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{}{}Antamedia HotSpot {}{}Antamedia HotSpot is ready.

{}{}COMPUTERS {}{}ACCOUNTS {}{}STATISTICS {}{}SETUP {}{}LOGOUT {}{}IP Address {}{}IP {}{}MAC {}{}Username {}{}Password {}{}Quota {}{}Download {}{}Upload {}{}Inactivity {}{}Time left {}{}Time used {}{}Time {}{}Date {}{}From {}{}To {}{}Type {}{}No discount {}{}Discount {}{}Subtotal {}{}Tax {}{}Total {}{}Payment {}{}Cash {}{}Credit Card {}{}Debit {}{}PostPaid {}{}PrePaid {}{}Employee {}{}Sold {}{}Find {}{}Bill {}{}Bill number {}{}Computer {}{}Account {}{}Computers connected {}{}Bandwidth KB/sec {}{}Default password is blank. Please choose Administrator and press Login butto n. Once you set new passwords in SETUP->PASSWORDS page, this message will disape ar. {}{}Generate {}{}Show All {}{}Login {}{}Administrator {}{}Save {}{}Cancel {}{}Calculate {}{}Export {}{}Print {}{}Reports {}{}Action Log {}{}Report filter options {}{}Computer IP or MAC {}{}Today

{}{}Last 8 hours {}{}Last 16 hours {}{}Yesterday {}{}This Week {}{}This Month {}{}This Quartal {}{}This Year {}{}Custom {}{}Action {}{}Description {}{}LOG filter options {}{}Show {}{}$ {}{}All {}{}Start {}{}Stop {}{}Start+Stop {}{}Login {}{}Logout {}{}Login+Logout {}{}Add {}{}Del {}{}New {}{}Modify {}{}Error {}{}Close {}{}Generate Accounts {}{}Number of accounts {}{}Pricing Plan {}{}Prefix for username {}{}Start number {}{}Password chars {}{}Generate {}{}Account Properties {}{}Expire in {}{}days {}{}Day {}{}Week {}{}Month {}{}Add {}{}Deduct {}{}Only allow access {}{}Sell accounts {}{}Sell later {}{}Sell now {}{}Enable unlimited access time {}{}Enable unlimited bandwidth {}{}Inactivity timeout {}{}Print bulk accounts (3x7 on one sheet) {}{}Active {}{}Account Details {}{}Add Plan - Top-up Account {}{}Add Plan {}{}Print receipt {}{}Stop {}{}Sell this account {}{}Expiration {}{}Time Left {}{}Set new time {}{}Total Time

{}{}Manage Account {}{}Account Details {}{}Delete Account {}{}Reset {}{}Expire date {}{}Customer Details {}{}First name {}{}Last name {}{}Email {}{}Address {}{}City {}{}Postal Code {}{}Country {}{}State {}{}Date of birth {}{}ID Card {}{}Phone {}{}Note {}{}Hide {}{}Expiry Date (MM/YY) {}{}Credit Card {}{}Number {}{}Security Code (CVV2) {}{}3- or 4-digit number {}{}Type {}{}Credit Card {}{}Network {}{}Pricing {}{}Pricing Plans {}{}Taxes {}{}Receipt {}{}Pages {}{}Customize {}{}Custom Login {}{}Quick Change {}{}Whitelists {}{}MAC Whitelist {}{}Site Whitelist {}{}Options {}{}Misc Options {}{}SMTP Roaming {}{}DHCP Server {}{}Remote Login {}{}Filtering {}{}Packet Filter {}{}URL Filtering {}{}Passwords {}{}Credit Cards {}{}Gateway {}{}SSL Setup {}{}Databases {}{}Main {}{}Accounts {}{}License {}{}Request License {}{}Import License {}{}Language {}{}Network Setup {}{}Network Interface {}{}Autostart HotSpot for selected interface

{}{}Maximum users {}{}Inactivity logout {}{}Sec {}{}Choose logo {}{}Please choose network interface which is used to connect all computers to th is computer. It is assumed that this computer is configured as gateway and conec ted to the Internet. Press Start to activate HotSpot control. {}{}Price {}{}Quota (MB) {}{}Days expire {}{}Unlimited {}{}Currency {}{}Add {}{}Remove {}{}Time {}{}Days {}{}Tax Setup {}{}Taxes {}{}Tax1 {}{}Tax2 {}{}Tax3 {}{}Tax2onTax1 {}{}Tax3onTax1 {}{}Tax3onTax2 {}{}Save {}{}Receipt Setup {}{}Choose receipt printer {}{}POS printer compatibility mode {}{}Show logo on receipt {}{}Show date and time {}{}Receipt Title {}{}Receipt Header {}{}Receipt Footer {}{}Customize Page_s {}{}Custom login areas {}{}Custom login file name: {}{}This option enables different login Pages for different computers. {}{}Choose {}{}IP or MAC Address {}{}Login Page {}{}Change Logo {}{}Change logo displayed on default HotSpot Pages. Existing logo stored in loca tion below will be replaced with your new logo {}{}Add MAC to white list {}{}Please specify MAC addresses of computers which should pass through the HotS pot without authentification. MAC address is a unique identifier attached to most forms of networking equipment. {}{}Web Site Whitelist {}{}Web site {}{}Please specify web sites which can be accessed by customers without authenti fication. You can type host names only and IP addresses will be filled automatic ally after pressing on Add button. {}{}IP Whitelist {}{}Host {}{}Display small laptop icons {}{}Enable multiple logins with one account {}{}Verify MAC address and enable login only if it's done from the same computer {}{}Force clearing account IP addresses on HotSpot restart {}{}Enable troubleshooting mode (may cause drop of performance) {}{}Enable

