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Thomas A.

Pastella H-804-642-4403
8043 Guinea Road, Hayes, Virginia 23072
Process Operator
Process operator with 21 years of rotating shift experience. Extensive experienc
e in all aspects of Refinery Operations and Utility Systems. Have a wide range o
f Utility systems that include Reverse Osmosis, water softeners, boiler, boiler
operation, WHB, Fired WHB, Furnaces, Cooling Tower, Condensers, Flue systems and
steam systems low and high pressure. Main refinery flares system, cooling water
system, nitrogen, plant and instrument air and fire water systems. Crude oil di
stillation, reforming hydro treating, gas treating, and sulfur recovery unit, so
ur water stripping, Hydrogen plant and PSA operation. Responsible for ensuring p
ersonnel safety and refinery process safety. Environmental compliance and safe o
peration of units for the safety of the surrounding community. Monitor, maintain
and troubleshoot the operation of unit pumps, compressors, and blowers, electri
cal and auxiliary systems on the units during daily rounds. Promote Teamwork and
assist others on workload and training. Certified TWIC Card
* Qualified in the Utility and Ultraformer/ULSD consoles and outside operations
* DCS(Distributed Control Systems) Level 3 qualified, PLC controls
* Site Safety/OSHA Compliance
* Environmental Compliance
* SCBA and Fresh Air Qualified
* Lock-out Tag out/Job Safety Analysis
* Verbal and written communications skills
* HAZOP/MOC reviews and implementation
* Analytical testing of samples, water, BFW and condensate systems
* Sampling hydrocarbon systems for Lab analysis * Assisting on daily maintenance
work orders and repair with mechanical. Scheduling workload week to week
* Taking equipment out of service and preparing for mechanical. Putting back in
service when completed
* Start-up/shutdown coordinator
* Training operators on new Units
* Interaction with Vendors and Contractors
* Process/Fire Safety procedures
* Writing training/ standard operating and emergency procedures
* Quality Control
* Intelatrac tracking system
* Read blueprints and P&ID drawings
* Minor and preventive Maintenance, piping work, valve replacement, filter chang
e out, etc...
* Self Directed
Professional Accomplishments
Utilities Division/ DDU/NDU/Ultraformer/ULSD Division
* Qualified in the Utilities and Ultra/ULSD Division outside operator and contro
l room console DCS/PLC
* Console operator duties include, maintain system pressure, temperature and flo
ws. Trouble shoots upsets and resolve issues. Safely start-up and shutdown of sy
stems as per training procedures (SOI, SOP and Emergency Procedures).
* Maintain on spec product and quality assurance.
* Step-up Supervisor
* Coordinated and Started up New Units. (Flare, Sulfur Recovery Unit, Tail Gas U
nit and Sour Water Stripper) New ULSD Unit
* Assisted in the Start up of Hydrogen, PSA unit
* Assisted the DCS group on the New Unit design, drawings and groups
* Designed Unit Process Drawings for Training
* In charge of special projects and maintenance repair
* Coordinate and execute start-up/shutdowns and repairs
* Work with DCS and Engineering group updating and implementing new control chan
ges and P&ID drawings
* Work with Utilities Superintendent and Trainer updating procedures, HAZOP and
* Training New Operators on routine rounds and on the DCS system
* Emergency Response and Hurricane Volunteer
* Implemented Unit LOTO and Blind List drawings
* Communicate and assist Contractors with work and repairs
* Duties as an outside operator include monitoring and maintaining the following
pumps, compressors and equipment: (2) 100,000 lb/hr boilers, water softeners, b
oiler water feed, Fired WHB, WHB, Furnaces, Flue systems, plant air, instrument
air, Electrical, Main cooling water, Firewater, gland water, (2) flares, Emergen
cy LPG tank, service water, Hydrogen Unit, PSA, Deareator, condensate, Hydrogen
Unit, Gas Treating Unit, Sulfur Recovery Unit, Tail Gas Unit and Sour Water Stri
pper systems
Duties as an outside operator include monitoring and maintaining the following p
umps, compressors and equipment: Distillate Desulfiser, Naphtha Desulfiser, Ultr
aformer and ULSD units.
Specialty and Certification Training
* OSHA 10 Training
* 40 Hours Oil Movements Step-up training
* Boiler Operation and Safety
* John Zink Fire Heater and Flare Training 40 hours
* Howell Training ( Pumps, Turbines, Boiler Operations/Safety, Compressors, Heat
Exchangers, Control Loops, Electrical Distribution, Distillation 1,2 & 3, and P
rocess Chemistry)
* OSHA 1910.119 Compliance Training
* Volunteer Fire Brigade Member 3 years
* SCBA and Fresh Air Qualified
* and full face respirator
Work History
Process Operator Yorktown Oil Refinery, Yorktown, Virginia 11/89-10/10
Ship Fitter 1st class Mechanic
1 year pipefitter
6 years ship fitter Newport News Shipyard and Dry-dock, Newport News, Virginia 1
Ship Fitter Newport News Apprentice School, NN, VA 6/87
High School Tabb High School, Tabb, VA 6/82
References are available upon request.