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Serpent :fre
'The J\wakenng
Of XunaCn
'Raymon 'Bernar
It ls the purpose of thls study course to present 1n moclem sclenUfic
language tbe secret doctrines of Q'i.ental Yoga , a system of reqeneratton and
rejuvenatton thet has been tlme-tested for counUess centurles and has proven
to produce the resulta cla1med for 1t.
Yoga is an experimental science whose alm lt ls to brl119 the human body
and braln to the highest posslble state of perfecUon and regeneratlon and
flnally to awaken in the braln certllln hlgher braln centers (tbe pltuitary and
plneal glands) whlch are dormant 1n the great majority of human beings. Through
rtgorous self-disclpllne, exerclses, and traintng, yogls succeed in accomplish-
lng thls.
Yoga ls the hlghest secret of ali occult philosophy and ls the way to lm-
mortality, whlch yogls define 1n a phystcel sense by brlnglng the body to such
a state of periect functloning that one overcomes tbe degenerativa processes
that cause decay, decline, old age, and death, tnatead matntain:lng over
prolongad pertods of time a state ef perpetua! youth.
By means of yogtc practicas, the yoql trees hlmself from all disoases
and physlcallnfirmlties.
Yoga can never be mastered by mere book study. One must apply the
teachlngs of yoga to one's lite, Only through practico a nd exerclse can lts
aim - the transformatton of man lnto a superman - be achleved.
In the followlng pagas will be revealed tbe secret teachlng that underlies
aU occultlsm, whlch In the past has been veUed behlnd enlgmattcal symbols
incomprehensible except to lnitlates. But tbere ls no longar any reason to
keep th1s knowledge secret and not lmpart lt to tbose who thlrst for it and who
are dytng living deaths for lack of 1t. It will be revealed plalnly and openly
In the pages that foUow.
The Great Secret of all occult teachlngs 1s concemed wlth a mystertou.
force a t the base of the splne and the methods of awakenlng lt and causlng lt
to ascend up the splnal cona! to the braln, whlch 1t electrifies ond vivlfies,
endowlng thls organ wlth superior powers ancl extencled consciousness. Thls ls
a fount of energy present In all persons but awokened and brought from a latent
to a dynamlc state only in those who applled the proper technlques that make
thls possiblo. The arouslng of thls secret power that regenerateoS and rejuve-
nates the body encl reVitalizes the bratn ls des!Qnated In the as the
Awalr.enlng of Kundalin1, The exact methods by whlch they may be accompUshed
wlll here be descrlbed.
There llos latent wlthln each of us a great reservolr of latent energy
which, 1f we could tap and utillze lt, would convert us lnto supennen. Tboee
lndlvlduals who rose up from the messes and became leaders of humanlty were
1n possessionofthis lMer power and consciously wlelded 1t. Thelr bralns
radiated thls mystertous energy by which they were able to 1nfluenco and con-
trol others. lf we could galn mastery 01er thls 1Mer power, ea eh of us could
beco me lellders too. Thls can be done by understandlng and a pplyinQ the laws
behlnd this achievement.
The dUference between a genlus and an ldlot ls that the braln of the for-
mer ls more highly charged wlth electrlcal ener<,y and radlates more powerful
b raln waves. How to cbarge the braln with electrlc enerqy througb speclal
breatblng exerclses 1s the object of YOQII. Yoga raleases a potential glgantlc
power that llea within us unutll.lzed except when awakened by yoglc pcactlces.
Through yoga, we are able to convert ourselves lnto supennen.
The source of allllfe and energy on earth ls Cosmlc Radlatlon. Cosmlc
rays strlke the atmosphere and then condense lnto lon!zed partlcles oc elec-
tricaUy-charged atoms or lons that fill the atmosphere and Cinally drop them to
the soU as mlnerals when they lose thelr charge. These lons In the alr are of
two types, positiva and negativo. The rl;ht nostrll absorbs the positiva tona
and the left nostrll, the negativa ones. Wben we close the left nostrll and In-
hale through the rlcht, we talco in positivo lons whlch then flow down the rloht
sympathetlc nerve trunk; and when we Inhale through the left nostrll, a similar
electrtcal cunent is generated thet J;ll!fas from the olfactory nerve endlngs of
thls nostrU down the sympathetlc nerve trunk on the left slde of tbe splne.
The purpose of Pranayama or yoga breathino 1s to consclously control and
lntenslfy these two opposltely charged electrlc currents tbat fiow down eacb
side of the splne In tum as we breathe altemately, flrst ~ g b one nostrll
and then tlwough the other (closlng the opposlte nostrll wlth one's forefin;er) to
the rhythm of 1 for lnhalatlon, 4 for retentlon of breath, and 2 for exhalatlon,
the duratlon of these lntervals belng extended as one progresses in such
respiratory cantrol. By such rhythmlc altemate breathlng, a stream of elec-
trtca 1 parttcles abaocbed from the alr, known as tons cr Prana, Oows down to
the base of the splne wlth each lnbalat.L.>n. One should l ~ i n e this downflow
and that they hit the base of the splne forclbly, as with the tap of a hamrner,
flrst nowlng down one side of the splne and then the other.
The theory of Kundallnl is as follows. When these tons stl1lce the base
of the spine, they release interatomlc energy there, just as free electrons do
when they hit the IIUC1ei of atoms and cause atomlc flsston. Tho 1nteratomlc
energy thus relea sed at the base of the splne ls callad by yogls Kundallnl.
After lt 1s thus awakened, throUQh certaln practicas, thls newly awakened
electrical energy 1s foroed through tbe Uny openlnQ at the base of the spinal
- 2-
Copyrigh!ed malcra
ca nal and then made to ascend up throuqh lts center to the thltd cerebral ven-
tricle of the bratn, ltrad!ating and cha1'9!ng the entire braln wlth electrtcal
eneroy. This ls called the Ascent ol Kundallni.
In other words, Kundal!nl ls interatomic ene1'9y that la awakened by dls-
sociatlon of atoms at the base of the sploe through the alternately descendlng
currents of elecurcally charged ions that flow clown each side of the s pina
dur!ng altemate yoga breathlng, whlch ascends up through the splnal canal,
e.lectr1fying the spinal nerves and sympathetic nerve plexuses and
endocrina glands (collecUvely known as "shakras"") as they flow up to the
braln whlch they then electrify and make more radioactiva.
The relaUon between Prana, or electrlcally charged lons in the alr, and
Kundal!ru, or organic radioactlve energy In the nuclel of all ceUs of the body,
which yoglc practlces cause to first concentrate In the splnal cord and then In
the braln, 1s as follows. Rlldioactlve dlsintegration in the stars causes
emlsslon of CAsmic rays, whlch, when tbey strike the earth' s atmosphere con-
dense lnto lons. They also are directly absorbed by the chromosomes of tbe
cells of the body, which convert them into vital electr1c1ty; and ln thls way,
accorcllng to Pro. Lakhovsky, cos mic constltutes the orlgln of l!fe.
The termtnoloqy of Yoga deslgnates thls cosmlc energy whlch llving ce lis
absorb as Kundallni. It ls latent In the cells. It ls a form of potenUal radlo-
actlvlty which lt ls tbe object of Yoga to aro use. Thls 1s done by the fntake of
electrlcally charged lons, whicb also are products of cosmlc ray:s, after they
str!ke the earth's atmosphere and condense. Through Pranayama or rhythmlc
yoga breathing. These lons are taken lnto the body In dlfferentlated form, botb
pos! Uve a nd negatlve, and flow down 1n a deflnlte rhythm elong sympathetlc
nerve trunks on eacb slde of tbe splne. The effect ls to cause atomic flsslon or
radioactlve disl ntegraUon et the bese of the splne, where these two nerve
trunks come closest togetber. Since tbey are each of a dlfferent electrical
potentlal, perhaps en electric spark or curront passes between them, whlcb ls
responsible for the release of lnteratomlc energy at the base of the spine,
known as the Awakenlng of Kundal!ni .
