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Oxpim oro, pociticexi KouerH sasHaNHIH, WO 3a3HaeHa ocoGa sBaserEca ueHom opranizopanoi sioumanoi rpyni, aka 3aiimacrocd BHMaraHisMH Ta aeraiizanieio (simwusarnan) Aoxoaia, OTPHMAHHX 3TONKHHUM UILIXOM, aK Ha tepuropil Pociiicoxoi exepanii, tak i B inwnx Kpaiax. BasHaueHa ocoa Mac Gauspxi KpuMinanoui 3B’a3kH 3 TAK 3BANUM «anosieM B aaKoniy Ha iM’a Mempenes Oner (rakox Binommii ax «L[uuKas) 3riano indopmauii, HassHof y cneuianisonaniii Gasi nani npoexry Tenepanpuoro cexperapiary ireprosy 3 mporuaii ziantuocri niaepin eapasificexnx opranisopanux 3N04MHHHX yrpynonanb (Tak 3BaHHX «anopiin p aKottin) «MILLENNIUM», sasnavena ocoGa y KpuMinasisuomy cBiti Mae cratye TaK 3BaHoro «aosia B 3aKoHin. Oxpix: usoro, 01.12.2017 ia Hanionansiioro KoHTaKTHoro nyHKTy Eaponoay B Uecwxiii Pecny6nini waxitimo nosigomaenna, y axomy, cepen inmoro, Gyno gasHayeHo, 10 Bocsoni Muxaiino Bacunsosnt (rakox —ninomuit sk «Mina Jlyxneupkutin), 25.10.1959 p.n., spasersca stigepom yxpaiicexnx 1a Pocificbkux «soni B 3aKoni» y OpanuysnKiit PeenySniui, ari Haxaiors cipuania TPY3HUCBKUM «3siogiaM B 3aKor» B Vepaii. Tax, YecbKHM KouleraM BAAIOCH BCTAHOBHTU, WO J10 3a3Ha4eHO! rpynH BxogsTS nactynui ocoGn: Heasemsenkuii Anapiti, 01.03.1973 p.s Iucenko Ceprifi, 31.08.1954 p.u.; Xmeainse Peoprifi, 12.12.1960 p.ns T'nowti Cepro, 27.09.1971 p.u.; Onifinmii Ceprifi, 05.04.1973 p.n.; Upxarsuiaui Slausa, 16.04.1973 prs Mpoxisye Bosoamnp, 08.12.1962 p.t. Takox Gyno setaxosieHo, mo Bocrogix M.B. Kourpomoe xpuminanbui ctpyktypu «bMaiinincpka» 1a «Wy xvikoackien, si panimie saifictuopan cno1o Alsavuier» na reputopif w, Mockwa, Pociiieska exepania. Bocsoain M.B. wiatpumye axrupniit 9p’s30k 3 TakuMM yKpaliiceKAMH onirapxamu ta roxituxamn ak: Irop Konomoiiceknit ta Muxoaa PynbKoBcbKui B inwomy nosigomienni, ake Gyno Hagicaane Hanionaibuum Konraxraum nynkrom Caporiony B Yecuxiii PecnyGuiui 07.02.2018, uecexi Konern craepmxyiorD, myo y 1995 poui Boesorix M.B. dirypysas y KpuMinaneifi cnpasi 3a cbaxrom opranizosanioi saowmmocri, nos'szanol 3 KoMnaniew «LUTETIA INVEST» a ‘repuropii LlInetiuapeskoi Konenepanii. ¥ 2000 poui umefinapesxi npasooxopouni opraan nposoaunn poscstiaysantia BiqHOCHO 3a3HaNeHOT OcOGH 3a cpakToM Jeraisautit (BinauBaHHA) LOxoAiB, orpuwannix SHONHHHHM —ULIAXOM, a TAKOX «3a hakTOM—HirpHMannis ae’saKip 3 exinHoceporielicsKHMnt opranisoBaHiiM 204nHHMMH yrpynoBaHHaMH, ¥ TOMY sucHi 3 ocoSo10 Ha iM’a BaGaxop Onexcatip, 08.02.1963 p.i Toxarox: ia__ ape. 8 mpust 3 noparow na4asbunk Jlenapramenty renepa.t no-tinii Tperboro paury Bacus HEBOJIA ‘Tiotronmink 256-0307 VOEVODIN Mikhail Control No.: C-355/6-2019 Requesting country: Russia File No.: 2013/46735 Date of publication: 3 June 2019 Updated on: 3 June 2019 STATUS: Possible threat GREEN NOTICE 4, IDENTITY PARTICULARS: Family name: VOEVODIN Forename(s): Mihail Sex: Male Date and place of birth: 25 Octobor 1959 - settlement Troltsa, Ryazan region - Russia National Russia Nicknam MISHA LUZHNETSKIY Father's family name and forenames: ‘\VOEVODIN Vasiliy Mother's maiden name and forenames: VOEVODINA Liudmila Languages spoken: Russian Regions/Countries likely to be visited: Israel entity documents Nationality Type Number Date of issue Country 1. Russia Passport 71 407627 26 May 2011 Russia 2. CASE Offence code(s): CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION/ASSOCIATIONIGROUP- Facts of the case Country Date Russia 1998 ‘Summary of facts of the case So-called «thieFin-zwv» Voevodin M is a member of an organized criminal group involved in extortions and money laundering in Russia and ‘abroad. The subject has close criminal links with «thief-in-law» Medvecev Oleg, nickname «Shishkary. ‘Additional facts of the case: ‘The issuance of this Green Notice was approved by the Main Criminal Investigative Department in charge of combating organized crime. 3. PURPOSE OF NOTICE WARN For information only. Information is provided to wam about an individual who may be a possible threat to public security/safety or may ornmit a criminal offence in another member country. This does nol indicate that the person is wanted by INTERPOL or by the country that hhas sent it and does not request a specific action by the receiving country, Please validate the information with the source NCB or INTERPOL prior io taking any action. In order for this notice to be kept up to date, please send any additonal information about this person to NCB MOSCOW Russia (NCB reference: 27594 of 31 May 2019 ) and the ICPO - INTERPOL General Secretariat Ms eee Ce ‘ontrol No.: C-355/6-2019 Page 1/2 File No,: 2013/46735 STs Control No.: C-355/6-2019 Page 2/2 Home (hitpii247 jpimitlenniumy) Millennium (http:247ipimillenniur) Retum ‘Search results (hitp:/1247 ipimillennium/search) Profile of MIKHAIL VOEVODIN, Profile of MIKHAIL VOEVODIN MIKHAIL VOEVODIN Super ID: MV1959M1025XX1 Last update 12 Feb 2020 General infos Gender : Male Date of birth “25 Oct 1958 Place of birth : SETTLEMENT TROITSA RYAZAN REGION (Russia) Nationality Russia Status Person of Interest Rank TIL Locations: Israel (Likely to be visited) Features: Documents and files TYPE COUNTRY Passport Russia View graph (http:/i247 ipimillennium/graptuindlvidua’877963) NUMBER 714676277 2 Europol Unclassified = BPL ”“EURCPOL SIENA Information Exchange message Received 01/12/2017 11:45 (GMT+02:00 + Request 1292147-2-1 Standard Time) From Bree Czech Republic National Unit Sender Filip. Jan Send date (02/12/2027 11:44 (GMT+02:00 Standard Time} To Ueraine: cc Crime area (other organised exe: ‘Other crime area (out of-mandate) Confidentiality Europol Unclassified - BPL. Handling code HO; Hi; H3: Do not disclose to the third parties without the provider's approval Reliability a Priority High Deadline Message nat. 1D PPR-247209/MPS-2017-C2-808467/20L7-RB ‘case nat. name “Thleves-indaw" criminal activities Case nat. 1D Ipns0a/09/c84/31345/EC/AL/I Subject \VOEVODIN (VOJEVODIN}, KALASHOV, TYURIN, RUDKOVSKYY, NEDZELSKYI, YERYNIAK - request for information Personal communication For LB/National Contact Point Ukraine - addressed to partner police authorities, to Col. Sergei TICHONOY, Ukrainian Ministry of Interior, Ukrainian state police force, Crime Investigation Department, ‘Sent by Capt. Gurgenidze, National Organised Crime Agency. Criminal Structures Division, tel.: +420 974842857 Kind regards, Czech Republic National Unit Crime related content Dear colleagues, in connection with our previous mutual correspondence to a/m criminal authorities VOEVODIN, RUDKOVSKYY, KALASHOV, etc. be advised, that our competent criminal police unit - National Organized Crime Agency (NOCA), Criminal Structures Division is still monitoring the activities of Eastern European criminal structures. There were established following findings. Currently the police unit NOCA hes information about two main groups of these criminal authorities. One of them is, the group of ,,vor-v-zakoné" KALASHOV Zakhar, dob, 20,03.1953, Georgian and Russian national, known nickname , SHAKRO* land the second group is connected with vor-v-zakoné to a/m thieFindaw VOEVODIN Mikhail (VOJEVODIN Michail), dob. 25.10.1959, Russian and Slovak national, known nickname ,. MICHA.” ‘The members of these groups commit thefts, extortions, violent crimes, ete., but they are also concemed with infiltration to the official politic representation and into the Ukrainian state strategi¢el companies, like metalworks, chemical, energetic factories. These companies are funded alsa in the framework of EU financial resources/grants. The groups have the conflicts mutually and there is a competitors fight between them. ‘The KALASHOVs group: KALASHOV Zakhar is currently located in the prison (execution of punishment) in Russian federation. He sent to Ukraine the person ASOYAN Nodari, dob. 04.04.1973, Georgian and Russian national, nickname ,,Noder Rustavsky" as his substitute, ASOYAN should take over the activities of vor-v-zakoné and to lead the activities on the territories of EU states, especially in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, Asoyan was several times expelled from Ukraine as persona non grata, Nevertheless, he should stays currently in Ukraine probably with forged documents. He travels across all country of Ukraine and all the time he has his guards close to him. His accomplice in position of inferior criminal authority is the person ,,Andrai Restovsky” (no more details, personal Particulars available). This subject leads the criminal groups from tne Russian city Rostov. ‘The next persons supporting ASOYAN: - _ ASHKENAZI f/n Leonid, dob. 29.03.1963, vice president of football club FC Dynamo Kiev; he uses the tel, numbers 380674667375, 12026019999. ASHKENAZI hes a daughter named IRA. She uses the tel number 380674660979 and she is a girlfriend of a/m person ,,Andrai Rostovsky - _KRAPIVIN f/n Oleg, dob. 29.09.1960, nickname "Oleg Baku", co-owner of the shopping centar SEC ‘Dream Town" in Kiev, He uses the tel. numbers 380672324325. KRAPIVIN is also the chairman of Azerbaijan dispersion living in Ukraine. He leads the Chechen criminal structures, which have connections to the person KADYROV Ramzan, - MEDVEDCHUK f/n Viktor, dob. 07.08.1954, he Is a middleman between ASOYAN and politic representatives. He is an oligarch, who resides in Kiev. He has two daughters. Irina, dob. 1982 and Daria, dob. 20.05.2004. Daria’s godfather is president of Russian Federation PUTIN Vladimir. MEDVEDCHUK deals with different business activity; the most important is traffic in gas supplied from Russia to Ukraine. ‘The VOEVODIN’s group: VOEVODIN Michail is currently situated in Switzerland, he resides there. He is the leader of Ukrainian thieves-in-law in France, who support the Georgian thieves-in-law oa the territory of Ukraine. ‘The persons supporting ASOYAN: @ NEDZELSKYI f/n Andrii, dob. 01.03.1973, Ukrainian national, nickname ,,Andreji Lyousky", vorv-zakoné., He uses the tel. number 393402532583. In 2017 the EAW (European warrant arrest) was issued to this subject by Hungary for criminal offence document forgery. In summer 2017 he was arrested in France with forged passport and extradited to Hungary. Since August 2017 he resides in Ukraine and he is planning to travel to EU. ® LYSENKO f/n Sergi, dob, 31.08.1954 , Ukrainian national, nickname “Ljora Sumsky", vorv-zakoné, who is responsible for criminel activities in Kiev. He has his contacts also in the Czech Republic, NEOZELSKY! Is his. henchman. 2 KHMELIDZE f/n Georgii, dob. 12.12.1960, Ukrainian national, nickname .CHMELO”, vorv-zakoné, who is responsible for criminal activities in Donetsk and he is directly connected to the subject AKHMEDOV Renat. 