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5 Steps On How To Expand Your Territories

Heres The Truth: Youre Only Limited By Your Love & Imagination!

By Bo Sanchez
Many people ask me how Im able to do all that I do. Let me give you an idea of my responsibilities (Warning: Some people actually feel tired just reading this list, so take a deep breath) I lead 4 ministry organizations. I speak in a daily Radio show, a weekly TV program, and a daily video show at Each year, I churn out 3 books, produce 4 audio/video teaching series, and write more than 200+ articles. I publish 7 magazines, maintain 4 websites, send out my online newsletter and write my blog at this website. I lead a virtual community called the Kerygma Family and oversee an incredible sales force called the Kerygma Ambassadors. I also travel extensively, preaching 300+ times a year all over the Philippines and around the worldleading retreats, seminars, and prayer rallies. I also am proud to say that I read all my email and respond to most of them. As if these arent enough, there are a few personal things that I do I run a homeschool center to help parents learn how to homeschool their kids (If youre interested, log onto I lead a financial consultancy organization to teach Filipinos how to save for their future. I operate a tiny organic farm, a real estate business, and manage a few more small businesses. (Plus, my 7-year old boy still has his Bangus business, and hes hired me to be his marketing consultant.) Of course, Im fanatical about spending time with my family. I play with my sons everyday and still bring my beautiful wife once a week in a romantic date. We also have 4 family vacations every year, and 2 of those vacations are long 2-week trips! And each year, I read 3 books a week, listen to the same number of audio books, and each year read thousands of magazine and internet articles. Oh, before I forget, let me mention that I hop on a stationary bike one hour a day. How do I do all these things? Let me share with you five principles Key #1: Believe Youre Bigger

Its common fact that we only use 10% of our brains capacity. Can you believe that? Were wasting 90% of what God has given to us! I believe God has given us more capacities than we think we have. The ultimate crime is that we belittle ourselves. We think were insects, so we live an insect life, but actuallywere giants! Because of this, I believe you can earn a ten times more than whatever youre earning right now. You can help ten times the number of people youre helping now. You can serve ten times more than whatever service youre doing now. Dont limit yourself. Youre bigger than you think you are. Key #2: Be Consistent With The Fundamentals Every morning, I enjoy time with God. Every morning, I chew on His Wordthe Bible. Every morning, I pray, Lord, let me love every person I meet today. Every morning, I read my life mission, my list of dreams, and my annual goals. And throughout the day, instead of exposing myself to bad news, I digest good news available around me: I voraciously read inspiring books and listen to inspiring audio talks. Every night, like a little boy, I kneel beside my bed and thank God for His blessings of that day. In other words, the reason why I live such an exciting life is because Im boring. Im monotonous. Im repetitive. I do the same basic things again and again and again and again I now realize that the reason I can do all those thrilling, exciting, exhilarating stuff is because I do the boring basics every single day of my life. Everyday, Im grateful. Everyday, I think

positive. Everyday, I love. Everyday, I select what I watch, what I read, what I listen toand stick to what can make me grow. Every single day. The more I live on planet earth, the more I agree with Jim Rohn when he said that Theres really nothing mysterious or magical about success. Success is simply the consistent application of fundamentals. Be boringly consistent when it comes to the basics. And in time, youll find exciting success knocking at your door.

Key #3: Focus On Your Core Gift

I have very few talents. Honest! I dont know how to cook, how to dance, how to write a computer program, and how to solve the Rubix cube. I dont know how to do geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Im totally lost in chemistry, physics, and biology. I also cant fix a leaking faucet or do carpentry or repair my car. But this is what I can do very well: Communicate. So I focus my entire life on that one thing. I write well and I speak well. Period. And I delegate everything to people who are better than I am. Ask yourself now: What is my core gift? I have a general rule I follow in my life: I dont like complicating things just to impress you. So instead of giving you 329 psychological questions filled with scientific babble to discover your core gift (so I could impress you on how intelligent I am), let me just boil it down to 2 very simple questions. Stop reading this book until you answered both of these questions. y What do you enjoy doing? y What are you good at For some of you, its technology. For some of you, its teaching. For some of you, its selling stuff.

For some of you, its cooking. For some of you, its music. For some of you, its advanced trigonometry. (Yes, Ive heard there are such strange creatures walking on the face of the earth.)

