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He came down upon her with his ferocious slash.

She held up her sword just in time to parry but was thrown back by the sheer power of his attack. He slammed into the ground, making yet another crater on impact, and dust once again surrounded him. But he didnt wait for a hearts breath as his next attack came into play. He jumped towards her through the dust and tried a passing slash, trying to sever her in two, but she again parried this. Making the time for her to attack she eyed him trying to find a weakness. Their swords clashed with a flash. Their blades locked. He started to put more power behind blade and she was giving in....slowly. 'Damn. He is too strong.' She released her grip and twirled to the side as he fell forwards. As she spun her blade slashed at his arm. Rich red liquid soaked the cloth on his arm along with her blade. He caught himself before falling and turned on his heel to look at her. She stood with a smirk on her face. He gritted his teeth at the stinging pain on both his arms. He calculated her strength and weaknesses as he looked at her in the shining moonlight. She stared back with the same cold calculation in her eyes. He decided to try a different tactic. He sheathed his sword and ran at her. Confusion on her face, she stood there thinking of what to do. And then she posed, ready to attack once he came close. He rushed at her still figure with blurring speed. She still waited...ready for anything. He was getting closer. She Struck out at him as he came closer but then he disappeared. She looked up and saw his shadow across the moon. but he was holding up something in his hands and started throwing them down and before she could react fast enough to jump out of the way two shurikens stabbed in to her left leg as she jumped out of the way 2 more shurikens struck into the ground and more trailed her movements. As she looked to him again she saw that he had landed and was still throwing them at her. She changed her direction and ran towards him. He pulled out his pistol... Her eyes widened as she saw the barrels of the pistols. As his fingers started to press against the trigger she threw her weight to the left out of this firing zone. putting the weight on her uninjured leg she moved as best she could avoiding the bullets that broke the dust that her feet brought up when her foot was lifted up. His arms and eyes followed her spraying bullets, but were only able to hit her shadow. -click -click- A smile rose on her face as she heard the sound that meant he was out. She turned and ran straight at him. As he reloaded he never let his eyes off of her. Now it was her turn to form an outline in the moonlight and with a great leap she rose into the air. She pulled the metal weapons out of her leg and threw them with precise aim."AH!" one hit its mark, his hand. A pistol was dropped and she landed, falling to a knee when her leg wouldn't stand her weight. Warm blood spilled freely out of both their wounds. He tossed away his pistols and ripped a piece of cloth from his shirt and tied it around the cut on his hand. She did the same for her legs. He still felt the pain, but at least his sword wouldnt slip out of his hands. Again he drew the ryunohaishi and faced his opponent. She faced him also. "Had enough, yet?" he said with a smirk. Anger flashed across her face at the taunt and she charged at him, sword dropping low to the ground. He shifted his position; bring his blade's handle up to his face. A very bad counterattack position, but thats not what he was doing. As she came quickly closer, he spun around, swinging his blade with blinding speed. A sudden gust

Of wind came out of no where and blew her back. She went out of balance and flew backwards, the air in her lungs knocked out. Just then he attacked jumping after Her with his blade out. As he came upon her she saw him in the corner of her eyes And lifted her sword up, trying to block him. But in the midst of the knock back She was too weak to form a strong enough defense. He slashed down and her blade Bounced back as his steadily came down slicing her right arm. He landed, sliding on The ground on his knees and she sprung off her other hand and landed on her knees as well. Her eyes unfocused for a split second as she watched the blood from her arm fall to the ground. She stood and faced him, his back still at her."Wind? Who knew you were one who had the spirit of wind on their side." He turned around at the sound of her words. She walked not towards him, but to the side. "Why did you do it?" "Do what?" She stopped and looked at him hard. "Whatever you did to make the leaders infuriated with you and send me after you." She continued to walk her arms now crossed. "Well its too bad they sent you...this is your last battle." She huffed, blowing a stray stran of hair out of her face. "Right. I've heard that so many times before. You know the reason for joining. You were one of the first and it was you if i remember correctly that had me join! And then you go and do sealed my death long before this." He stared at her. Out of the corner of his mouth a smile formed. "And I've fought beside you..." he trailed off. "Why are you stalling!" He shouted. She smirked. "To show you a new little trick i picked up." Out of no where a gust of wind hit him. he sheild his face with his arm. Light surrounded her body as electricity hissed and crackled in the air around her. Her eyes sparked and a look that he had never seen on her face shown. A look of a mind twisted with lies and the promise of power. "What have you done..." He said. "What you couldn't." A ball formed. In a flash it hit him in the chest. electricity singed throughout him. flexing all his muscles and stinging his wounds. he screamed in agony and flew backwards. she laughed at him. She watched as he stood, his arms limp, smoke trailed off his body. He still gripped his sword. "you never learn, do you?" she said. "now, its my turn..." he said with a smile. she raised an eyebrow and lifted her sword he stabbed his sword into the ground. then he reached up and started to unbuckle his armor. she saw this and tensed. he undid the chest plates and then the leg guards and then he slid off his arm guards. all his armor, his protection, layed in a pile at his feet. he relaxed and his arms fell to his side and then grunted as he started to concentrate.