{}{}SMTP Server IP {}{}Port {}{}SMTP Server URL {}{}Resolve IP {}{}SMTP Server IPs {}{}Please specify IP address of remote SMTP mail server. This server have to be outside of local network which is controlled by Antamedia HotSpot. If you don't know IP, please resolve it by typing SMTP URL, choose IP and press Save button. {}{}Subnet Mask {}{}DNS 1 {}{}DNS 2 {}{}Fixed MAC-IP {}{}Excluded IPs {}{}Specified MAC addresses will always get the same IP {}{}Specified IP addresses will never be assigned to connected computers {}{}Remote Database Login {}{}Database Server IP {}{}Compression {}{}0=None 6=Default 9=Maximum {}{}IP and Port Blocking Rules for Outgoing Traffic {}{}IP address from {}{}IP address to {}{}Port from {}{}Port to {}{}IP Range {}{}Port Range {}{}Keyword {}{}Blocked Keywords {}{}URL Tracking {}{}Note: Tracking and Filtering requires additional system resources {}{}URL Tracking Logs are stored in folder: {}{}Open {}{}Employee accounts {}{}Create accounts for the employees. Press Save when done. {}{}Employee username {}{}Password {}{}Administrator password {}{}Please specify password for administrator login in HotSpot software {}{}Payment Gateway and Merchant Account Setup {}{}Payment Processing Gateway {}{}Currency Code {}{}Please type PayPal API username, API password and certificate path on hard d rive {}{}API Username {}{}API Password {}{}API Certificate (PEM) {}{}Website Payments Pro {}{}Express Checkout {}{}IP for PayPal response {}{}Please type merchant account details. {}{}Merchant Login {}{}Merchant Password {}{}Add Special Field (If required) {}{}Add Config Field (If required) {}{}SSL Certificate Setup {}{}This SSL Certificate is configured for "Antamedia HotSpot Software". It will encrypt communication between customer browser and HotSpot when customer is abo ut to pay with his credit card or to change account password. {}{}Certification File {}{}Private Key File

{}{}CAcert Root Certificate {}{}Main database operations {}{}Next bill number {}{}Delete bill database {}{}Delete log database {}{}Export registry settings {}{}Repair and Optimize databases {}{}Note: Please archive databases and stop HotSpot activity before performing this task {}{}Archive {}{}Backup databases in ZIP archive. Press the button below and choose the folde r where the archive will be saved. {}{}Archive databases {}{}Account database operations {}{}Print accounts {}{}Export accounts {}{}Import accounts {}{}Delete all accounts {}{}Delete Accounts {}{}With following conditions: {}{}Expired before {}{}Last used before {}{}Time left less than {}{}Inactive {}{}Unsold {}{}Update accounts {}{}To update all accounts in database, please choose update options and click u pdate button below {}{}Update all accounts {}{}Please provide the same details which you used for ordering. Customer ID, ow ner name and Email have to match our database. You can provide us with additiona l Email address for easier communication. When we receive your request, we will send you license file on provided Email and you'll be able to use software witho ut limitations. {}{}Customer ID {}{}Owner name {}{}Hotspot location name {}{}Email address {}{}Additional Email (optional) {}{}Send request {}{}Please type requested info and press 'Send request' button {}{}Import License {}{}Copy license file from Email provided by Antamedia (select the code between double lines and press CTRL+C), and press 'Import License' button {}{}Language Editor {}{}Please click the line, translate it and press Enter key {}{}Add line {}{}Language {}{}Character Set {}{}Find line {}{}Expire in {}{}Language setup... {}{}Allow {}{}Block {}{}This account is not sold {}{}Please use the same computer. MAC address doesn't match {}{}MAC address mismatch {}{}Your account is not active {}{}Account is not active {}{}Your account may login from

{}{}to {}{}hours {}{}Account login time not allowed {}{}Your account has expired {}{}Account has expired {}{}Your account ran out of bandwidth {}{}Account ran out of bandwidth {}{}Your account ran out of time {}{}Account ran out of time {}{}Your account is being used on other computer {}{}Account is being used on other computer {}{}logged in with username {}{}Account logged in, time left: {}{}has logged out {}{}Account logged out, time left: {}{}Please choose Network interface {}{}This interface can't be selected. {}{}Please choose Network interface which is used to connect your {}{}LAN, Router or Access Point to this computer {}{}Please enter IP Address of this computer {}{}HotSpot is ready. {}{}Wrong login attempt on computer {}{}Antamedia HotSpot Software - Buy More Time {}{}Need an account? {}{}Sign up Now! {}{}Wrong login attempt on computer {}{}&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; {}{}HotSpot is disabled. Please choose interface and start HotSpot. {}{}HotSpot is disabled. {}{}Please login as Administrator to close HotSpot software {}{}Do you want to stop sessions for all computers and close HotSpot ? {}{}HotSpot closed by administrator. {}{}0:00 {}{}0.00 MB {}{}Unlimited {}{}Time left: 0:00 <BR> Please buy more time to login. {}{}Error: Port 80 in use {}{}Antamedia HotSpot requires port 80, but it is already in use by other applic ation. {}{}Wrong username or password. {}{}Please check if you have IIS, Apache, or some other web server installed {}{}and choose a different port or deinstall such application. {}{}Please restart Antamedia HotSpot once you complete this task. {}{}Couldn't connect to remote database server. {}{}Please check network connection and specified IP address. {}{}Switched to local accounts database {}{}There was an error and HotSpot have to be restarted. {}{}Automatic database repair will be started after this message. {}{}Please press OK and wait a few moments until databases are repaired. {}{}API Login ID {}{}Transaction Key {}{}Merchant Login {}{}Merchant Password {}{}Account created with time {}{}Account sold with time {}{}Unsold. Price: {}{}Account sold. {}{}Please fill out all required fields {}{}Thank you. We will send you license file as soon as possible. {}{}Please send Email with your details.