Key #4: Build Your Network

My wealth isnt my money. My real wealth is my network of friends. Personally, I dont think anything great is accomplished without a team. Even Jesus had a team around him. A few months ago, I was reading about the interesting world of horse-pulling competitions. Thats where huge horses the size of elephants pull massive concrete blocks behind them. Did you know that the grand champion horse could pull the incredible weight of 4,500 pounds? If the average weight of a Filipino is 140 pounds (which happens to be my weight before I eat my breakfast), that means this super horse could carry 32 Filipinoswithout wheels! That monster could pull me, my wife, my kids, my parents, my siblings, their spouses, their kids, and all my in-laws combined. And the second placer horse can pull only slightly lower than the first placer: 4,400 pounds. That was when the organizers got curious. If these two horses pulled together, how many pounds could they carry? Could they pull 8,900 pounds? They harnessed both horses and were shocked with the results. Both horses, when pulling together, carried the mind-blowing weight of 12,000 pounds. Thats 85 Filipinos. My message? Teams are powerful. Alone, I can do a lot of things. But with my team, I dont add but multiply what I can do. I keep networking. I circulate. I meet people. I build bridges.

So I surround myself with a bunch of people who have impeccable character and fantastic skills. I network with Mentors, Preachers, Administrators, Accountants, Programmers, Lawyers, Financial Wizards, Multi-millionaires, Media Experts, Businessmen, Architects, Engineers, etc And everyday, I constantly expand my team.

Key #5: Create An Autopilot System

Every time I enter into a project, I always do it with a team around me. Never alone. And I choose my team well. I have a very simple criteria: I choose men and women who are humble (teamplayers) and who are experts in their field. In other words, I search for impeccable character and fantastic skills. And together, we create a system for the project thats replicable and duplicable. In other words, its got to run on autopilot without my direct supervision. Heres my ideal leader: If I appoint someone to be project head (or organization director or business manager), and after six months, I dont want him to bother me anymore except for major directional issues. If he still bothers me for tiny matters, Ive chosen the wrong leaderor I trained him wrongly.

If You Love, The Universe Opens Up To You

Heres what Ive learned: Love is limitless! It has no boundaries. I do what I do because I want to love people. Each morning, I wake up and ask myself, How can I bless people today? And so I stretch. I go just a teensy bit beyond what I think is my limitand my capacities expandbecause I want to bless the world.

The Missing Link Of Success: Who Are Your Mentors?

The Missing Link Of Success: Who Are Your Mentors? Yesterday, I finally met him. My mentor on the stock market. Okay, let me backtrack a bit. When I got married at 32 years old, my life changed. From a single missionary wandering around the country (and the world) without a centavo in my pocket, I now needed to make serious money fast. The Bible doesnt say, Man doesnt live on bread but on every Word that comes from the mouth of God. One word is missing. The Bible says, Man doesnt live on bread alone but on every Word That means I still need to eat bread even if I have the Word of God! But I knew next to nothing about money. And boy, did I need to change my psychology of money in my brain. Because deep inside, I knew I was programmed to be poor. I had to unlock my brain from a distorted theology of wealththat money was bad, that rich people were crooks, and that God wanted me to be poor, etc (To know more about what Im talking about, read my newest book 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich. To get your copy, go to now. But people who support our ministry KerygmaFamily get a FREE autographed copy as my big thank you gift to them. Join now at and receive a ton of blessing.) Once my psychological wallet grew (and did this take a long time!), I was ready to earn money. But how? Immediately, I knew my missing link to success: I had no Financial Mentors. I Had Mentors For Every Area Of My Life Except You see, I had mentors for my spiritual life. I had mentors for my family life. I even had a mentor for my ministry life. And much of my success came from the fact that I had these wonderful people who taught me, inspired me, and showed me the way. But I had no financial mentors in my life! So I prayed to God for mentors to lead me in my journey to financial abundance. First, I searched for successful entrepreneurs among my friends. I made a bee-line towards a few multi-millionaires I knew and invited them for lunch. I picked their brains and took down copious notes. I then put up my small businesses, lost money, tried something else, failed again, until I found my niche. Today, my little businesses are doing well. It was time to conquer another financial mountain Can I Buy Real Estate If I Have No Money? Second, I read that almost all wealthy people have real estate investments. I had none. So I prayed that God give me a mentor in real estate. But I had a preference: I wanted a specific type of mentorsomeone who was doing Robert Kiyosakis kind of real estate as outlined in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, here in the Philippines. He bought foreclosed properties from banks and turned them around for a profit. Reason: I had no

