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First of all watch the clip and makes notes. What are they talking about?

You are going to write the news story in your own words. And then discuss several questions. Think of the map of Asia and design a similar map to Czech artist David erns. What would it include? What would happen if you made such a thing? Do you think the art should be taken down? What is wrong with animals? Are humans better than animals? Whats wrong with being an ant? Which animal would make you the most insulted if you were called it?

Cerny said his work was meant to show how "self-reflection, critical thinking and the capacity to perceive one well as the outside world with a sense of irony are the hallmarks of European thinking."

"Stereotypes are old fashioned ways of communicating messagesEven in my old age, I don't like them."

Katerina Batzeli, Chair of the EP Culture Committee The EU puzzle is both a metaphor and a celebration of this diversity. It comprises the building blocks task of today is to create building blocks with the best possible characteristics.

political, economic and cultural relationships with which we 'toy' but which will be passed on to our childre

Self-reflection, critical thinking and the capacity to perceive oneself as well as the outside world with a se

irony are the hallmarks of European thinking. This art project that originated on the occasion of Czech Pres

of the Council of the European Union attempts to present Europe as a whole from the perspectives of 27 artist characteristics of the individual cultural identities.

the individual EU Member States. Their projects share the playful analysis of national stereotypes well as or

Grotesque hyperbole and mystification belongs among the trademarks of Czech culture and creating identities is one of the strategies of contemporary art.

We believe that the environment of Brussels is capable of ironic self-reflection, we believe in the sense of hum European nations and their representatives.

Britain is conspicuously absent from the art.

Why is that? Explain. If you were to create such an art form, what image would Britain have? Explain. What do you think of the art form in general? What was its purpose? Why was it made? Does the art form question the idea that Europeans live in a problem-free, multicultural society? If you were to make an art for Asia, what would it include? If you refused to make such an art form on moral, explain why.

Entropa: subtitle "stereotypes are barriers to be demolished" Scepticism 1 2 []; lampoon [], . []. insult , controversial ; symbolise satirical , satire , irony politically incorrect without barriers , ~ Self-parody, [()], (a) satire; a lampoon () satirize; lampoon ridicule; derision; mockery laugh at; ridicule; deride; scoff at; make a fool of. Self-mockery , :holdup to . , Censorship [, freedom of expression , [] European integration ; provocation , ; , cynical humour,, , mosaic . Grotesque hyperbole , , , (an) exaggeration; (an) overstatement exaggerate; overstate/ exaggeratingly; indulgence addiction urination Minaret (), a tower; a pagoda (); a steeple () Swastika 1 () #; #. 2 #.# Dracula B.A.Stoker jingoism (), Clich . False identity (), , support for advocacy of] war. a war advocate; the pro-war party.

So, keeping all that in mind, do you think ENTROPA: A. should be removed completely from its display in the EU Council building, B. should be altered according to the desires of each member country, or C. should be left as it is? Feel free to vote on the poll on the right hand side of your screen and/or leave comments below.



Entropa portrays Romania as a theme-park-styled Dracula's castle. The 16-sq-m (172-sq-ft) work portrays Germany as a network of motorways somewhat resembling a swastika.

Poland is represented by a group of Catholic monks erecting the rainbow flag of the gay community.

Luxembourg is depicted as a small lump of gold for sale.

The eight-tonne mosaic depicts France as a nation on strike Italy is seen as a massive football pitch, suggesting a nation with a fetish for football.

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