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Tom Bustard


PHONE 803-807-0487 * E-MAIL
October 2006- November 2009 Clear Channel Radio- Columbia, SC
VP/ Market Manager (promoted to Market Manager from Clear Channel Radio Charlest
* Successful / Complete operation of a six station Radio Cluster in the 89th lar
gest Radio Market in the US.
* Managed 45 Full and Part time employees, Including 30 Account Executives, 5 sa
les managers, Business Department and Programming / Operations
* Outpaced all competing Radio Groups for 30 consecutive months and increased ou
r market share from 37 % of all dollars spent in the market to 41%
* Outpaced company for percentage of dollars in Internet sales and marketing
* Managed all Cash Flow, revenue and expenses to increase company's profitabilit
y. Was recognized as one of the top EBIT producing Market Managers within the c
ompany in 2008
* Developed and implemented marketing strategies to propel our Radio Cluster as
well as our client base
* Provided training for all employees in sales marketing. Numerous employees I h
ired with no experience now hold top level management positions within the indus
* Hosted seminars for local businesses to help build their brand awareness withi
n the market
* Handled all National Accounts to maximize our share of National Business
February 1997- October 2006 Clear Channel Radio- Charleston, SC
AE/ General Sales Manager/ Director of Sales (promoted to Market Manager of Colu
mbia, SC Market in October 2006)
* During my employment in Charleston I held several positions, beginning with Ac
count Executive, then General Sales Manager. I was promoted to Director of Sales
in July of 2003 and worked closely with my Market Manager to develop the skills
necessary to drive revenue and reduce expenses and grow EBIT.
* I enjoyed managing people and developing sales strategies as well as working
with all areas of our organization from the business office to programming and s
ales. I believe people are our biggest assets
* During my tenure, I experienced several station format changes and have been h
eavily involved in developing a united front between programming and sales. I ad
apt to change well.
* Marketing specialties included internet campaigns, Automotive, Event marketing
, Grocery and Wireless
* Top producing Account Executive for three consecutive years resulted in promot
ion to General Sales Manager
* Managed several formats, News Talk, Country, Oldies, Adult Contemporary, R&B,
Hip- Hop, Total Traffic and Weather Network
* Developed several revenue generating events that have since become Charleston
standards many celebrating 10 plus years of ongoing success
May 1990- February 1997 Music City Record Distributers
District Sales Manager /Promotions Manager
* Managed seven retail music stores and I was responsible for generating revenue
and developing sales management teams and retail sales staff. Responsible for a
ll revenue generation, buying, visual marketing and promotion
* Worked closely with all record labels and provided a venue for artists represe
ntation across 36 retail locations with developing artists
* Developed campaigns for Garth Brooks, Clint Black, Wynonna Judd, Jackyl, New K
ids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Brooks and Dunn just to name a few and worke
d closely with these artists to help launch their careers throughout Tennessee,
Alabama and South Carolina. I have received personal recognition from several ar
tists as it pertains to my promotional ability to help start their careers and i
ncrease sales of their products
August 1985-May 1990 East Tennessee State University
Major Communications/ Minor Business Management
* Completed Major and Minor courses of study and accepted a job within my field
In October 2006, my spouse was in a car accident that required consistent home
care. In January 2010, my spouse at the age of 43 passed away as a result of the
injuries sustained in the accident. This was a life changing event for me and
taught me several things, one of the most important is that you give of yourself
each day 100% and end each day with no regrets. I am looking for a career that
will allow me to excel in the areas I enjoy, sales management, training of other
s, making a difference not only to the company I work for, but the employees who
work for me. I believe in winning and accept no less of myself or my team. I ad
apt well to change and offer over 20 years experience in sales, sales management
and marketing and promotion. I excel in all of these areas and I am very excite
d about Internet Marketing and non-traditional revenue generating opportunities
that exist within today's market place. I manage from the front and not from beh
ind a desk.
* Alene Grevey (Market Manager- Clear Channel Radio for 95% of my career- Direct
Supervisor) Current Position: President / Market Manager Clear Channel Radio,
Charleston SC.
Previously Named one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Radio
Contact Info:
Phone: 843-856-6148 Email:
* Aaron Wilborn (Hired him with no experience , trained him as a sales person, a
nd sales manager)
Current Position: Director of Sales Clear Channel Radio -West Palm Beach
Contact Info:
Phone: 561-398-8762 Email:
* Michelle Kelly Fifield (worked with Michelle as an Account Executive and as he
r General Sales Manager for several years)
Current Position: Director of Sales Clear Channel Radio, Charleston, SC
Contact Info:
Phone: 843-856-6115 Email:
* Paul Smith (Paul was my Market Manager during my tenure as a sales Manager in
Charleston, SC
Current Position: Vice President of National Accounts Strategy One, Inc
Contact Info:
Phone:843-452-5639 Email:
* Allen Corbett (Allen has been a client of mine for over 10 years)
Current Position: Vice President of AEG live
Contact Info:
Phone: 803-699-8181 Email:
* Alan Coker (Alan has been a client for over 14 years)
Current Position: Director of Marketing for The North Charleston Coliseum
Contact Info:
Phone: 843-529-5012 Email:

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