The most scholarly work on Kundal!ni was wrltten by Arthur Avalon (Sir
Jobn Woodruffe) and ls called "The Serpent Power. The book deals witb the
nature of Kundal!ni end bow to awaken tt. Dr. V. G. Re le of Bomba y wrote a
smaller book, "The Mysterlous Kundalln1, in which he identlfles the varlous
"chakras"' which kundallnl vttallzes after being awakened, with the major sym-
potht:tll: nci'Ve plexuses. Hcwever, tl'.aor; 1 dlff;;rnnt fmm t h;; ccnv;;n-
Uolllll one held by moot YOQlo. He cl.:.lma Kundallnt le 11n eloctrlc roren
orlglnfttao ln the braln ftnd Oows down tho rtqht vnguu nervo to thc vnrlous
sympethetic norve plexuao a. lt la very poas lblo thot efte r Kundollnl eocends
to t11o bratn thet lt thGn flowo down throu.;h lite rlqht vllgUD norve to tho
varioUII norvo ploxuaos tbot lt communtcatos wlth, ou 11 strol m or ol ectrtcoJ
Copyrigh!ed malcra
Kundallni is generally conceived as a mysterioua secret enervy whlcb is
said to reside at tbe base of tbe splne in the lowest of the seven chakras or
centers, tbe Muladhara Chakra. It is visualizad as a serpent wtth three and a
blllf coils, reresentlng latent energy ready to be relea sed, whlch occurs when
tbe serpent 1s awakened by Prareyama breathlnq exerclsea, when lt uncoUs and
ascends through the cerebrospinal canal In the center of the splne. Thls power
(related to sexual enei'Qy, but not ldentical wlth lt) ls latent In all of us, but
i s not arou!lfd lnto activity exce pt by yoglc methods. To arouse 1t, Prana, or
electtlfied lons absorbed from the atmosphere, must be dlrected forcibly agatnst
this lower center, slrilcing lt with an electric spark In the manner descrlbed
above. Thls electric spark resulno from a difference of electricaf potentialln
each sympathetic nerve trunk on each slde of the splne and passes between
them when they approach each other at the base of tbe splne, wb1ch 111 where
radioactive dlslntegration commences. A chain readtlon then stans that asc:ends
up through the center of the spine to the braln - the Ascent of Kundalini (radio-
active energy).
As the sleeplng serpent of Kundallnils awakened and stans lts ascent
upwerd, a feeling of heat ls developed at the base of the splne, .as the lowest
chakra beco mes vlvlfled or active. Tbls feellng of heat then pas ses upward as
the Kundalinl ascends and vivifies tbe slx upper chakra term!natlng in the
"thousand-pedaled lotus," the Brahamaranda Chakra at the top of the head,
whlch ls connected with the plneal gland. When the plneal gland beco mes
awakened and vlvlfled, 1t commences to perform lt s normal function as a th1rd
eye and OI'Q8n of vlslon. When the pltultary gland (assoclated wlth
the AJna Chakra) becomes awakened and regenerated, tbe power of olalraud-
lence and telepathy develops . It ls the goal of yoglc practlces t.o regenera te
these hlgher braln centers, which are the seat of supersensory powers of per-
The chakras, or centers, whlch lie a long the splne, are considerad by
yogis to be reolly ether!c vonlces or enei'Qy that are connected with the major
sympathetlc nerve plexuses, rather than being these plexuses themselves.
They are lnactive In most people and aro atimulated to actlvity only by Prana-
yama or y09a breathlng, especially when a current of Prana or nerve electrtclty
(ortginatlng in lons taken In from the atmos phere) is dlrected to these centers by
mental concentrat!on dur!nq y09a breathlng. Another methcd of a.ctlvatlng these
centers ts througb Mantras, or rhytbmlc liCLilCl 'bratlons speciflcally attuned
to the vlbrotory rate of each center. Solar color lrradiation atso affects them.
This ls the basls of muste and color therapy but whlch apparent physlologlcal
mlracles are accomplished In the cure of dlseases otherwlse appareny Incur-
For the awakenlng of Kundalinl complete conservauon within the body of
the genital secretlona of each sex is absolutely essentlal, otherwtse the
electrlcal energy generated at the bese of tbe splne ls dlsslpated through the
genital glands and lost from the body in thelr secretions and can never ascent
upward toward the braln. Not only voluntary oi'Qanisms, but lnvoluntary los sea
as well, as noctuma1 emlsSiolls In males an.d mucus and menstrual discharges
Copyrigh!cd malcria
in females must be prevented, which ls best achievecl throucb a low proteln,
non-sttmulating, saltless strtctlyvegetarian dtet (excluding fiesh, eqgs, and
datry products, a ll of whtch contatn sttmulaUng antmal sex hormones) , and by
avoldance of all sources of sexual excltatJon, physlcal and psychlc For so
long as the gonads and assoclated genital glands are active and p-oducing
secrettons, they drain the bratn and nerves of leclthin (O<"ganic phosphorus, of
whlch nerve and braln cells are composed) , whlch is a chlef constltuent of all
genital secrettons. It is for this reason that all sexual actlvity, pe.ttlng, and
leueotthea and menstruation In woman, devltallze the bratn and weaken the
nerves, maktnc one nervous end Irritable. Kundal1nl cennot escend under such
condittons when lts energy ls sepped and lost by gonads (testes and ovartes
and thetr assoctated glands).
Yoca adepts teach that when the body becomes regenereted ene! there ls
perfect and complete conservation of gerittal secretlons and mucus and blood
discharges of the female cea se, the Kundalini Force, no longer dral.ned by the
genital clands and turned In a downward directlon, !s able to ascend up through
the center of the sptnal cord and vtvlfy the varlous chakras and thelr sympa-
thetlc nerve plexuses in lts upward course. It ls clatmed that the cerebros pina!
fluid ls not liquld but In an electrified etherlc state In the living boc:ly and oniy
turns !nto a fluid on exposure to alr, when tt ls tapped. That ls why spiMI
punctures are so hermful, as they draln the very source of vltaUty. When the
Kundalini Force enter the splnel canal, lt renders the etherlc fluid therein more
radloacttve and causes lt to ascend up to the thlrd cerebral ventrlcle, where
the cerebro-splnal fluid ls supposed to be formed, actlvltatlng the pltultary and
ptneal glands whlch adjoln lt.
In the living braln, the plneal gland ls phosphorescent and gl ows with a
radtent llght. This ts the "bratn olow," or phosphorescent radlatlon that the
braln emits, studled by the emlnent phystologlcal Crlle. When the Kundallni
Force ascends to the brain and electrifies it
this braln glow and the phosphor-
escence ot the ptneal gland are vastly !ncreased. The ptneal gland has the
structure of a vesttgialatrophied eye that was once functlonal and contatns
photo-sensltlve cells that respond to ordinarily Invisible ultra-vlolet rays.
When the plneal gland ts vlvtfied by the ascendtng Kundalini Force and com-
mences to functlon as an lnner eye, these photo-sensiUve cells commence to
receive visual lmpressions 1n the ultra-vlolet part of the spectru m and beyond,
coverlng a band of llght radlatlons to which the human eye ls normally lnsen-
sltlve and blind. ThiS ts the phystologlcal bllsts of clalrvoyance of four-
dimenslonal vislon. When this capaclty ls awakened, one can lool< lnto the
Courth dlmentlon and overcome the barrler thllt space ordlnarlly lmposes on the
sense of vlston, belng able to vtew other planets of dlstant stars and to func.
tlon In one' s stelllr body lnhablt!ng such planets. Thls ls the goal of Yoa-
namely. the dlssoclatlon df consclousness from the earthly bra!n so tbat lt may
function In the brain of the steUar body.