{}{}We will send you license file as soon as possible. {}{}You didn't copy license file correctly. Please try again. {}{}License is stored in your computer. {}{}Please restart Antamedia HotSpot Software. {}{}Please type plan description {}{}Please choose interface and start HotSpot in Setup - Network page. {}{}Are you sure ? {}{}Sold. {}{}There is no printer installed on your computer ! {}{}Connecting ... {}{}This account is sold. {}{}Time is not entered in correct format. Please use 000:00 format {}{}Account is updated. {}{}Account updated. {}{}Account database has been exported {}{}Account database has been imported {}{}Database is empty {}{}Please choose conditions by checking options and setting parameters {}{}Processing accounts {}{}of {}{}Finished. Deleted {}{}accounts {}{}All data will be lost. {}{}Database repair and optimization completed. {}{}Database archiving completed. {}{}has been added to white list. Press Save to activate {}{}has been deleted from white list. Press Save to activate {}{}Please enter MAC in correct format {}{}Please select MAC from the list {}{}Unknown IP address {}{}Unknown host name {}{}Please enter IP or host name {}{}has been added to white list. Press Save to activate {}{}has been deleted from white list. Press Save to activate {}{}Please enter IPs and ports in correct format {}{}IP and port range blocking has been added to the list. Press Save to activat e {}{}IP and port range has been deleted from the list. Press Save to activate {}{}IP information is not correct {}{}Port information is not correct {}{}Please enter IP or MAC address {}{}Please choose {}{}Wrong MAC format {}{}Custom login Page_ has been added for {}{}Press Save to activate {}{}Custom login Page_ has been deleted. {}{}Please sell this account before adding more time on it {}{}Do you really want to add {}{}time to this account ? {}{}has been updated. Total time left for this account is {}{}added. New time is {}{}Account deleted {}{}has been deleted from database {}{}added to the whitelist {}{}already exists. {}{}already exists. Please change start number or username prefix. {}{}Login successful {}{}Wrong login password {}{}Please type username and password {}{}Your password is updated

{}{}Confirmation password doesn't match {}{}Wrong password {}{}This username already exists. Please choose another {}{}Confirmation password doesn't match {}{}Price Plans {}{}Plan {}{}Total Price {}{}Pre-Authorization check failed. {}{}Please check credit card number and expiration date. {}{}Your order couldn't be processed. Please try again {}{}is created and {}{}plan is paid with credit card by {}{}You can surf the Internet now. Please login when prompted. {}{}Credit card payment by {}{}PayPal is not configured correctly {}{}Please contact system administrator. {}{}Antamedia HotSpot Software - Redirecting to PayPal {}{}Your order couldn't be processed. {}{}Please check your PayPal account and credit card details. {}{}Sign up Now! {}{}PayPal Express checkout is not configured correctly {}{}in the HotSpot gateway. {}{}Plan paid with credit card / PayPal account {}{}PayPal, {}{}HotSpot closed by administrator. {}{}Public (or External) IP address is required by PayPal Express Checkout {}{}PayPal IPs required for Express Checkout are added in IP Whitelist {}{}Prefix for username {}{}Print 3x7 accounts on paper {}{}Unknown host URL {}{}Do you really want to clear URL tracking log file ? {}{}Logo has been changed {}{}Please enter IP address {}{}IP address {}{}is excluded from DHCP. Press Save to activate {}{}IP address has been deleted from list. {}{}MAC / IP {}{}has been added to the list. Press Save to activate {}{}Please choose {}{}has been deleted. Press Save to activate {}{}Couldn't connect to remote database server. {}{}Please check network connection and specified IP address. {}{}Switched to local accounts database {}{}Accounts are updated. {}{}Please select Download or Upload option, and type new rate. {}{}Time left: %s <BR>Bandwidth left: %s {}{}Free Access {}{}Pause between logins {}{}minutes {}{}Maximum logins per day {}{}Maximum allowed logins {}{}Note: Free access control is based on MAC address {}{}Allow free access {}{}Login keyword {}{}Free access is currently disabled {}{}Free access will be available again in %s minutes {}{}Free access is allowed from {}{}Maxiumum free access daily logins reached ! {}{}Maxiumum free access logins reached ! {}{}Total number of accounts: %s

