Reading Section (Units 5- 6)

1. Weekend Stories
These people are talking about their activities during the weekend. Read their stories and answer the questions (Activity 9)


KELLY “I had a great weekend. I went to my best friend HELEN’S wedding. She got married at home. All her friends and family went. She looked fantastic! She wore a beautiful dress. After the ceremony, her parents served a wonderful meal. I’m really happy for her. And I really like her husband!” ANITA “I went to Easter Island with a group from the university. We stayed with families that live on the island. We studied the stone statues, and the cave paintings. I really learned a lot. I’m tired but I loved every minute of my trip.”

ERIN “I had an interesting weekend. I went camping for the first time. My friends took me. We left on Saturday and drove to the campsite. First, we put up the tent. Then we built a fire, cooked dinner, and told stories. We got up early on Sunday and went fishing. I caught a fish! I didn’t really like camping, but I learned a lot.”

did yoga.” READING SECTION (Unit 3) . I am so tired! “I relaxed a lot. including some caribou. our car broke down! I called my parents. We finally got home at ten this morning. Then we took boats to the Arctic Ocean. My friends and I went to a rock concert. I also went swimming.ROBERT LUIS “I had an awful weekend. I spent my whole weekend at a spa. we are planning to go to the Amazonas. meditated. and they came for us. I saw a lot of wildlife. I exercised. and ate vegetarian food. It’s fantastic!” KEVIN “I went with my family to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We camped outside for ten days. Now I feel very well rested. Now. I had a terrible time! It took three hours to drive there. I didn’t like the music at all! And after the concert ended.

Here's an advance look at the highlights of the map: READING SECTION (Unit 9) .5 degrees C) over the next century. Natural Resources Defense Council. called fingerprints. Local impact remains unpredictable: some areas could suffer stronger storms and other places severe drought. Reviewed by a team of scientists.3 degrees F (3. trapping heat on the earth's surface. and we are already seeing heat waves. U. and events that could become more frequent and widespread with climate change. melting polar ice and rising seas. Here are some telltale signs. Union of Concerned Scientists. Carbon dioxide and other gases from the burning of fossil fuels collect in the atmosphere and act like the glass walls of a greenhouse. which are labeled harbingers.have put together a world map showing "early-warning signs" of global warming. Scientists predict that the planet's average temperature could rise as much as 6. World Resources Institute and World Wildlife Fund.2. the signs fall into two categories: direct manifestations of warming. Seven environmental groups -Environmental Defense Fund.S. Sierra Club. Public Interest Research Group. GLOBAL WARMING MAP: GREENHOUSE EFFECTS Unfortunately global warming is well under way.

Young women those without family responsibilities. incomes and few The rise of women in paid employment and the corresponding increase in disposable income has fuelled the increase in alcohol consumption. among both women and men.3. . CHANGING LIFESTYLES The past couple of decades have seen the rise of a class of professionals in their 20s and 30s who typically have high disposable responsibilities. The tendency towards "extended youth" people putting off marriage and children may well have contributed towards the trend of higher consumption of alcohol.seem best able to fund the habit.

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