2 GLONTI fin Sergo, dob. 27.09.1971, no citizenship, nickname "GUGA", vorv-zakoné, who is responsible for criminal activities in Kiev, In 2017 the EAW (European warrant arrest) was issued to this subject by Hungary for criminal offence document forgery. At the beginning of the year 2017 he was arrested in Hungary, ® — OLEYNIK fin Sergei, dob. 05.04.1973, Ukrainian national, nickname ,,UMKA’, vor-v-zakoné, who is responsible for criminal activities in Dnieper (former Dnipro - Dnipropetrovsk), © JACHVLIANI (DZACHVLIANI) f/n Lasha, dob. 16.04.1973, Ukrainian national, vor-v-zakoné, he resides in Dnieper. @ — PRODIVUS fin Vladimir, dob. 08.12.1962, he uses tel. number 380503312818, He is directly ‘connected with NEDZELSKY! and other thieves-in-law CHMELIDZE Georgi and LYSENKO Sergii. PRODIVUS is Ukrainian oligarch and chairman of Ukrainian box federation. The persons UMKA, GUGA a LASHA control illegal trafficking in jewels, gem stones from amber and its illegal export from Ukraine to states of EU, These two groups has between them 2 mediator. This middleman is the person YERYNIAK f/n Yurii, dob, 25.02.1967, nickname “Yura Moldavan" alias "Yura Kym", He is one of the leaders of criminal organization "Bagmaka - Bashmaka", which was active on the territory of Crimea, YERYNIAK holds close contacts with NEDZELSKYI. During the NEZDELSKYI’s arrest in Kiev at meeting of criminal authorities in 2012 he arranged his release from the prison, detention. YERYNIAK travels all over Europe and Russian Federation in order to take part in the meetings of the thieves-in-law, where he solves the conflicts between criminal groups. There are the operative information that YERYNIAK visited Greece from 09.08.2017 to 30.08.2017 and he took part in the meeting of Georgian and Slavic thieves-in-law there, He is a holder of Ukrainian passport no. FEO69085 and Greek Jong-term residence permit no. GR5360486 issued on 03.02.2017, valid till 22.12.2021. The stamps in this document shows that he resides mainly in France, Greece and Germany, Further it was established that the subjects ASOYAN, NEDZELSKYI and YERYNIAK plan to gain US visa, where they want to travel and to connect to the local criminal authorities, groups. They intend to extend their influence. from Europe worldwide, information to the persons VOEVODIN Mikhail (VOJEVODIN Michail), dob. 25.10.1959, Russian, Slovak VOEVODIN Mikhall (VOJEVODIN Michail), nickname MICHA LUZHNETSKIY ", vor-v-zakoné. He currently resides in Switzerland and he leads only the Russian and Ukrainian thieves-in-law who support the Georgian thieves-in-law living in Ukraine, He controls also the criminal structures known as ,IZMAILOVSKAYA" and ,LUZNIKOVSKIYE” which were active in Moscow in the past. He is in active contact (among others) with NEDZELSKYI Andrii, dob. 03.01.1973. NEDZELSKY! uses tel. number 393402532583, Further he is in permanent contact with Ukrainian politician and oligarch KOLOMOYSKYI thor, dob. 13.02.1963 . KOLOMOYSKY/ is Ukrainian, Israeli and Cyprian national and he is owner of bank PRIVATBANKA and club FC DNIPRO on the territory of Ukraine, VOEVODIN is in contact with the person RUDKOVSKYY Mykola, Ukrainian politician, oligarch and former representative/parliamentarian Information to the person MORGULIS Mikhail, dob. 17.05.1946, US national: The subject MORGULIS Mikhail, his origin is Ukrainian Jude, He resides long-term in USA and is closely connected to the person YERYNIAK Yurii and Ukrainian criminal structures on the territory of Ukraine and also in the USA and in the EU countries. According to the operative information MORGULIS works at consultancy group of the members at highest US government positions. He should promise to YERYNIAKU a NEDZELSKYIMU the connecting to the East- European criminal structures acting in the USA. According to the information from the available databases of the Czech police force it was established, that MORGULIS Mikhail, dob. 17.05.1946 was accommodated fram 17,05,2016 to 26.05.2016 at ST. JOSEPH ROYAL REGENT hotel in Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary). He presented there the US travel document no. 506570748 and he stated his current address, contact details in the USA: USA, HOLLYWOOD, 1005 S. Apt 9, email Information to the person RUDKOVSKYY Mykola, dob. 18.12.1967; RUDKOVSKYY Mykola (RUDKOVSKIJ Nikolaj) is 2 Ukrainian politician, former Ukrainian parliamentarian and also former Ukrainian minister of transport and telecommunication, He started his career as a manager of commercial company in Vienna, Austria. Since 1998 he worked as a chairman of AO UKRGAZPROM and economic adviser of Ukrainian state president. During the years 2003-2010 the criminal prosecution was started against him for the criminal offence abuse of competence of public official by Ukrainian law-enforcement authorities, In 2015 he was forced to move from Ukraine for indefinitely period. He should currently reside in France and from France he should lead his business activities in Ukraine and in other European countries. He is able to speak English, German ‘and Spanish languages and he uses tel. number 37259330378, The magazine FORBES presents him long term on file of the richest oligarchs of the world with fortune in amount 195.000.000 USD, RUDKOVSKYY is in close contact with vor-v-zakoné VOEVODIN and he