she stared at him as beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. then, a yellow glow started to eminate from him. each passing second the glow grew stronger and fiercer. the glow then turned into a silver fire, its flames rising high into the air above him. a shining light burst from his back and he grunted in concentration. She looked on with wide caution eyes. particles of light fluttered in the light behind him. the particles suddenly grouped together and formed a shape. the shape grew solid and silver wings formed from his back. four feet tall and with a wing span of eight. the light faded away and left giant feathery silver wings on his back. he pulled his sword out of the ground. "lets see how well you can do against a Guardian Of Light!" he yelled, leaping in to the air and flapping his wings gaining even more height. soon his figure in the sky became almost too small for her to follow. he flew up, planning his attack... His body hung in mid air his wings flapped to keep him up. She smiled and laughed. "Guardian Of Light! Ha-Ha." She used her sword to hold herself up. " Come on! You a Guardian Of Light! You are anything but." He stared down at her, his face revealing nothing of his thoughts. " Light is pure and whole. You are broken and filth.You who betrayed, who killed, who was without mercy or emotion." "That was in the past, things have changed." He said. " Change! You of all should know that no one, can change. What you are is rooted deep within you and there is no escaping. " She shouted, "Come back. I don't want to have to kill you. You are a worthy fighter, a brother. Come with me." She sheathed her sword at this and waited. "You fool. You blinded fool! Don't you see all the evil that you spread in your wake?!" He shouted toward her. "Don't you see that in the end they will turn on you and you will be killed. There is Still hope? She finished for him. She gave a weary smile. Wordswords that you have fed to me before. And I grow tired of its taste. Once again light erupted from her hands. It stretched to the length of 3\4 of her height. In one of her hands she gripped a bow that shined brightly, that formed from the light. The bow sizzled and snapped at the air. With skill she pulled back the string and an arrow that appeared as she pulled her arm close to her. She aimed. Fired. The arrow crackled through the air as it rocketed towards him. The arrow was lightening fast. With a flap of his wings he tossed himself out of its sights. Another. He rolled dodging. Another. He soared up. She fired again and again. And again and again he easily dodge them. What is she doing? He thought. She never toyed with those she was set after to kill. Maybe she is far more corrupt than I thought. At this thought he grew sad. Inwardly she smiled. She readied another arrow. With a rush of wind he swooped down and headed straight for her. A arrow whizzed past his head. About time. She thought. She spread her fingers and between the gaps three arrows formed. She pulled back. Closer. Closer Now. At that thought the three arrows were set loose. His body glowed as he reached her. He concentrated and focused his energy. The energy traveled to his fist, then to the sword

he held in his hand. She watched as the three arrows made their way to him. An easy dodge. He though. She unsheathed her sword once again, her bow now disappearing in to her hand. Electricity orbited her body. She watched as he made to strike. She saw the movement in which he would make to dodge the three arrows. Youre right. He thought, who you rooted deep within you. And this isnt who you are. Sweep the city and make sure there arent any survivors! Soldiers in armor set off to search, in pairs. Through the rubble that was once one of the few remaining cities, pairs of soldiers searched, for the few missed lives. -SNAPDid you hear something? A young male voice said looking to his partner. Ill check it out. His partner responded in a female voice that was cold as ice. He nodded. She walked on her hand on her sword, ready to strike at a moments notice. Behind a broken wall three missed lives huldded together. One girl, two boys all dressed in layers of rags, all holding their breath, horrified. The female soldier starred at the back of the wall that hid the three survivers. With a start she ran towards it and leaped. She landed on the other side. The three, who had prayed to go unnoticed, looked in fear of the figure that stood before them. They watched as the solider armed and dangerous took off her helmet. Whatwhat are you doing? One of the boys stammered. She looked at the three and cocked an eyebrow. Without a word she lowered herself on one knee. This is a map, She said, her voice warm, unfolding a piece of paper, If you go east youll hit a town. Its protected and its army is strong. Youll be safe for a while. I suggest that you keep moving. You can make it there by sunrise if you hurry now and dont stop. She then pulled out what looked like water and some rations. Here take it. She looked in to their eyes. They showed their confusion and distrust. They looked into hers and saw warmth and hope that they will heed her word. One of the boys reached out. The solider grabbed his arm and shoved the supplies and map into his hand. Go, before someone sees and we are all killed. Go. At that the three jumped to their feet and sped off. She dawned on her helmet, returning to find her partner. What was it? He asked when she returned. She looked him square in the eyes. Her eyes masked with a cold heartless feel, she responsded. Nothing that will conitnue to live here. This memory burned bright in his mind as he dived toward her. He knew what she had done and never forgotten. Its not who you are. THIS ISNT WHO YOU ARE! Erupted from his mouth. He raised his sword to knock the arrows from their path. At the same time a spark flashed in her eyes. The arrows glowed and split. The Guardian was now faced with nine electric arrows. seeing her drawn bow he tries to shift his weight but his momentum wouldnt give up. time slowed down in his eyes. he watched as the arrow of electricity was let loose and started heading torwards his way. he saw the beads of sweat on her face, the burning determination in her eyes, and also the sparks of power coming out of the missile. only

one thing to do. with speed and precision only a Guardian could obtain, he shifted his weight and started to rotate. farther and farther until he was nearly upside down. as he braced for the hit he could feel the heat coming off the arrow. slowly, the arrow closed in and braced his right shoulder. not for the inevitable wound, but for another chance to attack. in a flash everything happened. the arrow pierced his left shoulder, sending waves of agonizing electricity through the currents of his body, and his shoulder rammed into her middle, knocking the breath out of her as she flew several feet away. they landed with a solid thud, a short distance from eachother. her head was spinning, her sight blurred. She could barely make out his figure standing, a hand over his wound. The arrow was gone vanished the second she lost the connection, along with her bow. She shook herself trying to regain herself. She stood shakely wincing from what felt like broken ribs. The taste of metal slowly leaked into her mouth and out of the corner of her lips. With a wipe the blood was gone from her chin. She spat out the remainder. Letting out an enraged roar she picked up her sword and attacked as he slowly regained his senses he started to lift up his head. bad idea. his muslces acked everywhere. best to move slow. no. wrong. danger. somewhere, but he didnt know where. he had to leave, had to escape to safety, even if only for time enough to figure out where he was again. he slowly started to raise himself up. when he was on his knees he tried to put weight on his left leg, it buckled and cramped. he cried out and fell back on his knees. he heard a scream from behind him and turned. a blurry dark haired figure was charging him with a sword. he couldnt get up to run and he couldnt get up fast enough to defend. only one way to go. he flapped his wings and summoned a breeze to lift him up. with a burst of cool wind he rose and was around 100 feet above the ground before he stopped and hovered. away from danger for the moment he started to rub his leg. his whole body felt like it was incinerated from the inside out. he could still feel the heat of the arrow piercing his shoulder. he touched the wound and immediately regretted it. the arrow had left a charred mark on both sides of his shoulder. he tried moving it and found he only at slow speeds did it not hurt. at least it wasnt his sword arm. he took his time wrapping a bandage around his shoulder and then peered down at his opponent. her calm demeanor told him she was ready for another round, but her eyes told him that she was irritated at his hasty escape. he saw that he left his sword on the ground. this could make things a bit more complicated. he slowly started lower him self and at the same time gathered his power into a fist. Aliya dug the heel of her foot into the dirt as she clenched her jaw. Seyonnes retreat infuriated her. He would regain his strength lick his wounds as she bleed and endured her pain. Aliya watched as Seyonne desended gathering speed. His fist glowing with the power of Light. She readied to throw herself to the side, avoiding the attack. Aliya however wasnt the target of his attack. With the power gained over his descent, Seyonne slammed his fist into the ground. The light of the attack blinded Aliya. She shielded her eyes as she struggled to keep her footing as the ground broke into pieces. Struggling against the force of air pushing against her body. Seyonne gave her a quick glance, before