Total end absoluta contlnence, or returnlng to the pre-pubertal state of
complete seminal conservatton, ls the precondltlon of regeneratlon and rejuvena-
tlon and ls abselutely necessary for the awakenlng and ascont of Kundallnt.
Sach drop of semen representa a concentrate of leclthin, hannones , mlnerals,
and vitamlns equal to 60 drops of blood. Hence , t he loss of this fluid dralns
the blood of lts best elements. Seminal fluid ls potentlal nerve and braln nu-
trirnent and when not wasted or lost through involuntary errussion, 1t is absorbed
by lymphattcs which Une the seminal ve sicles and carrted to the receptaculum
chyU, from where lt ascends via the thoraclc duct to the le ft subclavlan vein
prior to its entrsnce to the heart, and i n this v.-ay lymphattcally resorbed seminal
Quid enters the ctrculation. The conserved Ie.::ithin is then carrled by the blood
to nerve and brain calla, which requlre it for their nourlshment and vital
actlvlty. For this reason, sexuallosses, voluntartly or involuntarily, rob the
nerves and bratn o! nourtshment: and, lf they are excesslve, lea<! to nervous
a nd mental dlseases. Since anc!ent times, it was known to physlctans t:hat the
gonads or sex glands manufacture a vital substance which, if retalned in the
b ody, passes into the blood and feeds and,strengthens the nerves and brain.
The spermatozoon and braln ceU resemble _ach other both In shape and
chenstry. Eoch have a head anda long appendage (tall of the spermatozoa and
dentrites of the brain cell) , The losa t'lf milllons of s permatozoa t b r o ~ h each
seminal dlscharge must lnjure the brain. Many cases of death and insan1ty have
been the lmmedlate consequences of the shock ca u sed in a feeble, stckly or
aged person by the act of coltus. Coffee, tea, meet, flsh, eggs, salt, pepper,
mustatd, tobacco, and alcohol are allophrodislacal sttmulants of the sex
glands that cause them to lose their prevlous, lecithin-rtch, phospbori%ed
vital secreons. To achieve and mllintain natural physlolO<Jical continence 111
a U times, a 1ow protein, strictly vegetarlan diet i s essentlal.
Sit wtth splne erect, facing the north. Clo se the right nostril wtth tare-
ti nger of left hand, and Inhale through the left ncstr'.l, Hold the breath four
times the length of inhalation, then exhale durng on lntcrval twice that of ln-
halatlon, this time through the right nostril. Then breathe in througb the right
nostril, retaln breath as before , and exhale through the left, and so on, in-
haJing end exhaling a lternately through eac h nostril in a rhythmlc:: mannar. As
you breathe In, imagine, lf yo u can, that the absorbed Pro na or electrified ions
In the air goes from the olfectory nerve ending lnside the nostril to the corres-
pondlng sympathetlc nerve trunk on the sama slde of the splne and then de-
scends to the Mulodhara Chakra or Center at the base of the splne, above the
perlneum, a few inches In front and ebove the rectum. As you inhale through
the left nostril, imagine an electrtc curten! be!ng sent dov:n the synpathec
nerve trunk on the left s lde of the splne. ar.d whe n you inahel through the rlght
nostril, Imagine lt golng down the rtgbt slde, in a regular rhythm. When the
current reaches the bottom, imagine an electrtc spark jumping across from one
of these ne.rve trunks to the other, as they approach each other, which awa kens
a locked energy between them, whlch the n becomes released. Thts is the mys-
terlous KundaUni Force which ls the underlying quest of all occultlsm. The
vartous methods of yoga tral.ning ore deslgned to awaken this mysterlous
that may be compared to interatomlc energy that ts relea sed by the sparlc thot
flows between both sympathetic nerve trunks where they come together at the
Copyrigh!ed malcra
base of the spine.
The psychlc vlsuolizatlon of these proceues nelps a qreat deal In thelr
fuJftllment. Alter lmaqlning the electrlc curmnt descend eacb slde of the splne
end produce the spark at the base anda shock, es you exhale feel the genereted
electrtcal energy drawn up through the braln. Then Inhale and send the enerqy
once more down the sympothetlc nerve trunk to the base of the splne, whlch lt
should strtlte forclbly, llke the sharp top of o hommer. Then el<Mie through tho
oppoalte noatril and draw tne electrical ener gy thus generated up through the
splne oa hlo;h os posslble, untU the braln ls reoched and elecrrtfied by lt.
Thls prOcesa ls called by yogls the Ascent of Kundallni.
Then uy to feel thls same eloctrtcal energy descend from lile breln to the
bese of the splne as you Inhale ond rhythmically ascend back to the broln wlth
eacn exhalatlon. When ~ thus succecd In ewakening nd controlling thls
norve force at the base of the splne and "feel" lt movlng up and down wlth each
explratlon and lnsplratlon, you nave at your command e vast supply of ~
whlch you can dlrect and use as you may destre. Thls power ls Kundallni, a
me.glc physiolo<ical enuqy whlch energizas and elecrrtfles the braln and
reloases Ita latent genlus and vastly lncrease lts capac!Ues .
Acccrdlng to )10911 physlology, thero are seven centers o( nerve enerqy
along the sp1ne, each connected wlth a dlfferent sympathetlc neNe plexus.
They are:
l. The MUIJIDHARA CHAKAA, wh1ch corresponda to the pelvlc or sacro-
coccygeal plexus of the sympathetic nervous system, sltuated about two 1nches
ahove the pertneum (the lowest part of the trunk between the genitals and the
anus) This is the soat of Kunda11n1, represented by the Tantras as a coUed
snalce wlth lts taU In lts mouth, or cosm1c ene1'9Y that ts 1n latent state and
whlch can be aroused and made dynam1c by certaln Y!)91c methods. When it ls
awalcened, 1t ascends the s pine, awakenlng each of the chakras or nerve
conters In tum, causlno them to unfold Ulte lotuses and s end out streams of
et'-ic energy throuqh the Nadls or etharlc nerve condults, whlch radlate from
them In all dlrect1ons. Flnally, the ascend1119 Kunddl1n1 reaches the "thousand-
pedalled" lotus tn the brain, reacbing and awakentng the ptneal gland.
2. The SVADISTHANA CHAKRA ls sttuated two or three 1nches above the
Muladhara Chakra, where Kunda11n1 sleeps. It ls the nerve center that controls
the Qen1tal OrQans and COITOsponds to the prostatlc plexus, Just as the
Muladhare Chakra corresponda to the sacra! plexus.
3. The thlrd chakra ls the MANIPUAA CHAKAA, which controls the solar
plexus or abdominal braln. It ls oppos1te the nave! and controls the abdominal
4. The ANAHAT CHAKAA ls on the leve! of the heart and controls the
cardiac plexus and the process of respiratlon.
S. The throat center ls the VISUDDHA CHAKAA, whlch controls the
pharyngoal plexus and the thyrold gland.
6. Between the root of the nose and the base of the slcull, wlth branches
Jeadlng to the space between the eyebrows, ls the A]NA CHAKAA. Thls center
corresponda to the pitultary glend.
7. Tho uventh center, tl\ "tl\ousand-:;edalled Jotus," is sltuatd at
the top of the head and coiTOsponds to the p1noal gland.
