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Jeffery J. O'Keefe
April 19, 2011

States. Attorney Timothy J. Liston

Judicial District
Superior Court
One Court Street
Middletown, CT 06457-3377

Dear States Attorney Liston:

I am in receipt of the March 21, 2011 "Memorandum" you sent to Chief Matthew
Reimondo regarding the complaint filed against me. I am relieved, but not
surprised by the finding and being a criminal justice major delighted that the justice
system actual worked the way it should. I had maintained my innocence from the
very start of this matter.

I write to you because I am still very concerned, as I was, at the very start of this
matter how it all transpired.

In your memorandum you stated the investigation was requested by Sgt. Gary
Kelly, in fact it was requested by Chief Matt Reimondo the day he was furloughed.
As Mr. Reimondo was removing his personal belongings from his office he directed
Sgt. Kelly to meet him at the public works garage while he was being driven home.
He stated he had something to give him. At the public works garage, where he met
Sgt. Kelly, he directed another police officer; Sgt. Green who was giving the Chief
a ride home to "pop the trunk." At this point Matt Reimondo grabbed the case file,
which had been sitting in his trunk, from sometime in May until the day he was
furloughed and handed it to sergeant Kelly his exact words to Sgt. Kelly were "get
this up to Liston's office and get O'Keefe "pinched" (there is an eye witness who
saw and overheard this exchange take place). Attorney Liston in all my years of
public service this is one of the most egregious abuses of power, in one of the
highest offices of municipal government that I have ever witnessed. At a minimum
it is retaliation against me, at its worst it's criminal.

Furthermore, it came to my attention that at the July 18,2011 meeting you

reference in your report that Sgt. Kelly said something to the effect, "Well if we
can't get him for sexual assault can we at least pinch O'Keefe for disorderly
conduct." What both these incidents suggest to me is that if indeed there was any
form of 'retaliation' being done it was being orchestrated against me in light of Mr.
Reimondo's furlough.

Additionally, the close and sometimes intimate personal relationship that Mr.
Reimondo had with all three complainants, as well as with Sgt. Kelly, suggest even
more collusion and orchestration of an attempt to topple my administration, defame
my character and ruin an otherwise unblemished 25 year career in public service. It
was stated to me that after Mr. Reimondo turned over the complaints to the Towns
Attorney, that he was heard in the police departments break room as saying
"something big is about to happen and I got O'Keefe now."

There are other "dark" realities that went left untouched in Mr. Miele's
investigation. The question of "he said, she said" is one of credibility. You go to
this to some extent in your memorandum when you point out the three
discrepancies in the one complaint and how they escalated and evolved over time.
However, what is not referenced and was not used to determine a definite finding
on your part were such facts, that the complainant had a history of making sexual
harassment allegations against previous employers, that the complainant happened
to be a good friend and actual neighbor of another one of the complainants, and that
I originally agreed to a lie detector test to add even more prove to my innocence,
but that the complainant would not be taking one. Even the issue of where the car
was parked could be logically deduced from the investigation. If the car was parked
where the complainant said it was, I would have had to drive around, the back of
the building and below the visitor's lot, to exit the premises. I would have never
seen the complainant to begin with. In addition, my calendar would have shown I
was telling the truth about coming from a meeting at the State Capitol on the day in

The "darkest" reality that disturb me the most in this matter, and which I pointed
out to the very first independent investigator in this matter, was the one of
collusion, corruption and orchestration of this event that ultimately led to the
ruination of my career.

One complainant was directed by the Chief of police to document ALL exchanges
she had with me from the second month I was on the job. And if you read these
complaints they were all based around performance issues of the employ herself.
Her complaint is "laced" with inferences of collusion, she writes, "Matt Reimondo
told me to document all my exchanges with the Town Manager, Matt told me "over
my dead body," Matt said, "I I he is a predator," Matt said, "I think we can get
him with 4th degree sexual assault.

As someone who has been highly trained in investigating "hostile work

environment and sexual harassment" complaints; how these matters were handled is
atrocious and lead one to believe there was even more collusion. Questions I
ponder are; Why would the Chief of Police call over another complainant (and the
one who was the neighbor of the more serious complainant), and one that he had
already directed to build a case file against me, to discuss the more serious
complaint, unless they were trying to build an even stronger case against me. And;
why would they discuss this so openly that the third complainant could hear the
conversation and then add her own (made up) complaint against me. I have learned
that there were several (and with one complainant thousands) of email exchanges,
text messages and phone calls transpiring at the time the originally complaints were
being filed.

There were even exchanges between these complainants and Council Member Sue
Weintraub who ultimately led the public crusade to "crucify" me openly in the
public, despite knowing that the first investigative report had already exonerated me
ofthese claims and that the council by a majority vote "closed" the matter.
Additionally, I have learned that key department head level employees started
scouring other female employees to see if they wanted to join in on filing
complaints. Why?

Attorney Liston, I have heard nothing but good things about your office. How
impartial and fair you are. How you uphold the law in its entirety.

My life has been ruined unjustly and with maliciousness. I was coerced into a
voluntary resignation, my 25 year unscathed reputation in public service ruined in
the public eye, my livelihood stripped of me, not to mention the personal
humiliation, emotional and financial toll this has placed on me and my family

And I continue to ask myself why? The conclusion I come to is that there were
certain employees in municipal government (and even one elected municipal
official) in the Town of East Hampton who did not want to be held to a higher
public service standard and decided amongst themselves to orchestrate trumped up
and false charges against me in attempt to defame my character, assassinate my
credibility and have me removed from office. It was also orchestrated to be used by
Mr. Reimondo's attorney as a defense against his furlough. It worked! This might
even raise ethical legal questions about the conduct of the attorney himself.

I believe this was done in collusion, is corruption and is criminal. And as the
former CEO/Town Manager of East Hampton I amformally requesting that an
investigation into corruption and collusion into the Chief of Police office and of
some other east Hampton municipal employees be conducted by your office.

One might say to themselves, why doesn't he just let this go and move on with his
life. I've pondered that question a great deal this past month. The conclusion I
come to is that "what is right and just" is the higher moral standard we should all
live by.

I thank you for your time in this matter; invite you to contact me directly with any
concerns or questions you may have. But I do request that a formal investigation
into corruption and collusion into the Chief of Police office and of some other
east Hampton municipal employees be conducted by your office.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jeffery J. O'Keefe
Former CEO/Town Manager
East Hampton, CT

Cc: Melissa Engel, East Hampton Town Council Chair

East Hampton Town Council