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About YALE

YALE Consultancy Sdn Bhd is an international

professional service firm in Malaysia. The
organisation is a dynamic practice providing
professional services in research and
development, training, corporate and

Discovering management consultancy and couching to its

clients. Our objective is to provide a high standard
of professional practice in every field for every

statistics using
one of our clients.

SPSS: Course Synopsis

Advanced This course is specially designed for providing

solution for various industry including
education, financial services, government,

techniques for
healthcare, insurance, marketing research,
retail and telecommunications. This workshop
is also specializes for post graduates
candidates who need to analyse data for their
researchers academic research paper. Statistics analysis is
essential provide information on answers for
enhancing performance and giving solution to
organisation. This workshop gives step-by-step
details usage of SPSS package to assist your
data analysis. Besides, interpretations of
results are discussed in details in this

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Objectives Programme Outline

• Introduction of statistics analysis The lecturer concerned may start the class
effectively with a lecture of the topic. This will be
followed by the class practical and case
• Interpretation of statistic analysis studies of the specific issues.
Days Assignments

Day 1 Some preliminaries

Exploring data
• Identify type of data scared used
• Choose the correct types of statistics Day 2 Correlation
• Analyse data independently
• Interpret data accurately Logistic regression

Day 3 Comparing two means

Who Should Attend
Comparing several means :
Statistics analysis consultant from education, ANOVA
financial services, government, healthcare,
insurance, marketing research, retail or
Complex ANOVA
anyone who have interest to learn more on
statistics analysis.
Day 4 Repeated measures designs

Course Method MANOVA

This course is highly interactive, inspiring and Day 5 Exploratory factor analysis
packed with fun. It consists of a lively mix of
group work, discussions on case studies, and
Day 6- Data Collection for a research
practical examples.

Day 15 Presentation of statistics output.

Method of payment

Price: RM 4 800/pax
Bank made payable to (please attach a copy of
payment slip)
Payee Name: Yale Consultancy Sdn Bhd