Ascendlng Kundallntla seen clalrvoyantly as a goldcm-yellow strea m
that flows up the splnal cord to the braln, where 1t spreads out a s a golden
rain and vivif!es the bratn, caustno the pltuitary and plneal glands to show Uny
Clames as the ethertc ene1'9Y passes around them and out through the top of the
hoad, the Brahmaranda Chakra. Before these Chakras can be consclously
employed as orQans of higher percept!Gn, the Serpent Pire, or Kundallni, must
be at'OU3ed and, flow1ng upwam, must vlvtty the seven centers In pass.l.c from
Copyrigh!cd malcria
the base of the splne to the brain. The pltultary and ptneal qlands then blaze
wlth llqht and power and conttnuous lnteractlon or "sparking" takes place
between them. The maln stream nf Kundallni passes around them and out
through the now-opened BRAHAMARANDA CHAKAA of the "Thousand-PedaUed
Lotus . The AJNA CHAKRA, connected wtth the pltultary qland, ls now more
plalnly visible, also the VISHUDDA CHAKRA or thyrold center.
The Magnus Opus, or the Great Work, of the alchemlsts was the trans-
mutation of man' s creativa enerqy from the animal to the superhuman level by
brtnglnq lt from the pelvis to the braln. Thls ene111y ls Kundal1n1., or the Ser-
pent Flre, In an lnterestlnq book, "Thecrophla Practica, by Johann Glchel, a
pupU of Jacob Boehme, we find an tnterestlng picture which shows the body of
a man with the Serpent Fire coUed up t the base of the s pine In the sha pe of
a dragon and the dlfferent centers or chakras tnd!cated as the parts of the body
throuqh whlch thts serpent tire had to ~ : ~ ~ ~ s s in lts upward passage. This upward
and inward turnlnq of the creat!ng energy In man, which in lts lower manifesta-
tlons goes outward and downard In the form of sexual actlvity, ls the Magnus
Opus or DI vine Transmutation whlch was the goal of the true alchemlst.
Kundallnl ls Cosmlc Ufe Enerqy In the human body, whlch lles latent
wlthln the nuclel of aU ceUs. ThNugh lts slow releas e, thts enerqy raleases
the flre of life. By yoglc practlces , thts cosmlc energy ls c:onc:entrated flrst
wlthln the splnal canal and then In the bratn, whlch ls what ts meant by the
awakenlng and ascent of Kundalinl, When yogls are able t ~ Uve for months
under the ground without breathlng, lt is Kundallni that keeps them al!ve. When
the Serpent Flre ls released, lt burns up all t h ~ dross of the body, lmmortal!-
zing the ceUs as it pur!fies them. Kundal!nlls latent interatomlc enerqy ex!st-
in loc:ked In the nuclel of all atoms whtch compase the nuclei of the cells of
the body. lt ls reaUy lnteratomlc enerqy, and lts sourc:e ls cosmlc radtation.
Since this tremendous power , once awakened and placed under voluntary con-
trol, which lt ls the object of Yoga to achleve, can be u sed destructlvely as
well as constructlvely, ln1t1ates who possess knowledge how to do so guard
thetr secret jealously, lest it fall lnto the hands of the unworthy who may mlsuse
lt .
We have already dlscussed how through rhythmlc alternate yoga breathlng
a current of positiva a nd negaUve electrlclty, or chared lons drawn from the
atmosphero by each nostrills sent down each side of the splne through the
sympathetlc nerve trunks on each slde of lt, known In yoga termlnology as the
Ida and Pinga la nerves. These currents strlke the Kundallnl center at the base
of the splne, bombarding lt wlth an electron stream that causes the dlssocla tion
of atomlc nuclel there, with the result that lnteratomlc energy is released,
whlch then travels up the splnal canal to the braln. The exact methods by
whlch this lnteratomlc force (Kundallnl) at the base of the splne may be made
dynamlc through the actlon of Prana, or absorbed atmospher!c electriclty, by
rhythmlc alternate breathlng , comblned wlth muscular contraetions, known as
Bandhas and Mudras, c:onstitute the special study and practica of yogl s.
As the Kt.n:l4lini. or Serpe:nt Force is re i t asco..nds up the spinal
canal as etheric energy, which vitalizes the six centers or chel<ras as it
pierces them and passes througl'l them, generating electric currents that pass to
the carrespording synpathetic nei'I/e plexuses arrl asscciated endcx:rine gl.alds.
Kundalini rises from center to center until i't reaches the pineaJ. glancl. It
is described as a central fire that rises up through the spinal cord to the
brain, causing it to becare electrified and to gla< inthe center of the brain.
The Ol.!kras or Centers are bdie-'. to be inside the spinal cohlln but to
be etheric vortices of energy rather than physical, they are CX1111ected
with the pri.ocipal """""' plexuses.
The various uethods of Pranayall'a or Yoga breathing haw c:i1e essential
JlUI1lOSe: to make the Prana, or electricaJ. energy absorbed frcm the atlrosphexe
by yogl breathing, enter the Sushunna or the spinal canal, then as<:ending and
piercing the chakras, or spinal center, and finally reaching the suprema chalcr-a
on the tq> of the he a:! whidl is ccnrected wi th the pineal gland, which then
hcoal"'"' vi vified an1 flllC'tional, prcducing c1airvoyance of fOU%'-<Ii.rrensional
vision. This is accalq)lished by Kl.llbhal<a or retential of breath.. Sanha:ii,
or cosmic consciousness, arises when !'rana is he1d in. the Sushunna Cspinal
canal> fer sufficient length of tiliB to ascend and readl the brain.
Pranayane frees the lxxly fron disease, latent and nanifest . To 5lalcen
Kundalini by Pranayams (yogl breathing) , start wi th a cOUlt of 4 for inhaJ.-
ation, 16 for retention, an1 8 for e>dlalatior., brea thing throc:;_ each nostril
alternately, and imagining the breath to pass dC><n ea:h side of the spine,
striking against the Kundalini center at i ts base as i t escends, <!l1d then men-
tally dr< up the breath an1 the fiery energy thus awal<wed, whidl then enters
the spinal canal' at i ts base and travels up i t wi th the elll\alatioo In time
increase the lngth of inhalatioo to 8, retenticn to 32, and exhalatial to 16 reach the l!aXiJwn limi.t of 16:64:32. Yogis claim that the latter count,
kept up far 100 tilres, will produce levitation. Such mythmic alternate breath-
ing is done for an at a tiJre, referably on awakening. Hcwever, NEVER
STRAIN and do not exceed your capacity, for this may oo nore hann than good.
Each chakra is ccnnected wi th a radiating network of Na:iis which are
etheric conduits of electric nerve force, and are not the uere gl'Q3S physicaJ.
nerves . Prana >es not enter the Nadis if inl>ure, as they are in 110st peq>le.
Honths an1 years must first be spent to purify the lladis before Pranayama can
be su:cessfully precticed. On perfection being attained in yoga, the lxxly be-
corres CCI!pletely rejuvenated, let!ll, and healthy, the eyes bri1st and the serren
is Calq)lete1y calSer-'. and conc:entreted. The Nadis are purified, and the in-
t emal fires irx:reased, while sounds are heard ">!len the ears are closed wi th
the fingers, "*'idt bee<lm! louder and louder as clairaudience develops. Also
when the eyes are shut, brilliant colors are seen, ..tch is the beginning of
Kundalini is rclated to the sextnl force, "hidl, instead of being cm-
verted into grc:ss seminal fluid, is, by these, ccnservecl and trans-
Copyrigh!ed malcra
!ormec. lnto a subtle enerqy (Ojuh) whlch ascends up through the splnal canal
wtth Prana. lt then becomes the sourco of s plritual lite in the brain instead of
being a cause oC physical death, as la the case when tt ts lost. Wlth the
ascent of the sex torces to the brain, th.@. mind ls relea sed of lts most powerful
Kundallnl, the Serpent Power, sleeps colled up below the base of the
splne, closlng with lts mouth the entrance to the splnal canal. lt lies at the
Muladhara Center, two flngers above the anus and below the gen.itals, at the
pertneum. From here spring the 72,000 Nadls. Justas sound is produced by
the movements of air, so here, bowing to movements of the vital air (!'rana),
In its inward and upward passage, etheric currents are produced in the Nadls.