money to invest in real estate! But Kiyosaki said that with his system, you dont need money. You could get the property from the bank for a tiny amount (which you could borrow somewhere else) and start earning from day onenot when it appreciates in value. Was there a guy already in the Philippines doing this thing? After one year of praying and waiting, all the while reading books on real estate and attending seminars on real estateboomI bumped into Larry Gamboa in Powerbooks. He was an old friend that I have not met in years. I asked him, What are you doing Larry? and he answered me, Im investing in real estate, buying foreclosed properties and turning them around, just like Robert Kiyosaki in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. When he said that, I felt like Heaven opening up and God giving me a wink. So I asked Larry to mentor me and we did some properties together. Today, we are partners in Think Rich Pinoy Millionaire Network where people can simply get a franchise of the system he uses to earn through real estate. He provides everything his personal coaching, the entire system, the legal documents, the bank procedures, from A to Z. (You can read Larrys two great books, Think Rich, Pinoy and Grow Rich, Pinoy. Go to now.) Collect Specific Pieces Of PaperAnd Youll Be Rich! Now that I had businesses and real estate under my belt, I knew I had to conquer a third asset that all wealthy people have: Paper Assets. That usually meant mutual funds and stocks, and I had zero knowledge about them. Again, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Because soon, I began to bump into experts in mutual funds and insurance. I wont tell you his name, but I met one of my primary mentors on mutual funds and insurance sitting beside me on the plane. Heres the funny thing: Because there were too many people in Economy, I was bumped up into Business Class. Thats why I ended up sitting beside him. God was winking at me again. Through my mentors, I ended up becoming a broker for mutual funds and other paper assetsnot for one, but for many mutual fund companies. So I asked questions. I asked for training. I latched onto my mentors like a leech and sucked them dry. As my financial mentors grew, so did my money grow as well. I began to invest tiny amounts each month into various mutual fundsbalanced fund, equity funds, peso funds, dollar funds, euro funds It was incredible. This guy who, only a few years ago, kept his entire life savings hidden inside his bedroom (third drawer, beneath my briefs and socks), ran now small businesses, sold rent-to-own apartments (so I dont really own them anymore), and paper assets in various currencies and companies. It was a wild journey. Stock MarketIsnt That Like Gambling? Finally, there was this one area that I wasnt touching with a ten-foot pole: Stocks. I knew it required financial wisdom that I didnt have. Again, I attended seminars on stocks, read books on stocks, and kept asking around. I met countless of investors and brokers, but none of them were real masters in the field.

I needed a master. So for three years, I prayed for a mentor, but none was coming. It wasnt yet time. Yesterday, I met him. Finally. After three long years of praying. I cant divulge his name because he doesnt want to be named, but hes a multi-multimillionaire (in dollar figures) who made his money through stocks. He called me. (Which brings me to another core belief that I have: What I need comes to me.) He said he read my book, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich, loved it, and wanted to have lunch with me. And as he spoke of his 30 years of investing in stocks (globally), all I could do was listen in rapt awe. Believe me, the wisdom he distilled to me in our three hours conversation cant be covered by a hundred seminars from other speakers who simply read a book or worked the stocks for a few years. This guy had 30 years of experience behind him. Basically, he talked about the science of investing in the stock market. Its not just an art, he said, or he wont be able to teach it to me. Its not gambling. Its a science. He created a method that gets results. He said I could do it too. And you know what? You can too. All you need are mentors. People whove done it before and can teach you how. (You can read how to meet my mentors below in my PS.) Mentors. Its the missing link to your success. Pray for them. I remain your friend, Bo Sanchez PS. Im giving another How To Be Truly Rich Seminar on July 21, 2007. To join this directional-changing and powerful Seminar, call Beckie at Tel. (02) 7229562 or email her at Though the real cost of the seminar is P2,000++, were giving it at the give-away price of P475 per person only. Our team is subsidizing it and making it affordable. Why? So we can help as many people change their financial life. (Note: The first 20 people to register get the early bird price of P375. Hurry!) Call Beckie at Tel. (02) 7229562 or email her at now. PS2. A tidal wave of people have been writing me, asking me to be their financial mentor too. So Ive decided to invite a small group of people to our Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program starting this August, 2007. Its by invitation onlyfor people who are serious in learning financial abundance. It includes face-to-face, one-on-one coaching by my mentors themselves. Thats right. The same people who taught me will teach those in the program. But because its a small group, Im setting up requirements. First requirement: People qualified to join the Coaching Program are those who have already finished my How To Be Truly Rich Seminar. Because the psychology and theology of wealth has to be established first or the Coaching Program wont work.