throwing himself toward his sword. Barely half his height from the ground, he glided wings open toward his edged weapon. Folding his wings he dived for his sword ending in a roll. Standing with hilt in hand, Seyonne waited. Not wasting time Aliya rushed forward. Their blades collided. Both forces, strengths pushed against each other trying to overcome the other. Stop this, Aliya. Seyonne breathed. The Clan is corrupted, evil. Spreading nothing but lies! They will betray you! He looked into her harden eyes, trying to read her thoughts. Hoping his words had gotten through. He failed. A smile formed on her lips. Her blade started to vibrate. Seyonne felt the current before registering what it meant. She zapped him with electricity. As the smoke from Seyonne's charred body rose the two fighters jumped back and fell to their knees from exhaustion. "What will it take?" he begged. Aliya kept her cold bluegray eyes locked on him. "What will it take for you to trust me as you once did? For you to break from this madness and realize the truth! He stood up slowly and looked straight at her. As long as The Clan keeps their hold of the Empire and its power, chaos and destruction will spread farther and faster throughout Eprazsh. What will it take for you to realize that I am your ally, your friend, your brother and not your enemy? What will it take for us to cease this meaningless fighting? She did not respond quickly, but instead stood up and began to wipe the dirt and blood off her clothes. After partially cleaning herself she raised her head. Her eyes ,again locked on him, flared with electricity as she replied. "Friend? Don't try to humor me, I fell for your lies once and it won't happen again. The only thing that will make this fight end is when I have your head! With that she brought up her sword and fell into stance. "I guess then that all is lost..." Seyonne raised his sword and reversed the blade so that point was to his chest. Aliya's eyes widened in fear.
Aliyas sword fell slightly. She watched as he prepared to strike himself down. You wont. Aliya said. Seyonne noted the fear in her voice. I know what youre trying to do. Its not going to work. She was shaken. Growing up he always threaten to do something stupid and dangerous so she would go along with whatever idea he came up with and she always went. They might not share the same blood but they were each others family. She, his sister, he, her brother. She was convinced he was bluffing. He had to be. If you wont believe meIll do your job for you. There is nothing left for me if you dont believe my word. And when you discover the truth for yourself remember I was the one who told you first. He stretched his arm out holding the sword by its blade. Her anger rose again. You think youre being brave! Going to sacrifice your self for truth? She yelled all fear in her voice gone replaced with fury. Not for truth. He replied with a smirk on his face. For you. He tightened his grip and thrusted the sword to his chest. NO! Aliya dropped her sword and threw a wave of electricity at him. The electricity wrapped itself around the hilt of the sword. She pulled trying to take the sword from him. You fool! Throwing your life away! What the hell is the matter with you! Seyonnes smirk grew. Its the only way! He pulled the blade closer to himself fighting Aliyas attempt to stop the blade from entering his chest. Aliya focused strengthing the hold she had. Seyonne used all of his energy to fight back and he

was winning. The tip of the blade dug into skin. Seeing blood Aliyas eyes grew wide. NOO! She screamed. The ground started to shake. Around Aliya electricity snapped. Her eyes glowing with the power trying to be unleashed. Above the clouds cracked and lighting stroke the ground around the two. Seyonnes eyes narrowed against the light Aliyas form was emitting. No longer the dark power she had but white and pure. He watched as wings like his own erupted from her back. Breaking through the metal and cloth. Leaving her armored chest plate and sleeves from her armor untouched. I WONT LET YOU! A surge of power pulled the blade from Seyonnes grasp landing five meters away. She stood out of breath before walking toward him. SMACK. She slapped his face. DAMN YOU! Seyonne smiled as he whipped the blood from his mouth and looked into Aliyas eyes. Its true then She said sadly. Im sorry. He reached out but she took a step back. She turned away walked a few paces then came back. She was thinking. But before she could voice her thoughts she was thrown off her feet and slammed into rubble. In her place stood the leader of the Clan. Foolish girl.

Seyonnes eyes widened as he watched Ignatius turn to him. All the years of rage, despair, and agony all came back to him in a flash and Seyonne fell to his knees. This man, with burning eyes of insanity and hair red as fire, was the originator of all of Seyonnes pain. Seyonne took his sword and ,with a roar of fury, charged Ignatius. As he charged, Ignatius turned and set his gaze on Seyonne. His eyes flared and Seyonne was knocked back by a red wall of pure energy. "Pitiful," Ignatius said with a sneer, "I would expect better from a Guardian, but I guess thats what happens when you have a rotting fossil as a teacher. Tell me, Guardian, why have you returned to Eprazsh? Do you hope to reclaim your place in the almighty Clan?" "I don't want anymore to do with that evil organization. I came to restore the peace in this land and I came for your head." Seyonne spat on the ground. "Oh, is that so? Well I'll have to show just how hard it will be for you to acquire." Ignatius's hands rose and he started to whisper incantations. Above, the sky turned dark and thunder rumbled. A red glowing orb began to eminate below Ignatius's hands as his incantations grew louder, not from his voice but from the sheer power in the words. Then suddenly Van threw his hands into the red orb as if grabbing it. A bright flash of red light came and in Ignatius's hands he held two swords. The blades had runes carved into them that pulsed with red light and dark fire rose from the tips of each blade. "Idolo..." Seyonne whispered. "Oh, these? Yes, but I'm not going to bother using these on you." Ignatius turned to Aliya and began to walk towards her. "No!" Seyonne yelled and charged at Ignatius. Ignatius's eyes flared again and Seyonne was knocked back. Ignatius's brows furrowed. "Hmm....I think you need to be occupied with something else." His eyes then brightened with an idea. He whispered a few words and waved a hand in the air. Four clawed hands struck out of the ground surrounding Seyonne. The hands pulled the rest of the body out and revealed four winged demons armed with swords and shields. Seyonne jumped up and took flight, the demons following. Ignatius's head followed them for a little while and then turned back to Aliya. "Now then. Where was I..."

