With NATO war planes pounding Tripoli in daylight raids, the alliance’s secretary-general was pressuring allies

Wednesday to step up their participation in what appears to have become an escalating mission to oust Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.
Forward Air Controller beam: Paints target with laser beam

NATO cranks up campaign
Tornado GR 4 aircraft armed with two Paveway III bombs


News and events — visually

NATO is pressing Spain and Poland to step up their efforts in the Libya. Both have assets such as fighter jets that could help ease the burden on nations that have been involved.

In-house bickering

“We will not surrender: We only have one choice — to the end! Death, victory, it does not matter, we are not surrendering!”
Gadhafi speaking on state TV.

Laser range-finder target designator: Locates target, send digital message to tactical fire control centre and guides the weapon to target



Folding stabilizer fins

GREECE Mediterranean Sea

GBU-27 PAVEWAY III Computer-controlled moveable flight fins BLU-109 warhead 250 kg high explosive Hardened steel casing directs blast forward before disintegrating

Key hits
June 7 June 6 June 5



Large target seeker

• Last week, NATO extended its mission, named Unified Protector, for a further three months. • The Libya operation currently involves 14 of NATO’s 28 members, including Britain, France, Sweden, U.S., Norway, Denmark, Canada, Spain, Poland and Belgium. • Germany, one of the alliance’s most powerful members, is not participating. • The United States handed control of the mission to NATO in late March but continues to provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets. US planes are providing about 70% of airborne refueling for the mission. • Four non-NATO countries also are involved in the operation's no-fly zone, arms embargo or air strikes to protect civilians.

5 command & control facilities (Tripoli)

1 command & control facility (Tripoli) 1 command & control facility (Tripoli)

2 command & control nodes (Tripoli) 1 surface-to-air missle storage facility

2 self-properlled antiaircraft guns

1 command & control facilty

1 vehicle starage facility

1 Air surveillance radar

2 truck-mounted guns

June 7: 66 June 6: 42 June 5: 58

*Strike sorties are intended to identify and engage appropriate targets, but do not necessarily deploy munitions each time.
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1 radar

3 military vehicles

Since the beginning of the NATO operation (March 31, 2011) 10,177 sorties, including 3,860 strike sorties*, have been conducted.

1 vehicle storage facility 1 ground forces compound

1 armoured fighting vehicle

Air Operations

June 7: 157 June 6:103 June 5: 139

4 surface-to-air missle launchers 1 air defence forces compound

1 mobile command & control node 4 surface-to-air missle launchers


1 surface-to-air missle storage facililty 2 command & control facilities