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Class: Studio in Art Mrs.

Lorin Easton

Unit and Specific Lesson: Grid Drawing Date:

Objective: Given the specific instructions and materials, students will demonstrate the process of
enlarging a picture by creating a grid on a smaller picture and drawing it larger and to scale on a larger
paper that shows understanding of creating shapes and value to create a whole picture to the best of their
personal ability.

AP: To create a 12x18 drawing from a 4x6 picture that the student selects using a grid to enlarge.

AH: To discuss the history of grid drawing using the artists Albrecht Durer, Leonardo da Vinci, and Chuck

AC: To compare each others grid drawing to the original pictures.

AA: To answer the question, “How accurate does my drawing look compare to the original picture?”

NYS Standards: 1, 2

Anticipatory Set: With students around a table, show examples of grid drawings and discuss famous
artists who used grid drawings to create their own art. Go through step-by-step with students to show
process of grid drawing with the appropriate materials.


Sub Objectives Information Strategy

Select a pic with contrast, detail, Students will select a 4x6 Discuss and show examples
value, & emphasis (no cartoons, photograph, personal drawing or from artists and personal art
keep it realistic) other picture
Trace over pic with tracing paper to Tracing paper placed over Visually demonstrate & discuss
get the basic shapes in the pic picture, draw outlines and pic process
Draw a grid on the traced 4x6 pic Using a ruler draw 1x1” grid on Visually demo & discuss
Draw a grid on the 12x18 drawing Using a ruler draw 3x3” grid on Visually demo & discuss
paper paper
Use viewfinder to help transfer Cut out 1” and 3” square in Visually demo & discuss
image manila paper
Go over all lines with a sharpie to Trace over all drawn lines with a Visually demo & discuss
prep for painting sharpie, except grid to prep for
painting later
Modeling: As class is around table, visually demonstrate the process of creating a grid and drawing from
it. Ask important questions that relate to the process of grid drawing to check that each student
understands the process.

Check Understanding: Visually check each students work and ask class questions that relate to each
process of the project.
Guided Practice: As class starts out, guide them in drawing the grid and drawing the important lines from
the original picture.

Closure: Group critiques throughout the project will ensure that each student gets as much feedback to
improve work as possible. At end of each class session, students will fill out: “Write a question on today‘s
lesson”, “What is still going around in your head?”, “Light bulb and Questions”, or “Ticket to Leave”

Independent Practice: All work is created in class. Students will work on their own project
independently while also helping each other out with any problems that they may have.

Preparation Checklist: Paper, rulers, sharpies, pencils, erasures, view finders.

Vocabulary Words: Grid, Albrecht Durer, Leonardo da Vinci, Chuck Close, & handouts for grid drawing.

Evaluation of Lesson/Possible Changes for Next Time: