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O From: MCCORMICK, SHANNON P Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 1:43 AM To: AJO SIR GML Cc: PROVOST,

CARLA Subject: 09-TCAAJO-012709000036 (0) Officer Safety Issues

On 01/26/2009, at approximately, 2030 hours, I was informed by Ajo Disrupt Units that they had made contact with a source of information (SOI) which provided information on the Sinaloa Cartel. Chapo Guzman leader of the Sinaloa Cartel was currently at a ranch near Sonoita, Sonora Mexico. SOI stated he arrived sometime in the last 48 hours along with a large entourage of his cartel members. They had a meeting / Party at the Ranch Jalisco east of Sonoita, Mexico. The SOI was present at the ranch during the meeting. Chapo stated to members of the cartel that they will be responsible to defend their loads or there will be consequences for their losses. The drivers of the contraband were instructed to carry long arms and wear body armor. Chapo also stated that he was going to take care of anyone who betrayed him. This information is considered credible because it has been verified by a credible source of information. This same type of information was also recently collected during an interview done by Welton Station Lead Border Patrol Agents. The SOI stated that Compa Chuy and El Memo had instructed their drivers to protect their loads or suffer the consequences. This SOI also stated that there was a new transportation line working in Ajo AOR that was extremely violent and they were prepared to deploy grenades and long arms against U. S. Law Enforcement (OSA-09-025). The SOI that was interviewed today also provided the below information pertaining to the Ajo AOR. The SOI claims that there is currently 160 tons of marijuana in Sonoita, Sonora, Mexico which has to be moved by 26 February 2009 and make way for a new shipment of 100 tons that will begin arriving after that date. The SOI claims that Chapo Guzman brought 70 members of the cartel to Sonoita, Mexico to start a new transportation line to work in the Ajo AOR and along its seams with Welton Station and Casa Grande Station. The SOI claims that sixty new ramp vehicles will be completed by the 1 st of February 2009 and they will be deployed along the Ajo AOR. This information is further verified by three gun seizures along with 7000 pounds of marijuana in the Ajo AOR in the last week. Ajo Station is continuing to stress officer safety at every muster. Agents are encouraged to wear body armor, conduct two man vehicle stops and carry long arms to the field. Safety checks also being done to ensure accountability for all station personnel. PAIC Brian Hastings was notified telephonically and approved this SIR at 2200 hours.

DCPA Raleigh Leonard was notified telephonically of this event at 2220 hours.