29 Simple Things You Can Do To Have A Fantastic 2011

No long article from me today. This will be short. My message today: The keys to success are simple. I believe that real genius lies in sticking to the simple. Today, Id like to spoon feed you. Id like to give you 29 simple things that you can do this year that will revolutionize your life. If you do these 29 simple things, 2011 will be a blast. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Laugh with inspiring friends at least once a week or more Have Mentors in the most important areas of your life Walk 30 minutes a day Use your talents for God by serving in a ministry Invest 20% of your income every month Read one inspiring book a month Cut TV watching to the barest minimum (Zero is a good number) Limit newspaper reading to 5 minutes or less a day Take vacations often Eat fruits for breakfast Always have a salad for lunch and dinner Start a business (or improve your business) this year Always be grateful to God and others Always live by your deepest values Spend time with God everyday Play with your kids at least once a day (If you dont have any, borrow.) Have a weekly date with your spouse (If you dont have any, dont borrow!) Date your parents regularly Before you sleep, remove all anger by forgiveness Be the kindest person you can be Find your passion and live it fully Give more hugs (and receive as many) Listen to understand, not to reply Celebrate more often Put people over projects

26. Enjoy quiet and solitude 27. Always give 10% of your income to God 28. Keep dreaming I have a 29th thing I would like to recommend to you: Join me at our weekly Feast and change your life forever. Bring your friends and family. Everyone is welcome. For venues and time of the nearest Feast in your area, email Annie at What happens at the Feast? This January, youll hear an exciting teaching series entitled, Drenched. Youll learn the 4 crucial Steps to receive an overflow of abundant blessings this 2011. I guarantee youll love it! May your dreams come true, Bo Sanchez PS. Do you need daily Bible readings for 2011? Get the daily Bible readings plus short, inspiring reflectionsin your email inboxwhen you join KerygmaFamily. Its free. For more information, log on at PS2. Are you interested to homeschool your kids? My wife and I have been homeschooling our kids for 7 years now. And our children have grown so much because of it. To know more about this crazy option, watch my video at

Allow Love To Heal You

Conclusion: Youre Gods Very Own. (Note: This is Part 8 of the 8-Part Series, How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Now!) Let me share with you a story that blessed me deeply. I read it from the Chicken Soup series,but let me paraphrase it for you here. One day, Abbie, a social worker, received a call from an orphanage. Could she find foster parents for a particular baby, they asked.

Abbie visited the orphanage and saw a cute little baby standing on the crib. The baby smiled at her and she smiled back. When she knelt down in front of the infant, it was only then when she discovered that the baby had no arms. The person in charge of the orphanage asked Abbie, Do you think therell be parents who would want this child? For the next four months, there were many couples that visited that orphanage, looking for a child. But no one wanted Baby Freddie. One day, Abbie got a call from a Mr. and Mrs. Pearson. They said they wanted to adapt a child. She paid them a visit. We dont have much money, but we have much love to give, the couple said. Any preferences? Abbie asked. A boy, Mrs. Pearson said, my husband will play basketball with him. Hell be good for a boy. How long will it take before we can adapt a baby? Mrs. Pearson asked. Well, perhaps in a year, Abbie said. Isnt there a baby we can adapt now? Mr. Pearson asked. Abbie sighed. She opened her bag and pulled out the photo of Baby Freddie. Hes an adorable child, she said, except that he has no arms. The couple looked at the photo for a long time. It was Mr. Pearson who spoke first. What do you think? he asked his wife. Football, she said, He can play football with you. Sports isnt really that important, he said. No, it is. A boy needs to have a sport. They kept on talking as if Abbie wasnt around. Finally, Abbie interrupted, Do you want the baby? Mrs. Pearson said, Want? Want the baby? Abbie, you dont understand. This baby is ours! Abbie brought Mr. and Mrs. Pearson to the orphanage. She presented Baby Freddie to them. And Mr. and Mrs. Pearson saw him, rushed to him, and embraced their son in their arms.