Aliya groaned as she pushed rubble off her body. This battle was starting to take its toll. Finally free she looked up. Leaning on one sword with the other twirling in his hand Ignatius looked at her with a smile on his face. I knew I didnt hit you that hard. He watched as she rose to her feet, her eyes never leaving him. His smile grew. Theres my girl. He said still smiling. You have been very bad. Now come here. Aliya didnt budge. Come on. Never will I obey your commands again. Ignatiuss smile vanished. Anger flooded his features. COME HERE NOW! He roared no longer leaning on his sword. He let out a roar of frustration when she did not move. His eyes flaring Ignatius threw rays of dark red energy toward Aliya. Thinking quickly she dodged. In a flash she formed a sword from electricity. The blade snapped at the air and shone white. She cut down the rays that followed her. One however was missed, wrapping tightly around her neck. Others rushed forward quickly binding Aliyas arms to her side. Aliya wrestled with the bindings trying to cut the energy with her sword. AH! Aliya landed on the ground sword out of hand. Ignatius returned to his normal stance after having delivered a kick to Aliyas head. Tsk. Tsk. Ignatius said walking to the fallen Aliya. He looked down at her arms crossed. He stepped over her and kneeled, his face level with hers. Now will you stop being childish and do as I say? Or am I going to have to restrain you and then retrain you? Aliya spat in his face. He turned away disgusted by the act. Aliya twisted and then slammed her knee into Ignatiuss back. He fell forward missing Aliya as she rolled to the side and then to her feet. Her white wings erupted from her back once again. Returning from after being hit by Ignatius. Her wings broke the bindings. She retrieved her sword and took stance. Ignatius stood cleaning his face of the blood mixed with spit and dirt. Remember Aliya. Ignatius said while taking up his own stance, you can come willingly and the torture wont be too painful or resist and Ill make sure you suffer. Aliya lunged forward her sword striking his. I will make sure Seyonne doesnt die. He pushed her off and attacked. Ill have his wings ripped from his body. Their swords clashed. Every bone in his body broken. Aliyas eyes filled with hate and anger. And every scream and cry he makes Their blades grinded together, Aliyas blade sizzling white and Ignatiuss a burning red. You will hear. You will watch him break and then slowly die. Heat engulfed Aliya as she was thrown back.

Seyonne raced into the air, his wings beating strong and fast. The winged demons close behind him he strained to think of an escape plan. He had to lose these demons and get back to Aliya. No telling what Ignatius would do to her. He dove into a ravine, his pursuers on his heels. This place will do. He thought to himself. "All right, you bastards!" he snarled and flipped around. "Show me what you cursed spawn lings can do!" He brought his sword up and charged to the closest demon. The demon effortlessly parried it and slashed at Seyonne's wings. He spun around in time and blocked the attack only to be kicked in the stomach by a different demon. His body fell down the ravine. I don't think I can take them all... he thought grimly. He spun round and drove his sword into the rock wall. Once stopped he jumped back up into the air and flew up to the demons. The closest one was hovering a bit lower than the others so he gathered air along the edge of his sword and flung it at it. The demon was knocked against the wall and fell down the ravine. Seyonne gathered more air along his sword and spun up, knocking all the demons against the wall. The air sliced at their abdomens and black blood sprayed from them. Seyonne, now above the ravine, stopped spinning and the bodies of the demons fell down the ravine.

Seyonne sighed in relief and landed on the ground above the ravine. He fell his hands and knees in exhaustion. "Definitely never want to do that again..." he said between panting breaths. He had to go back to Aliya and save her. He stood up but was instantly knocked back down by a kick in the back. Seyonne looked behind him and saw four winged demons with wounds across their abdomens. The wounds slowly mended back together. "You know what...." he spat out and stood up, facing the guys....really...." he raised his sword above his head with the blade facing down."....PISS ME OFF!!" he struck his sword into the ground and a blazing light of white energy blew up from the ground. The demons took off into the air a little higher to escape from the blast and began gathering dark demon fire in their hands. The light finally faded away and a large cloud of dust surrounded Seyonne. The demons threw their balls of demon fire into the dust, but all of them were suddenly deflected and flew off into the air. As the dust settled, four white figures with wings stood next to Seyonne. They all had glittering silver armor but each one had a different weapon. From left to right they carried a broad sword, a spear, a set of nun-chucks with blades attached to each stick, and a Lochaber axe. The one on Seyonne's right spoke first. "Looks like you've been enjoying yourself, Seyonne. I'm glad you could save some for us." he said in a rich, melodious voice that was laced with power. "I thought you guys might want to stretch some muscles." he said as he stood up, ripping his sword from the ground. "From these guys? Hah! I will hardly break a sweat before they all fall into pieces." the man with the Lochaber axe grunted. "Well, if you guys are fine, then I'll be on my way." Seyonne and the other warriors jumped into the air. "Seyonne, good luck..." the warrior with the nun-chucks said in a soft voice. Seyonne nodded and flew off. As he flew he heard charging roars and metal clangs behind him.
Ignatius kneeled. He had underestimated her. Her power had grown so very much since he last fought heryears ago. But she was also growing tried and weak. Ignatius cocked his head toward where the demons had been fighting Seyonne. Gone. He sensed their presences but it was further away and growing weak. Concentrating he felt four others. A sneer formed on his lips as he rose to his feet. Pathetic. Youre little friend cant even finish a battle on his own. A kick to his back sent him forward into the dirt. Youre one to talk. Seyonne landed next to Aliya. With a glance at each other they took their stances and charged. Ignatius picked himself up in time to think of a counter for the two on coming strikes. Ignatius blocked the high strike of Seyonne after dodging Aliyas attack. Aliya reached out and touched Ignatius. Electricity jolted through his entire body. His muscles flexed and tensed paralyzing him briefly. Recovering Ignatius jumped back and conjured a ball of flames and hastily threw it at Aliya. A burst of wind sent the fireball back. I could have taken care of it. Just helping. Ill ask when I need it. Aliya growled. She ran forward preparing to strike. Having guessed her next move Ignatius waited for her to get in range.. Aliya rushed forward. ALIYA NO! Ignatius unleashed a wave of fire on Aliya and Seyonne. Seyonne rose into the air dodging the flames. Aliya however kept going. The flames burned and seared her exposed skin, but she continued to press forward. She swung her sword. Ignatius hurried to stop his attack of