Kundalinl is tbe mightiest manlfestation of cosmic creatlve power In the human
body and the slx chakras above are vltallzed by thls enerqy as lt ascends
through the splnal canal.
Yoga postures, retentlon of breath, purlficatlon exerc!ses and Mudras
(speclal exerclses for glandular regenerationl are all used to arouse Kundalln!,
so that Prana ls wlthdrawn from the Ida and Pingala sympa"tbeuc nerves on both
sldes of the splne and, first concentrated at the base of the spine where
Kundallnl resides, ls then drawn lnto the spinal canal and ascends to the
ptneal 9land, Then the YQ<Jl achleves Samadhl or cosmic consctousness, the
natural stnte. To achleve thls he devltallzes the rest of the bod.y by getting
Prana from Ida and Pingala nerves lnto the splnal canal.
Yogis seek to awaken Kundalinl by what !s called Pire Medltation,
which means to see KundaUn! as a name, llke a candle flame, 1n the nave! or
solar plexus. The yogl exhales, draws In the solar plexus by abdominal con-
tractlon, and medita tes on the heart center. This ls clalmed to awaken a
light thereln and to transmute sexual energles, whlch pass up to the braln.
To galn lncreased mental control, yogls pracuce exerclses In concentra-
t!on and medltat!on after dolng breathing exerclses. Ftrst the rnlnd must
become one-polnted by concntration and later perfectly blank, whlch !s the
prerequlslte for medltatton or contacting one's hlgher self and recelving ln-
spiratlon therefrom. To concentrate the mind, yogl first concentra tes the vlsion
by fixing the gaze on the tip.of the nose or between the eyebrows. Mean-
while the mind should contemplate the light-like energy In the heart center
which should be sensed inwardly, though the gaze is directed wlthout. Thls
helps to concentrate the m!nd and prevent wander!ng.
By maklng the mind a vacuum, lt permits finar impresslons to rush In,
and thus !ntu!tlon ls developed, lntu!tlon ls as much hlgher lnteUect as
the letter ls above mere animal instinct. It means reception of thoughts coming
from superior brain of one's stellar body !nhabitlng a planet of another star,
whlch !s the source of the cosmic radiatlons that antmate the earthly braln.
UntU the bra!n's automatlc actlvlty is stilled, true meditatlon, or the establi-
shment of contact between tbe earthly bratn and the stellar bra!n, one's higher
self, and consclously rece!vlnq lts t b cught waves as an Inner Volee, ls lm-
Copyrigh!ed malcra
posaJble, Only when the ora1n's lncessant automatic thought aci.Uvity la
sUlled, even for an instant, can one become consctous of one' s real extra-
tenestrial self ancl hear lts tnner volee speal<inQ clearly wltl\ln. 'Thls higher
self dwells in a more perfect body on another planet of another star, knwon a s
the astral or stellar body. We dwell 1n lt when asleep and also after death,
To clear and strengthen the eyeslght and dispense wlth glasses, yogls
practice an eye exerclse wl\lch conslsts in fl.xinQ the vislon on a small object
wlthout bllnl<ing and holding the eyellds wtder t han usual meanwhile. Con-
tinua tiUs unt11 the eyes water, then close the eyes and :oll the ayeballs sev
several times, flrst clockwise and then counter-clockwlse. Then open the eyes
wlde and stare at the mornln<; sun. Practlce flrst wlth the sun 'near rislng and
settlng time, ancl later when the sun is stronger. Solar energy vtvlfies the
optic nerve and may thus vtvlfy the bratn. To see the tnslde of your treln, In
the form of web-llke nerve flbers or perhaps etheric Nadls, stand before an
open wlndow on a dark nlght and gaze lnto the black s ky. Then hold a llohted
candle a few lnches 1n front of your nose and just below the level of the eyes,
so that you look at the sky right above the top of the candle. 'I:1en wave it
hortz.ontally back and forth wl\lle lool<ing over the f!ame at the sky. Gradual! y
you wtll see projected on the sky as a background the slde of your braln,
looking llke a spider web.
To awal:en Kundallni, the followlng breatlling exerclse, l:novm as
BHASTRIKA PRANAYAMA, or the "clearising breath," shouid be practicad. S1t
faclng the north and take eleven successlve deep and rhythmic lnh&lations and
exhalotions wlth no pause In between and in r&pld successlon. Havlng reoched
the eleventh, restraln your breathlng gently and send the Prana down to the
Kundal1nl In the Muladhara Chakra at the base of the sptne and Imagine that lt
awakens lt as wlth a llght hammer tap.
All the secret yoga practlces have as their goal the awaken!ng of Kunda-
l!nl, The following exercls e ls pract!ced by yogis for this purpose. Close the
left nostril and exhale through the rlght one until the lungs are empty. Inhale
.aga1n through the right one untU the lungs are full. As soon as tlle breatb la
restralned, send Prana down to the Kundallni wlth a sharp tap. Hold tlle breath
and concentrate on Kundallnt at the center In the base of the spi:ne durlng an
1nterval of lOO soconds, or as long as you can without undue stra1n. Then ex-
hale thro119h the rlght nostril to half.the capaclty of the lungs, and Inhale
again 1mmedlately through the rlght nosirll. Send Prana down to Xundalinl as
before and do the same In subsequent breaths . Hold the breath agaln for lOO
seconds, exhale, and continua such alterna te breat.l\lng ond send1ng the Prana
down to Kundallni, after breatl\lng 1n and out through the left nostril . Con-
tinua such altemate breatl\lno flve minutes. Then repeat as you started, only
lnstead of breathlng In and out through the right nostril, do so through the le!t
nostrU, sendlng Prana down to Kundallni and followtng by tlve mt.nute s of
alterna te breathlng as before.
Copyrigh!ed malcra
To arouse Kundal1n1, yogis sit in such a way that the heel presses on
the perineum, whUe, by muscular contracUon, the penis ls withdrawn into the
publc arch, whlle the ear, nostrils, and mouth are closed with the flngers.
Then the yogl clrtlws In a full breath, holds lt, and medltates on the sl.x chakras
In tum, feellng the Kundal1ni ascend and awaken each in successlon. Movlng
the abdoanal muscles from left to right and from right to left, In a churning
actlon, helps to arouse Kundallni by this splral movement.
To awaken Kundal1ni, the yogi practices the chin lock (pressing the chin
agatnst the base of the neck) after inhalation. The yogi seeks to force Prana
to enter the splnal canal by such practlces, leaving Ida and Plngala sympa-
thetic nerves on each slde of the splne, which beco me llfeless. The e hin
lock, or Jalandhara B endha, is practiced by flrst taklng a deep lnhalation and
then contractlng the thocaclc region whtle the chln is locked and the perineal
reglon is simultaneously contracted. Prana ls then torced downwerd. Then
Vayu (the latent energy in the conserved semen) is Corced into thA! Sushumna
(the splnal canal).
A good exercise {or awakenlng Kundallni consista In pressing on t he
perineal reglan wlth the left heel, the right foot being placed on the left thlgh.
The breath ls lnsplred and the chin placed flrmly on the root of the neck on top
of the breast bone. After the breath has be en retalned as long as possible, lt
should be explred slowly. The breathlng exerclse should be don.e throuqh each
nostril in turn. Thls stops the upward flow of Prana through alJ the Nadts
except that In the splnal cord.