communicates (is in contact) also with other criminal authorities from former Soviet Union. He should be actively in a contact with NEDZELSKYI Andrii and with criminal authority YERYNIAK Yurii, dob. 25.02.1967, nickname "Yura Moldavan" alias "Yura Krym". YERNIAK holds close contacts with NEDZELSKYI. RUDKOVSKYY ordered through YERYNIAK the kidnap of a person with the ‘aim of extortion and subsequent gain of money for the kidnapped person. YERYNIAK was arrested in Ukraine in 2014 for this offence. RUDKOVSKYY Mykola, dob. 18.12.1967 is Ukrainian, Russian and Israeli national. He uses b/m Ukrainian travel documents no.: EC058375 valid since 09.02.2004 EA261554 valid since 24.09.2007 £H537574 valid since 16.12.2010 £T064870 valid since 30.06.2011 1515028 valid since 14.11.2012 £T694112 valid since 09.02.2012 PU143977 valid since 29.03.2017. RUDKOVSKYY is a legal holder of diplomatic document no, DPO11745 as well. He has recorded is surname as RUDKOVSKY! in this document. He was accommodated from 22.07.2017 to 23.07.2017 at JALTA A.S. hotel, at the address VACLAVSKE NAMESTI 218/45, PRAHA 1, there he stated his Ukrainian r/o SHEPETIVKA, HEROIV NEBESNOI SOTNI 48, UKRAINE. He should reside in the Czech Republic several times per year. Every his stay takes only one or two days. According to the information of our unit NOCA he lives since 20.03.2015 in Austria and in france. And from France and Austria he should lead his business activities in Ukraine and in other EU countries. He is able to speak English, German and Spanish language, He uses tel. number 37259330378. He should be connected in international arganized criminal group, wha is active in illegal importitrafficking of drugs (cocaine) from Mexico to the EU countries and illegal exportitrafficking of weapons and explosives from Europe to Liberia, Syria and Jordan, He should have his connections to the international organized criminal groups, which are active in several countries all over the world committing aggravated criminal offences, On 17.07.2017 the ship named "ETHEL" was detained in the town BENGHAZI together with 19 Ukrainian sailors. ‘The owner of this ship unloaded the cars originally designated for Libya in March 2017 in Ukrainian town Odesa, {turned out, that known Syrian banker KASSAR Adel participated in organization of a/m ship detention, However KASSAR provided RUDKOVSKYY and URBANSKY with significant support in the past. These two subjects RUDKOVSKYY and URBANSKY are co-owners of the company KAALBYE, This company delivered to Syria the chemic reactionary surfactants and it sends its profits to the tax heavens, states. The profits from weapons and ammunition trafficking to Middle East, especially to Syria were cumulated there. The general state procurator’s office initiated the procedure leading of criminal proceedings in the case of frauds concerning the cars purchases in August 2017 with total damage 20 million USD. This amount of money was transported physically on the ship named ,FAINA" by sea from Jordan to Libya and on 18, March 2017 the money was accidentally unloaded in port ILYICEVSK. There were hidden the drugs in the cars and these drugs belongs to the influential Mexican drug trust/group named SINALOA, The profits of SINALOA were transferred on the accounts of the companies ROCHESTER HOUSE TRADING Ltd.. seatting in British Virgin Islands and INTERNEISHEL TRANZIT B.A.L., seating in Beirut, Lebanon. The owner of these companies is RUDKOVSKYY’s younger brother RUDKOVSKYY Serhiy, dob. 16.12.1978. Further it was established, that RUDKOVSKYY Mykola knowns personally and lang time the leader of drug criminal organization, the person NUNEZ Mario. He was arrested for suspicion of mass murder committed in the USA and In northem part of Mexico at the beginning of 2027. The Argentinian company INDUSTRIAS MOVIMIENTO MG, Which is led by SINALOA is specialized to recyeling of metal was formerly the reliable partner company with connections to the subject RUDKOVSKYY Mykola. RUDKOVSKYY Mykola earned a lot of money due to export of metal at the beginning of 2000. According to the public circular letter of FRANSABANK the person RUDKOVSKYY Mykola owns the luxury apartments in the elite, top shopping centers ARCHITEX nd BME BUSINESS CENTER (currently built in Belorussian Minsk) via his Iranian partner in oll industry ALI JAVAD ABU FAD. The business empire of brothers ADEL a ADNAN KASSAR js simultaneously divided in connection with business activity of RUDKOVSKYY. It was established, that on 21.10.2017 at 09:20 hrs, RUDKOVSKYY departed from French airport ROISSY to BEIRUT with light no. ME220 and in Beirut he should have business meeting and then he planned to continue to travel to BAGDAD, Iraq, In Bagdad he presented the travel document no. ET694112 and Hungarian residence permit no. 000368634. ‘On 26.10.2017 RUDKOVSKYY travelled back to France at 16:15 hrs. , he arrived to Airport of ROISSY, Paris with flight no, RJ812 through Bagdad from AMMAN, Jordan. RUDKOVSKYY Mykola has wife ORDYNSKAYA f/n Veronika, dob. 1977, former .MISS KYJEV -1992" and two children ANASTASIA, dob. 2000 and ALEKSANDR, dob. 2005. Further he has a brother RUDKOVSKYY Serhiy (Sergi), dob, 16.12.1978, who uses Ukrainian travel dacuments no.: EC198095 valid since 17.06.2005 EA184528 valid since 31.08.2007 EH554245 valid since 