fire, sidestepping to avoid her attack and strike, but in mid motion Aliya vanished. What! Ignatius looked around before seeing a shadow cast itself around him. He looked up in time to see Aliya swing her sword fully powered by her element. Blood hot as lava hit the ground. Aliya rolled into a one knee kneel, breathing hard. Ignatius stumbled a hand over his chest. A gash across his chest bled. He looked at the blood on his hand. Ha-ha. Nicely done, my girl. Surprising and effective. He picked up his swords. But youll have to do more than that to finish me. Ignatius ran gathering speed and power. Aliya slid her arms crossed in front of her in an effort to protect herself. After coming to a stop she coughed and blood came from her mouth. Seyonne hurried to reach Aliya. Aliya lost her balance slightly. She took a step to steady herself. Her little clone cost her in energy as well did the attack. Fully powering her sword was costing her. Before Aliya could expect it a knee slammed into her gut. She folded. A hand gripped her hair lifting her head. Blood dripped from her corner of her mouth. A back hand sent her stumbling to catch herself. Ignatius started to move toward her when a blast of wind made him shield his face with an arm. Seyonne hung in the air, thinking of his next attack, but before he could put anything into play, a form appeared in front of him. Ignatius hovered for a split second before lifting his clasped hands and digging them into Seyonnes upper back. The impact of Seyonne and the ground caused his sight to blur and double. Ignatius landed lifting Seyonne with a hand tightly wrapped around his throat. Aliya clambered to her feet, digging her blade into the ground for support. Aliya! Aliyas eyes grew wide at the sight of Ignatius choking Seyonne. Surrender or Ill kill him. Aliya froze. Come with me and he lives. A blaze erupted from Ignatiuss hand engulfing Seyonne. He couldnt move but felt the heat. Aliya didnt know what to do. Ignatius would kill him either way. She couldnt make it in time to hit Ignatius and free Seyonne not in this state. Aliya looked at her blade covered in blood. Let him go. Aliya lifted the blade to her throat. Or Ill slit my throat. Ignatiuss eyes narrowed. Let him go and youll have me. Kill him and I kill myself. Either way it seems I win. Ignatius glanced at Seyonne then at Aliya. Seyonne landed with a thud. He slowly he gained control of his body. By the time he could move his limbs Seyonne saw Ignatius standing in front of Aliya. She had fallen to her knees her eyes on the sky. Ignatius lifted his arms and chanted. As he chanted his arms moved in sweeping motions. Seyonne! He was just barely standing. RUN! RUN, SEYONNE, RUN AWAY! Aliya yelled her eyes never leaving the sky. Seyonne had no intention of fleeing. Ignatius continued with the chant creating a seal of fire out of thin air. Seyonne hurried to get Aliya away. He ran stumbling to gain speed. Ignatius voice ceased and the seal floated in the air. A triumphant smile overcame his lips. Foolish girl. Aliya tore her eyes from the darkly clouded sky. The seal was level with her eyes. She then turned her head seeing Seyonne racing to reach her in time. Im sorry. Sorry I didnt believe. She shut her eyes a tear escaping. NOO! Seyonne spread his wings and lunged. The seal flew at Aliya hitting her forehead. As she fell back Seyonne caught her and flew into the air. He landed away from Ignatius and looked at Aliya. Her body was limp and her gray blue eyes open and blank her face without emotion. A tear still on her cheek. He shook her. She didnt wake. ALIYA! She remained still. A fire of anger flared in Seyonne. What did you do to her! Leave. She gave herself up for you. It would be a poor way to repay her by getting yourself killed. Seyonne laid Aliya on the ground gently. What, did you do to her. Seyonne said his voice dripping with fury. Trapped in her mind, her nightmares. Shell be in a world she created herself of her deepest fears. I dont know what shell end up doing to herself. Most of the time they end up killing themselves. She wont though, she is strong. She is after all my little girl.

