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ECM586 Special Topics in Embedded Systems

Lab 1. Install Skyeye and ARM cross-compiler and run the prebuilt uClinux image

In this lab, we are going to install Skyeye, a software model of the AT91 chip, test-run some sample assembly programs and a compiled uClinux binary. Follow the steps below.

Install Skyeye
1. Make a directory under your home directory and change to the directory mkdir embedded cd embedded 2. Download skyeye-1.2.6_rc1.tar.bz2 either from www.skyeye.orgor from 3. Move the downloaded file to ./embedded directory and untar (uncompress) it mv ~/Download/skyeye-1.2.6_rc1.tar.bz2 . tar jxvf skyeye-1.2.6_rc1.tar.bz2 4. Change directory to skyeye-1.2.6_rc1 cd skyeye-1.2.6_rc1 5. Follow the steps below to compile skyeye (check out the README file, too) ./configure make It will generate an executable skyeye in the current directory Type ./skyeye to see if it runs ok 6. Set the path to run skyeye anywhere in your system In the Bourne shell (bash), edit the .bashrc in your home directory vi ~/.bashrc PATH=$PATH:$HOME/embedded/skyeye-1.2.6_rc1 export PATH Check if it is included in the path source ~/.bashrc which skyeye // this command will print out the path where the skyeye executable is located

Install the ARM cross-compiler

1. Download an ARM cross-compiler as instructed on either from or from 2. Move the downloaded tarball to the embedded directory and install the cross-compiler cd ~/embedded mv ~/Download/arm-linux-tools-20061213.tar.gz . tar zxvf arm-linux-tools-20061213.tar.gz C / You need a root privilege to do this

Test-run a simple assembly program

1. Click on a downloads tab on You will be directed to a sourceforge site 2. Download a testsuite skyeye-testsuite-1.2.5.tar.bz2 either from the sourceforge site or from 3. Move the download file to ~/embedded directory and untar (uncompress) it mv ~/Download/skyeye-testsuite-1.2.5.tar.bz2 . tar jxvf skyeye-testsuite-1.2.5.tar.bz2 4. Change directory to ./skyeye-testsuite-1.2.5/code_coverage/arm_testcase cd ./skyeye-testsuite-1.2.5/code_coverage/arm_testcase 5. Edit Makefile vi Makefile Change arm-elf-??? to arm-linux-??? 6. Edit hello.c vi hello.c add a line at the top of the file void putc(char); 7. Compile the hello.c with make (open Makefile with vi to see what it does) make 8. Run the hello executable with skyeye

skyeye e hello You should be able to see hello world at the bottom of the message Not so cute though!

Run a prebuilt (precompiled) uClinux image

1. Download the following three files. conf 2. Move the files to the ~/embedded directory cd ~/embedded mv ~/Download/bootrom . // part of precompiled uClinux image mv ~/Download/linux . // precompiled uClinux image mv ~/Download/myskyeye.conf . // memory configuration file 3. Run the uClinux image on the Skyeye skyeye c myskyeye.conf -e linux You should be able to see the following screen 4. Type ls al inside uClinux shell to see what you have ls -al