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Guidelines For The Formation of Refugee Leadership Structure Of Kutupalong and Nayapara Refugee Camps Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

To ensure the protection of all public facilities including latrines. To report all criminal activities within the block. the Camp Management Committee will be supported and guided to perform the following responsibilities: 1. To maintain law and other within their block under the supervision of the CIC. To assist the CIC and other agencies in identifying. 3. All cases mediated must be documented for future reference and easy access by UNHCR and the CIC. 6. supporting and referring (to relevant agencies) extremely vulnerable refugees within their block. . UNHCR and the implementing partners for information and possible support. schools. 10. To advocate for promote and maintain harmonious relationship amongst block residents and between the camp residents in coordination with CMC. To participate in all awareness activities organized by the CIC. 7. and bath houses within the block.Annex 2: Terms of Reference for the Block Committee Under the supervision of the CIC. To initiate and implement self-help activities including sanitation activities at block level for the good of their community. The report of said meetings must be shared with the CIC. 9. 8. 2. Failure to report any criminal act will automatically make the committee a party to the crime. UNHCR and or implementing partners. Note: No activities should be done without the knowledge or prior permission of the CIC. 5. 4. To represent the block through camp secretary and deputy camp secretary at all camp level coordination meetings. To mediate in minor quarrels between families and amongst block residents with the prior authorization from the CIC and consent of the parties in an unbiased manner. To organize and chair monthly meetings with block members to discuss concerns/issues facing the block and identify local solutions with the support of UNHCR Community Services and Protection units.

As such act compromises the neutrality of the committee. Any member found to be engaged in or suspected of involvement in criminal act including Gender Based Violence will be immediately suspended from the committee by the CIC in consultation with UNHCR. . Members shall maintain straight confidentiality of all personal sensitive information received as a result of their duties. 2. 3.Annex 3: Code of Conduct for the Committees 1. where such information is of a criminal nature. religion. No member shall receive or solicit benefits/bribe (in cash or kind) for the performance of his/her duties as a committee member. However. caste or disability. No committee members should engage in any criminal activity. If found guilty such individual shall be dismissed and shall not be eligible to serve any other committee in future. political opinion. race. members found guilty primarily shall be suspended by the CIC. 4. nationality. age. Personal sensitive information should only be shared with the relevant individual agencies with the consent of the concerned individual. If found guilty by a court of law such individual will be dismissed and will not be eligible to serve on any committee in the future. it must be shared with the CIC and UNHCR without the consent of the concerned individual. No committee member shall act in a discriminatory manner towards any refugee on the basis of gender.

Representatives from BORCS. Strategy for establishing the committees To establish Camp Management Committees and Block Management Committees. 2. controlled by the some outside structures. IC of Ansar. TAI. Although there were substantial improvements using the new Camp Management system. 3. UNHCR representative. Must be registered and recognized by GOB and UNHCR. 1. ACF and any other agencies engaged in the refugee program of the respective refugee camp.Background Introduction of Camp Management System during the recent years resulted in better management and participation of refugees in decision making was ensured. c. MTG IC of Police. RTMI. Criteria for qualification for selection to a position of refugee leadership To become a member of a refugee leadership committee. . there were some areas identified where more improvement could be achieved in view of the above UNHCR in collaboration with the GOB is undertaking the establishment and training of functional refugee leadership structure with representation from all refugee groups with gender consideration. This also put an end to a dictatorial leadership structure referred to as Majhees. Composition of selection committee The selection committee shall comprise CIC. The established structures will be provided training to enhance the performance of their duties. Must not have held any leadership position in the past 10 (ten) years. any refugee should meet the following criteria: a. code of conduct and other guidelines for running the said committees. WFP representative. This also enabled UNHCR and its implementing partners to come closer to the refugees and also helped to invited and support NGOs to implement various programs for the refugees more efficiently. the existing structures were reviewed and the following proposals were placed for forming new Camp management Committee and Block management Committee along with the term of reference. b. Must have reside in the refugee camp uninterrupted.

Procedure for Block Committee Selection:  To select the male and female representative.  One of the Imam’s from the block shall be selected through voting by the Imams of each block to serve as advisor of the Block committee.  The committee shall tally the casting votes and declare 3 male and 2 female candidates with highest vote.  Once the nominations are accepted the selection committee shall set up a table in one of the rooms and shall request the shed representatives to cast their vote secretly to their candidates of choice. in case of more suitable candidates. Note: No one from the immediate family members would be qualified to serve on the CMC. Must have no proven criminal records with UNHCR/GOB/CIC. Must have no pending criminal cases. Co-chairperson and Secretary in presence of the selection committee.  All the selected shed representatives from each block shall be invited to the community center to participate in the selection process. . all the members shall meet together and select their Chairperson. f. e. Minimum age for being a member of CMC (except youth members) should be 25 years.d. 4. they shall have to nominate 10 male and 10 female members for election. h. the BMC members shall be selected through direct voting.  After the selection is done. g. Must be full recipient of assistance provided by UNHCR and its partners.  At the meeting. They will be declared as members of the respective Block Committee. Must be willing to serve without compensation. Process/ Procedure for selection of the Committees The selection of the committee’s members shall be carried out in the following manners ensuring transparency: 4a. the selection committee shall ask the adult male and female members of each household from each sheds to nominate one male and one female representative.

