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21 Heatherbrook Lane Stanford, Virginia 22554

H: 540-659-5982 C: 703-474-4498
~ Active Top Secret Clearance (TS/SCI) ~
Recognized history of success managing large-scale military projects and program
Versatile, goal-driven technical director offering in-depth experience managing
and supporting large-scale military programs. Skilled at devising schedules, for
mulating short- and long-range strategic planning, and monitoring project / prog
ram progress to drive timely completion. Expertly guide and train world-class mu
ltidisciplinary teams. Recognized acumen employing leading-edge engineering, sci
ence and physics methodologies to design, develop and support sophisticated tech
nologies. Broad-based experience liaising with high-level military / business le
aders, and cultivating relationships with government and civil agencies.
Full Life Cycle Project Management
Systems Design & Delivery
Contract Negotiation / Administration
Account Relationship Management Program Schedule & Scope
Requirements Documentation / Presentation
Problem Resolution / Troubleshooting
Product Testing & Configuration
Provide the PEO change communications, outreach, communication planning, and pr
ogram management support to a client / PMA undergoing a major transformation.
Develop and execute change communication strategies and plans with a focus on
stakeholder education and manage communication product development, including fa
ct sheets, and for information campaigns and events for stakeholders.
Plan and execute special meetings, and workshops.
Develop briefings, presentations, and other communication tools to support int
ernal program audiences and senior staff.
Provide program management support using Excel spreadsheets to track multiple v
ariables and data points during the transformation life cycle. Help to implement
a business plan that will expand presence in the market.
Developed and produced the first accepted Critical Design Document (CDD).
Coordinated with USMC and USAF regarding the Non- Lethal Weapons Brach activitie
s. Delivered Presentations to Key Stakeholders for the Program.
Spent a significant amount of time with the Weapons developer working toward a s
olution to the 40mm Vs 66mm Weapons / munitions.
Developed and produced multiple documents for USMC decision makers for the Non-L
ethal Weapons Branch for presentation into DoD AT&L Branch.
RNB TECHNOLOGIES, Stafford, Virginia 2008 2009
Technical / Program Director
Directed planning, scheduling and oversight of multiple large-scale military pro
grams. Facilitated generation, proofreading and delivery of program documentatio
n. Liaised with senior decision makers in coordinating review, approval and fina
l delivery of documentation. Played key role in negotiation of critical DoD cont
racts. Delivered presentations to key DoD decision makers. Collaborated with FAA
representatives in securing test frequency authorization. Ensured interoperabil
ity and co-supportability of all Product Group (PG) products.
Key Achievements:
* Authored Capabilities Development Document (CDD), and a Joint Radio Transmissi
on Capability Based Assessment (CBA) procedural documentation for high-profile M
arine Corps project.
* Successfully composed first-ever Joint Capabilities Integration Development Sy
stem (JCIDS) / Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP) document that received zero
customer revision requests.
* Served as key point of contact for issues surrounding joint Acquisition Techno
logy and Logistics (AT&L) and Identification, Friend or Foe (IFF) documentation
and meetings.
UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS, Various Locations 1999 2008
Technical / Assistant Program Lead, 2006 2008
Delivered key support to several high-profile military programs. Reported direct
ly to Product Group Director. Generated program schedules and formulated short-
and long-term strategies. Monitored technical parameters to ensure interoperabil
ity of vital programs. Contributed to testing and configuration of new systems,
and coordinated maintenance of existing systems. Coordinated acquisition and inv
entory management of multimillion-dollar system components.
* Honored with selection as technical subject matter expert (SME) due to signifi
cant contributions in selection and implementation of a sophisticated radar syst
* Steered design and delivery of custom instrumentation for sensor data collecti
on and analysis within laboratory, flight test, test range and manufacturing env
* Skillfully articulated program financial and acquisition needs to C-level exec
utives and congressional staff members, securing over $120M for critical radar a
nd IAMD programs.
* Experienced in planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) in suppo
rt of Navy Processes.
* Experienced in Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and Program Review (PR) meth
odology, policies, processes, and Procedures.
Executive Assistant / Manager, 2003 2006
Represented J-6 /J-8 Chief of Staff in oversight of 15,000+ staff members across
39 departments. Scheduled, conveyed operational strategies to and supervised /
monitored performance of daily activities for all staff members. Served as key p
oint of contact to internal and external executive leadership. Generated and del
ivered regular reports on progress of operations.
* Effectively supported high-level DoD customers in acquisition, analysis and in
tegration of sophisticated BMC4 I systems. Experienced in the Requirements Gener
ation Process.
* Expertly coordinated oversight, planning and execution of maintenance operatio
ns across multiple divisions for a multidisciplinary team of 3000+ for critical
* Assure awareness of the PEO Program Manager for the project needs and provide
advice as to methods to resolve items of concern. Knowledge and experience with
Navy and Joint Air and Missile Defense requirements.
* Monitor the developments of DARPA, MDA to maintain awareness of technology tre
nds and advances as to the sponsorship for Navy programs and advice to the PEO.
* Develop white papers on technology opportunities as they apply to PEO requirem
* Provide Planning , programming, budgeting recommendations, identify capability
gaps ,and provide research, development, acquisition , and training priorities
to Operational Agent (OA)
Senior Requirements Developer, 1999 2003
Generated and disseminated details on requirements for high-profile aviation pro
grams. Composed, proofread and delivered requirements documentation to key decis
ion makers. Formulated validation and verification plans by applying understandi
ng of physics-based phenomenology. Devised and tracked program/project schedules
, and generated administrative / financial reports.
* Spearheaded development of operational requirements documents (ORD) and capabi
lity development documents (CDD) for Presidential VH-1 Helicopter project that l
ed to approval by Navy and Marine Corps Source Selection Board.
* Orchestrated planning and delivery of requirements for $26M affordable ground
based radar (AGBR) that was completed and demonstrated successfully.
* Leveraged acumen in sensor technology and rapid prototyping to complete critic
al research project sponsored by the Army, Navy and Air Force.
* Implementation of first-ever co-sponsored design documentation (CDD) between t
he USMC and US Air Force.
* Provided programmatic recommendations on IAMD related Strike and sea basing re


Master of Science, Electronics 1989
Bachelor of Science, Electronics 1979
Executive Leadership School UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS
Platforms:Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP
Tools: MS Project, MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)
Yellow Belt ans CMMI