Pranayama means to lncrease the absorptlon of Prana, or electrical
energy In the atr, flrst by causlng 1t to flow down the Ida and Plngala nerves,
then by lts reachlng the bottom of the splne and enterlng the splnal canal,
whlch OJ:Curs when the body has been purlfled by constant practica. Kumbhaka,
or retentk>n of breath, ls practicad tUl the Prana ls felt to pervade the en tire
body from head to toes. Ujjayl, or abdominal contracUon upwards, ls
Jncticed untU the breath fUls the body from throat to hean. Bhastrlca , or
bellows-Uke breathing described above, ls practiced os a :repatory exerclse.
The alm of Pranayama ls to move the absorbed Prana lnto the spinnl
canal by stlrrinq the Kundalinl, a latent force at the base of the splne which,
when acted upon by Prana, ls aroused and enters the sptnal canal. Wlth the
dlsappearance of Prana lnto the splnal canal the rest of the body beco mes as
lf lifeless. Prana, by the ald o Kundalini, ascends, plerclng the sl.x chakras
above, whlch block its paasage up to the braln.
Copyrigh!cd malcria
A yoga manuscrtpt says: "As llona, elephants, and tigers are gradually
tamed, so also the breath, when rtghtly managed, comes under control; else it
k.llls the practltioner. lt should not be ottempted, however, wlthout lnstrucUon.
Many llave lnjured themselves, and so me have died throUQh m1stakes made in
the processes, whlch should be edapted to the needs of each pcrson. Hence
the necessity of an experienced Guru (teachev."
Th1s warning applies to those who carry thlngs to exuemes, but there l5
no danger In yoga practtces 1f common sense and c;:ood judgment are used and 1f
one never proceeds to the point of Intenso straln, whlch ts the body' a own
danger signal, for this ind1cates that certaln Vital organs are strl!llned and may
be lnjured. Each person sf.ould go to the limit of comfortable tolerance and stop
there. Yoga cannot be conquered by stoun but only by patience and perslstence.
No matter how difficult an exercise seems, try lt as best as you can and keep
trylng daily, maktng o llttle tmprovement each doy, but never straln beyond your
capaclty. Persona with weak hearts should avold exerclses thtstraln the
heart . In dolng the breathlng exerclses, 1f living In a city, lt is best to choose
the early morning hours when the atr ls pure,t,
Mlnd and breath ere lnterdependent, so t hat when the lotter ls regulated,
so ls the mlnd, Through rhythm1c breathlng, concentration ls made easy.
Pranayarna .is sald to be successful only when the Nadls or ether1c nerve
conduits are purtfied, for until then Prana cannot enter the sptnal canal. The
yogt, slttlng In the Padmasana or Lotus postura, inhales and exhales alternately
through each nostr11 In tum, retalnlnq the breath meanwhCe ()(umbhaka) for
gradually tncreaslng pertods. The Prana then enters Sush.;mna (sptnal canal)
and, 1f retained sufficiently long, after plerclng the Che:O:ras, goes up to the
ptneal gland. Durlng the retention (kumbhaka) the Kund<.llnl rtses, and the
seminal energy goes upward as Ojuh instead of being elaborated 1nto semen.
(Is potential seminal energy not transformad into semen, but carrted up through
the sp1nal canal to the brain? It may more properly be cal.'ed Cosmlc Life
Energy whlch has not become dlfferentiated into seminal enerqy and is trans-
formad lnto bra1n energy instead . )
The vartous methods of Pranayama, or yoga breathlng, ha ve one supreme
goal, to make Prana, or electrtcal energy absorbed from the alr , to enter the
Sushumna or sptnal canal and to ascend up to the braln, there awakenlng the
plneal gland to clatrvoyance and luminos1ty . The pltuitary gland ls also
The ascent nf Kundalinl encounters dlfflculties at the "three knots,
particularly the abdominal knot , whlch may be attended by pain , These "knots
are where the sympathetic and central nervous syst ems join, where Ida and
Plngala cross the splne, and are the polnts at whlch the Chakras converge. The
wand of Mercury, with the coiled two snakes crossing each other at the polnts
of the -m, lllustrate thls relation. The unlon of Kundallnl with these Chakras
ls the path that leads to llberl!tlon. When 1t reaches the braln, Kundal1nl
lmparts to 1t extended oc cosmic consctousness (Samhadl).
Copyrigh!cd malcria
To awaken Kundallni, the yo;! first seeks to body and mlnd
through certatn :reacrlbed postures or As!! nas . The Asanas 11re an atd to clear
and collected thouht, for only under such condlUons C4n the mind be free trom
the dlstracttons of the body. The test and swt11b1l1ty of a postur:e 1s 1f it ls
pleasant and comfortable and when there 1s no f11rther bodUy movement to dis-
ttact the attentlon. By controWng the movements of the body, we control the
movements of the mind. A swtable posture or Asana produced mental equ111-
brium which 1s so essenUal for concentration and medltlltJon. Hetha l{oga pre-
sCribes a very large number of Asanas, to each of whlch a peculiar effect ls
attrtbuted. These exercises provide a system of phystcal culture whlch surpass
anythlnq ever developed anywbere, facllltate Pranayama and help arouse Kundll-
To awaken Kundallni, the yoct sUs in the prescrtbed Asana and steadles
ls mind by concentrlltlng it between the eyebrows. The alr ts then inhalad 4nd
retained (kumbhaka). Tite upper part of the body ts then contracted by the chln
lock ao that the upward breath ts checked. By thls contraction, the alr so in-
haled ls prevented to escape. Tite atr so checked tends downwards. When the
Yogi feels that the 111r within hlm trom the throat to the beUy ls tending down-
wards throuh the channels of the N11dls, the esC4pe of Prima as Apana (upward
flowing force opposinc the downwllrd flow of PranD) ts DgDln cbecked by con-
tractton of the anal muscles. Tbe atr (Vayu) thus stored and compres sed between
the two opposlng forces that press lt down Crom above and up trom below, then
qenerates energy whlch, under the dlrectlon of mlnd and will, 11walcens the
Kundalln1 power at the Muladh!lra Chalcra at the base of the sptne. The mtnd ls
then concentrated on thls center. Followlng thls concentratlon and the lmpact
of Vayu 6'etalned lllr) on thls center, through rhythmtc altemate breathln, the
Vayu {retDined vttal atr or Prana) ls aqatn ratsed. A revolutlon from left to
riQht ls qlven thls air, whlle pressure ls exerted on the Prana and Apana whlch
are held In kumbhaka (retontlon of breath), resultlng In development of heat.
Thus ls the "Flre of K.ama kindled, which enclrcles and arouses the slumberino;
serpent Kundalin1. Tlbetlln by such means, Dre able to generate such
Intenso heat that they can dwell naked 1n the arctlellke weather of the hlqh
plateaux of Tlbet, melttng the snow around them.
To awak.en Kundalinl and force lt tnto the sptnal canal, the VOQ1 flrst
Inhales f 16 OlUnts, then "stirs up Kundallnl " with all hls strength for 48
OlUnts, and draws the body up a little to let lt enter Sushamna, or the splnal
canal. Thls drawlnq up movement is accomplished by ralslnQ and dropplnq the
shoulders. Prana then enters the splnal C4nal . Compressed from above and
axpanding below and vise versa (throuQh muscular contractlon), Prana risas.
