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Faye E. Miller, Ph.D.

78 Coronet Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941
"...Dr. Miller is a disciplined and well trained scholar... is one of the better
thinkers and writers at MSU."
Joseph M. Ferrara, Ph.D.
Associate Director ND Center for Disabilities
"...approached her coursework and clinical work with an inquisitiveness that is
unusual...very bright, very committed, and very hard working...a top notch profe
David G. Nelson, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
"...a consummate team member...Dr. Miller can facilitate team interactions, even
when the issues and discussions become quite heated...she takes the role of med
iator, helping the members search for an appropriate middle ground...easily assu
me the role of the strong advocate ..understands the faculty sufficiently to neg
otiate and accommodate divergent views...Through her teaching, she has clearly e
stablished a rigorous and successful program for personnel development...a talen
ted communicator...a good researcher, and an excellent writer."
Dr. Brent A. Askvig, Chair Dept. of Special Education Minot State University
"...extremely capable at assimilating the cognitive, educational, speech/languag
e, psychosocial aspects of the testing... quite innovative and creative in meeti
ng each child's individual needs."
Thomas M. Froelich Associate Professor Minot State University
" excellent rapport with parents, assisting them in understanding the impli
cations of deafness...a highly qualified, dedicated professional who...provided
valuable insights...and contributed positively to the Clinic in all aspects.
Maura Martindale Director Educational Services John Tracy Clinic
Professional Profile
Eager to work with people to improve the lives and education experiences of yout
h who are Deaf or hard of hearing using a combination of 20 years teaching exper
ience coupled with educational background and knowledge of education and deafnes
* Hold Doctorate Degree in Education from Gallaudet University and Masters and B
achelors Degrees in Education of the Deaf and Elementary Education.
* Experienced teacher educator and teacher of Deaf and hard of hearing children
from birth through adolescence and their families.
* Dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic teaching as a means of creating and nurt
uring a lifelong love of knowledge in children.
Education, Honors, and Certifications
Ph.D. Education: Deafness
Gallaudet University, Washington D.C., 1996
M.S. Education of the Deaf
Minot State University, Minot, N.D., 1984
B.S. Education of the Deaf; Elementary Education
Minot State University, Minot, N.D., 1980
Professional Certifications
Council on Education of the Deaf (CED)
Provisional Certifications
Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, State of California, 1990
Professional Teacher's Certificate, State of Iowa, 1980
Educator's Professional Certificate, State of North Dakota, 1980
Key Qualifications

and effective ly teach graduate and undergraduate courses in the departments of Special Educat ion and Communication Disorders. * Served on Individual Education Plan multidisciplinary assessment team. California.Strong practical and theoretical knowledge in foundation of education. Successfully achieved federal funding for Educational Interpreter Training Progr am and Education Program in Deaf and Indian Culture. * Selected and coordinated graduate teaching and research assistants. 199 3 Excellent time management skills and experience. California School for the Deaf.C. John Tracy Clinic. Fremont. Proven ability to coordinate student academic programs across disciplines. California. 1998-1999 Adjunct Lecturer. * Consulted with schools and provided in-service training of faculty and staff r egarding educational programs for deaf and hard of hearing students. Minot State University. * Provided in-service training of teachers on language assessment of preschool c hildren who are deaf or hard of hearing. North Dakota. North Dakota 1984-1987 . Minot State University. * Taught in Departments of Special Education and Communication Disorders. * Served on Faculty Senate and other faculty committees. Minot State University. 1984 Professional Experience and Employment Michigan State University. attaining Council on Education of the Deaf r eaccreditation of teacher preparation program. Department of Special Education.. East Lansing. Los Angeles. ND. Outstanding Graduate Student award. President's Scholar. and increasing number of graduate s by 100 percent. operate multidisciplinary assessment team. 1995. Minot. Education of the Deaf. 1988-1989 Diagnostic Specialist. Washington D. * Chaired comprehensive examination and graduate theses committees. Minot. super vise faculty and staff. 1996. and social/emotional developmen t of children and adolescents. College of Education * Taught graduate courses in methods of teaching speech and language to deaf and hard of hearing children. 1990-1997 Director. 1 993. 1987-1988 Demonstration Teacher * Counseled and provided center-based demonstration activities for families with newly-diagnosed infants and toddlers with hearing losses. Experienced Teacher Educator Success as director of university teacher preparation program by reorganizing cu rriculum content and program goals. and select ed scholarship recipients. Department of Special Education * Supervised faculty and staff in Education of the Deaf and Interpreter Training programs. Awards Promoted to rank of Assistant Professor in 1995 and achieved tenure in 1997. a nd consulted with parents and teachers regarding results and educational recomme ndations. * Provided direct speech and language therapy to students. Elected President of North Dakota state organization of educators of the deaf. education of deaf children. psychoeducational assessment. * Advised students in academic programs and supervised interns. Assessment Center * Conducted psychoeducational assessments of deaf or hard of hearing students. and managed the training budget. * Directed the Diagnostic Clinic for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. 1994. Michigan. * Presented clinic philosophies and techniques in a nationally-released document ary of deafness and its impact on child development. Minot. Advanced proficiency rating on the Sign Communication Proficiency Interview. Gallaudet University. * Served on compliance team for CA State Department of Special Education. and effectively managed bud get.

(1997). Papers and Presentations Miller. Fort Dodge. * Designed and implemented graduate student performance evaluations.E. Gallaudet University. * Lectured in Special Education and Communication Disorders courses. Miller. Where is the Passion? The North Dakota Association for the Deaf News. P resentation to the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education. Miller. Presentation at the 10th annual conference of the North Dakota Association of Community Facilities. * Conducted educational assessments of children.E. Miller. middle school. Washington DC. * Consulted with parents and school staff regarding educational programs. (1996).E.E. San Diego. * Provided direct instruction to students. East Lansing. & Miller. (1994). * Consulted with parents and school staff on educational programs. T.E. * Wrote and implemented Individual Education Plans. (1992). 1996. ND. The teacher as part of a multidisciplinary team for deaf a nd hard of hearing children. F. May. Allen. Vol. Gallaudet University. CA. Presentation to p arent group at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School. Miller. (1994). (1993). Transition from school to work environments for persons wh o are deaf or hard of hearing. F. * Provided direct speech. Presentation at the 9th annual conference of the North D akota Association of Community Facilities. * Coordinated multidisciplinary assessment team. Doctoral Dissertation Self-Worth and Self-Efficacy of Deaf Female Adolescents in a Mainstream Program. F. F. ND. Washington. Miller. DC. ND. Paper presented to the American Educational Research Association annual meeting. Timiskaming Board of Education. (1991). . Iowa. 1998-1999 Teacher of the Deaf * Organized and directed the first mainstream program for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. * Consulted with teachers and parents regarding educational programs. Minot State University: A unique teacher training program in education of the deaf. (1995). Presen tation to faculty and students in Department of Special Education. * Provided direct home-based services to families with preschool children. Bismarck. Education of the Deaf program at Minot State University. (1992). Application of Rasch item statistics to the interpretation of deaf students' performance on mathematics word problems. * Secured funding from local service organizations for the diagnostic clinic.E. 1980-1982 Resource Teacher for the Deaf * Implemented first mainstream program for students who are deaf and hard of hea ring at the elementary. F. * Conducted individual educational assessments. Miller.E. Miller. F. Arrowhead Area Education Agency. * Provided in-service training of school staff and faculty. Minot State U niversity. F. Current issues and trends in education of the deaf. and senior high levels.19. MI. F. Presentation to faculty and graduate students. DC. Gall audet University. * Provided in-service training of school faculty and staff. Bismarck. Education of the Deaf program * Taught and supervised graduate students conducting psychoeducational evaluatio ns of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.6. Parent rights and special education law. No.E.E. Presentation at the Alexander Graham Bell Association. Communication issues and techniques with persons who are d eaf or hard of hearing. Wa shington. F. and reading instruction and academic tutorin g. * Designed and implemented the district's first individual education plans.E. Diagnostic Clinic Supervisor. language.

Inservice presentations. (1980 through 1991). Strategies for successful mainstreaming of de af and hard of hearing students. Bell Association for the Deaf Council on Exceptional Children (CEC) North Dakota Association of Educators of the Deaf .E. Professional Affiliations American Educational Research Association (AERA).G. F. Deaf Special Interest Group Association of College Educators for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing A. Miller.