{}{}Did you backup databases and made sure that all files are archived ? {}{}Expiry Date {}{}Year {}{}Maxiumum daily quota reached ! {}{}Maxiumum daily time usage reached ! {}{}Last Used {}{}Daily account limits (optional) {}{}Daily Quota {}{}Daily Time {}{}Not Specified {}{}Time left today: {}{}Quota left today: {}{}Increase daily limits (quota and time) to default values when saving account modifications {}{}Update {}{}Clear last used date for accounts {}{}If date time format has been recently changed in windows (for example window s reinstallation), and you experience HotSpot hangups, please reset expiration c lear last used dates for all accounts {}{}Delete duplicate accounts {}{}-Activation code is {}{}Users {}{}NAT Setup {}{}Network Address Translation {}{}Please choose NAT network interface which is used to connect this computer t o the Internet. HotSpot NAT will share your Internet connection to all computers in your network. {}{}NAT Network Interface {}{}Enable NAT {}{}Dial-up modem (xDSL, Cable, 56K, Optical ...) {}{}LAN (connected through switch, router or other devices) {}{}Hotspot Domain Name (without https://) {}{}If specified, domain name must resolve to this machines IP address {}{}How to create SSL certificates {}{}Redirect customer to SSL login page {}{}Database {}{}Database Settings {}{}DBServer IP Address {}{}DBServer Port {}{}DBServer Compression {}{}DBServer Username {}{}DBServer Password {}{}Save && Reconnect {}{}Account Maintenance {}{}Delete all accounts that match any of the following conditions: {}{}Please choose how accounts are displayed: {}{}With search and sorting functionality on grid headers (slower) {}{}Without search and sorting functionality on grid headers (a few times faster ) {}{}Always display only 1000 first accounts {}{}Prices {}{}Price Plans {}{}Price Plans - Pre-Paid Setup {}{}Please specify price plans that will be used to generate prepaid accounts an d refills. Price plan is defined with time, price, expiration, daily and bandwid th limits. {}{}More Options {}{}Time and Price {}{}Daily Limits {}{}Bandwidth Limits

{}{}h {}{}min {}{}Unlimited time {}{}Price plan is enabled {}{}Account expires in {}{}days from first usage {}{}Account expires after {}{}Delete Plan {}{}Modify Plan {}{}I would like to create accounts now {}{}Unlimited quota {}{}Limit daily time usage {}{}Limit number of daily logins {}{}Logins {}{}Pricing Plan is available in {}{}Bandwidth quota {}{}Bandwidth quota daily limit {}{}Hide Signup link on login Page {}{}Allow login for unsold accounts {}{}Log all login errors {}{}Show accounts from: {}{}Time display format {}{}Quota display format {}{}Bandwidth display format {}{}Reset daily limits (quota and time) to default values when saving account mo difications {}{}Track NetBios for keywords (INFO, LOGOUT, SETUP) {}{}Enable Action logging {}{}Display 'time used' instead of 'time left' in Action Log description field {}{}Unregistered version {}{}Sessions will be ended at 60 minute intervals {}{}License Request {}{}Please provide the same details which you used for ordering. Customer ID, ow ner name and Email have to match our database. You can provide us with additiona l Email address for easier communication. When we receive your request, we will send you license file on provided Email and you'll be able to use software witho ut limitations. {}{}Test Response {}{}Test Mode {}{}Inactivity logout for new accounts {}{}Autologin for new accounts {}{}Cert PEM {}{}Cert Pass {}{}Change payment gateway to URL: {}{}Gateway response after processing {}{}Token {}{}Themes {}{}Collect Data {}{}Themes allow easy change of HotSpot pages which your customers see. If you want to create your own themes, you can modify Style.css file located in www\Th emes\Default folder, and include your own graphics and functionality. However, i f you would like us to help you with customization or to develop specific user i nterface that match your corporate identity, please contact Antamedia Sales for quote. {}{}Current Theme {}{}Screenshot {}{}Customize Pages {}{}Collect Customer Data {}{}Upon login, force customer to enter personal data, like name and Email. Afte r the data is received, customer will get Internet access.

{}{}Enable collecting customer data {}{}Redirect After Login {}{}After login, redirect customer to {}{}Welcome Message {}{}After login, show this message on welcome page {}{}Host Whitelist {}{}Add MAC to whitelist {}{}MAC Address {}{}Please specify IP addresses of computers which should pass through the HotSp ot without authentification. {}{}Add IP to whitelist {}{}Please specify web sites which can be accessed by customers without authenti fication. You can type host IP or host name, for example: or www {}{}Add host IP to whitelist {}{}Add Host URL to whitelist {}{}URL {}{}In order to track pages that customers visit on Internet, please define whic h pages you like to log. Please restart software after enabling/disabling of th is option. {}{}Enable URL Tracking {}{}Add keyword or extension {}{}Keyword / Extension {}{}When specified keywords appear on a page in your customer attempt to visit t he specific content, this page will be immediately blocked, and the user will se e restricted page. {}{}Enable URL Filtering {}{}Add keyword to list {}{}Please specify IP address of remote SMTP mail server. This server have to be outside of local network which is controlled by Antamedia HotSpot. If you don't know IP, please resolve it by typing SMTP URL, choose IP and press Save button. {}{}Email Setup {}{}Enable Email notifications {}{}SMTP mail server {}{}SMTP server requires authentication {}{}Use "Pop before SMTP" authentication {}{}POP3 mail server {}{}Process Email queue on {}{}Resend failed Email after {}{}Test Email Delivery {}{}Send Test Email {}{}Insert real test Email server details {}{}Email Templates {}{}Email template description {}{}Subject {}{}Reply to (optional) {}{}Delivery notification to (optional) {}{}Sensitivity {}{}Priority {}{}Service name {}{}Save as New {}{}Delete {}{}I would like to create sample Email templates {}{}HTML {}{}Email Notifications {}{}Expiration Reminder {}{}Automatically send Email when: {}{}Account expires in less than {}{}Time left is less than {}{}Quota left is less than

