352(a) by reason of any representation or suggestion in its labeling which conveys the impression that such article, in any st yle or model, is an outstanding therapeutic agent, is a preventive of, and beneficial for use in any disease or disease condition, is effective in the cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of any disease, symptom, or condition; or (b) Misbranded within the meaning of Section 502 (a) of the Act (21 U. S. C. 352(a) )

by reason of any representation or suggestion in its labeling which conveys the impression that the alleged orgone energy exists; ... (Emphasis added)
(c) Misbranded within the meaning of Section 502(a) of the Act 21 U. S. C. 352(a) by reason of any photographic representation or suggestion with a caption, or otherwise, which conveys the impression that such is an actual

photograph depicting the alleged orgone energy or an alleged excited orgone energy field; or... (2) Doing any act or causing any act to be done with respect to any orgone energy
accumulator device while such device is held for sale (including rental, or any other disposition) after shipment in interstate commerce which results in said device becoming misbranded or adulterated in any respect; and IT IS FURTHER ORDERED: (1) That all orgone energy accumulat or devices, and their labeling, which were shipped in interstate commerce and which (a) are on a rental basis, or (b) otherwise owned or controlled by any one of the defendants, or by the defendants, be recalled by the defendants to their place of business at Rangeley, Maine; and (2) That the devices referred to in (1) immediately above, and their parts, be destroyed by the defendants or, they may be dismantled and the materials from which they were made salvaged after dismantling; and (3) That the labeling referred to in paragraph (1), just above, except those items for which a specific purchase price was paid by their owners, be destroyed by the defendants; and (4) That all parts or portions of orgone accumulator devices shipped in interstate commerce and returned to Rangeley, Maine, or elsewhere, and awaiting repair or reshipment be destroyed by the defendants, or, they may be dismantled and the materials from which they were made salvaged after dismantling; and (5) That all copies of the following items of written, printed, or graphic mat ter, and their covers, if any, which items have constituted labeling of the article of device, and which contain statements and representations pertaining to the existence of orgone energy, its collection by, and accumulation in, orgone energy accumulators, and the use of such alleged orgone energy by employing said accumulators in the cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of disease, symptoms and conditions... 34

(6) That all written, printed, and graphic matter containing instructions for the use of any orgone energy accumulator device, instructions for the assembly thereof, all printed, and other announcements and order blanks for the items listed in the paragraph immediately above, all documents, bulletins, pamphlets, journals, and booklets entitled in part, as follows: (here follows a long list of all Reich's books) but not limited to those enumerated, shall be destroyed and (8) That for the purposes of supervision and securing compliance with this decree the defendants shall permit said employees of the Food and Drug Administration, at reasonable times, to have access to and to copy from, all books, ledgers, accounts, correspondence, memoranda... (9) That the defendants refrain from, either directly or indirectly, in violation of said Act, disseminating information pertaining to the assembly, construction, or composition of orgone energy accumulator devices to be employed for therapeutic or prophylactic uses by man or for other animals. (Horses! Fetlocks and Pasterns)

March 19, 1954 2:45 P.M. /s/ John D. Clifford, Jr. United States District Judge for the District of Maine. A true copy of original filed at 2:45 P.M. on March 19, 1954. ATTEST: /s/ Morlis Cox Clerk, United States District Court

Well Folks... Let this be a lesson learned: Don't get caught curing Cancer or else you in a heap 'o trouble boy... You all is going to jail!

Three layer Orgone Blanket wrapped around an athletic leg injury (Touch Football)

Original Box style of Orgone Accumulator: cumbersome, heavy, danger from tipping over!
Organic layer (Heavy 100% Wool Blanket Cloth) attracts and holds Orgone Energy from atmosphere; Metallic layer ( fine mesh galvanized steel screen) attracts, then repels the energy In both directions at once. The energy that is passed back to the organic layer stays there to be reattracted back to the metallic layer. Originally the box style Orgone Accumulator was used, but flexible Orgone Blanket is easier to transport and store (Practitioner Use) Size: approx 3 feet wide by five feet long. (big enough for two people to use simultaneously) Weight: 20 lbs; Color: Royal Blue Inside layer next to body: Fine mesh Stainless Steel screen. (Clothes Optional for strongest effect) Curiously, stainless steel screen next to the body feels silky smooth and quite cool to touch, even though ORAC has sensations of overall warmth! Waves of tingling and prickly sensations quickly develop as "charge" builds. 36

Most practical design for box style ORAC is to lay it on side and crawl in. (with removable end caps). A four layer box style ORAC from Cellotex insulation board and galvanized sheet iron will weigh about 600 pounds.

Technology for The New Age Orgone Energy Blanket is three full
layers; features 100% Heavy Wool in Organic layers and galvanized steel and stainless steel screen in Metallic layers. Clothing optional for strongest effect. COLOR: BLUE; SIZE: 3 FEET WIDE BY 5 FEET LONG (Big enough for two people at same time!). Consider using two Orgone Blankets to make "sandwich" for stronger effect: One on top and one on bottom.

PO Box 55 Bellbrook, Ohio 45305 Office: 3490 Clar Von Drive Dayton, Ohio 45430 (937) 429 3847 (937) 429 3847 FAX


ORDER FORM: Read Carefully and please sign: I am in reasonably good health and understand
Orgone Blanket is not for any healing or medical purpose. Should I have or develop a medical or disease condition, I agree to seek and get authorized medical treatment from a licensed physician before any program of experimental use with ORAC. I hold ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY harmless from any improvement or worsening of my health or condition!

Total cost: $ 469- Lead time: 2 to 3 weeks from pre-paid order. Warranty: One full year on all parts and labor against any manufacturers defect. 90 day money back guarantee if customer not satisfied with performance and Date:____________________ Name:_____________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________ City, State Zip:_______________________________________ Phone:_____________________________________________ Amount enclosed:________________ Visa/MC with exp date:______________________________________________ Signature:__________________________________________

results of using Orgone Blanket. 25% Restocking Fee. Customer must keep written experimental notebook.

What is Orgone Energy ? The Nature of The Force may be felt as the tension and attraction between male and female...

Front and back view of three layer Orgone Energy Accumulator Blanket: This device is a "component" of The Force. This energy is living (Life Energy) and was discovered by Wilhelm Reich, MD in the period of 1925-1957. Libido, Id, Human Sexualit y, Prana, Zero-point, Tachyon, Subtle, Scalar, Chi, Great Spirit, Creator, God, Odic Force, Animal Magnetism, and other names are given to the energy that the FDA declared: "Does not exist". THIS DEVICE IS A BANNED MEDICAL INSTRUMENT!

In these late days before the New Age breaks in upon us; with War Clouds gathering; with Freedom on the March; with Shock and Awe of sudden Democracy delivered by aircraft carrier and cruise missile; with Christianity rising; with Revival Fires burning: With all these we can remember the words of Chairman Mao: "Cast away illusions and prepare for Struggle". Take action now! Make yourself an Orgone Energy Blanket and "Take Back your Power" .

Three Layer Orgone Energy Accumulator Blanket! Invented by Wilhelm Reich, MD. Charges your body with "The
Force" (Prana, Chi, Tachyon) Made from 100 % heavy wool blanket for Organic Layers. Made from Galvanized steel and Stainless Steel screen for Metallic Layers. (Three Layer Orgone Accumulator Blanket) Use Orgone Blanket for an array of effects but not for healing or medical purposes to benefit any disease or condition or health. Five feet long, three feet wide; big enough for two; 20 lbs; Royal Blue in color; Price $46939