23.10.2010 EP689797 valid since 29.01.2013, FB409588 valid since 27.04.2015, FG784920 valid since 03.07.2017. In 2007 the German criminal police unit in Munich conducted the inquiries of both brothers RUDKOVSKYY in case of money laundering of money in amount 8.000.000 EUR and 8,000,000 USD. This money laundering was realized by them via commercial banks in Libya and Burgundian Islands (GB), The brothers should own a diamonds mine in SIERRA LEONE and have many business activities in the countries of Schengen area, in Ukraine and in Belorussia. RUDKOVSKYY Mykola is in close contact with other vor-v-zakoné VOEVODIN Mikhail and with other East European (from former Soviet Union) criminal authoritles as well, Information to the person VOEVODIN Mikhail (VOJEVODIN Michail), dob. 25.10.1959, vor-v-zakoné: He should long term reside in France at the address DIVONNE - LES - BAIN, SHEMIN NUSHON 345, where he should live with his ex-wife SELIVANOVA Natalia, dob. 25.10.1970 and daughters KSENA (KSENIA) SELIVANOVA, dob. 28.01.1993, Slovak national and also DARIA (DARJA) SELIVANOVA, dob. 27.03.1991, Slovak national. DARIA uses Swiss tel, number 41791583142. Our police unit NOCA Is in possession of the information, that very probably there are the connections among the subjects VOEVODIN (VOJEVODIN}, YERYNIAK, NEDZELSKYI, KALASHOV and RUDKOVSKYY in case of suspicion of ‘money laundering committed in the EU countries and in Ukraine. The a/m persons are the leaders of criminal groups committing the criminal offences thefts, extortion and other criminality. They are very influential persons in the Ukrainian politic area and Ukrainian metallurgic, chemic and energetic state companies. VOEVODIN (VOJEVODIN) resides long term in EU together with his family. He is highest ranked criminal authority of Slavic thieves-in-law and is connected to the Ukrainian and Russian politic and economic area. His biggest Supporter in Ukraine is NEDZELSKYI. NEDZELSKYI together with VOEVODIN commit the money laundering also with ald of the subject YERYNIAK, because NEDZELSKYI has the problems with Ukrainian security services and with other Chechen and Azerbaijan criminal structures in Ukraine as well. These Chechen and Azerbaijan groups want to take over the control in Ukraine, Some representatives of Ukrainian security services are bribed by NEDZELSKY! and for this bribery he used also the subject YERYNIAK. YERYNIAK is holder of long term Greek residence permit, so he can travel all over the Europe, where he commits money laundering via investments to the real property. YERYNIAK presents himself in Ukraine {ang in the EU states as a man, who is supported by the biggest/richest Ukrainian oligarch ACHMETOV Rinat, dob. 21,11.1966. But his direct connection to AHMETOV Rinat was not confirmed, YERYNIAK is worried about his life and he moves only accompanied by the guards (15 members) and he travels only with armoured vehicle, NEDZELSKYI has also his guards (the former members of Ukrainian security forces} In connection with a/m facts there were found out the information from the interest area to the unknown ‘orgenizator (submitter}, who found via unknown middleman in Europe the group (Chechen nationals with fight experiences) for the realizing of so called ,,job in Kiev.” The organizator’s specificationsfrequirements of the organizator were experiences (very good skills) with high precise rifle complex (caliber 50), with explosives and to hhave the IT (hacker) skills. This group will probably attacks to the special subject, fortified room/space, house or armoured vehicle. But there is not any concrete evidence, that it is connected with NEDZELSKYI or YERYNIAK, however it is possible Further to your question to the person TYURIN Vladimir, dob. 25.11.1958, Russian national Be Informed, that he is vor-v-zakoné with known nickname . TYURIK". It is known, that TYURIN was crowned in 1980 as a vor-v-zakoné in Moscow and he is high ranked in the criminal structures led by Kurdish-Slavic criminal Groups, which are directly connected to the Slavic criminal structures, Since 2000 TYURIN Is inserted in the INTERPOL databases as a dangerous person, who is active on the territory of Schengen area, There are not any relevant information to this subject related to his connections with the Czech Republic. ‘Based on a/tn facts be kindly asked to communicate the available information to your aim case and referring to the previous communication in matter of VOEVODIN, NEDZELSKYI_ in order to gain further findings. knowledge ta afm sriminal persons, Status Properties Note ‘Assigned unit vate Assigned user status Received Size (KB] n Modified (02/12/2017 11:45 (GMT+02:00 Standard Time) (System) Version This is the ariginal version of the message. No modified versions exist. Render date 26/03/2020 10:39 (GMT+02:00 Standard Time) Handling code HO - This information may only be used for the purpose of preventing and combating crimes inline with the ER and any other applicable law Additional handling code clarification Hi Not to be disciosed in judicial proceedings without the permission of the provider 3 - Other restrictions and comments Europol Unclassified - BPL Europol Unclassified - SPL "“EURCPOL SIENA Information Exchange message 4 Request 1292147-4-1 Received 07/02/2018 13:37 (GMT+02:00 From Sender Send date To cc Crime