{}{}MB {}{}Send Emails {}{}Payment Notification {}{}Send payment receipts on Email {}{}Email template {}{}Name {}{}Send {}{}Expire {}{}Email Customers {}{}Maintenance Service Notification {}{}Use this notification to inform your customers of service interuption {}{}Service date {}{}Service duration {}{}Newsletter {}{}Send newsletter to your customers {}{}Content {}{}IP and PORT Filtering {}{}Outgoing traffic is filtered with IP and port blocking rules. It's possible to block specific ports (like FTP, SMTP) in defined IP range, or to block websit e IP using 'Add URL' option. Blocked website is redirected to Restricted page (H otSpot IP and port 78), or you can redirect it to desired IP and port (for examp le your website IP and port 80). {}{}Starting IP address {}{}Ending IP address {}{}Starting port {}{}Ending port {}{}Starting address {}{}Ending address {}{}Redirect blocked website to IP {}{}Redirect to port {}{}Redirect to IP {}{}Block website URL {}{}Add URL {}{}Usage Schedule {}{}Please configure Usage Schedule templates. These templates define days and t ime when customer is allowed to use your service. {}{}Usage schedule template description {}{}I would like to create Usage Schedule templates {}{}To create new timeblock, please select time period and click on Add button o r press Insert key on keyboard. To delete press Remove button or Delete key. If you like to create new template, start by pressing on New button. {}{}Autologin {}{}Please specify ports that will trigger account autologin. This feature can b e used to login selected accounts, specified computers based on IP and MAC addre ss or VOIP phones. Please restart software after enabling or disabling this feat ure. {}{}Enable Autologin {}{}I would like to add ports automatically {}{}Bills {}{}Billed items in selected time period {}{}Bill statistics {}{}Log {}{}HotSpot Log {}{}This log shows actions and events initiated by HotSpot users, operator or so ftware. To search log, please define date range, account, IP or MAC. {}{}Level {}{}Date and Time {}{}URL Log {}{}Log of pages that match filename extension rules. URL log is stored on your hard drive periodically.

{}{}Autorefresh {}{}Scroll to last URL {}{}Connection Log {}{}Connection log shows all connections attempts with IP address, MAC, port num ber and date when attempt occured. If autologin is active it will show which con nection was granted to login, based on autologin options. {}{}Enable Connection Log {}{}Clear {}{}All Accounts {}{}Tickets {}{}Refills {}{}Optimize for speed {}{}Optimize for sorting {}{}Status {}{}Money {}{}Generate Accounts {}{}Save Changes {}{}Account Info {}{}PIN Number {}{}Price {}{}Daily Time Left {}{}Daily Quota Left {}{}Start account on computer {}{}Show Password {}{}Account is Active {}{}Stop Account {}{}Expiry && Limits {}{}Account expires on {}{}Account expires in {}{}days from first usage {}{}days from last usage {}{}Enable Usage Schedule - days and time for account login {}{}Fixed MAC - Customer have to use the same computer {}{}Multilogin with maximum {}{}Simultaneous logins {}{}Account is valid for {}{}Mobile {}{}Send SMS Reminders {}{}Send Email Reminders {}{}Gender {}{}Male {}{}Female {}{}Birthday {}{}Smoking Area {}{}Show number {}{}Name on card {}{}Customer Photo {}{}Document Image {}{}Select new image {}{}Delete image {}{}Export image {}{}Acquire image {}{}Document ID {}{}Document Type {}{}Photo {}{}Select new photo {}{}Delete photo {}{}Export photo {}{}Acquire photo {}{}Photo added on:

{}{}I would like to add samples or modify usage schedule templates {}{}Accounts are valid for {}{}Accounts are Active {}{}Accounts expire on {}{}Accounts expire in {}{}Create a new pricing plan based on these options {}{}Additional Options {}{}Price Group {}{}Length {}{}Characters {}{}Prefix {}{}Password Length {}{}PIN Length {}{}Print {}{}New accounts should be sold: {}{}I would like to modify price plans {}{}I would like to modify print template {}{}Generate {}{}Search {}{}Can't connect to database server {}{}Email processing is in progress. Please wait... {}{}Starting HotSpot ... {}{}Loading Network Settings... {}{}Loading Registry Settings... {}{}Configuring layout... {}{}Please restart software after 60 minutes {}{}to continue your testing {}{}Licenses are changed in this release. {}{}Please contact for instructions. {}{}Working hours are listed on contact page on our site. {}{}Starting GUI... {}{}Please choose NAT Network interface {}{}Please select network interface and enter IP address in HotSpot - Setup - Ne twork page {}{}has been added to whitelist {}{}Host IP address {}{}URL keyword {}{}URL file extension {}{}IP/Port filter rule {}{}Can't connect to database server. {}{}Trying to connect to DBServer IP {}{}DBServer connection error: {}{}Connected to DBServer IP {}{}Credit Card processing is disabled after 60 minutes. {}{}Appropriate HotSpot license is required. {}{}Please enter all mandatory fields! {}{}This account is inactive {}{}This account is not sold {}{}Wrong name or password. Please try again. {}{}Database error: multiple account ID. Login aborted. {}{}with username {}{}Computer update error {}{}Database update error {}{}Antamedia Database Server can't be reached. {}{}already exists in database {}{}Generated {}{}has been updated. {}{}Account has been updated {}{}Accounts will be displayed faster, without sorting functionality {}{}Accounts will be sorted but it will take some processing time

