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Robert C. Ryals Jr.

Registered Real Estate Broker

Robert Ryals, President/CEO of Robert Ryals Realty Inc, Tallahassee, Florida, ha
s been actively engaged in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Development for 43 y
ears. During the construction of the interstate system, he and members of his c
ompany operated in six states in the southeastern United States, primarily locat
ing service station and motel sites for Exxon, Standard Oil, Sinclair, Gulf, and
other major oil companies, and Holiday Inn, Matador Inn and Days Inn.
Upon graduation from Florida State University in 1953 with a degree in Public Ad
ministration, Ryals entered the U.S. Air Force as a 2nd Lt.; graduated from Navi
gation School; and he was assigned to the Air Training Command as an instructor
for Combat Crew Training students in F-89 Air Defense Command assignments. He s
erved a three year contract and was honorably discharged as a Captain.
Ryals worked in a family printing business for two years; completed a 5BA Progra
m in Business Administration at the University of Florida, and upon completion,
he entered public service with The Florida Development Commission in Community a
nd Industrial Development.
In 1967 he joined Symon, Tully, and Booth, Inc., Real estate group specializing
in Commercial Properties. After serving as Residential Sales Manager for 4 year
s, he joined the commercial division and was later promoted as partner.
In the early seventies Ryals, along with a group of investors, purchased apartme
nt sites in and around Tallahassee, successfully developing a 150 unit high rise
student apartment project known as Hilltop Apartments.
In 1973, under the name of Budget Luxury Inns of America, Inc. Ryals successfull
y acquired, developed and operated eight(8) Days Inn motels, six in Florida and
two in North Carolina. His company also managed a Holiday Inn in Palatka, Flori
da. In 1978 he became President and Chief Executive

Officer for Hospitality Management and Financial Services, Inc., (HMFS) a

company which managed commercial properties such as motels, apartments, and off
ice buildings.
In 1988 Ryals was appointed by Governor Bob Martinez to the Second Judicial Circ
uit Nominating Commission for the State of Florida. He served as a member of th
e City of Tallahassee Economic Development Commission.
He was appointed by Governor Bush to the Privatization of Prisons Commission. H
e served on the Board of Directors of Pinnacle Port Community Association at Pan
ama City Beach, Florida, and Director of Golden Eagle Home Owners Assn.
Ryals earned his BS Degree from Florida State University in Public Administratio
n. He was active in FSU politics and was a senator in Student Government and la
ter he served as president of his Senior Class. He is an avid Florida State Uni
versity supporter and he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Seminole B
oosters and is a permanent member of the FSU Alumni Board of Directors. Ryals c
ontinued his public service in Kiwanis, President of the Tallahassee Red Cross;
one of the first Presidents of Hospice.
Ryals served on the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper advisory board. He is list
ed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. He moved to Crawfordvill
e 3 years ago and he is active in community affairs as an active member of Rotar

Highlights of Robert Ryals life separating him from the ordinary:

* Editor of high school newspaper, announcer for high school radio station, memb
er of winning State Parliamentary Procedure Team.
* During high school enlisted in National Guard and was promoted to motor pool s
ergeant within 16 months.
* During high school, he founded a successful automotive paint and body shop bus
* Entered Florida State University in 1950; joined a fraternity, elected Treasur
er, then President; then Senator of University Government and subsequently Presi
dent of Senior Class of 1953;member of Omicron Delta Kappa; and Gold Key. Gradua
ted in 3 calendar years.
* Entered the US Air Force in 1953 as a flying officer, subsequently appointed a
s an instructor in combat crew training. Editor of Squadron newspaper.
* Appointed Sales manager for an Orlando printing and advertising business. Elec
ted to Board of Directors Orlando Jaycees and served as member of Kiwanis. Sold
highest number of new memberships in the worlds largest JC chapters in a fundra
iser winning free week in Bahamas with family.
* While attending University of Florida School of Business, was invited into Alp
ha Kappa Psi Honorary Fraternity.
* Served as Industrial Development Services Director with Florida Development Co
* Served as Sales Manager for large commercial brokerage firm and advanced to Vi
ce President and Partner with Symon, Tully, & Ryals. Highest commissioned sales
in 1969-71.
* Elected to Panama City Pinnacle Port Board of Directors and served as Parliame
ntarian. Also served as Board member of Golden Eagle Community Board of Director
* Appointed to Board of Directors and subsequently Chairman of Tallahassee Red C
ross, Hospice, and Tallahassee Economic Development Commission. Appointed to 2nd
District Judicial Nomination Committee; and to the Florida Privatization of Pri
sons Commission. Awarded Outstanding Member of Tallahassee Kiwanis Club. In char
ge of fundraising for Leon County Red Cross in 1970. Headed up Hospice fundraisi
ng in early 70's.
* Formed Budget Luxury Inns of America and was CEO for that organization; secure
d 10 Days Inn Franchises, personally located and purchased the sites, secured in
vestors and financing, built the motels and subsequently managed them through an
other company: Hospitality Management Inc. of which he served as President and C
EO for the corporation.

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