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6/19/11 10:47 PM

y name is James Bai and I lived most of my life in Seoul, South Korea. I've only lived in the states for two and a half months. I would like to


pursue a goal thats very hard to achieve but still possible. I want to be the master surgeon in a hospital who is not anxious to cut open any living bodies and make it better. Although my family has no background in medicine, I will t ake my first step to achieving my goal by following this career plan. Promotion/ Job development College focus I want to go to a college in the U.S. so that I can further my studies in Biology and Medicine. Those will be my majors and I will probably minor in Chemistry. From college, although it's a very meticulous and painstaking process, I want to study hard to become the doctor that I want to be. My little wish for the college that I want to attend is that it will emphasize a lot on the Medicine part, for I haven't had the chance to encounter the subject. 18 21 23 25 32 43 Highschool Degree College Degree in Medicine Doctor Assistant Local Doctor Minor Surgeon in University Master Surgeon Internship/ First job Right after I get out of college, I will try to become independent by taking on a small job that I could earn small amount of money from. Then, I will take another step by applying for an internship to a small hospital where I can work as an assistant. As I work as an assistant, I will build many experiences from watching operations taken up by a master surgeon. Finally, for my real first job, I want to start a local hospital in a small town in some desolate place to help those who can't get access quickly enough to a hospital. Career Climax


Perseveranc e

I will work as the local doctor for several years. Then, I will start writing papers and articles to get noticed from a big hospital. If I get a notice to come and be a doctor in a big hospital, I will leave my hospital to an assistant and still take responsibility of the local hospital while occupying another job. I would have to make this decision, because this will be my very opportunity to become the respectable master surgeon that I always wanted to be.

As I constantly work hard and become promoted to the maximum, I will have my own office and a comfortable chair. Still, my mindset will have the attitude that is the same as before: Integrity, Selflessness, and Perseverance. I will exercise these core values until it is my time to step down. As the master surgeon of the hospital, I will take the blame of any mistakes that occurs during an operation. It will affect my integrity. I will also constantly give to the needy while still maintaining a prestigious position. This will emphasize my selflessness. Through hard times, such as when an operation goes wrong, I will not give up but search for ways to constantly improve my techniques. This will highlight my perseverance. As I come to meet my retirement, I will share my knowledge as much as I can and give all my finances to the needy. Finally, I will most definitely retire to my local hospital and serve as the doctor there until I meet my end.

Three Qualities to Thrive: Integrity Selflessness Perseverance

By James Bai