area, Other crime area (out- of-mandate) Confidentiality Handling code Reliability Priority Deadline ‘Message nat. 1D case nat Case nat. 1D Subject Standard Time) Bae czech Republic National Uni: Bartos, Rostislav 07/02/2018 13:37 (GMT+02:00 Standard Time) SS austria: "I Ueraine; BH us Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBD:; FP soc - ap e€0c; ther organised crime; Europol Unclassified - BP. Ho; Ha; HB Do not disclose to the third parties without the provider's approval. al High PPR.35289/MPS.2018-C2-617567/2027-28 “Thieves-n-iaw” criminal activities lpnsoavosicsa/sisasiecuiain Thieves-in-iaw criminal activities/VOEVODIN, FIRTASH, IVANYUSHCHENKO, SURKIS, DOVHYI, KOLOMOYSKVI, TATULYAN and the others - Czech request Personal communication For Uttaine: Please forward this message solely to State Police of Ukraine, 15 deputy director Gen. Vjageslav ABROSKYN and Interior Ministry of Ukraine, Bureau of Investigations, State Police of Ukraine, director Col, Sergei TIcHoNov, For USA: For laison officer of FBI, For Austria: Fer Mr. Thomas ROSSA (BKA), For EEOC: For colleagues CEPLIS, BLAZEK. kind regards, Czech Republic National Uni Crime related content Dear colleagues, Please be supplied with contribution from our criminal police unit - National Organized Crime Agency ~ Criminal Structures Division concerning the thieves-in-law VOEVODIN Mikhail, dob. 25.10.1959, NEDZELSKYI Andrii, dob. 01.03.1973 YERYNIAK Yuri, dob, 25.02.1967 IVANYUSHCHENKO Yuriy, dob. 21.02.1959 SURKIS thor, dob. 22.11.1958 SURKIS Grygorli, dob. 04.09.1949 DOVHYI Oles, dob, 01.11.1980 FIRTASH Dmytro, dob. 02.05.1965 KOLOMOYSKYI ther, dob. 13.02.1963 The following information were obtained through operative monitoring of the activities of a/m subjects, The thief-in-law VOEVODIN lives long-term in the territory of EU together with his family. He is currently considered as the highest authority of Slavonic thieves-in-law, he is connected to key politic and economic representatives in Ukraine and in Russia. The greatest supporter of VOEVODIN Is the next thiefin-law NEDZELSKY! Andril, dob. 01.03.1973 and with help of him VOEVODIN commits/realizes money laundering in Ukraine. He owns in Ukraine, in Kiev the PREMIER PALACE hotel seatting at the address bul. Shevchenko 9, Kiev. NEOZELSKYI uses further for the ‘money laundering the person YERINIAK Yuri, dob. 25.02.1967, because NEDZELSKYI has problems with Ukrainian security forces and with other Chechen and Azerbaijan criminal structures in Ukraine. These concurrent structures vant to seize the control in Ukraine. NEDZELSKY! has his contacts also to some members of Ukrainian police/security forces, who are bribed by him. For these activities he uses again the subject YERYNIAK. YERYNIAK takes part the meetings directly with representatives of police forces and during these meetings he corrupts them in favor of NEDZELSKIY end VOEVODIN. YERYNIAK presents himself in Ukraine and in EU as a person, who has the support of the Ukrainian most important oligarch ACHMETOV Rinat, dob. 21.11.1966. ACHMETOV has contacts also to important representatives of Ukrainian government and to important Ukrainian businesspersons. Further it was established YERYNIAK spreads Information that he always get from ACHMETOVA the five percentual provision regarding the oil and gas trade, SIRENE Latvia stated the findings to a/m VOEVODIN Mikhail, dob. 25.10.1959. According this message VOEVODIN arrived alone to Riga from Moscow on 01.02.2018 with private flight no. T7TAV and on the same day he travelled then from Riga to Vienna center because of meeting with till now unidentified persons. Subsequently it Was found out that again on the same day, on 01.02.2018 the secret meeting of Ukrainian oligarchs and politicians was held at hotel in Vienna, The participation of below mentioned subjects was established: IVANYUSHCHENKO Yuriy, dob, 21.02.1959 SURKIS hor, dob. 22.11.1958, SURKIS Grygorti, dob. 04.09.1969 DOVHY! Oles, dob, 01.11.1980 FIRTASH Dmytro, dob. 02.05.1965 KOLOMOYSKYI ihor, dob. 13.02.1963. ‘The purpose of this meeting is still unknown. Some of the participants have the problems with police in Ukraine and in the territory of EU countries. Meanwhile the participation of VOEVODIN has not been confirmed yet. Information on VOEVODIN Mikhail (VOJEVODIN Michail), dob, 25.10.1959, Russian, Slovak and Israeli national: VOEVODIN Mikhail (VOJEVODIN Michail) - his nickname »MICHA LUZHNETSKIY”, thief-in-law, who currently stay in Switzerland and leads Russian and Ukrainian thieves-in-law in Switzerland, These thieves-in-law support the other Georgian thieves-in-law living in Ukraine. ,.MICHA" contrals the criminal structures which are well-known as n»IZMAILOVSKAYA” and ,LUZNIKOVSKIYE.” These groups were active in Moscow in the past, .MICHA" is in Active contact with NEDZELSKYI amang others. NEDZELKSYI uses the tel. number 393402532583. ‘The next Ukrainian politician and oligarch KOLOMOYSKYI thor, dob. 13.02.1963 should be in permanent contact with MICHA. KOLOMOYSKYI uses tel. number 41795124265, he is Ukrainian, Israeli a Cyprian national, an owner of the Ukrainian company PRIVATBANKA and sport club FC DNIPRO. MICHA is also In contact with other Ukrainian politician, oligarch and former tepresentative/parliamentary RUDKOVSKYY Mykola, dob. 18.12.1967. It was not