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U.S. Citizen
Phone 513 276 3863
5317 elk run drive, Hamilton, ohio 45011
SUMMARY Uday has 14 years of experience in Information Technology doing Requirem
ent analysis and development, 7+ years of experience in project management, 10+
years in Visual Basic and 7 years of experience in developing complex applicatio
n using various technolgies. Uday has 3+ years experience in .NET. Uday has use
d PMI approach in managing and developing projects. Recently Uday has been worki
ng on an ASP.Net application where he has been responsible for making enhancemen
ts using Visual Studio 2005. Uday recently completed MBA with specialization in
Technology Management. He performed SQL DBA duties for seven years at Miller Br
ewing Company and towards the end served as project manager on several projects.
At Miller Brewing, Uday maintained and enhanced ASP applications. Uday has expe
rience working with teams in a matrixed organizational structure. He completed a
ll the projects on time and within budget and involved users and stakeholders in
every phase of the project.
09/08 to Present Standard Register, Dayton, OH
1 Support and enhance a complex Ntier web application.
2 Support and Perform requirement analysis for a major vendor management system
3 Get the requirements directly from the key users of the vendor management syst
4 Use proto typing for analysis and demo the proto type to the key stake holders
5 Estimate number of hours required to do enhancements.
6 Use ASP, ASP.Net C#, VB6, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and Interop
7 Use Windows Services, XML, XLS, XSLT, Windows API.
8 Use subversion for version control.
9 Co ordinate with internal users, Quality and Tier 2 support to resolve product
ion issues.

2/08 - 09/08 Resolvit,LLC

7 Developed a web application for GAFARI(.Net Developer)
8 Performed Analysis Design and Construction
9 Developed Web application by Using ASP.Net C#, Visual Studio 2005 SQL Server 2
005 database

10 .Net Developer/ Children's Hospital Medical Center

11 Made enhancements to an existing ASP.Net C# application that used SQL Server
2005 database.
12 Added new functionality to an existing application.
13 Developed automated subroutines in SQL Server 2005 to increase processing eff
14 Used SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service for reports and Automation
15 Used Third party tools for grid control.
1/08 - 2/08 Access Developer/ PDT Architects
1 Developed application enhancements and fixed coding errors to a project manage
ment system using VBA
2 Developed automated subroutines to enhance the existing system.
3 Provided project effort summary after completing an initial assessment for con
verting an existing MS Access application to .NET and SQL Server.

3/00 - 7/07 Miller Brewing Company Trenton, OH

System Software Engineer
Uday managed several project at Miller Brewing Company. Uday also developed se
veral project at Miller and used PMI approach in managing and developing project
s. Performed requirement analysis from different plants in the US to come up wit
h corporate wide systems
Five Why
1 Developed a root cause analysis system and implemented it corporate wide. Used
Visual Basic, Microsoft Access SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2000 and Access.
2 Score card reports were developed for senior management at corporate Using Mic
rosoft Access and SQL Server 2005
3 This was a cost saving project as it reduced downtime on the lines.
4 Managed and developed a waste tracking system for beer loss and material loss.
(Used PMI approach)
5 Several reports are automatically put on the web for operators to view last 24
hours waste activities. The system also generates automatic reports for the
Line Team Managers, which is automatically emailed to team managers at 5AM every
6 Used SQL Server, Visual Basic and Access VBA
7 Developed a fault detect and paging system. This system automatically alerts a
nd pages the concerned persons when there are problems with the packaging waste
8 In the future, more logic will be added to the system as we learn
problems that are more possible. Used Visual Basic, COM, SQL Server
9 Developed a system to track estimated beer loss due to warm beer used VB.NET a
nd SQL Sever 2000
10 This also helped in saving money by reducing beer waste. Improved the process
of filling beer. Used Access VBA and SQL Server.
11 Developed reports to track disposition dump beer.
12 Developed a Marquee System for managers to view and edit performance metrics.
Used VB.Net and SQL Server 2005
13 The managers could also communicate with line technicians by sending marquee
14 Converted Access Applications to VB.NET.
15 Reengineered the quality hold beer system for Quality Department.
16 Worked with Quality Engineer during the analysis phase and developed the syst
em using Access VBA and SQL Server.
17 Developed Customized Palletizer reports Automated Reports to print every shif
t for the team managers and operators.
18 Developed customized reports in distribution to track delays caused by fork l
ift drivers. Used Oracle and Visual Basic.
2/97 - 1/00 Keane Incorporated
Children's Hospital Medical Center
Senior Consultant
1 Analyzed, designed and developed client server systems for Drug & Poison Contr
ol department using Access97. Systems included payroll, time reporting and subsc
ription tracking.
2 Converted 3 Paradox systems to Access 97.
Technical Team Lead
1 Performed detail analysis.
2 Completed system design efforts for the client on system that will allow the
client to re-coup an additional 30% of lost revenue.
3 System design removed duplicate efforts on the part of the end user allowing t
hem to be more efficient.
4 Communicated with the business expert for design and construction activities.
5 Coordinated development efforts for a team of four.
6 Guided and mentored the team in technical and business issues.
7 Coordinated team activities with Project Manager.
8 Programmed in Visual Basic 6.0 and Access 97 and used Crystal Reports 7.0.
9 Completed the project on time and under budget.
Procter & Gamble
Senior Consultant - Consumer Goods/Manufacturing/Sales/Distribution
1 Designed a developed a Diagnostic tool to be used by sales people to do store
assessment and survey.
2 Used Access basic, VBA, OLE 2.0 automation to build the
system. Used OLE 2.0 automation to have communication between Access, Word and E
3 Worked on various Year 2000 projects assessing, making recommendations,
renovating and testing client server PC applications written in Visual Basic,
and Access connected to back ends such as ORACLE, Teradata and DB2
Analysis and estimation of a critical Paradox System to convert to Visual Basic
4.0 and Access 7.0.
4 Found cost effective solution and renovated Paradox system to make it Year 200
0 compliant and saved 4-5 months of effort.
5 Analysis, design, developed and implemented a scheduling System for recruiters
using Visual Basic 4.0, Access 7.0 and Crystal Reports 5.0. Used Prototyping an
d JAD Approach.
NCR, Dayton, OH
1 Performed requirement analysis to develop client server systems for different
law divisions such as Environmental, Corporate, Benefit Plans and Real Estate la
w matters.
2 Got requirements directly from senior attorneys and paralegals.
3 Designed and developed the system using Access97 and SQL Server 6.5.
Children's Hospital Medical Center
Senior Consultant
4 Performed requirement analysis, designed and developed client server systems f
or accounts payable and pulmonary department using Visual Basic, SQL Server 6.5,
and Access97.
GE Card Services
Financial Consultant
5 Designed and developed a Visual Basic 4.0 system to enable GE clients using GE
Corporate Credit Cards the ability to get credit card statements overnight
which saved Accountants time and money.
6 The reports were generated using Crystal Reports 4.5.
1996 - 1997 Ciber Incorporated
Technical Team Lead
1 Led team in designing and implementing a Visual Basic system to track services
provided by a not-for-profit organization.
2 Acquired system requirements through direct interaction with system users.
3 Developed system under a tight timeline and within a very small budget.
4 Provided direction and coaching to 4 other programmers working on the project.

Technology Management
University of Phoenix
Graduated August, 2008
Graduating GPA 3.62

2 BA
Wright State University
Dayton OH
Six Sigma Green Belt certification