Syllabus Tortsflssues in Law and Societv Summer SecondTerm 2011 BV 1.312 Professor Mel Laracey Office: BV 4.

380 (DT Campus) Phone:458-2542(offi ce), 277 -6464(home),e-mail: Office hours: l2:30-l:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and by appointment Introduction. Welcometo the study of one of the basic subjectareasin American law: /orfs. Using the "case method" and a law school textbook, we will learn about the various basesfor personal injury liability, the defensesthat can be raised to such liability claims, and other related issues. At the end of the course,you will have a good understandingof what law school is like, and how to approachyour studiesthere. Course Work. You are expectedto come to class having read the assignedreadings,and prepared discussthem in depth. Classes to quiz to will usually begin with a one-question check whether you did the assignedreadingsfor that day; if you did, you should have no trouble answeringthe question. There will also be a final examination. Your grade will be determinedas follows: daily quizzes,20%o; classparticipation (frequency and quality, as well as attendance),20o/o; exam,60yo(in law school,your whole grade can final dependon the final). Texts. The following book is requiredfor the course: Casesand Materials on Torts (third edition, 2004, West Publishing Company), by David W. Robertson, William Powers,Jr., David A. Anderson,and Olin Guy Wellborn,


Note: This syllabus, including the assignedreadingsand reading schedule,may be revisedas the courseprogresses. alert for changes. Be

Course Outline, Timeline, and Reading Assignments July 8. CourseIntroduction July 1l. Getting Started:Legal Process and Terminology Chapter I July 12,13,14. IntentionalTorts ChapterII, pages8- 18 (first class),18-32(next two classes) July 15, 18, 19. IntentionalTorts: Defenses ChapterII, pages49-72.

s August 8.271_303 August10. August3.July 20. Chapter VIII. More on "Legal"or "proximate" causeIssues -201. Duty 5. 350_353.-I p.Damages. 26. Cause Fact in Chapter pages IV.proximate" Cause Issues Chapter pages169-193 V. "Legal"or.m. August 11.28..209-21 Chapter 193 V. Chapter pages VI. Unintentional Torts--Negligence Chapter pages73-96 III.9. 96-l l5 July27.m. Course Wrap-UpandReview Friday. Finar Exam (for both crass sectionil. 314-319. pages 325-337. 21. 10:30 a.150-l5g August1. . 116-143. Vicarious Liability. August 12 . Unintentional Torts-Negligence(continued) Chapter pages III. Chapter pages VII. July22. 216- 25.

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