{}{}There are {}{}accounts for this term {}{}Showing first {}{}has been added to list {}{}has been deleted from list {}{}Can't save autologin port list {}{}IP/Port filtering rule has been added to list {}{}IP/Port filtering rule has been deleted from list {}{}filtering rule has been added to list {}{}Can't modify IP/Port filter list {}{}Please enter valid Host IP address {}{}has been added in whitelist {}{}Host URL {}{}has been deleted from whitelist {}{}Extension {}{}Can't modify URL extension list {}{}Can't modify URL keyword list {}{}Please enter valid IP address {}{}Can't modify IP Whitelist {}{}Incorrect MAC address {}{}Problem occured while removing MAC address {}{}from whitelist {}{}Can't modify MAC Whitelist {}{}Please register and get fully functional version. Order at: m {}{}Registered version {}{}Error processing URL: {}{}Error displaying URL Log {}{}Error saving URL Log {}{}SMTP Domain found {}{}SMTP Domain not found {}{}and {}{}like {}{}Information {}{}Warning {}{}System Error {}{}Error sending Email. Please check settings and network connection {}{}Please change test Email Server to real Server, or disable Email feature {}{}Added {}{}Emails to queue. {}{}Preparing expiration reminder Email for account {}{}Created several Email templates. Please check it in drop down menu {}{}Checking accounts and preparing for emailing {}{}Created several access time templates. Please check it in drop down menu {}{}Can't connect to database server. Please verify connection details. {}{}Started HTTP {}{}Started HTTPS {}{}Started PayPal HTTP {}{}Started Restricting HTTP {}{}Error starting HotSpot {}{}Please specify DNS Server IP of external interface (Internet side). If custo mer has incorrectly configured DNS, HotSpot will redirect client to correct addr ess and DNS query will be resolved. {}{}This computer is connected to the Internet using {}{}DNS Redirector {}{}Please specify DNS Server IP! {}{}Please define tax rate {}{}Discounts {}{}Discount setup {}{}Please define discount rate

{}{}Discount name {}{}Value {}{}Total accounts {}{}Statistics {}{}Chart {}{}Table {}{}Date Range {}{}Time Usage {}{}Custom Range {}{}Last 7 days {}{}Last Week (Mon-Sun) {}{}Last Month {}{}Bandwidth {}{}Sales {}{}Hour {}{}Usage Time {}{}Usage Reports {}{}Report Type {}{}Usage Log {}{}Summary per Account {}{}Summary per MAC {}{}Summary per IP {}{}Filter by Account {}{}Show Usage Report {}{}Start Time {}{}End Time {}{}Settings {}{}Maintenance {}{}Update all accounts in database with selected values {}{}How to create SSL certificates ? Check it in Antamedia manual {}{}SSL Certification Service - Order your valid SSL certificate {}{}Allow relogin if IP address changes (broken connection, different computer e tc) {}{}Improve performance by minimizing HotSpot after {}{}Disable Skin (slightly improves grid performance) {}{}seconds of operator inactivity {}{}Software Priority {}{}Preview page in browser {}{}URL Keywords {}{}When keyword is detected, customer browser will be redirected to specified U RL. This feature requires URL Tracking enabled. {}{}Redirect to URL {}{}Description (optional) {}{}Employees {}{}Employee may login in {}{}Passport {}{}Driver License {}{}Main Administrator Password {}{}Find Employee {}{}Keyword redirection has been added to list {}{}Error stopping HotSpot {}{}Can't connect to local database {}{}Ping received from DBServer IP {}{}at {}{}Can't modify Host Whitelist {}{}Tip: Buy additional Operator license and generate accounts from another comp uter. {}{}Main Administrator password has been set {}{}Connection Log update error {}{}Connected to local database

{}{}Average old rates {}{}average new rates {}{}Accounts will not be printed {}{}Accounts will be printed after generating {}{}Invalid refill code. Please try again. {}{}System busy. Please try again. {}{}Previous session has been stopped. Please login. {}{}Database error: Account login aborted. {}{}Not Used {}{}Selected price plan refill cost {}{}Would you like to refill account {}{}with {}{}Default Administrator password has not been set. Please press Login button {}{}Please login with your username and password {}{}Refill deleted after adding to account {}{}Account logged in {}{}Account logged out {}{}Refill sold {}{}Please enter name for new template {}{}Refilled with price plan {}{}has been refilled with price plan {}{}Show Stats {}{}Please choose date range {}{}Saved {}{}Calculating statistical data, please wait {}{}Hour of the Day {}{}Day of the Year {}{}Time Usage (Minutes) {}{}Number of Logins {}{}with price plan {}{}account {}{}Invoice date {}{}Bill No. {}{}Item name {}{}Retail cost {}{}Quantity {}{}TOTAL {}{}Top customers by download {}{}Account print template {}{}Refill print template {}{}Receipt print template {}{}Refresh {}{}Print receipt {}{}Top customers by time usage {}{}Top customers by sales {}{}Top customers by upload {}{}Top customers by number of sessions {}{}Print Options {}{}I would like to modify print options {}{}Misc. Options {}{}Refill Account {}{}Please select account to refill {}{}Refill with Price Plan {}{}Refill {}{}Sell Refill {}{}Delete All Accounts in Database {}{}Warning: You will loose all data as this option can't be undone. {}{}Delete All Accounts {}{}Clear {}{}To activate NAT, please STOP then START HotSpot engine in Network Setup page

{}{}Integrate HotSpot With Third-Party Software {}{}This feature allows you to easily generate accounts, get a list of price pla ns, and perform various other actions from third-party software. Integration is done as a HTTP GET query and XML response. Please click on test button bellow to see generated response. Secret PassPhrase protects from unauthorized use. {}{}Enable Integration {}{}Secret PassPhrase {}{}Integration command examples are listed below. Generate accounts parameters are NUMBER (number of accounts to generate), PRICEPLAN (ID of the price plan to apply), PRINT (if accounts should be printed), PREVIEW (if preview is required before printing). Parameter %SERVER% is replaced with HotSpot IP:PORT after clic king on test button. You can modify parameters and see generated XML document st ructure using some XML reader. {}{}Test {}{}More Info {}{}API Integration {}{}Please select price plan {}{}How many accounts to generate ? {}{}Generated accounts {}{}Generate && Sale {}{}Undo {}{}Layout {}{}Print {}{}Clear {}{}Plan cost: {}{}Total: {}{}Account {}{}Password {}{}Tax: {}{}Quantity: {}{}STEP {}{}Any Software {}{}Setup Wizard {}{}Please spend a minute to quickly configure most important options through th is wizard {}{}No thanks, do not show wizard again {}{}Start Wizard {}{}Your computer running HotSpot should have two network cards. Please configur e network interfaces. {}{}I will use HotSpot NAT to share my Internet connection {}{}I will configure Internet Connection Sharing by myself {}{}Note: DHCP server is required {}{}Internet {}{}Your Network {}{}Network Interface 1 {}{}Network Interface 2 {}{}Connected to the Internet {}{}Dial-up {}{}LAN {}{}DNS Server {}{}Connected to your network {}{}Next {}{}These are connection details of your HotSpot. {}{}IP: {}{}Subnet: {}{}DNS: {}{}Gateway: {}{}IP from: {}{}To: {}{}(Exclude already taken IP addresses)

{}{}To automate this task, please configure <B>DHCP server</B> to provide these parameters, and all computers will be able to automatically obtain correct IP ad dresses. {}{}This is how you have to configure computers in your network: {}{}DHCP: {}{}Personalize your {}{}Please select theme for pages displayed in customer browser {}{}Screenshot {}{}Please enter business name {}{}Show theme files {}{}You can change selected theme with a simple file replace . For example, repl ace Logo and Brand pictures with your Logo and theme is automatically modified. Fonts, colors and layout can be modified in Style.css. If you need to completely change pages, you can find them in Pages folder. {}{}Close Wizard {}{}Final Notes {}{}Your customers can type <B>LogMeOut</B> keyword in browser to automaticall y logout, or <B>ShowMeInfo </B>to see info page with current time and bandwidth values, expiration date etc. {}{}Customer can refill account by clicking on <B>Signup</B> button, and typing existing name and password. After selecting a price plan and paying with credit card, account will be extended. {}{}If you do not accept credit cards, you can <B>print tickets or refills</B> a nd sell them to customers. Customer can use a ticket to login or use refill to e xtend account. In every moment, you can refill customer account, modify account setting, change download and upload rate etc. {}{}Login (and other) pages can be served through normal http server and secure https server. {}{}If you need help, please check our <A href=" ?ref=AHS">manual</A> or contact our <A href=" f=AHS">technical support</A>. {}{}Thank you for using our software. {}{}Buy Now {}{}I would like to create accounts SIMPLE way, like operator {}{}Show Print dialog (choose printer and options) {}{}HotSpot can control more than <B>253</B> clients, using different subnet mas k and IP range. {}{}Back {}{}Premium feature {}{}Standard feature {}{}Lite feature {}{}I would like to start Setup Wizard {}{}OPERATOR {}{}Configure connection parameters for computers in your network {}{}Image added on: {}{}Port {}{}When account is about to expire, show expiration warning message on welcome page in this cases: {}{}Account expires in less than {}{}days {}{}Your account expires in %DAYS% days. <BR>Please make a payment to continue u sing our services. {}{}Your account expires today. <BR>Please make a payment to continue using our services. {}{}Time left is less than {}{}minutes {}{}You have %MINUTES% minutes left on your account.<BR>Please make a payment to continue using our services. {}{}Quota left is less than {}{}You have %QUOTA% MB left on your account.<BR>Please make a payment to contin

ue using our services. {}{}Need Help? Contact Us! {}{}Start Wizard {}{}Network interfaces 1 and 2 have to be different ! {}{}Network Interface 1 is not selected ! {}{}Network Interface 2 is not selected ! {}{}DNS from your ISP {}{}HotSpot engine has been started. Login page will be displayed in customer br owser {}{}HotSpot engine could not be automatically started. Please check your setting s {}{}This interface can not be selected. Please select real network interface {}{}Delete Refill {}{}No Preview {}{}Yes {}{}No {}{}Please confirm {}{}Normal {}{}High {}{}Adaptive {}{}Administrator {}{}Supervisor {}{}Operator {}{}Manager {}{}Technician {}{}Custom1 {}{}Custom2 {}{}Custom3 {}{}Thank you, your message has been sent. We will contact you as soon as possib le. {}{}Sending message ... {}{}Help {}{}Support {}{}Let us help solve your issue. Please write the precise description of the is sue experienced, the steps to reproduce it, and other info which might help us u nderstand it. We will contact you in the shortest possible time. {}{}Your name {}{}Your Email {}{}Customer ID {}{}Skype / MSN (optional) {}{}Issue description {}{}Attach screenshot {}{}Refresh {}{}Attach HotSpot registry settings {}{}Send {}{}Download PDF Manual {}{}Knowledge Base {}{}Contact Us {}{}I want to view the data collected before it is sent to Antamedia {}{}Stay on top {}{}Username (optional) {}{}Wrong keyword. Please try again. {}{}Free trial is over. {}{}Please call our office for a full access account. {}{}Sign up now {}{}and get a full access account! {}{}Free Access {}{}Enable Free Access {}{}Shared Keyword {}{}Collect customer name, address, Email (Premium feature)

