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Jun Fan Kickboxing The Jun Fan Kickboxing phase began in 1965.

The arts influencing Jun Fan Kickboxing were from many different structures and origins. Western Boxing, Thai Boxing, French Savate, Filipino Sikaran, Northern and Southern Chinese Gung Fu, Wing Chun, and others were used. In 1970, Sifu Dan Inosanto added Filipino Boxing (Panantukan) to the curriculum. This was done primarily for two reasons. First, it added more sophistication to the Western Boxing, and secondly, it added the ability to drill realistically and combatively without major risk of injury. Presently, there are many drills and training methods that are being used, expanded upon, and created into the Kickboxing curriculum. As is in athletics, older methods are updated and adapted where necessary, while the fundamental principles remain the same. The overall goal of Jun Fan Kickboxing is to coordinate the kicking and boxing so that they are totally blended. Jun Fan Entries with mitts Lead hand; Basic: jab-cross Partner jabs) you: screw punch over & around the jab Partner cross) you side step and double jab over cross Follow ups are cross-hook-cross -round kick Defenses to the jab-cross series Jab-cross (offense)-Defense Jab-cross (offense)-Defense Jab-cross (offense)-Defense Jab-cross (offense)-Defense Jab-cross (offense)-Defense Follow ups the same Attack by drawing (Jab) counter: over hand right (Jab-cross) counter: catch & shoulder roll the cross round kick (Jab-hook) counter: catch, bob & weave hook follow ups the same Kick defense (Lead round kick) cature and angle side kick to support leg (Rear round kick) lead leg, side or front kick Follow ups the same Jun Fan Boxing & Trapping drill using focus mitts you start: (left lead forward) Drill: Cross-hook-cross(they parry) you lop sao backhand- hook-cross-hook They cross-you inside parry w/ Rt. hand & eye jab w/left to cross-hook-cross a. a. a. a. a. catch catch catch catch catch b. b. b. b. b. cover bob and weave tan sao shoulder stop shoulder stop w/ forward knee step back