He Sees You Differently Ive met a lot of people who believe theyre like Freddie. Do you feel defective? Deformed? Lacking? Deep within you, you think that youre not normal. That theres something wrong with you. Well, God doesnt agree. Hes like Mr. and Mrs. Pearson. He doesnt think youre defective at all. He says, Youre mine. Youre my child. Today, allow God to embrace you. And in that embrace, be healed. I remain your friend, Bo Sanchez PS. This is the last part of our 8-part series. Were you blessed? Hey, Good News! (Especially to those who want to help their loved ones experience freedom) I made these series of articles into my newest Book! Ill be launching it on November 23 at the Kerygma Conference. It will be entitled 7 Secrets to Real Freedom: How To Stop Hidden Addictions and Achieve Great Success. I just know it will be like a nuclear bomb, exploding the bondages of many people. When it finally comes out, promise to share this book to others! PS2. By the way, I preached the same powerful message of this book to a live audience of thousands. I preached 8 talks with passionand I regret that sometimes, that passion doesnt get expressed when you read a book. I urge you to get my 8 Teaching Audio CD set entitled, How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits. Youll further deepen your understanding of the messages you read in this book. And I guarantee that these powerful truths will grip your heart more. For details, call Tel. (632) 7259999 now! Dont delay!

Always Plant For The Long Term

Today, Im starting a brand new series called Seasons. Let me ask you a question: What season are you in?

Filipinos dont think in term of seasons often. Because we only have two seasons: Hot and Very Hot. But when you go to Europe and the US, they have 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. And I believe the 4 seasons symbolize the 4 phases of our life journey. Each season is beautiful. One season isnt better than the other. Each season gives you special gifts. But you need to know how to receive all these gifts. Spring represents youth, ages 1 to 20. Summer represents adulthood, ages 21 to 40. Autumn represents maturity, ages 41 to 60. Winter represents seniority, ages 61 and onwards.

Are You Maximizing Your Seasons Blessings?

Every season requires a right response. The Bible says, For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1) Let me give you an analogy. When its raining, you bring an umbrella. When its scorching hot, you bring a fan. When its cold, you bring a jacketand a camera. (Ive noticed that Filipinos wear jackets not because its cold but because we look cool.) Youll look pretty foolish if its cold and you bring a fan. Or its hot and you bring a jacket. Let me say it again. Every season requires a right response. Why? Each season brings specially-made, tailor-fit, God-appointed, Heavencrafted blessings for that season. To maximize your blessings for each season, you need to do the right response. Here are the right responses for each of the 4 seasons: During spring, you plant. During summer, you work.

During autumn, you harvest And during winter, you renew. Please know that these activities arent exclusive to the season. Of course, you can mix them up. You can renew during summer, and you can work during spring, and so on. But if you mix them up, you wont maximize the blessings of the season that you are in. For the next four weeks, Ill share with you these 4 Seasons.

What Season Im In Now

But Ive realized were not just living in one season. I noticed that I could experience one season in one area and another season in another area. For example, because I started in the spiritual life when I was 12, its autumn in my spiritual life. Im harvesting now. But in my financial life, its still summer for me. Summer means work. And yes, Im working very hard. Because I started late. I began working on my finances when I was 30 years old. And because I got married at age 32, its still summer for me too in my family life. I still have small kids and Im busy building my relationships with them. (Two weeks from now, Im taking a three-day trip with my 6-year old boy. Just the two of us. While walking under a canopy of stars, Ill tell my little Francis, I love you, son. Thats where I am nowworking hard to build my relationships with my kids.) Let me ask you. In each area of your life, what season are you in?

God Wants You To Bear Fruit

The Bible says, He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season In all that he does, he prospers. (Psalms 1:3) What is God telling you? That youre the tree. And He is the stream. As long as the tree is near the stream, that tree will always bear fruitbecause it has an unending supply of water. As long as you live near the Blesser, youll bear fruit. Your blessings will come. Youll work will prosper. Your success will be at hand.

