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The Computers are the most popular electronic equipments which have revolutionized almost every conceivable sphere of life. Computer are being used for all sorts of applications ranging from complex calculations in the field of frontline research, engineering, simulation, to teaching, printing books and research activities. The ease which computers can process, store and retrieve data makes them inevitable in offices and business environments. So, a common man today finds it difficult to survive without computer awareness and literacy. This, small project sets you on a journey to understand and experience the marvels of the computers.

Applications Of Computers

There are generally multiple applications of computers in various fields, but here we are defining only the three main categoriesUse in Business and Management. Use in Education. Use in Medicine.

Use in Business and Management

Computers are a boon for business administrators, as it handles routine jobs automatically and with efficiency. It is impossible for a Business organization to manually keep track of its various processes and operations. Computers can be put to use in all the management spheres, such as Accounting and Financial Management. Human Resource Management. Supply Chain Management. Marketing Management. Customer Relationship Management. Computers, if judiciously employed, can remarkably increase the efficiency of the managers. The Marketing Department of an organization can make use of effective business software for sales forecasting and for devising new market strategies Computer can also be applied in the production arena includes inventory tracking, quality control, cost analysis, inspection and production planning. Apart from balancing accounts quickly and accurately, computers help in financial planning, analysis and forecasting. Computers are being used for tracking movements of funds and ensuring that a companys assets are managed efficiently.

Use In Education

Computer has now entered in the schools and research organizations. Computers are extensively being used in education centre, schools and also in colleges as a professional course. Computer Aided Learning (CAL) has made compute popular amongst learners. From tiny toddlers to research scholars, every learner is accruing benefits from computers. Children are being taught to use computers in their schools. In research field, the research results can be documented easily using computers and can also be retrieved instantly. Scientific research has gained momentum ever since the usage of computers has started, leading to a new inventions and discoveries. Computers also facilitates the scholar to access any information any subject from the help of the large database of the Internet. Interactive reports can be prepared on the computers.

Use In Medical Field

Computers are a symbol of technological advancement. Computers are now playing a vital role in the field of medicine and health. The Doctors and Physicians have been largely benefited as computers are being used to monitor the patients in ICUs. They are used in monitoring the activities of Heart, Blood or Brain. Electro-Cardio-Gram (E.C.G.), Electro-Encephalo-Gram (E.E.G.) and Electro-Myo-Gram (E.M.G.) are mapped by the computers. They are also being used for storing information about the symptoms of various diseases along with their remedial details to facilitate the doctors. Today even such program are developed that can prescribe the medicine for the disease entered. Various medicines are being developed by the computer simulators. And todays computers are being even used in the Robotic Surgery so as to reduce the risk of failure in very complex surgerys like Brains operation, and Heart Surgery.