in case of non-consensus. Camp Management Committee:  The members of the Block Committees shall select one male and one female members from each block to represent in the camp management committee.  The teachers from the block committees shall select their representative to represent in the Camp Committee. representatives shall be selected through voting among the youth members of the BMC. The selection of Youth member of the Block committee shall be of same manner like selection of other committee members. vice versa. There will be a member from the teachers of a block who will be selected in the same manner by the teachers of that block like other committee members of block committee.  The members of the Block Committee shall meet together and select a chairperson. the co-chairperson should be a female. representatives shall be selected through voting among the teacher members of the BMC. 4b. The age of youth members should be 18-24 years. - From the CWs. HPs and CHWs. The selection from this category member of the Block Committee shall be of same manner like selection of other committee members. . in case of non-consensus. they shall have to select one representative from them to represent in the Block Committee.  One representative from the Imam’s shall be selected through voting to represent in the Camp Committee as advisor from all of the Imams. Note: - The selection committee shall ensure that where the Chairperson is a male.  Once male and one female from youth group shall be selected through voting among the youth BMC members from the Block Committees to represent in the Camp Committee. the BMC members shall vote to select the representatives to the CMC.  The selection committee shall keep all the records for future scrutiny or use (if needed). CTBs. in case of more suitable candidates. co-chairperson and secretary.

Membership Composition The members of each committee will comprise of representatives of the various refugee groups as follows: 5. The Chairperson shall have the deciding vote in case of non-consensus. The Imam shall be an advisor to the committee and shall not have any voting rights. Notes: The selection committee shall ensure that where the Chairperson is a male. 1 teacher. 1 Imam.1 Camp Management Committee (CMC): The CMC shall consist of 19 members including 2 representatives (1 male and 1 female) per block. if candidates obtain identical voting results. . 1 youth. vice versa. 5. Once two members from the BMC are selected to be representatives in the CMC. All the selection procedures should be done in presence of the selection committee.2 Block Committee (BMC): The block committee shall consist of 11 members comprising: 2 female. 1 teacher. The Chairperson shall have the deciding voting in case of non-consensus.  All the members of the CMC shall meet together and select a Chairperson. cochairperson and secretary for the Camp Management Committee. 6. representatives shall be selected through voting. 2 volunteers (1 male and 1 female). 1 community volunteer and 1 CHW. 1 Imam. Tenure of Office The tenure of office for the CMC and block committee shall be for 2 calendar years only. 2 male. 2 youth (1 male and 1 female). 5. in case of non-consensus. One member each from CWs + CTBs + HPs and CHWs shall be nominated to represent in the Camp management Committee. the vacant post in the BMC shall be filled in by the candidates that receive highest voting order. The Imam shall be an advisor to the committee and shall not have any voting rights. 1 CHW. the cochairperson should be a female. No committee member shall be allowed to serve two consecutive terms. a lottery shall be held to select the candidate.

members of the committee must maintain the highest standard of conduct.7. Any proven violation of the code shall result in immediate removal from the committee by the CIC in consultation with UNHCR. they are expected to respect and adhere to the code of conduct. The responsibilities of the committee shall be carried out in line with the agreed terms of reference (annex 1 & 2). . Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Committees. In this regard. 8. The TOR will be reviewed by UNHCR. Code of Conduct for all committees (Annex 3) As representatives of their community. the GOB and the refugee leadership when necessary.

Md. Refugee Cell. . Copy: For kind information: Secretary Disaster Management & Relief Division Ministry of Food and Disaster Management Bangladesh Secretariat. Syed Mahmood Hussain Head of Sub-office UNHCR.Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Office of the Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner Cox’s Bazar No: RRRC/Repat/1-35/2010 Date: 22 March 2010 Subject: Guidelines for the formation of Refugee Leadership structure Dear Mr. Cox’s Bazar for next course of action at your end. Hafizur Rahman Mollah Deputy Secretary. Mr. Hussain. I am sending the guidelines for the formation of Refugee Leadership Structure for Kutupalong and Nayapara Refugee Camp which has been developed jointly by the RRRC office and UNHCR sub office. Cox’s Bazar. Dhaka Attn: Mr.