Let me tell you a story. My wife loves crabs. She doesnt eat as much today because she knows its not the healthiest food in the world. (It was a dark day for her when I gave my talks in Awaken The Healer In Youbecause I said that crabs and crustaceans were scavengers and eat toxinsand are therefore not very healthy for us.) Once upon a time, she used to eat lots of it. She was telling me that she went with a few crab-loving friends to an Eat-All-You-Can Buffet. Their goal was to eat crabs only. They didnt know there were other people in that buffet who had the same idea. So the moment the plate of crabs arrived on the buffet table, the crabs would be wiped out in ten seconds. So the next time they ate there, they knew what to do. They chose the table closest to the crabs. Whenever the waiter came with a fresh plate of crabs, she and her friends would stand up and be the first in line. They positioned themselves near the source of supply. In life, thats what you need to do. If you want blessing, youve got to live near the Blesser. Dont wander far. Dont walk away. Dont live at the periphery. Go where God is and plant yourself near Him and never let go. Because God is the source of your promotion. God is the source of your health. God is the source of your wisdom. God is the source of your miracles. The Bible also says, But I will bless those who put their trust in me. They are like trees growing near a stream and sending out roots to the water. They are not afraid when hot weather comes, because their leaves stay green; they have no worries when there is no rain; they keep on bearing fruit. (Jeremiah 17:8) I love the line, They have no worries when there is no rain. Face it. There are times in your life when there is no rain. There are times when your eyes search the horizon and there is no physical evidence of the blessings of God. When you look at your bank account, there is no money. When you look at your body, there is no health. When you look at your relationships, there is no love. But the Bible says that we walk by faith, not by sight. (1 Corinthians 5:7) Even if your physical eyes cant see the blessing yet, say, Wherever the Blesser goes, the blessing follows. And I have the Blesser!

When there seems to be no rain yet, say, Though the economy is bad, God will still bless me. Though the medical report isnt good, God will still bless me. Though I have problems in my work, God will still bless me. Though I have conflicts in my family, God will still bless me. Though there is no rain, God will still bless me.

Plant For The Long Term

Let me talk about the Season of Spring. How do you live near the Blesser during spring? Age 1 to 20 reflects the Season of Spring, the Season of Planting. But if youre starting anything new in your life, its still spring in that area, no matter what your age. And the response being required by that season is to plant for the long term. I have a friend who is in his early 50s. Lets call him Late Louie. Through the years, Late Larry earned a lot of money. But through all those years, he never saved. He just spent and spent and spent. Recently, he read my financial books and attended my financial seminars. Today, Late Louie is a changed man. Hes now started to invest. So even if hes in his 50s, its still spring in his financial life. I told Louie, You need to plant for the long-term. Louie isnt planting today and expecting to harvest tomorrow. Louie is planting everydayand hes expecting to harvest 10 years from now.

Planting For the Long Term In Your Marriage

I know a married couple who have been married for almost 20 years. Lets call them King Kong and Godzila. Because for all those 20 years, they were like King Kong and Godzilla to each other. They were monsters. They fought everyday. It was hell in their home. But recently, both joined the Feast (our weekly gathering). King Kong and Godzilla gave their lives to Jesus more deeply. And Im happy to say that God is healing their marriage. And for the first time, theyre respecting each other. Theyre serving each other.

Its awkward. Theyre not used to it. King Kong feels awkward when he tells his wife, Thank you for preparing dinner. It was delicious. Nor is Godzilla used to telling her husband when he gets home from work, I appreciate you working so hard for the family. Though theyre in their late forties and married for twenty years, theyre still in the spring of their marriage. I told them what I told Louie: Plant for the long-term. Dont expect everything will be rosy. Old habits of selfishness die hard. But keep planting seeds of respect. Seeds of service. Seeds of trust. And due time, youll harvest big time. Heres what I realized. In life, long-term is almost always better than shortterm. Almost nothing great comes out of short-term. Long-term thinking is better than short-term thinking. Long-term relationships are better than short-term relationships. Long-term investments are better than short-term investments. Long-term businesses are better than short-term businesses. Brewed coffee is better than instant coffee. Oven-baked food is better than microwave-cooked food. Slow-cooked meal is better than instant noodles. God is always long-term. How long? Eternally long.

