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Data Warehouse Basic Concepts Report Purpose of Analysis Evolution of Reporting Data- Information- Knowledge Decision What is an OLTP?

Characteristics of OLTP Architecture of Data Warehouse Advantages of Data Warehouse Goals of Data Warehouse Characteristics of Data Warehouse Difference between OLTP and Data Warehouse Dimensional Modeling Dimension and Fact Tables Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema Size of the Fact Table Surrogate Keys Time Dimension Grain Level Data Mart / Data Warehouse Top Down Vs Bottom Up Approach Staging Area Slowly Changing Dimension -Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 Conformed Dimension Degenerated Dimension Types of Fact Tables- Additive, Non Additive, Semi Additive Factless Fact Table Metadata Management Implementation Methodology

PowerCenter Components and User Interface PowerCenter Architecture PowerCenter Client Tools ETL Design Process Designer Client Tool Source Analyzer Target Designer

Mapping Designer Mapping Source Qualifier Transformation Expression Transformation Workflow Manager Client Tool Task Developer Workflow Designer Connections Lab Example Load Tgt_Emp Table

Source - Relational and Flat File - Relational Source - Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) - Lab BC 1 Load Tgt_Manufacturers Table

Lab BC 2 Load Tgt_Distributors Table Flat File Source Execution - Flat File as a Source Lab BC 3 Load Tgt_Company_Taxid Table

Source Qualifier - Join, Filter, Joiner, Multiple Target Load Source Qualifier Join, Filter Transformation Lab BC 4 Load Tgt_Emp_Dept Table Joiner Transformation Lab BC 5 Load Tgt_Product_Cost Table Multiple Target Load Multiple Filter Transformations Lab BC 6 Load Multiple Target Table s a.Tgt_Emp_1 b.Tgt_Emp_2 c.Tgt_Emp_3 Router, Joiner - Join Type s, Union

Multiple Target Load -

Multiple Target Load Router Transformation Lab BC 7 Load Multiple Target Table s a. Tgt_Emp_Rtr_1 b. Tgt_Emp_Rtr_2 c. Tgt_Emp_Rtr_3 d. Tgt_Emp_Rtr_4 Joiner Transformation - Join Type s a. Normal Join b. Master Outer Join c. Detail Outer Join d. Full Outer Join Lab BC 8 Load i.Tgt_Emp_Sal and ii. Error_Employees Table s Union Transformation Lab BC 9 Load Tgt_Items Table

Aggregator, Sorter, Rank, Update Strategy Aggregator Transformation Lab BC 10 Load Tgt_Sales Table Performance Tunning - Aggregator Transformation Sorter Transformation Lab BC 11 Load Tgt_Sales Table Rank Transformation Update Strategy Transformation Lab BC 12 Load Tgt_Rank_Sal Table

Sequence Generator, Stored Procedure Sequence Generator Transformation Stored Procedure Transformation Lab BC 13 Load Tgt_Vendors Table Active and Passive Transformations Connected and Unconnected Transformations Create Table- Target Designer Local Variable Expression Transformation Lab BC 14 Load Tgt_Employees Table

Lookup, Debugger, Normalizer Lookup Transformation Lab BC 15 Load Tgt_Emp_Sal and Error_Employees Table s Debugging Mappings Lab Using the Debugger - BC 15 Normalizer Transformation Lab BC 16 Load Tgt_Accounts

MINI CASE STUDY Implementation Methodology - Implementation Process of an Data Warehouse / Data Mart Project - Dev. / Test / Production Environment Staging, Dimension Load Target Override Load into Staging Tables Stg_Dealership, Stg_Customer, Stg_Employees, Stg_Product_Unit_Cost, Stg_Product, Stg_Sales_Transaction Multiple Pipeline Loading, Target Load Order Plan Lab CS - 1,2,3,4,5 Staging Table Load Dimension Table Dim_Dealership Expression Default Values Lab CS 6 Load Dim_Dealership Load - SCD Type 1


- SCD Type 1 - Dim_Customer - Lab CS 7 Load Dim_Customer Dimension Load SCD Type 2

- Multiple Source Files - SCD Type 2 Dim_Employees - Lab CS 8 Load Dim_Employees Dimension , Fact Load

Dimension Table- Dim_Product Lab CS 9 Load Dim_Product Fact Table- Fact_Sales Time Dimension Lab CS 10 Load Fact Sales

Loading Strategy - First Time Load or Initial Load or History Load - Incremental Loading - Load Window Incremental Loading Strategy, Parameters & Variables - Incremental Loading Strategy - Mapping Parameters and Variables

- Load into the Staging Table Stg_Dly_Transaction_Agg - Lab CS 11 Load Stg_Dly_Transaction_Agg Reusable Transformation, Incremental Aggregation, Mapplet Reusable Transformation Incremental Aggregation Load Lab CS 12 Load Fact_Product_Agg_Daily Mapplet

ADVANCED TOPICS FTP, Command Task, Email Task, Worklets and Other Tasks Reload Dim_Employees Sequential and Parallel Load File Transfer Protocol FTP Command Task, Email Task Worklets Link Conditions Workflow Scheduler 1 Dynamic Lookup Cache

Advance Topic

- Dynamic Lookup Cache - Lab Adv. 1 Load Tgt_Dyn_Customers Advance Topics 2 and 3 Constraint Based Loading Unconnected Lookup,

Unconnected Lookup Lab Adv. 2 Load Tgt_Tran_Sales Constraint Based Loading Lab Adv. 3 Load Tgt_Cbl_Manufacturers, Tgt_Cbl_Items 4 Error Handling

Advance Topic

- Transaction Control Transformation - Lab Adv. 4 Load Tgt_Tran_Cntrl_Customers