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[MEXICAN NAVY MEMBERS DISAPPEARANCE “ee DP Mogan Sona TFLO42-B AP 878 _ FILE Mas CONF IOEWT IAL MEXICO CITY 69002527 EASON: 3.8 (2) 2. (a) Acconding to 2 report from the Mexican authorities, 2 nenbers oF the Mexican navy and the Financial operator (of the northeast cartel Gerardo Teodoro Vazquez Barrera have been reported sissing, concerning us because ‘ccording to DEA sources, these 2 wenbers of the Mexican navy would have Deen commissioned by both the cartel’s ‘inanctsl operator and tha senator of the RORENA party, ore Warco Ceepades to tranefer money earned from the rug trafficking to Financially support campaigns of his party in the State of Mexico in 2623, 2, (a) The OBA ds currently investigating all those related to this strange case. TOP SECRET = FILE MK TOPRK 389 1D at PbO TUNFID Er At 118 ‘Ents cir: eta Yes Teta at) vue eign cheno Archive ste: atop -errperesey TFLO42-B + AP 8z8 } f° PILE M43 oem 2. (a) Follading the smvastigenton led ty the DER and the United Seates Department of the Treasury on the subject oF Gerando Teodoro Vazquez Barrera, wo disappeared along with 2 menbors of the Haxican navy earlier this month sihan they wore transporting sscats of the northasst cartel to Finance the political campaigns of the HOREMA party fn the State of Mexico An 2623, 2 multintllion-dollar account in his nane has been found in the British Virgin {slands, presumably belonging to the cartel. The aforementioned account reports severe transfers betwwen the aonth of Septenber of the yeur 2921 and January oF 2022 to a recently opened account An the sane tax haven in the rane of Humberto Villarreai Santiago, the son of teerieo Villarreal Aaya, candidate for governor of the state of Tamapulipas 1n which he received approximately 7 silllon US dollars from the cartel. 2, (a) decording to the O&A, the anoint OF Honey thet the candidate Aserico Villarreal would receive could be much higher, gen that the nortimst cartel has made 1 As missen to obtain all possible influnce in the state of Tamulipas, one (of the mort disputed terestortes An the country, sich could tip the Balance of power between the certelé in their TOP seceer FILE WY Faery 369 DA Phy ies BONF ERE rr AL Eaad LONG TRENCH AP 156¥ain stot ORR HUMBERTO VILLARREAL SANTIAGO fo boca fese own IOGERD, ROAD TOWN VerrtoTortla VEINOTORTOLA rsh gin lands RTH VIRGIN ISLANDS ‘account wus STATEMENT PERIOD uso (02 Novernber 2021 to 01 December 2021 SUMMARY peringblonee 2.180,004.87 Deposits 1,900,028 62 iat 10,000.00 (ing bance MOVEMENTS IN THIS PERIOD a osc wave moss an wore 10,900.00 Nov Deposit Tanstr XOOKSSS7 1,sona0n.9¢ 2ANlow eos Tener OOOO? ‘woas0n.00 vowpbankcon ae . etanaoet CED amwonaneesin eians aera one oT arr ‘STATEMENT PERIOD vo ot Novae 2 8 Dee 22 SUMMARY Ope saansno var SSD at samtce pone was MOVEMENTS IN THIS PERIOD fey neinecons wasmas Sie tees ‘ee Snmca a 30 Saeco 4 Sho fanned an Sn temecoe sate ao ine ne ase vevpbenkcom = 1Sstan suet (> necro saan smico roto TONG TRENCH APT featTown seoctto rOAD TOWN vortororat \eirroromola Brennan ssi VN LANDS ‘iiteeasentoo ccQunt Nusen STATEMENT PERIOD ws 03 September 2021 1002 October 2021 SUMMARY cm (> te spots 700,008.12 Wino 0.00000 Cosine so 008.2 MOVEMENTS IN THIS PERIOD oo tn a ve sep votes 20000 Sap Depa Tans cco? 2on00090 105ep —_Depost Tiansteroon00Dse87 Gia 200,000.00 15a Dope Tart OOOO? soot} 1S5ep Depa anf noe? 15000000 oct wet ai ovpbankcom 156 Main treet (EES (GERARDO VAZQUEZ BARRERA ness ane alton cern Tom weir verneromos Senag tan sala Stato sou nnas STATEMENT PERIOD ws 06 September 2021100 October 2021 SUMMARY oe seazatrran vo rises corgi ssiseson0s MOVEMENTS IN THIS PERIOD: = om ot Om 150 ems sation oe eae co fio Soon rose Toso ares seman tose Tua san ‘ip Novara sss wis Tua 0 1350 Kant sera ‘ise Treo Saenn ie Tre ‘0 pomecrieny ao wowpbankon,

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