"This time you have gone too far, Ignatius." Seyonne gently layed Aliya on the ground and stood up, sword in hand. "I cannot allow you to continue your reign of carnage any longer! You will die and you will die today." At that Seyonne's wings snapped out to their full length making him look three times his actual size. "Hmph. You talk pretty big for a bird." Ignatius raised his swords, a smirk on his face. "Come, show me what it takes to become a Guardian of Light these days." Seyonne walked towards Ignatius. He held his sword in one hand low to the ground and he carried no expression on his face. Ignatius didn't move, didnt even twitch, but kept his smirk on his face. When Seyonne was only a few feet away from Ignatius he stopped. For a long while they stood there, neither of them moving, neither of them taking their eyes off eachother. Suddenly Seyonne threw his sword high into the air until it was invisible to the eye. Ignatius' head snapped up trying to follow it but was suddenly knocked back as Seyonne punched him in the face with blinding speed. Ignatius started the fall but Seyonne again punched him, this time in the torso, knocking Ignatius dozens of feet back. Before Ignatius could fall to the ground though he caught himself and stopped, his feet skidding on the dirt. Seyonne's sword finally came down and before it hit the ground he caught it with a hand, never taking his eyes off of Ignatius. Panting Ignatius coughed up some blood. "Impressive, for a bird." Ignatius raised his swords and fell back into his stance. Seyonne, unmoved, waited a little while and then threw his sword at Ignatius with enough speed and power to embed it into a mountain of rock. Ignatius, right when the sword reached him, sliced upwards with his swords, shattering Seyonnes sword into hundreds of pieces. Ignatius laughed maniacally. "HAH! What will you do now, birdy, since I took away your claws?" But Seyonne was already on his next move. Seyonne stood, eyes closed, wings wrapped around him, and his arms crossed his chest in an X. Power began to hum from his position and light began to emanate from his arms. A ball of light appeared infront of his arms and pulsed with white energy. The power of the ball shook the ground so much that dust rose, surrounding Seyonne. A sudden flash of light and the ringing of a sword came from Seyonne, the sound and shaking ceased. Silence took over and all that could be heard was the wind. With a flap of his wings a rush of wind cleared the dust away from Seyonne. He stood, wings folded behind him, holding a new sword with his right hand. Its blade was almost half the size of Seyonne himself and it shined a dazzling white. Along the white blade were runes that glowed silver and the hilt was plain, but solid gold. At the end of the handle a small chain dangled and attacthed to it was an eight pointed silver star. Seyonne opened his eyes, rage and fury burning behind them, and he locked them on Ignatius. "Birds don't have claws, they have talons." he said and then they both charged.
Aliya pushed herself up from the ground. It was silent. Seyonne and Ignatuis were no where to be seen. All around her was nothing but fog. She squinted her eyes trying to see past it. "Seyonne?" She said quietly while picking herself up. Her ears caught a faint sound. She leaned forward trying to make out the sound. Crying, someone was crying. She blinked and the fog around vanished. She now stood in the middle of a raging fire. Trees around her burned, the sky was filled with black smoke. She looked around franticlly. She was no longer the fully grown woman but ten years younger. Her body was slim and weak. "Aliya!" She turned to the voice. Her father ran to her sword in hand. "Hurry to the house!" He grasped her hand starting to pull her into a run. She pulled back planting her feet. The memories

of the night came to her. "No! We can't go home, we have to find Seyonne and leave." She said to her father. "What are you talking about? We have to hurry!" He tugged on her hand hard and ran. She followed. "No! Father they'll kill you! We have to go back! FATHER!" She screamed portesting. When they arrived at their home she grabbed the cloth of his jacket. "Please Father please. We have to leave." She pleaded tears in her eyes. "GET THEM!" A band of shadows charged. "NO!" Aliya's father jumped into battle, taking on the attackers. He fought never missing a beat. Taking down his enemy. Aliya stood in disbelief. He was alive. He didn't die. Joy overcoming her, she ran to her father. He turned with a smile on his face sweat covering his brow. In a flash his expression changed. Shocked washed over his face. "NO!" Her father fell to his knees dropping his sword. He looked at the blade pushed through his back and out of his abdomen. The blade was retracted and he fell on his back. A shadowed figure stood over his before dissappearing in thin air. Aliya stumbled to run to her fallen father as with her eyes blurred with tears. The world around her fell. She now ran in blackness, before falling over an invisble edge, tumbling into a black void.
Swords clashed as the two men fought. Each with their unique elemental domain they struggled to break ea chothers defences. Dark fire thrown at Seyonne only to be quickly doused with a wave pure light, and light shot at Ignatius only to be blocked by a wall of fire. Even in the air, Seyonne could not gain an advantage. Fireballs followed his flightpath, each so hot that, even though Seyonne had no feeling of exhastion, sweat appeared on his brow. The only way to win this sort of fight was with speed and skill. With that thought, Se yonne swooped and streaked towards Ignatius. Ignatius gathered energy and created a large fireball that equ aled his size, but Seyonne was already behind him. He swung his sword for Ignatius' head, but Ignatius cau ght sight of it at the last second and ducked. His dual swords came up to slice at Seyonne's torso, but Seyon ne was too fast for him. He spun around, his movements a blur, and punched Ignatius in the face. Ignatius fl ew backward, dropping his swords. Seyonne finally saw his opportunity. Seyonne, fast as lightning, flew into the air and then dived down at Ignatius with his sword. Time slowed d own for both of them as Seyonne's sword rushed to Ignatius' doom. Seyonne saw the clouds being reflected on Ignatius' armor, dark red as pure blood, and Ignatius could hear the chain of Seyonne's sword, its ring cl earer than a church bell. Seyonne thought of all the blood debts that would be repaid after the death of this man. He remembered all those that had suffered because of his existence and tried to dive faster. All he cou ld hear at that point was the blood pumping into his head, making him warmer. He thought of Aliya and all that this cursed man had done to corrupt her. He remembered how happy she used to be, before any of this had started, before her father had been murdered. Seyonne continued to dive at Ignatius. His heart was not pumping any louder or faster, but Seyonne began t o feel more warm. How odd... he thought. Right then fire seared all around Ignatius and surrounded him in a sphere of dark fire. Seyonne's sword bou nced off of the shield and he almost crashed into the ground, but flipped around and landed with a loud thu d. "What in the world...." he whispered. From the inside of sphere came a voice, similiar to Ignatius but a bit distorted, almost more evil. It was laug hing. "Like my powers, Guardian? You may be faster than me physically, but that is absolutely meaningless whe n it competes to my speed of mind. Go ahead, strike my shield as much as you want. You will never break t hrough." Seyonne decided to take up that challenge. He ran forward and swung at the sphere, only to have his sword bounce off again. He tried again to no avail. Grunting with frusturation he swings his sword in a flurry of bl ows, too fast for the naked eye to see. But, again, not a single one struck through. He decided to take a diffe rent approach. He leaped into the air and dived at the sphere. His sword raised, he swooped in low and swiped at the spher e. Again it bounced off. He flew up in the air and dived again. He continued repeating this pattern, faster an d faster, until there was only a blur of him zooming back and forth and all that could be heard was the clang

ing of his sword bouncing off. Finally, Seyonne slowed down and landed on the ground, panting. His heart racing he could only hear one noise. It was laughter.