confirmed via conducted inquiry that VOEVODIN owned/owns in Switzerland any real property, nevertheless he should own there some real property according to the police information. in 1995 VOEVODIN Mikhail was suspected of organized crime connected with company LUTETIA INVEST in NYON, Switzerland, In 2000, he was inguired by Swiss police in framework of so called preliminary investigation concerning suspicion of money laundering and contacts to East European organized crime and also to the person BABAKOV Alexander, dob. 08.02.1963. Information_on KOLOMOYSKYI thor, nickname _,,IGOR BENJA" dob. 13.02.1! Krainian, Israeli national : ‘The person is an Ukrainian oligarch, businessman and billionaire; further he is founder of the Ukrainian biggest Industrial and financial group .PRIVAT," acting in bank area, petro chemistry, metallurgy, grocery, agriculture, aviation transport, sport business and mass media, KOLOMOYSEY! Igor, Israeli and Cyprian national has his Swiss r/o at the address Quai Wilson 39, 1201 Geneva together with the subjects KOLOMOISKY Irina, dob. 01.06.1964, Cyprian national and their son KOLOMOISKY Israel Zvi, dob. 27.01.1999, Cyprian national KOLOMOYSKY! is the president of the foundations EUROPEAN JEWISH UNION and EUROPEAN COUNCIL OF JEWISH COMMUNITY, which officially take aim to strengthen and to propagate jewish culture in Europe. The bath foundations have their seat at the address Rue du Mont-Blanc 14, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland, The next members of the table are RABINOVYCH Vadym, Russian and Israeli national, CHERTOK Vladimir, Israeli national and LABER Uriel, US national CHERTOK Vladimir, dob, 27.09.1969, is brother-in-law of KOLOMOYSKY/ Igor (his wife is KOLOMYSKYI's sister CHERTOK Larisa). They live at the address Chemin de Flour-d’Eau 7, 1247 Anieres, Geneva, Switzerland, He is also the director of company UKMINING SA (engineering services including waste industry, recycling), established on 11.10.2027, seatting at the address Rue de la Rétisserie 29, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland. Both a/m subjects CHERTOK and LABER are meantime unknown for Czech police, but according to the findings of Swiss police the Ukrainian oligarch RABINOVYCH fin Vadym, dob. 04.08.1953 is considered as member of Russian-Ukrainian organised criminal group that is suspected of organized criminality - money laundering, drug smuggling, military guns smuggling and assassinations/ordered murders. Information on IVANYUSHCHENKO Yuriy, dob, 21,02,1959, Ukrainian and Russian national: He is Ukrainian businessman and former representative of Ukrainian parliament - ,,High Council of Ukraine.” IVANYUSHCHENKO is known in the criminal gangland under nicknames JURA ENAKIEVSKY" and ,JURA MALOY", According to the assessment of Ukrainian magazine ,FOCUS” IVANYUSHCHENKO was the 26. (among 200 other people living in Ukraine) most influential person in Ukraine in 2012. His fortune was estimated at 756 million US dollars. IVANYUSHCHENKO belongs to the close vicinity of Ukrainian former president Viktor JANUKOVICH. He controls some market share in the town ODESSA under name The seventh kilometer and 50 percentual share of the company AZOVMASH in the Ukrainian tawn MARIUPOL, ‘At the end of January 2015 IVANYUSHCHENKO was inserted by Ukrainian law enforcement authorities to the databases as the wanted person because of crimes - organizing of misagpropriation, fraud against state authority and illegal enriching. In spite of this fact, he departed to the USA on 03.02.2018 and currently he should stay in Los, Angeles or its surrounding, Information on SURKIS thor, dob. 22,11,1958, Ukrainian national: He is Ukrainian business man and the president of football club DYNAMO KIEV. His older brother SURKIS Grigori) (Grygori) is former president of Ukrainian football federation. In February 2008 the magazine ,FOCUS" estimated the fortune of SURKIS’s brother at 915 million US dollars ~ he was (SURKIS thor) was the 26. richest Ukrainian. Except the club FC DYNAMO KIEV, he owns industrial and financial company SLAVUTICH, TV and broadcasting company TET, CJSC KYJEV-KOD, investment fund DZHERELO, DOBROSYT and NADEZHDA and he controls the insurance company ALKONA as Well Information te SURKIS Grygorii, dob. 04.09.1949, Ukrainian national; He is Ukrainian businessman and politician, one of the deputy chairman of European football federation UEFA; he was the president of Ukrainian football federation FFU until September 2012, currently he is honorary president of FFU. Further he was a representative of Ukrainian parliament. Since 2000 he is president of management of the company ,Ukraine - China, information to DOVHY! Oles, dob, 01.11.1980, Ukrainian national He is Ukrainian politician, the secretary of city council in Kiev from 2006 to 2011 and the representative of Ukrainian parliament. The business of DOVHYI's family is historically connected with developing activity, trade, real Property, private medical services, food production and electrotechnics sale. DOVHY! is known as an unofficial adviser/consultant of Ukrainian oligarch AKHMETOV Renat. Information to FIRTASH Dmytro (Dmitry), dob. 02.05.1965: He is Ukrainian businessman, investor and billionaire. During last 15 years he became the owner of assets in energetics, chemical industry, trade with titan in the marketplace of Middle and Eastern Europe. He is an owner of the group/company .DF GROUP." FIRTASH is active in Ukraine, Austria, Hungary. Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Tajikistan, Switzerland and Estonia. In fact he controls Ukrainian state gas companies. According to the rating of magazine FOCUS for year 2015 he is the fifth richest Ukrainian man, his estimated fortune is 2,7 billion US dollars. By request of US FBI FIRTASH was arrested on 12.03.2014 In Vienna, but Austrian court refused finally in 2015 his extradition to the USA. The court decided that the accusation against him was politically motivated. In the USA there was the accusation against him because of criminal offence corruption - he should offer the large bribe alternatively for issue of license to titan mining in India. On 21.03.2014 he was released on bail of 125 million EUR. Since 2016 Spain Issued an EAW (European Arrest Warrant) to him and simultaneously the International Arrest Warrant was issued by USA in 2017 for criminal offences bribery, corruption, fraud against state authority and money laundering. Further it was established, the persons KOLOMOYSKY! thor, SURKIS thor and his brother SURKIS Grygorii were in 2016 and 2017 in contact with the subject TATULYAN Ruben, dob. 08.12.1969 , Russian national. The meetings were taken place at hotel MONTE CARLO BAY, 40 Avenue Princess Grace, MONTE CARLO, MONACO. In gangland, TATULYAN is known under nickname ROBZON. In 90’s he purchased shares of the company "VESNA” Seating in Russian town Sochi. These purchases were realized also thraugh threats of physical liquidation. This information was found out by Russian police. Except a/m activities he was dealing with debts recoveries and he participated actively in the meetings of thieves-in-law. On 24.04.1996 TATULYAN was convinced in Sochi for disorderly conduct, he was punished by suspension of sentence for 1 year. Ater 2000, he coordinated insignificant organized crime group led by the person KAZARVAN that committed frauds with real properties and debts recoveries, In October 2004, TATULYAN departed to the USA, fo Los Angeles. There was detained during the border control by US Immigration Service. According to the information of NCB Washington (IP-Interpol Washington), the reason of his arrest was he presented counterfeited and stolen Slovenian travel passport no, P00224218. This document was falsified and changed to the name TATULYAN. On 13.05.2017 in the Czech town Carlsbad (KARLOVY VARY), there was realized the police raid with the aim to eliminate the activities of RUSTAVI clan members. In the days of 10.05.2017 - 13.05.2017 several meetings of criminal authorities including the thieves-in-law were held. The purpose of these meeting should be probably the coronation of new Thiet-in-law. It was established that some of the criminals used to travel to the Czech Republic the falsified travel passports. During their detention there was found out by Czech alien police the attendance of asm TATULYAN See herewith attached available photos of the persons. For Ukraine: We kindly asked the partner police unit to communicate us all relevant infarmation to a/m subjects including their criminal history. This information should be used to our future joint measure. We appreciate especially the information to the contacts and connections between thieves-inaw and Ukrainian oligarchs, politicians. Please further confirm and communicate more details to the alleged business relations between persons ACHMETOV Rinat (Renat) and YERINIAK (YERYNYAK) Yur For Austria: We kindly ask you to check aim subjects and to communicate their criminal activities in the territory of your country, their criminal contacts - foe example the records to their accommodation, travelling, presented documents, used vehicles, known accomplices, etc. For liaison officer of FBI We kindly ask you to check a/m persons and to supply us with available information to them, their residence permits in the USA and especially to their connections to East European criminal structures which are active in the usa, For AP EEOC: FY, ‘Thank you for your co-operation. Kind regards. ENU CZ a DOVHY! (Sten 12923.47-4-1 sachment_9_DOVH FIRTASH Dmytro,jog (SIENA 1202147-6-1_ 43. H3 At 13, (287548) (60213) EMO Vu. jp9) (79553) cheent_1_FIRTASHDWytr 2] IVANYUSHCHENKO Yuriy. jpg (SIE 1A 3292147-4.1, Ha,MS Attach 2 SWANYUSH {8 KOLOMOYSIO thorjpg (SIENA, 1292147-4-1, Hi NS, Attucheners 3 KOLOMOYSKYIIOF bg) (82237) 23 SURKIS Grygorijpg (SIENA 1292247-1.2. HLH. Atachment_4, SURIASG=ycoriJo9) (29861) 8 SURKIS norjpg (SIENA_1292147-4-2.HI_HS.attachme jos) 21657) Status Properties Mote Assigned unit vats Assigned user status Received Size (k8) 447 Moditied (07/02/2018 13:37 (SMT+02:00 Standard Time) (System) Version Tiss the origina version ofthe message. No modiied versions exis. Render date 28/03/2020 10:37 (GMT+02:00 Standard Time} Handling code HO - This information may only be used for the purpose at preventing and combating crimes in line with the ER and any other applicale law Additional handling code clarification HL - Not to be disclosed in jusicial proceedings whthout the permission ofthe provider HB Other restrictions and comments Europol Unclassified - BPL

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