Tantrlc texts describe the a scent of KundDlinl as follows: Kundalinlls
led upwllrds "as a rider quldes a tralned mare by the reina' n thnlugh the
apertura hltherto closed by her own colls, but now open, :wlthin the entrllnce
of the Chltrlnt Nadt (entrllnce of the sptnal C4nal). She then plerces, ln that
Nadl , ea eh of the lotuses, whlch tum thetr heads upward as she passes throuqh
them. As Kundalinl passes through each of these lotuses or chakras, she
absorbs tnto berself the relgntng Tattvas (planetllry vibraUons) of each of these
centers . Attor Kundallni le oves lt , tbe sacra! center, or the Muladhara Chakra,
by of the vtvifyinq lntenslty of the Pranlc current , opens and turna Ita
ao-r upwards , after which lt closes and hangs lts head downwards. Tben
Kund4lin1 , trom this lotua, oscends tbe l!Dyal I!Dad (the splnal =nal) , taldn;
rest at lntervals in the sacred pl acas (tbe chakras) and rtnally reachlnq tbe lx1lln,
Kundallnl, when aroused, ls felt as Intenso head In the splne. As lt
asconds tbo lower limbs become lnert end as cold os a oorpse; so does every
pon of tba body when Kundallni leaves lt. Thls ls beca use Kundalinl ls tho
cosmlc power whlch supports the body. On tba othor hand, tbe upper part of
the body becomes lustrous, wann, and When the process ls com-
pleted and cosmlo consolousness ls attalned, the yogl sits rlgld in
hi s selected posture and tho only trace of wermth 1n the whole body ls to be
found In the crown of the head. Tbe body becomes cold and Ufeless, but as
Kundallnl moves down oooln, vltollty and normal consclousness return to the
rest of the body.
When Kundallnl ls In the braln, the yogl must use all hls powers to rotain
lt there, as the natural tendency ls to return to the polnt of lts orloln at the
base of the splne, The longer thls l s done, the neorer does he come to the
peeot state In whlch lt can be permanently retalnod In the braln. Uberation
ls not ottalned by stlrrlnq up KundaUnl and ttxinq lt In any of the lowest
conters, Uberetion ls attatned only when Kundallnl takes up lts pennanent
resldenoe 1n the braln, After remalnlnq there a time, sorne yogis lead Kundalllli
down to the hean center . Great power 1s galned by o yogl who can retain
Kundallnlln the braln tbree days and tbree nlohts.
The secret of awakanlng KundaUni is to open the entrence of the splnal
whlch ls ordlnarlly closed at the base. Thls is an intemal oJ)9llltion
whlch ls achleved by yooa mothods. Usually t he coiled Serpent c losea tho
Gate of Brahma, whlle aleeplng In a coUed condltion at the base of the splne.
To Gwaken Kundallnl, thls Serpent must be aroused from lts slumber. In othor
words, thls force must be rals ed from lts latent, potentlal, lnactive state to one
of actlvlty and then brought up to the plneal oland whlch lt cause e to glow by
electr1lylnq lt. Whlle Kundallnl sleeps at the base of the splne, one Uves In
world of llluslon, but whan a walcened and ascended, a nd after absocbl.nq all
the (planetary vtbratlons) of the Chalc:ras, one roaches a h19her stato of
consclousness (Samhadl), whlch occurs when Kundallnl ascends to t he
Kundallnl ls the lndlviduallzed bodlly exprossion of Cosmlc U fe Eneroy,
whlch, when awakened ond unlted wlth the plneal oland, brings supremo (coa-
mio) consclousness and liberatlon, The rouslno and st.lrrlng up of KundaUnl ,
so that it may brlng about a merolng o the lndlvtdual and universal consclous-
ness, ls the end of every system of IndJan Yoga, To awelcan Kundallnl, the
breath must be regulated and held foca cenaln pertod of Ume. Also, through
Mllntras, sound vlbr11Uons can awaken the chakras, Whon 1t 1s aroused, lt
rlses from center to center untU lt the braln. At each center one galns
oonsclousnesa of a di fferent cosmlc plane o planetllry vlbration (Tattvas) ,
When In the lx\Un, Kundallnl tend.o to retu.rn, but, by repeated efforts, may be
made to rematn there.
By Hatba Yoga (the word Hatho coln1nc} from "ha ond "tho, refering to
the unlon of posltive ond neqottve el ectrtc currents abSQfbed by brnathlng throuc;h
opposlte nostrils) tho yog1 achieves a body as stronq os steel , bealth, free
from d!sease and sutfertnq and long-llved. Master of tbe body, be ls mastel' of
the mind, and of botb llfe and deatb. HIS lustrous form enjoys the vitallty of
youth. He llves as long as he has the will to Uve and enjoy the torms of the
Ulusory wcrld. Hls deatb ls a "deotb at wW," when, alter mak.lnq the ;esturo
of d1s110lut1on, be departa.
The unalded and unsuccessful practlce of Hatha Y oga, unwisely per-
formed, mey result In dlsease or death. He who aeoks to conquor the Lord of
Death may lncur the rlsk of faUure of a more speedy conquest by hlm. All who
attempt Yoc;a do not, of course, succeed, or meet wlth any measure of success.
Those who foil, not only incur the infirmlties of ordlnory men, but others
brought on by practlces that are 111 pursued or !or whlch tbey are not f1t. Those
agaln who succeed do so in varying degrees. Ono may prnlong h1s llfe to 80,
anothar to lOO and still others further. lt ls sald to be easler to ga1n llberation
than deathl.essness. The former may be blld by unselflsbness, detocbment from
the woTld, and moral and mental d!sclpllne. But to conquer deatb 1s harder
tban thls; for those cuallttes alone will not avau. He wbo does conquer holds
llfe In one hllnd and deatblessness In the other, 1f he ls o successful yoql. He
is the master of tbe world and possesses blias whlch transcends aU worlds.
Tbe Hotha Yogl who arouses Kundollnl galns various occult powers and
enjoyments thereby. At every center to whlch he loada Kundallnl, he exper-
iencos a spo<:lol form of bllss and spoclal powora. Carrylng Kunda.llnl to the
plnoal contar, he enjoys su:reme bllss, whlch, when permanent, glves com-
plete llberauon. She who "shlnes llke a chaln of Ughts" -a Ughtnlnq flash-
is "In the center of h1s body," is the "Inner Woman" to who roference ls mado
when lt was sald, "Wbat need havo 1 of any outer woman? I have en Inner
Woman In mysolf. Tho Yogl then un! tes hlmsolf wlth hts own female
principie - hls bic;her self.
Cosmic Energy (Shalctt) polarizas ltself In two torces - one stattc or
potentlal (Kundallni) and the other dynamic (!>rana). Behlnd aU activity tbere
ls a stauc backc;round. Thls statlc center In the body l.s the central Serpent
Power at the baso of the splno. lt ls the statlc support of tbe whol e body and
all lts movlng Pranlc torces . Thls potentlal polo of energy ln the human body
l s sttned lnto acUvlty by Y 00". The movlng torces (Pranll) are tben drawn
thereto, and the whole dynamic whlch l s engenderod then moves upward to unlte
with tho qulescont consclousness 1n tho hlghost chakra In tho braln. As tbe
nuclous of tho atom locks the atomlc torces, so Kundallnl contalns. the potentlal
onergy of the body as a statlc back9round of lts dynamic processes.
Kundalinl, sltuated at tbe Muladhara Chakra, may be consl.dered as the
statlc pele of the body and the rest of the body the dyn.Dmic pole, wh!ch centers
in the braln. Tbus yogis can remaln burled, wltbout breathlng, for montbs at
a time, showing that lite energy ls supported by a force superior to Prana -
namely, Kundallnt, whlch ls lll:e the creatlve force In the egg, whlch causes
lts developing by gradually releasing its potentlal energy.