Aliya landed on all fours and sprang to her feet. She looked around. Out of four walls that enclosed the cell she was in only half were made of stone. The others were of metal bars. Through the bars she saw other cells with ragged men, some alive and some not. It only added to the smell of blood that filled the air. Outside of the cell that held her, was an open area the only light that shone was moonlight falling in from a barred skylight. Three guards all looking at a hunched over man on the cold stone ground. The mans shoulders rose as he breathed shallow and ragged breaths. His hair dirty and long covered his face. Over his body were scars and wounds just barely starting to heal. With an evil sneer on his face a guard walked up to the mans side and kicked him. The man grunted in pain falling on his side. Get up! The mans hands were chained behind his back and he struggled to get up. GET UP! The guard kicked the man again. The man coughed his gasping for the air lost to him when the kick hit his chest. Annoyed the guard picked him up roughly sitting him on his heels. The mans shoulders fell in sorrow and he looked only at the ground. Are you going to play with him all day or what? It reeks down here. Said another guard having yet to touch the man. Yeah, yeah. The guard fully enjoying himself gripped a handful of the mans matted hair and yanked his head back. Aliya stepped backwards until she hit the stone wall behind her. Seyonnes face was bloody and broken. His once handsome face was gone. After years of starvation and beatings his body was weak and broken. His eyes were blank having lost all hope years ago. The guard unchained Seyonnes hands and chained them in front of him. Scream for me, Guardian. Then threw Seyonne at a wooden post. Seyonne faced the cell Aliya stood her back to the wall. Her eyes filled with fear and horror. She didnt understand. How could they have gotten him. He would have died before they captured him. She slide down the wall shaking her head. This wasnt realit cant be real. A crack of a whip echoed. Aliya looked up in time to see Seyonne get another lashing. After the whipping they beat him with anything they had. Their fists, clubs, straps of leather Each time the whip broke open new skin or a hit made contact with his skin he merely shut his eyes and clenched his jaw. SCREAM! But he didnt, not once did he scream. Aliya screamed for him, tears running down her face. Once done they tossed him into the cell Aliya sat in. He had walked to the cell on his own accord but then collapsed the second they had left him. Aliya curled into herself and wept, unaware the world around her was fading. Anger. Fury. Frusturation. Seyonne felt all of these. Panting on the ground, he looked up at the dark sphere of fire. The flames churned with malevolent patience, waiting for Seyonne to try again. "Ignatius, you cowardly scum! Fight me!" Seyonne yelled. The sphere opened and Ignatius stepped out. Seyonne was somewhat surprised that he came out that quickly. "I'm getting tired of this little game, Guardian. I think I will kill you now." His voice seemed different, more powerful. "Only one of us will die today and you have lived far past your time." Seyonne raised his sword to emphasize his point. Ignatius said nothing, but began chanting. Power and fire wrapped around his body. Seyonne could feel the evil reeking from Ignatius. A blast of wind came from Ignatius and he the fire dissapeared, leaving a new being before Seyonne. Ignatius had grown three times his size and so had his swords. The armor that he once wore was now part of his skin, making him appear made out of metal. Curled horns now stuck out of his

forehead and his eyes were aflame. A deep voice full of horror and malice spoke. "Your screams shall feed the evil that embodies me, Guardian." Suddenly, with speed unbeknowest to man, the hulking creature was upon Seyonne. It swung its swords with blinding speed and all Seyonne could do was defend. Each blow sent Seyonne stumbling backwards and then the creature punched him. Is gigantic fist sent Seyonne flying. Then the creature was above Seyonne, slamming him back down to the ground with a fist. Seyonne crashed to the ground, creating a crater. The creature landed on top of him and began pummeling him. Seyonne lost conciousness. Aliya...he mumbled in his head. Uncocious, Seyonne dreamt of a memory long ago. He was in a garden courtyard. He sat upon a stone bench in front of a fountain. He heard laughter behind him and he turned. Aliya, still only a child, was chasing a butterfly in a little white dress. She caught sight of him and smiled, a big bright smile full of innocence and happiness. But, that was a mistake, because then she tripped over a small rock. She fell down face first into the ground. She sat up and discovered she had mud all over her dress, then she began to cry. Seyonne stood and walked over to her, he realized that he was not a child like her. He lifted her up and held her in his arms. Shhh...Don't cry, dear sister. he spoke in a low voice. She paused in her crying. But, Papa just bought me this dress and now its ruined! Seyonne smiled. Papa will only be jealous that I got to see it on you first. With that the child stopped crying and began to laugh. Seyonne laughed as well, remembering true happiness. He realized why he had came to remember this particular memory. Papa... Calm down. He had to calm down. Getting angry would not solve any problems. His emotions swirled around inside him. Anger, sorrow, fear. He had to cast them aside and focus on the battle. Don't think about the problem, think about the solution. he thought to himself. He concentrated, thinking about how to save Aliya and kill Ignatius. Regaining conciousness, he noticed the demon had stopped pummeling him. Instead it stood above him, swords in hand, ready to strike Seyonne down. The blades rushed down. "Wait!" Seyonne yelled and the blades stopped, mere inches above Seyonne's heart. "I have a proposition for you..." Aliyas eyes fluttered open. She was on the ground of the battle field she and Seyonne had fought on just before her slumber. Her head was aching and she winced as she picked herself up. She looked around and to her horror she saw Seyonne in a few inches above the ground held up with fire red chairs around each hand, ankle and wing. Ignatius stood in front of him. You put a fairly decent fight Guardian. Ill give you that much. But youre a fool to have stayed and fought. Aliya gave herself to me so you might live. You were her only chance. She was most likely hoping you would flee and then come back and free her. But you decided to be the hero. Youre selfish. Ignatius delivered a punch to Seyonnes gut. You wanted the glory. Another punch and a cough of blood. What to do Ignaius began to pace. Should I wake her and let her watch you die? Or should I let you watch her suffer? At this Seyonne struggled against the chains to only shout in pain as the chains burned his flesh. Ignatius smiled and turned. Ah well it seems our dear friend has already woken herself. I knew you were too strong be caught in that spell. Aliya jumped when Ignatius looked at her. Aliya run! Seyonne shouted. Silence. Ignatius turned back to Seyonne and slapped his face. Ignatius walked to Aliya. Her mind went blank and she couldnt think what to do besides look in fear at the man that came