Three Important Seeds

There are three seeds you need to plant during the Season of Spring: o Plant your long-term Dreams o Plant your long-term Teams o Plant your long-term Learnings

1. Plant Your Dream:

Life is like a long car trip. Before you ride the car, you need to define where you want to go. Imagine if every morning, I ride the car and I wave to my wife, See you, sweetheart.

Wherere you going? she asks me. Imagine if I tell her, I dont know. Ill just ride. Wouldnt that be insane? But thats how many people live their lives today. Theyre driving their cars, going in circles. Let me say it again. Life is like a long car trip. Youve got to define where youre going. Listen: You were born for greatness. God created you to go somewhere. God made you for a divine purpose. Youre supposed to bless the world in a very special way. This divine purpose is connected to how He made you. He gave you a specific passion. He gave you a specific personality. He gave you specific preferences and potentials and possibilities. All of which are connected to your divine purpose. The Bible says, For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm. (Jeremiah 29:11) During spring, you need to plant your long-term dreams. Living near the Blesser means going where God wants you to go. Because where He wants you to go is the place of prosperity. A long time ago, in the Light of Jesus Family, we used to have a 3-page mission and vision statements. But no one remembered them. Today, weve shrunk them to four words. Our mission: Make disciples. Our vision: 1000 Feasts. Having a focused, simple dream is powerful. Everyone rallies behind it. We know what we want. And yes, well make it happen.

2. Plant Your Team:

Knowing where to go is important. But knowing who will go with you is equally important. Choosing your Team is as important as choosing your Target. If your dream is long-term, youve got to choose a long-term team as well.

Because life is a long car trip, you need to choose the people who will be in the car with you. If you have the right people in the car, you can do almost anything. The Bible says, And I tell you more: whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven. (Matthew 18:19 ) One of the greatest blessings that God gives a person is having the right team around you. I started Light of Jesus Family 31 years ago with a bunch of guys that are still serving with me to this very day. I dont count in days, weeks, months, or years. I count in decades. If you want to be successful, you should too.

3. Plant your Learning:

Spring is a time of making mistakes, taking risks, getting messy. When youre young, when youre starting out, dont play it safe. Dont avoid mistakes! If you avoid mistakes, youll avoid victory. Dont be afraid of mistakes. Because many mistakes are short-term. But the lessons from those mistakes can be long-term. During spring, plant your long-term learnings. During spring, dont be afraid of taking risks. (But at Autumn or Winter, you dont take too many risks. Its a different world!) Heres the truth: The only way to speed up your success rate is by speeding up your failure rate. In life, there are no failures. Only lessons. When Israel left slavery in Egypt, Moses led them to the edge of the promised land. Israel sent 12 spies to scout the areaand everyone of those 12 spies reported to the people that the land was flowing with milk and honey. But despite what they saw, only 2 out of the 12 spies said, Lets take the land! 10 out of the 12 spies said, We cant take the land. Well be crushed by the giants. The people of Israel believed in the 10 spies and decided to play it safe. And because they played it safe, they got stuck in the desert for 40 years. Do you feel youre stuck? Do you feel like youre moving in circles?

Its because during your spring, like the Israelites, you preferred safety over growth. You cant do that. If youre still in your springtime, you need to take calculated, well-studied, well-researched risks to grow. I remember a young woman who was stuck with her boyfriend. All her friends have told her, Hes not good for you. Hes a bum. Hes an alcoholic. Get rid of him. But she couldnt. In her mind, she said, If I get rid of him, who will take his place? She preferred safety over growth. It was a fatal decision. I remember a man who came up, saying, Bo, Ive had the same job for 12 years. Ive never been promoted all this time. I asked him, Why havent you moved? But I already knew the answer. He preferred safety over growth. In the past 30 years, Light of Jesus Family made a lot of mistakes. I can write an entire book just about our mistakes. And believe me, that book will be as thick as the Bible. But it is because of those mistakesand the mercy of Godthat made us who we are today. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is, We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28) Dont be afraid of making mistakes. Plant for long-term! May your dreams come true, Bo Sanchez PS. Last Call: My Financial Coaching Program on May 20 to 21. Im posting this here without asking my staff whether there are still seats available. (Yikes.) Last time I heard, it was almost full. Anyway, if you want to join me, just try. On these two exciting days, my own financial mentors will explain how to create passive income through various investments such as Equity Funds, Stock Market, Business, etc. If you want to join me, click here.

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