Every natural act of resplration reacts on the colled serpent at the base of
the splne, but lt does not ordinartly roduce much effect. Through Pranayama,
P r a n ~ ~ powertully reacts on it to such an extent that 1t awa l:ens the dormant
power and sends it up, plerclng the chal:ras or spinal centers above. However,
not all of Kundalinl changas from a statlc toa dynarnlc state, but only part of
lt. When acted on by Peana, Kundallni sends forth an emanatlon or ejectlon of
ltself, whtch ascends up the spinal canal, but the coUed powerdoes not stlr
from lts place. It ls lil<e a sparl: glven off by an overchacged electrostatlc
machlne or lil<e the emanatlons of radium which do not sensibly detract from
the energy contained In 1t. Jt roa y be llkened to a radioactiva center In the
b ody, a center of atornlc dlssociatlon where atornlc energy ls relea sed by the
action of the electrons absorbed from the air, whlch strtl<e atornlc nuclei and
relea se their locl:ed energy. Deep rhythmic alternate breatlnq causes positlve
and negativa electrtc currents to run up and down both sympathetic netve
trunl:s on each slde of the spine, whlch unlte at the base, whereo an electrtc
d lscharge between thern dlssoclates atoms and awal:ons Kundallni or lnter-
atornlc energy, which enters the splnal canal and ascends as etbertc force .
Thls lnvolves the conversion of stattc (potentlal) energy lnto dynarnlc (I:Jnettc)
energy, whlch aacends the splnal canal, though the greater part of Kundallni
remains as stored potential energy in 1ts original seat. By Pranayama, the
Muladhara Chal:ra, where Kundalinl resides, beco mes overcharged wlth elec-
triclty, which causes the stat1c energy of Kundallnl to become dynamic and to
glve off an electrtc charge whlch passes up the splne.
The theory Kundallni presentad by Avalon In "The Serpent Power," how-
ever, dlffers from the above conceptlon in that the author as sumes that
Kundalinl entirely ascends, slnce the body of the yoql beco mes cold and
corpse-lil:e, due to concentration of Prana from the rest of the body to the
spine where lt concentrates, acUne; on the base of the spine (sacral chal:ra)
whtch beco mes overcharged. Prana then ls con verted into an electrlcal energy
that fiows up the splnal canal. This is what the rtsing of the Serpent Power
really means. Kundalinl really gathers the diffused Prana In the cells of the
body and concentrates lt u pon the splne, causlng 1t to enter and ascend the
spinal canal. To the inner eye , the ascent of thts power is lll:e that o{ con-
densad llghtning rlsing from the Muladbara Chal:ra, whtch, gathertng momentum
from chal:ra to chal:ra, its voltage l:eeps lncreasing as lt ascends to the plneal
gland In the brain. When thls polnt ls reached, ecstasy (Samadhl) and four-
dimensional or cosmic conscioussness result. The pineal gland awakens and
starts to function as a third eye, and clairvoyance becomes a normal sense.
When Kundalinl sleeps at the base of the spine one Uves in a shadow world of
mlrages and ls dead to the real world. When Kundalinl awakens , one ls asleep
in thls world and is awake and lives in the real or astral world In one's other
body, one's astral body. Then the highest happlness 1s attained.
The cerebros pina! fluid In the splnal canal 1s eltber ti 1be U vine; body and
Copyrigh!ed malcra
only condenses lnto a liquid orm on exposure to alr For this rea&on spJ.nal
puncturoa constJtute a stab at tbe source of vltallty. Slnce anclent times thern
has been e belief ernong phystologlsta tllat there was en tmportant reletlon
between tho sptnal fluid end tbe sex fluid, whose loss causes loss of splnal
and nervo onorgy for reason, and when exce sslve , leeds to tabes donalls
end to splnel weakness end dls&ase. There does, lndeed, seem to be an lm-
portent reletton between tbe splnel cord end tbe gonads . ln condiUons of
spermatorrhea, or constant loss oC semen, the splnal cord deqenerates. Dr.
Board has shown that sexual neurasthenta resulta trom the adversa elect oC
seminal emlsslons on tbe functionlng of the splnal cord, confirmlnq the old
rnedlcel beUef concerning the reletlon between seminal Ouid end the splnal
fluid. Accordlng to yoga physlolo<;y, 1t appears that the eJectricaJ or etherlc
energy In the sexual secretlons (Prana) ls tho sama force which manlfests In
the splnal canal as ether1c energy and that when thls force ls disslpated through
sexuallndulgence, lt ls wltbdrawn from the splne. Yoga metbods of awakonlng
KWldalinl conslst ln directly concentratlng tbls onergy, taklng 1t trom the sexual
cantor to tho beso of tho splno and thence lnto the sptnal canal, where lt
ascends to the braln. Thls, In short, ls tbe Great Work of all occultlsm. It
glves one complete mastery and leads to the awekenlng of hlgher braln centers
ot supersen10ry perception, whlcb occurs when tbe KW1dallnl r1ses up to tbe
ptneal glend.
Tbere te no royal road to Yoga, wblcb ls , In tact. a complete reversa! of
the natural order of thlngs In the espirer. Round alter around, tbe aspirar must
ascond. fortlfylnq bis body and braln with energy and vttallty. The chronlc dls-
eases of t.he body must flrst be overcome by moans of Yama (control) and
Nlyama {)-egulatlon). Contlnence ts requlred es the flrst essentl& for success.
When the mlnd ls full of falth and the body buoyent, due to conservatlon oC
vtrlle energy, lt ls then when the aspirar muot pertect bis pestures (asa nas)
whlch holp hlm materlally In regula Uno hls breeth {pranayama). which are tho
two prol.lminary essentlel steps In Yoga.
The stx chakras are vital centers wlthln tho splnal cord In the whlte and
qrey matter thereln. Tbey lnfiuence tbe perts of the bocly lateral to tbe section
ot tho splne where the parilculer center ls altuated. The cllakras are etherlc
centors of vital force not pbyslcally percoptlblo. Tho Nadis are etber1c con-
duits that emana te trom the chakras as petels of a lo tus. lbey are not nerves.
but subtle cbannels through whlcb Pranlc currents flow.
The divlslon of tbe vertebral column lnto flvo parts correspcnds to the
chakras tbat exlst there. There are nve cbakras In tbe splne and two In the
head. Grey matter ls present In the hlghly sensltlve fUum terlnlnells at tho
bottom of tho s plne, whlch representa tho p o ~ l t l o n of Muladhara Chakra. The
four above thls lowest chakra are rolated to the oenlto-excretory. dloestlve,
cardleo, and resplretory functtons . Above those are the pltuitary and pineal
ccnters. In the contar of tho splne ls tbe Suohumna, or splnal canal, and at
lts baso tbe Gate of Brahrna {Brabnabadvare).
The nerve trunlcs, Ida and Pingllla (left and rtght sympathetlc cords)
Wlite In the medulla with the splne itself. They both take their rtse in the
perineum, between the anus and genitals. Ida starts from the root ot the lett
testis and Pingala from the right of the right one. They each wlnd up splrally,
meetl119 the Sushumna nerve (spine) at four points. These are the yonl, the
root of the genital orga ns, the naval, the heart, and tho throat. From the
throat, makes a clreult of the root of the no se between th.e two eye-
brows , and enters the right nostril, whlle the Ida nerve makes a similar circult
and enters the left nostrtl. A center ls thus formed at the root of the nose
whero they meet, Thls ls the center chosen by yogls for concentration. The
five points of contact of Ida and Pingala wlth the splne constltute the five
chakras or centers, and the center at the root of the nos e makes the siXth.
Above the slxth center and below the thousand-pedalled lotus at the top of the
head are two chakras correspondino to the pltultary and plneal glands. All
chakras are located wtthln or above the cerebrospinal axis.
Secret Yogi methods of rejuvenation through awakening a mysterious power at
the base of the spine, known as Kundalini or the Serpent Fire, and causing it to
ascend to the brain, which it energizes and vitalizes. Dr. Bemard traveled all over
the world and claimed that this is the finest course of yoga ever devised by mortal
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