{}{}Limits {}{}Daily Limits {}{}Options {}{}FreeUsers {}{}Pause between logins {}{}Maximum allowed logins {}{}Logins {}{}Free access expires in {}{}days from first login {}{}Allow free access in time interval {}{}Enable Usage Schedule for free access {}{}After login, redirect customer to {}{}I would like to configure default captive portal page {}{}Delete selected {}{}Delete all {}{}Re-enable expired free user after {}{}Default Page {}{}Default Captive Portal Page {}{}Upon connecting to your HotSpot, customer will see in browser: {}{}Login page {}{}Login page with a link to the free access page {}{}Free access page {}{}Show free access page instead of the login page in following cases {}{}In time interval {}{}In Usage Schedule intervals (Premium feature) {}{}I would like to configure free access options {}{}There are many free access options that can be configured later. You can con figure quota, time, download and upload rates, daily limits, automatic switch to free mode in specific time, number of allowed logins, pause between logins, an d much more. {}{}Your HotSpot will provide {}{}Paid Internet access {}{}Free Internet access {}{}Paid Internet access with free trial {}{}Free access type {}{}Free access with keyword and terms of use {}{}Free access with keyword {}{}Free access with terms of use {}{}Free access with single click (Anonymous) {}{}Free signup with terms of use {}{}Free signup {}{}Free access is currently unavailable. {}{}In the free signup process users may create only one free account. Control i s based on the MAC address {}{}Signup is not allowed. An account with your MAC address already exists! {}{}Ticket {}{}Specified account does not exist. Please try again. {}{}User login (username and password) {}{}Ticket login (alpha-numeric code) {}{}Dual login (both user and ticket login available on the same login page) {}{}Account group ID {}{}This option helps you to delete group of accounts generated and saved with t he same ID {}{}Print Account {}{}Fixed MAC {}{}Maximum allowed logins reached ! {}{}User PrePaid {}{}User PostPaid {}{}Free User {}{}Print and Export Accounts

{}{}To export accounts, please click on print and choose desired export format f rom the print preview. Please be patient, this might be a lenghty process with l arge database. {}{}Account Type {}{}Filter by account name {}{}Print {}{}Print Bills {}{}Print Items {}{}Printed at {}{}Printed by {}{}Billed Items {}{}Item Description {}{}Customer Name {}{}Total Accounts {}{}Total Time {}{}Total Quota {}{}Total Download {}{}Total Upload {}{}Total Sales {}{}Total {}{}Realtime Usage {}{}Graphical representation of download and upload user activity {}{}Maximum online users {}{}Maximum download peak {}{}Maximum upload peak {}{}Reset {}{}Website Payments Standard {}{}Your PayPal ID or an email address associated with your PayPal account {}{}PayPal ID or email {}{}Refresh PayPal servers in Whitelist on every {}{}Refresh Now {}{}Videos {}{}Video Manuals {}{}Tickets print template {}{}Refill {}{}Which account to refill ? {}{}Username {}{}Refill Account {}{}Force customer relogin to prevent excessive and unattended download on {}{}Start Wizard {}{}Watch Video {}{}You are now configuring this network interface. It connects HotSpot to your network. {}{}You are now configuring this network interface. It connects HotSpot to the I nternet. {}{}Your computer running HotSpot should have two network cards. You can explore control panel, but to deploy the software, please install additional network ca rd. {}{}Update time, quota and transfer rates on COMPUTERS screen on {}{}second(s) {}{}minute(s) {}{}Temporary disable user login after multiple incorrect login attempts {}{}incorrect logins, block user login for {}{}Account temporary disabled. Please wait {}{}minute(s) before trying to login ! {}{}You have {}{}attempts left. {}{}MAC Blacklist {}{}Please specify MAC addresses of computers which you want prevent from loggin g in. A user or specified computer can be blocked temporary for specified time o

f permanently. This blacklist is used for login and autologin process as well as for storing temporary blocked users with multiple incorrect logins. {}{}Add MAC to blacklist {}{}Permanent {}{}Blacklist this MAC {}{}minutes {}{}hours {}{}days {}{}months {}{}After {}{}Internet access for your computer has been temporary disabled. {}{}If you need help, please contact our operator. {}{}Please enter number of minutes {}{}Error. Please try again. {}{}Re-enable at {}{}Login# {}{}Add to MAC Blacklist {}{}Permanently {}{}Temporary for 1 hour {}{}Temporary for 1 day {}{}Temporary - Enter minutes {}{}MAC added to the blacklist {}{} {}{} {}{} {}{} {}{} {}{} {}{} {}{} {}{}