toward her. STAY AWAY FROM HER! RUN ALIYA! She froze even more. She could hear herself thinking. This wasnt her. She would have reacted by now. She would have attacked or took a defense stance. This wasnt her. II Shh. Ignatius put his arms on her shoulders. It will be all over soon. And from his touch came a red glow that traveled to Aliyas hands and feet. I cant She tired to move her hands but couldnt the red glow bound her feet and hands together. Now be a good girl and sit here and dont move. Ignatius set her on the ground her legs founded under her. What are you Just watch. Ignatius said with an evil smile. Back in front of Seyonne Ignatius began to chant. At his side two winged demons formed. They snapped at each other and then once seeing Seyonne began to circle him waiting for an order to attack. Please. Aliya said in a weak voice. Please dont hurt himplease. He must be punished. Ignatius walked up to Seyonne looking at his great white wings. Ignatius reached out and touched the white feathers. The touch caused pain to shoot through his hand but he wouldnt remove his hand. With a jerk a feather came loose and laid in the palm of Ignatiuss hand. He walked back to Aliya and dropped in on the ground next to her. So you remember what your brother once had. At his last words the demons took flight. One flew to Seyonnes right and the other to his left to where the chains that held his wings were anchored. Seyonnes screams filled the air. The demons pulled each wing in opposite directions. The chains at the base of his wings tore into the feathers dying them red. The harder the demons pulled the deeper the chains dug into the wings. Blood was dripping to the ground forming a puddle just under Seyonne. He screamed and pleaded. Stop. Aliya said in her weak voice. Please stop. Her face was calm as tears trickled from her eyes. Her eyes filled with nothing but sorrow and torturous pain. This is what he earned, Aliya. You gave him every chance to run, but he stayed making your sacrifice a vain one. A crack filled the air followed by silence. Seyonnes face was covered with shock his mouth slightly open, another sickening crack. A shudder went through Seyonnes body before he fell to the ground with only bloody stumps as wings. Aliya looked at her fallen brother unable to say a word. She fell to one side so she laid on the ground. Hehe Aliya couldnt believe it. I couldnthelp. I didntI And with that final thought she drifted off into blackness hearing the laughter of Ignatius and the screams of Seyonne. Her mind had shut down and her heart over come in grief began to slow its pace. It was too much and she could no longer bare the scenes of pain that continued to take place around her numb body. Aliya's body twitched and curled closer into a ball. Seyonne could tell that she was in agony. He had to do something, but he had no idea what. The creatures swords were still being held above Seyonne's head, their dark red blades eager for blood. "What would I want from you, Guardian?" his voice was not impatient or mad, just curious, like a cat seeing which way a mouse will run when cornered. Seyonne held up his sword, its white blade gleaming. "The Sword of Asthrakansar, the Blade of Infinity, the same sword that you have been yearning for dozens of years. The same sword that will give ultimate knowledge to the strongest and most worthy wielder..." This caught the attention of the creature, as Seyonne hoped. "And why can I not just take it from you, Guardian? You aren't in a situation to deny my ability to do so." he said while tossing one of his swords up and down. "Because if someone takes it without my consent then the same thing will happen when you last

tried to aquire it. You don't want that to happen again, do you?" The creature growled. "That's what I thought. I want you to remove the spell from Aliya and never EVER contact her in anyway or involve her in anything related to you or your followers." Seyonne's tone was flat and unconditional. "If that is what you wish, Guardian, then it shall be." The creature waved a hand in the air and Aliya's body ceased writhing. Seyonne took a final look at the sword. The sword that Papa gave him, the sword he was meant to wield, and gave it to Ignatius. As Ignatius gripped the handle a look of twisted joy overcame his features. The sword was his. A sword that wielded such powerthe destruction he would lay the powers he would gain. He would be a god. Seyonne scrambled to Aliya. He pulled her into his arms and shook her gently. Aliya, wake up. He shook her harder. Come on, wake up. Please Aliya wake up. Her body remained limp in his bloodied and tried arms. Was he too late? The thought of her never waking caused his body to shake. He pulled her close to his chest and buried his face in her hair. Wake up. He whispered pleading. He turned to Seyonne who held Aliyas unmoving lifeless body. Ignatius smiled. He ran his thumb along the swords edge leaving a trail of blood on it. What to do Ignatius walked over to Seyonne. Seyonne looked up at Ignatius smiling. Did you really think it was that simple? That me handing the sword over to you was be enough, imbecile. Ignatius eyes fired with fury. He moved to attack. I think it would be wiser to save your strengthen for us. Ignatius turned; behind him stood four beings encased in brilliant armor each holding a weapon of different sorts. Their features were obscured by the light their bodies emitted. Ignatius stood enraged. One of the warriors walked to Seyonne. He kneeled in front of Seyonne, placing his spear on the ground. Resting on one knee the warrior placed the tips of his fingers and thumbs together forming a spade like shape at his chest. Seyonne watched as the warrior bowed his head and began to chant. The space that formed the spade filled with a warm yellow light. Give me her hand. Seyonne grasped Aliyas hand placing it in his own palm up. The warm golden light grew larger as the warrior moved toward Seyonnes and Aliyas hand. As the four hands touched the golden light spread coving them all. Seyonne eyes watched as the light settled on his and his sisters hands then slowly traveled up their arms to their bodies. Seyonne closed his eyes allowing the light to do its job. The light pasted over every wound mending all that it came into contact with. When the warmth started to ebb away he opened his eyes to see the warrior smiling. Seyonne looked to Aliya. She coughed and gulped for air but did not wake. Her body relaxed and her face no longer warped with pain looked at ease and peaceful. Come Seyonne we have a job to do. Seyonne nodded and stood. Ignatius was a fool to think that the mere exchanging of hands would grant him power. The power the Sword of Asthrakansar held had to be earned, struggled for. Ignatius would have to prove he was worthy. And Seyonne knew Ignatius would never be worthy for such power.

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