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Q1. Represent integrated change control process diagrammatically?


Q2. A hotel management has decided to automate its booking services and also provide billing and accounts functionality. The project should be completed within 6 months and within a budget of Rs. 1 Million. The system requires the following as minimum: y y y y y y Automated booking, billing and accounts management Take care of issues like multiple bookings (Multiple rooms can be booked under one name) and double bookings (Same room can t be booked to two different guests simultaneously). System must be able to keep the record of the payments and deposits and generate financial statements and debt reports. Store and maintain relevant information of the employees. Store and maintain relevant information of current and past guests. Provide various authorization levels.

Write down the Project Charter for above project: mention goals and objectives separately?

Project Charter Project Title: Computerization of Hotel Management system that include Automation of Hotel Booking, HR, Accounts and Billing System Project Start Date: 1-05-2011 Project: End Date: 1-07-2011

PROJECT MANAGER: Khawaja Muhammad Saqib Project Goals Hotel ABC is situated at the peak of Kohsar hills and have enormous amount of rush on the staff during the peaks seasons as well in of seasons. Currently Hotel staff has manual system for booking, maintaining accounts and billing system which may often put the Hotel Management in the cumbersome situation during the booking process due to the duplicate booking of the rooms as well as there are charging problem because customer leaves without paying off the full charges. Moreover due to the manual system the lacking of timely availability of the financial statements also prevent the management from taking some key decisions. The automation of the manual system will overcome the above mentioned problems and minimize the errors in the handling and updating of accounts, which ultimately help the Management to take decision regarding the improvements of Hotel by analyzing the recent trends. Objectives: y y y y Automated Hotel Booking, HR and Accounts system Timely availability of accurate financial statements Remove discrepancies in the Booking process Speedy retrieval of Customer and employee Information

Q3. Identify possible stakeholders for the system specified in Q2. List down different stakeholders interests? Stakeholder Project Manager: Saqib Sponsor: Hotel Management Billing Department Roles Defines, plans, controls, monitors, and leads the project Authority for most operational project decisions; helps guide the project; assists project manager with planning and approvals by other stakeholders Include employees who offer services to calculate the charges and provide detail bills to the customers

Finance Department Booking Clerk Customer

experts who help define the project Accounts related business process. Domain experts who help define the project Accounts related business process to be reflected in Automated system Gets facilitated.

Q4. Suppose you are developing a PDS for the system specified in Q2. What contents it must have so as to make it distinguishable from POS? Q5.Specify some of the project payoffs for the system specified in Q2? Q6. Specify the environmental factors for the system specified in Q2? List down the significant points with each specified environmental factors?

Q7. What is meant by project selection method?

Project selection methods are used to pick projects with maximum value to the organization. The following constraints must be consider when evaluating selection methods

Credibility Component - Establishes credibility of agency as a good investment - Establishes role of contact person - Establishes qualifications of agency and staff in areas of activities for which funds are requested

Need Component - States a problem of reasonable dimension - Supports a client need with relevant data - Establishes the project/program's current need for funds

Objectives Component - Describes measurable outcomes to be achieved - Appears feasible in light of agency resources - Is achievable within time frame of grant

Methods Component - Describes how objectives will be achieved - Includes staffing, timelines, and client selection - Appears cost-effective

Evaluation Component - Tells process for evaluating accomplishment of objectives - Tells process for evaluating and modifying methods - Tells who will be doing the evaluation - Tells how data will be gathered, analyzed, and reported

Future Funding Component - Tells plan for solvency after grant - Seems probable work will continue beyond grant period

Budget Component - Is complete and accurate - Seems sufficient to cover cost of methods and achieve objectives - Indicates how our funds will be used - Provides information on other sources of income - Will be balanced with addition of our grant

Q8. Why Stakeholder identification in an important activity in project management? Stakeholders are the key players in the success of the project, because they are the key entities who affect the project outcome or influence its outcomes. Identification of the stake holders is necessary because each and every project deliver some value to its stakeholder s and unless and until these stakeholders are not identified, the deliverable which project have produced will be un identified Q9. Differentiate between internal projects and external projects with examples? Internal Project An internal project is one to be carried out primarily for the improvement of organization process such as productivity improvement, training initiatives, organizational restructuring or reengineering. For internal projects, the project initiator or sponsor provides the statement of work based on business needs, product, or service requirements.

External Projects An external project is one undertaken for or on behalf of stakeholders who are not part of the enterprise structure such as design and construction of the bridge, highway or new product design. In an external project the customer is located outside the enterprise such as another company, government or military organization. For external projects, the statement of work can be received from the customer as part of a bid document (e.g. request for proposal, request for information, request for bid, or as part of a contract.)` Q10. What is quantitative risk analysis? Give an example from Q2? In quantitative risk analysis, an attempt is made to numerically determine the probabilities of various adverse events and the likely extent of the losses if a particular event takes place